How Do Davos Billionaires Wage War On Inequality? It All Starts With A Bill...

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How does a group of Davos billionaires resolutely crush inequality? Well, it all starts by spending CHF 80,193.00 on assorted fingerfood plates, drinks and of course: Bollinger. And don't forget - you aren't really fighting the great war on inequality unless you spend 30 Swiss Francs on water and 460 francs for snacks. Anything less than that and your 0.001% peers may think you are merely an imposter in the great class convergence war...

Via Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker

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Bernanke wealth effect

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Wow...I thought I was going to be a real smart ass here by taking a look at the Swiss Franc currency conversion to put this into perspective.  Well.  It is $1.12 to each US Dollar.  That shut me down.  Was expecting it to be like .09786 per dollar or something.  Yikes.

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Trickle-down econ...... ((( winning )))

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The Green Room reference on the bill refers to an Intercontinental Hotel Group promotion for UK members offering a 30% discount on hotel services. This bill was obviously for a reception at the hotel hosted by someone from the UK. Lots of champagne and white wine for the 150 or so guests. I am sure many of us have been to weddings that cost more than this. The cost of this party is a non-event. The question should be, who paid for it. Perhaps the UK taxpayers?

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Put it on the Underhills' tab.

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Lucky to whomever gets the tip... :P

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Zuzana will probably be getting banished to a snowy mountaintop bratwürst stand for this.

Perhaps Tyler can edit the .jpg before it´s too late (which it probably already is  since it´s been shared and tweeted over 36 times already...Ooops).

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Sticky fingers more like.

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The blacked-out word ends in "N".  Dungeon?

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There's no better way for the Great who Meet to Beat to kick off their mission of dissecting, relating to & "attempting to resolve" the growing social & economic instability (that their friends at the world's fractional reserve central banks helped, in no small part, to create and fuel) gripping the globe.

Bring them the finest meats and cheeses in all the land!

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"Wow...I thought I was going to be a real smart ass here by taking a look at the Swiss Franc currency conversion to put this into perspective.  Well.  It is $1.12 to each US Dollar.  That shut me down.  Was expecting it to be like .09786 per dollar or something.  Yikes."


Clearly, you have not priced Baby Pâté recently.

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It's in Turkish Lira - panic over...

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Courtesy of mid-market rates, that total is very nearly $90k US

If you consider the 2012 median wage was a pretty low $27,500 and there have been few if any improvements since then,  ( ), then this bill amounts to well over 3 x that amount.

Think about that: THREE annual median US salaries, before deductions. Wonder how many "after all deductions" median wages that will be once the Affordable Care Act becomes fully "operational"??

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Ends in N...

Maybe Baby Dolphin?

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CHF 210 per person, so it depends on exactly what type of hors'd'oeuvres were served, there are different prices for different vintages all simply labeled "white wine", but given that magnums of Bollinger are only @$400 each it it actually seems rather cheap by local standards esp. given the peak season markup... unless it was a bill for take-away (then again if it's an Intercon it "should" be cheap)

The annual cost of living indexes that use a baseline of NYC priced at 100 all consistently put Zurich and Geneva well above 150, and the Davos crowd would basically be a small high-end subset of the "elite" in those towns (lake front flats downtown were 10-20k per month last time I lived in one, so it just doesn't seem that out-of-this world by local standards).

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Sir, the Beluga IS $190 a portion.

Well, I better just have two in that case.

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CHF 13 for 16 toast points (carry out)

their Beluga ranges from CHF 283 for 30g to CHF 2,358 for 250g (8.8 ounces)

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Charge it to the Underhills.

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They use real fingers. 

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"Lucky to whomever gets the tip... "

It is not customary to tip in Europe.

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Who down-voted that? It's NOT customary to tip in Europe!

(Okay, they round up, but that's all.)

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Jamie Dimon's little princess bitch ass kid is running amok on ZH today.

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I would say I'm happy for the people who got the tips and work there, except their bankers are stealing their money to do the same thing in New York.

These parasites STEAL in order to live high on the hog on OUR backs.

It is time to KILL THEM; they threaten our survival!

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If it weren't for the human shield employees working at that resort, paint it & light it up.

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AB, I don't attend weddings any more ... I get too morose seeing the poor sap sucked into it....

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But that white wine--24 bottles for over 16000 francs? Pretty pricy for me, though not much for the hedge fund types

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"The Green Room reference on the bill refers to an Intercontinental Hotel Group promotion for UK members offering..."

Behind the Green Door comes to mind.

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If it's 150 guests, that's more than 500 francs per head.  I guess I am in the wrong demo.  I have never been to a wedding like that.  Even the "finger food" cost more than 200 francs per head.  Probably 99% of human kind never spent that much on a meal even using a spoon and fork.

The rope would cost a lot less.


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Strong rope, and a lot of it.

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Interesting that some of you rubes seem to think they are buying all this stuff with their own personal funds. 99% of this stuff is being charged as business expenses, which means customers, clients and taxpayers are footing the various bills. The richer you are the less you expect to do with your own money. I doubt half of these people are paying for their own hotel rooms, either. And there are sponsors, too. 

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"I am sure many of us have been to weddings that cost more than this"


all the weddings i've ever been to combined wouldn't add up to that.

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But just think of tax revenue the local..........oh wait, there was not tax on that tab, musta been Legardes tab.

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I don't know any billionaires, but I know quit a few really rich MFers, and when that "crowd" starts talking about "inequality" and "systemic reform" etc etc, you know one thing is occurring........their getting scared about something!!

In 2008, it was unreal how fucking generous and ready to talk about reform they all were?? Lol. Well that shit ended the second Benny Big Bucks got in his helicopter! Now suddenly, everyone is ready again to speak about the unspeakable!!!

Something has got them all unsettled again, I wonder what they know, we don't!!

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Whoah!  Only $1.12?  That's not a bad exchange rate at all compared to what it was in years past.

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Somebody should tell Tom that being wealthy isn't bad on it's own, but when you lie, cheat and steal to get wealthy, or if you use your wealth to fuck everybody over like bankers have been doing for a while, well, you deserve a lamp post and some rope at your next party.  Don't bring a necktie, one will be provided.

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Looks like Jaime is on the junk warpath today.  Look at all the pretty -1s !

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Or maybe Lloyd.  Good thing there's only one junk per post per user, else with the blow induced exhuberence, it'd be about 90 reds per post.

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Give 'em a chance and there will be a downvote derivatives market.

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Yup, and it looks as though we've got another banker online.  It looks as though they trying to build up a supply of collateral so they can start up a new derivatives product. Let the rehypothecation begin!

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being wealthy isn't bad on it's own, but when you lie, cheat and steal to get wealthy

Exactly. The problem with the pigs in Davos is that they belong to the thieving class.

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Kleiner Perkins - Silicon Valley is as bad as NYC, Wash Dc or Chicago. Same crooks.

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I think everything starts out as good intentions, then mistakes are made, then the avoidance of accountability, and it's just an avalanche of unintended consequences from then on, which is why they hold the conference in the Alps--it's symbolic.

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Come come now people. Havent you heard of the trickle down effect? We will all soon be better off from this exhorbitant spending of our betters.

Golden showers for all!

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Like the feeling of warm piss running down your leg.

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The "trickle-on" effect.

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rather be pissed off

than pissed on ..