63% Of Americans Say "Divided" & "Troubled" America Is On The Wrong Track

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President Obama will proclaim that all is well but more is to be done tonight (we suspect) and lay out his agenda for fixing it all now (which we are sure will be different from the fixes of the last 5 years). However, as The WSJ reports, he faces a nation increasingly worried about his abilities, dissatisfied with the economy and fearful of the economy's future. Since the rise of modern polling in the 1930s, only George W. Bush has begun his sixth year in the White House on rockier ground than Mr. Obama. 59% are uncertain, worried, or pessimistic about the rest of Obama's term; 63% believe the US in on the wrong track; and, despite record high stock prices and 'wealth', 71% expressed some level of dissatisfaction with the broader economy.


Via WSJ,

Concerns abound...

The survey found that just over half of Americans disapprove of the president's job performance, with 43% approving, a trough that remains little changed since the early summer. Nearly six in 10 say they are uncertain, worried or pessimistic about what he will do with the remainder of his presidency. Disapproval for Congress, too, is near its all-time high.



Americans are generally satisfied with their own personal economic situation, and gauges of consumer confidence remain strong. But that optimism hasn't translated into strong confidence in the broader economy or the president. In the Journal poll, 61% of respondents said they were satisfied with their own financial situation, but 71% expressed some level of dissatisfaction with the broader economy.


Mr. Obama's low approval numbers spell trouble for congressional Democrats heading into midterm elections this November. Such contests are historically challenging to the party of incumbent presidents.

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You have to imagine these polls aren't really conducted but rather the responses and percentages are slapped on to present a choice view that seems like a real poll at the surface, but reeks of imposing pre-fabricated notions at its core.

On the high list (where people tend to look first):

- Ensuring access to preschool.
- Addressing Iran's nuclear program.

On the low list (where people tend to skip over):

- More oversight/limits on the intelligence system.
- Reducing income inequality. (it's actually income & wealth inequality, but since regular people only understand income inequality, that's how it is written)

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True, because there's no way you could have 16% who are optimistic!

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I am surprised that people even talk to pollsters anymore.  


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When you look at some of the crap that people are willing to do in order to get noticed on social media, it doesn't surprise me.

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I am surprised that it's ONLY 63% 

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Well, youve got your banksters, the kleptocrats, the hoochie mommas, the crack heads, your wino-Americans, your voting illegal aliens (oops, sorry, your document challenged)...

Shit adds up.

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Exactly!    Which is why there's going to be an even stronger conservative backlash to all this shit soon.

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I've been hopin' and waitin' and prayin' for a long time but all I see is further retreat and passivity.

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Cranky old white guys just don't have the get up and go they once did....

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I've never been contacted by a pollster. I always thought they had no interest what a middle class professional wage slave had to say. Over the years I have proven my theory correct.


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And 8 out of 4 people say they're good at math.....

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"despite record high stock prices and 'wealth', 71% expressed some level of dissatisfaction with the broader economy"

You don't say.

I wonder if that's because 80% of Americans effectively don't own any stocks at all?

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and its why it will break up into 3+ countries someday

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Nuthin' a good ol' Executive Order can't fix

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This video sums this up perfectly:


People are *slowly* starting to get it.  But then they get distracted by the political dujour of the day. 

For example: I honestly think that Todd Akin was paid to say, "legitimate rape" by some lobbyist flack to distract the public (and most importantly, corporate media) from the on going LIBOR scandal.

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No, Akin is a ignorant misogynist who really believes that shit...

So, Sherlock, how would you fix things within the existing framework?

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Why do women throw out that word misogynist out all the time as some kind of defining label? Who really gives a shit really. I've never seen a guy accuse someone of misandry. Maybe one has to be a woman to use those terms and I failed to get the memo or didn't take the correct classes in college.


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Perhaps because you can call someone misogynist and not be bleeped out whereas "ignorant evangelical fucktard with zero regard for the rights of women" will get the axe...  

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Most know something is wrong but by design can't trace it back to the Central Banks.


I take it the 37% are the MIC, MSM, Bankers and Politicians?

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Well, these malcontents obviously just haven't started going all-in on their Treasury IRA's yet....they'll surely fix everything.

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The other 37% are braindead.

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Why bother with remarks?

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Does anyone find this to be a surprise?

The real surprise for the American people is that there is nothing that is going to make things any better short of major changes that many of them will find to be at odds with what they always thought....

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That's the harsh reality that few 'Mericans are willing to grasp. This ride has run its course and it's coming to an end. We hopped on the wrong track decades ago but they're just now figuring it out.

Problem is, reality will not care about discomfort or uncomfortable truths, or ideology, beliefs economic theories, etc... It will kick our asses regardless of all that crap people thought was so important. How we adapt is the key. Poorly is my prediction.

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That's called 'nothing to lose.'

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In reality, it is hanging on to the shreds that you have and figuring out who took it from you and how they did it...

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Newly printed money benefits those who get to spend it first.

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It's like asking ticks if they like their host and the taste of the blood.

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Well sure, they're getting paid big thanks to .gov largess.

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What is the figure now....7 of the 10 richest counties in the country surround Mordor on the Potomoc?  Of COURSE they think things are peachy.....Dear Leader MaoBama has showered them with skittles galore...

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What do you expect when you outsource the military because you know that a draft would lead to rioting in the streets...

And if you think BHO is to blame for that you are a deluded partisan hack... (Not that BHO and his crew have really tried to change things) 

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BHO is an affirmative action President who thinks there are 57 states in 'his' country and that Austrian is a language,  an autocue-reading dummy with the usual suspects' hand up his ass. (I know he's had a few more hands up there in his bathhouse days.)

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OT: Very bad scene here in Atlanta. Snowed after folks got to work & kids got to school. Everyone tried to leave in mass at noon when it started snowing. All major roads are totally gridlocked. Kids loaded on buses at luch time to leave school are stuck in it. People running out of gas on the streets. Cell phone services are getting overloaded. More snow on the way & 24 degrees (14 with wind chill right now).

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Atlanta sucks on a nice day

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That was Raleigh years ago. Everyone left after a dusting, everything turned to ice, and gridlock for 12 hours.  It was surreal.  


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The people living in Atlanta should have tried these things called All-Season tires. It's 4 degrees where I live and we got 18" of snow in two days. Last night was -12. I have no sympathy for people that don't plan. If they looked at a weather report for the past two weeks they knew the snow was coming. If you don't know how to drive in the snow or don't have the correct tires, don't go out.

I laugh at the idiots they showed on TV driving 60mph on an icy highway overpass with summer tires. You crashed because you were an idiot and I shouldn't have to pay higher insurance premiums because of their stupidity.

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We have no snow removal equipment to speak of down here. Semi trucks are getting stuck on the interstates right now. 

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It's all due to Global Warming. I know, cause the nice man on TV told me so.

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It's all due to Glo BULL Warming. 


There fixed it for you


Good grief you would think the worlds coming to an end from what those nice men on TV tell you it's WINTER some are colder than others same as it ever was.

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Yeah, because all the warm air moving into Alaska (setting record high temps) was able to push the now puny cold air masses out of the way...


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They like to call it climate change now, that way they have both sides covered.