Francois Hollande, First Girlfriend Trierweiler Have Splt

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In keeping up with "breaking" and otherwise engaging news on par with this, to keep the broader population distract from more critical developments, here is the latest installment of what 99% of the French population will be talking about in the next several days and weeks (instead of the nation's impending triple-dip recession).

In other words, just as expected. For the background on this story, read here

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TeamDepends's picture

She found him overly taxing.

remain calm's picture

She found out she was not the only one getting screwed.

Skateboarder's picture

Does that mean he'll be throwing away his crash helmet and nose-glasses-mustache set?

knukles's picture

No question now the proper names on the White House Invitation:

Francoise Hollande and his right hand

CPL's picture

Palm sisters.  Palmela Handerston.  Digit Mcknuckles.

Fuh Querada's picture

Mrs Palm and her 5 daughters!

Fish Gone Bad's picture

He probably got tired of her not wanting to swallow his load of policies.  Either that or she looked better in women's underwear than he did.

jimmytorpedo's picture

So sad, I was really rooting for them as a couple.

I wonder what's up with Justin Bieber,...

DeadFred's picture

Something must have gone awry at Davos.

jimmytorpedo's picture

What,..are you like 70?

Near sighted?

Sexually fruatrated?

C'mon man! Go to the Philipines if you're that hard up.


matrix2012's picture

She simply lost her competitiveness at this point of time.

Central Wanker's picture

Mr Hollande did to his country what he should have done to his girlfriend.


booboo's picture

No, a mystery dotted line around her neck started to form and she had enough when "cut here" appeared. His current wife has one of those too but she is cool with it as long as she keeps the perks.

Fuh Querada's picture

is that a bra hanging to the right of tne lady?

falak pema's picture

Hollande has a long way to go to catch up with Hugh Hefner and the bunny. 

For the time being he sings : 

Julie in a sky with diamonds...

Fuh Querada's picture

fp, where is Smearkozy these days? No indictments?

falak pema's picture

he's waiting to be king in 2017 !

With competition like Hollande...

Fuh Querada's picture

there'll be no economy left by then....

falak pema's picture

whaat? Lol, its only PAPer destruction.

Once this shit paper pile disappears the real economy reappears. 

This is JUST SMOKE and mirrors to scare the people into becoming sheeple.

If the Politicians were not cronies, had balls and a conviction of general good, they would nationalise the banks and shit down on the casino. Clean it out.

Then print new money and reinstate the real economy by effacing all debt. 

We all know the debt is a hoax as its ALL private banksta initiated. if they nationalise the banks and only sustain deposits and pensions NOT the private uber wealth we start again from scratch and that "wealth" along with the public debt just gets washed out like rot. 

Simple, provided we have HONEST government and an old population prepared to write off ill gotten gains generated by fiat scams; allowing the young to have a future once again. 

Fuh Querada's picture

Love her and leave her.....

gwar5's picture

Not sure I understand the French system.....


If Hollande trades up for better pussy is it a taxable event? 

Isn't it llegal to lay off a mistresses in France, anyway?



nmewn's picture

Yes and yes...but only for the proles.

Much like here, buried in thousand page "laws" and tens of thousands of pages of tax regulation guidance, the governing elite class (that is, the creme de la always exempt themselves from compliance. 

In other words, he could have ordered her shot as a traitor to the state (of his happiness) and had her family pay for the bullet like a good communist...but being a socialist, the French treasury (the proles) will be forced to buy her eternal silence ;-)

Papasmurf's picture

If Hollande trades up for better pussy is it a taxable event?

It's a tax-free exchange with the additional costs adding to the basis. However, you can't trade more often than 30 days or it's a wash sale.

Iam Yue2's picture

Psychologically weak buffoon.

Rukeysers Ghost's picture

Looks like Hollande is as good with women as he is running an economy.

Motorhead's picture

Better with the femmes, for sure...he's had some lookers.

linrom's picture

Is Beiber still going out with Selma Gomez? Hey, what's Paris doing?

Race Car Driver's picture

Seriously - WTF? Like there isn't a pile of other things ready to fall apart?

ZH goes Drudge. Must work for the same outfit.

Harry Dong's picture

Please respect the new owners....

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Haus-Targaryen's picture

If only he would resign.  

IridiumRebel's picture

I will file this under "who gives a shit".

Deo vindice's picture

There was a time when such a life would be a disgrace and a shame.

Moral bankruptcy is not limited to just the leaders' relationship to money, but extends in every direction.

They are just treating their women like they do their fiat currency - objects of no real value to be used and discarded on whim.

And, let's not forget the dumped girlfriend. She is just reaping what she sowed.

Motorhead's picture

Yeah, I mean, who'd want to read about gold manipulation or Goldman Sachs.  Not sure which one is more lurid.

IridiumRebel's picture

I want to read about gold manipulation and Goldman Sachs. This is more apropos to HuffPo. What evs...I guess it is geo-politics.

matrix2012's picture

As an intermezzo, it's fine. Not great but okay. Again, as some intermezzo!

tunnelvizn's picture

Split or Lickety-split ?  Sometimes things do get lost in translation . 

Bo Peep's picture

Maybe he'll get stuck into Angela Merkel.......for king and country and all that shit

Fuh Querada's picture

what a disgusting prospect......

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Well, I woke up this morning, I got myself a beer 
Well, I woke up this morning, and I got myself a beer 
The future's uncertain, and the end is always near