Introducing “The Money Oscars” – Jon Stewart On The Davos Circus And Financial “Journalists”

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Mike Krieger brings to our attention this clip from the Daily Show, in which Jon Stewart takes on the orgy of crony capitalists, vacuous celebrities and corrupt politicians that is the World Economic Forum in Davos, or as he calls it, "The Money Oscars." Whatever opinion one may have of Stewart, he does have a knack of cutting to the chase especially when juxtaposed with such hard-hitting "journalism" as the following:



Then again, one can't help but wonder what Stewart would say if he were invited (and compensated) to head a panel at next year's Davos on the topic of comedy in finance, and just how quickly he would reject said invitation. Perhaps we will find out in 2015.

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So 'Ross' is his maiden name?

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Stewart isnt a sellout - dont agree with everything he says but he's definitley one looking to change the status quo.  Having said that he does put it to Obama's NSA surveillance state in this clip:

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guten flog the monkey..    :-)


and I still have 31 gr. of 18K I scored in a great little shop in Montreaux 25 years ago..

smoke on the water.. Ag on my wrist.... like when Ag was what..  300 or so an ounce?

..hey.. FU down dude.. you are just jealous... and it is good to be seasoned and experienced.

hmm.. more than one low information, dis-affected malcontents.. you idiots are out there :-) .

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Ah, yes.  We smuggled some gold (grade A+++ hashish) from Morocco to Montreaux just in time to catch Stevie Ray Vaughan at the Jazz Festival many moon ago.*

*Not a true story

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Heh.. Heh..  I lived just north of Gibralter and Morrocco for a few years some time ago..

Nobody had any grass.. the stuff was a little more potent there.  

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OK, this could be fun in fight club  Put'em Up..

Who has the stones to engage me in a contra-argument.

I look forward to tearing you to shreads, turning your guts inside out and looking at your face peeled backwards across your skull.

But it is Saturday.. it's alright for fighting, and I have to be in Church tomorrow to lead the chorus.   

So.. ball's in your court, monkeys......

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geez... how many real STUPID idiots are out there  ??

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When everything is a joke, nothing is serious.

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"If you want to keep your Flug, you can keep your Flug."

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TeamDepends...ah Montreaux...what is a true story is that SRV was on tour with David Bowie that summer. Stevie lead riffs highlights "Let's Dance" and "China Girl" among other hits. SRV and Bowie had a serious falling out as the tour was getting underway in Spain.

SRV called his band(Double Trouble) over as an invite was handed out to SRV to appear at Montreaux, where he knocked everyone off their feet. A California musician was in the crowd and could not believe that SRV did not have a contract nor a CD out to sell. This musician paid for SRV and DT to fly right to LAX to put out "Couldn't Stand the Weather" and SRV's career took off.

The musician who lended a hand to SRV? Jackson Browne

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"A California musician was in the crowd and could not believe that SRV did not have a contract nor a CD out to sell. This musician paid for SRV and DT to fly right to LAX to put out "Couldn't Stand the Weather" and SRV's career took off"


SRV & DT's "Texas Flood" album was issued in mid-1983, 11 months before CSTW was issued.   TF is the album you're thinking of.

During 1982-83 I watched him play in clubs in TX and on the road where the crowd was less than 100.  Many radio stations actually gave away tickets to the concerts on the TF tour.  We followed that tour for a 2 week road trip.  In 82-83 at some venues you could prop up your feet on the stage footer and get up close if you wanted to.  After TF splashed you couldn't get that close.

btw SRV was not touring with Bowie at that time afik; instead Bowie saw him for the first time at Montreaux (as did many other folks).

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In August of '83 my brother and I lived in the Bay Area, (Cupertino). He was in the audio duplication business. We'd usually get together on Fridays for Happy Hour, usually at Hyatt Ricky's in Palo Alto. On the 16th he calls me and changes our meeting venue to the Keystone, (also in PA). I ask him why the change. He said, "You'll see."

The Keystone was nothing more than a a glorified Quanset Hut. A bar along the far wall, a stage at one end and a dining/seating loft at the other. I get there shortly after five and find him holding down a table in the loft by the rail, (facing the stage). Best seats in the house. Since I was not a fan of crowds, and the joint was filling up fast, I was becoming more put out. This was not the sedate, deep tufted leather chairs and banker's club feel I was used to at Ricky's.

By the time the opening act came out, (Dr. Loco's Rockin' Jalapeno Band, as I recall), the place was wall to wall. The Jalapeno Band was okay, putting folks in a nice groove, but I was not all that mollified. My brother just kept telling me, "Wait, wait, you'll see."

Before this I hadn't even heard of SRV. So imagine my sense of awe when he came out and flat out smoked the house. Holy crap, that joint was jumpin'. Concert-wise, that was on of the finest moments I have ever had, and that from someone who went to the SF Blues Festival for years like a lemming to a cliff.

As an anecdote, I was at the SF Blues Festival in late September of that year. I'm standing in the middle of the field with everyone else waiting for the music to start. A guy is walking in my direction wearing a black tee that read "Stevie Ray Vaughn", below it it read, "October 3, 1954 – August 27, 1990", in white letters.

I thought, "That's cool."

As he walked past I read the back. "Going to Chicago". I wept like a baby.

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 The only thing that upset me is that Clapton was not on that helicopter.


 A little harsh but I come from way back. Clapton sold out very early and SRV was always just a JH tribute, not that great a one either.

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I saw the David Bowie "Let's Dance" concert in Dallas that year...late fall maybe. Great concert. Sadly no SRV. I remember DB talking him up on the record release, tho.  I did hear SRV play in San Diego (89 ?). It was an outdoor venue in a park. I hung out in the park, right outside.

After that record, Bowie started playing stadiums only for some time. Glad I got to see him in an arena.

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"I scored in a great little shop in Montreaux 25 years ago"


Well you should be glad you've made that transaction in a pre-GPS world as... Montreaux is in FRANCE!!! Where they make and sell an excellent brie cheese. 

The name of the Swiss village is Montreux...

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He is a sell out and hypocrite.. He makes fun of romney and pushes the far left agenda, but he is worth 80 million and makes more than Romney in a year.

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"He makes fun of Romney". AS IF that's some bullet point to go "uh oh"

LMAO that's all it takes for u people connect anything to a "pushes a far left agenda." Jon Stewart is "FAR" left, no less LOL!?!?

It as if any opinion that differs from yours HAS TO HAVE an agenda. Cuz otherwise they'd just HAVE to AGREE with you... It's the ONLY way it makes sense.. To u.

I mean, how can one be awake and NOT make fun of Romney? He's a cog to the paradigm. He plays a role in how we "discern" things. At best most of these bureaucrats are simple unwitting participants in a scheme they don't even understand nor begin to really "fix" past a sound byte they were given. In other words, Romney's an idiot.

And WTF is $80 mil "makes more than Romney" u sound like that twat with her badge.

Aw forget it I can't talk to you.

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It's not that he makes fun of Romney or Bush or rural America while giving inner city thugs and wacky leftists a pass.  It's that his views are as effing predictable as those he criticizes.    Adding insult to injury, we are then asked to take seriously the musings of this "entertainer journalist" who is paid millions each year to bitch about those with money.  You can only shake your head at the irony. 

When's the last time one of these guys took on the uber-rich of Hollywood or the professional sports world or the truth fund kids?

superflex's picture

He's a member of the tribe and a mouthpiece for whatever lines his own pocket

Nothing more

tickhound's picture

LOL you people need to freaking listen to yourselves.

ZOMFG "he's a mouthpiece!!!!" "He lines HIS OWN pocket." Brilliant! As opposed to Bill or Rush or Ann or Sean or any of the idiot fanatics "on your side?" Your anointing difference, of course, being u actually agree with those idiots. NOTHING MoRE. And here I was all this time thinking it was "all about lining your own pocket" to your ilk. Isn't that the MAIN point you come out here to profess daily?

"He makes run of Romney AND lines his own pocket." OMFG! A fucking classic. Lining pockets has never been a problem to you morons.. The problem for you boils down to WHO is pocket lining and what are his politics. That's your beef.

Look at all the support this place throws at ridiculous positions of partisan propaganda. No doubt the level of intellect and thought provocation has fallen off a cliff here. Ever since Limbaugh agreed with that article... And u people showed up.

This place was libertarian with thought provoking discussion from all ANGLES, to now becoming your mainstream Two-sided proven unworthy false debate with an ever increasing tilt to neocon group think.

Thought experiments for so many of you is no experiment at all. Its a fucking simple predictable PROCESS in idiocy. Makes fun of Romney = agenda = far left = root of world problems

Al Gorerhythm's picture

Agree with your points.

My postings are becoming less frequent as the philosophical points that I once argued have worn me out. Perhaps my postings were a sounding board for my Libertarian musings as I awakened but I find myself posting too many trite comments that just add to the clutter. I hope my restraint makes this site less cluttersome.

(I can't help myself, however, when it comes to calling out the hypocracy of Ron Paul's Quisling son, who now has adopted the role of the Libertarian movement's new standard bearer; the two-faced POS).

Offthebeach's picture

The Romneys, are into their third generation of wealth making. If they stop now, three more generstions, at least, will be wealthy. New Jon Stewart s prodigy? Maybe not so much.

czardas's picture

Unlike Stewart, Romney and family actually worked for theirs instead of making a "reputation" by bitching about those with money (even as they themselves rake in millions).  And no, I was not a Romney supporter - just someone who can't help but notice the preposterousness of listenting to Stewart as an expert in the evil of wealth (for some folks).

Offthebeach's picture

I don't begrudge either.
Mitt was always too nice a guy. He could of wiped out Fat Ted in their Senate fight, but he couldn't pull the trigger.

But on a cultural side note, at least Stewart, Rolling Stones and young are noticing something afoul in Denmark.

Emergency Ward's picture

RS and Stewart have fired a few practice shots, but actually pulling the real trigger would be news....(especially seeing RS counter its corporate bread and butter "party" agenda).

tickhound's picture

Someone should tell Mitt he has found a home here at zh.

Tell him we appreciate "the WAY he was able to accumulate his wealth" the most and its a distinguishing factor in why zh throws it's support his way. But most of all, and the real reason we defend him, it's that he's a really really nice guy.

PS zh prides itself on understanding life's major complexities and seeing through all the political fluff. So tell Mitt he should be real flattered.

gwar5's picture

No, Jon Lebowitz is a chain smoking, $20 million/yr, NYC sellout. He is a symbiote because the WH/MSM doesn't go after him or destroy him. Sharpton tells blacks what to think, Stewart tells young people what to think. 


Thing is Lebowitz is the only sellout that seems to care about getting caught being a sell out. So when Obamacare went tits up, rather than look like a total fool for having worn the Kool-Aid Goggles, he will mock it.  But everybody knew it was a train wreck all along. Rest of MSM continues the mantra that critics are 'racists.' 




Slave's picture

Spot on. It wouldn't be a very good chess game that TPTB are playing if all the pieces had the same moves, or the same last name.

Rafferty's picture

Exactly.  If he wasn't a sellout he wouldn't still have a program.

ISEEIT's picture

I'm slightly tilted to 'agnostic' with ole' john.

He is of course Jewish (I don't give a damn) and his name isn't really john stewart, just like so many in show business....The tee-vee industry.

His brother is a member of the CFR.


Evil isn't stupid. Just evil.

chemystical's picture

"Evil isn't stupid. Just evil."

And when useful idiots stop being useful they'll still be idiots.  Their necks should swing from the same ropes as the evils'.

Eternal Complainer's picture

I was just wondering the same the other day.
What a pansy! Obviously he doesn't wear the pants in that family.
He also washes Jamie Dimon's underwear.

Andrew Ross Sorkin = Girly-man.

TeamDepends's picture

Maybe so, but that makes him more Scottish than John Liebowitz.

thatthingcanfly's picture

We need to resurrect Richard Jewell, and send him to Davos. We know he could pull it off for REAL this time.

rfaze's picture

The only one getting fucked in davos is the middle class..........

Spanky's picture



What? No hookers and blow? Fuck it. I'm skipping Davos next year.

PhilB's picture

Thats what happens when the middle class keeps fucking around...time for them to roll up their sleeves and get to work dismantling the status quo

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Paging Fonz, paging Fonz.  Please pick up the white courtesy phone.

The Fonz's picture

I am in Davos and I brought my shark. First show Monday.

WillyGroper's picture

Fonz, just a bit early.

Paging Harbanger, white courtesy phone please.

NoDebt's picture

Oh, so you caught that exchange last night, too?

WillyGroper's picture

That attack was so misguided. I'd hate to take what is pure comedy entertainment & turn it into red/blue political pissing contest. Way too serious. Then there's Chuck, I mean Freddie. He could weave Laurel & Hardy into CIAduh double naught spies. EVERYTHING has a psyop mind fuck plot.

Beautiful mind, beautiful mind. LOL

kchrisc's picture

Davos?! Is that Latin for "divide up the world?!"


"The guillotines are watching."

Skateboarder's picture

I don't know about dividing up the world, but at the skate park in Mountain View, CA we saw fly right over our heads three giant missile warcopters fly in perfect formation. This homie at the skatepark next to me says "dude, I feel like we're in Afghanistan or something." I said "we are, dude."

NASA Ames is right next door, but still... it felt like a 'get used to this' exercise.

knukles's picture


Guess what.
NASA Ames....
Do you know what else is at Moffat Field?
Underneath, burrowed down below id a monster big ass NSA data center.

Armed helos?
Uh huh

Need lots of 'em to defend us from the Fukushittinme radiation.

Skateboarder's picture

This shit had some deep rumble. Quite loud. Scary looking equipment, unless you're desensitized to it (through fps/war video games).

I've been at Ames a couple of times for a small soldering gig for a startup. The place is a beast. If there's one place to put the bay's main data center, it's right there.

MarkD's picture

Protect Google at all costs

TeamDepends's picture

Come on bro, deep down you know that skateboarding is a crime.