Amazon Crashes After Missing Top And Bottom Line, Guides Lower

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Did the Amazon bubble just pop? Unless Jeff Bezos announces he is working on a space station that just may be the case, because while the company missed both the top and bottom line, and guided lower  - traditionally a perfect trifecta to send the stock soaring afterhours - the stock is plunging some 10% after hours, even if it now has a true bargain-basement LTM PE of 672x.

Specifically the Q4 results were as follows:

  • Revenue of $25.59 billion, missing expectations of $26.0 billion
  • EPS of $0.51, missing expectations of $0.69, and this despite using a far lower tax rate (39.7%), than used a year ago (57.6%)
  • Guides Q1 revenue of $18.2 - $19.9 billion, on the low end of the consensus estimate of $19.69 billion
  • Guides Q1 Operating Income of ($200)-$200 on expectations of $367.8 million.

Some other observations:

  • Worldwide net sales rose 22%: the lowest in year (see chart below), below the 26% in Q3 and below the 23% a year ago
  • Total employees rose to 117,300 (!), from 109,800 a quarter ago, and 91,300 a year ago.

Ironically it wasn't all bad, as Operating Income rose to $510 million, above the $490 million expected, and the highest single quarterly Operating Income in over 4 years. This was matched by Net Income of $239 million - the highest since December $416. Perhaps AMZN should have just continued losing money and burning cash, and all would have been well.

Unfortunately, those looking for a margin rebound will have to wait: at 1.0% LTM Operating Margin it has gone exactly nowhere since September 2012 and much lower compared to previous year. This happened even though Q4 operating margin bounced to 2% - the highest since June 2011, driven by the holiday spending season.


Putting it all together and you get something very troubling: the stock, which historically woudl have soared on news as bad as these, is plunging, and was down 10% at last check. 

Did the Jeff Bezos "myth" bubble finally pop?

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Rainman's picture

Bezos jinxed by the Washington Pravda deal...well. every dog has his day

kliguy38's picture

don't worry when Beezer brings out the'll buy or else

max2205's picture

Not to worry  AMZN is a govt stock aka goog ibm ba ect.

dryam's picture

Effin BS, my broker told me earnings don't matter.

NoDebt's picture

So what if they lose money on evey sale?  THey'll make tn volume.

philosophers bone's picture

There are too many people who are a combination of impulsive buyers, on-line shopping addicts, bored out of their minds and broke with too much time on their hands.  This is a deadly combination for Amazon and other online retailers as these people order shit and abuse the "free return" policy.  The "free return" policy ain't free for the retailer paying for it.

Obchelli's picture

Yes but it just lost what it coveniently gained before earnings announcement (even little less) So they are still 80 cents up on a day on horrible earnings - and be sure that Satan Like Bill Miller with his concentrated position who employes squeeze the shorts in most shitty stock approach will take it up to new highs.


Rallied 30 points up as I was typing - just unbeleivable manipulation in this name.. I won't be surprised if they close it sharply up tomorrow...

Handful of Dust's picture

The 5% postal rate increase isn't helping, either.

fx's picture

AMZN just needs to accept bitsh!t so that fonestar und his ilk can trade all their tulipcoins for AMZN's merchandise. Will boost revenues multifold. Profit margins? Not so much, but profits are, so old-school and uncool anyway.

kaiserhoff's picture

Well, if we valued Amazon as a retailer, which it is, and forget for the moment, that it really has no margins...

15 X trailing PE ~ OMFG, under 10 bucks a share!

That can't be right.  Someone call the Washington post, and put a spin on this.

El Viejo's picture

Do people still read in this country??

kaiserhoff's picture


texts, tweets, and tea leaves, in roughly that order. 

ParkAveFlasher's picture

I read my horoscope, and I read what Kim K. is doing as I wait in line to buy my hot pockets.

tempo's picture

Only users/clicks matter, get with the new world order

buzzsaw99's picture

amzn being down is one of the seven signs of the apocalypse

mofreedom's picture

My wife turned them on to me and they are great, easy to do online business with just like Fedex.  Win or lose for them, means lose or win or somebody else.

gjp's picture

Don't crow too fast.  Often it goes up right away.  Other times it waits till the next day to rip the shorts a new one.  But always in the end the bull-tards are the ones left crowing.  After all, Ben (and now Janet) still has their back.  It never was about the fundamentals as ZH knows all to well.

fonzannoon's picture

It was up 5% today. It's down 8% right now....Blah. Goog is now up. Barf.

gjp's picture

My sentiments exactly.  Including day trading, GOOG up 8%, AMZN down 3%, NasCrap up 1.5%.  The bull-tards remain firmly in control.

devo's picture

growth and profits are just around the corner!


666's picture

The more they sell, the more they lose.

Sounds like the Fed, doesn't it?

FieldingMellish's picture

AMZN didn't miss anything. It was the sell-side estimates that were way off. Financial jargon loves to distort relaity as much as possible.

fx's picture

Yeah, AMZN is right on target. A never ending, never-come-true dream so that nobody ever needs to value the stock on fundamentals. After all, a P/E on dreams and imagination can never bee too high.

OldPhart's picture

Off topic...but there are numerous reports that the snow back east is 'weird'.  It doesn't melt, smells funky, actually chars, and 'behaves like styrofoam'.  Anyone else catching this?


Seasmoke's picture

Well since it hasn't been over 32, for even one minute, the past 7 days...might have something to do with not melting. 

666's picture

Perhaps it's radioactive fallout from Fukushima.

The snow here in NJ is cold but doesn't burn, and the yellow parts are very tasty. Yum, yum!

Global Hunter's picture

Watched your link and tried to burn the snow here (Ontario) but didn't get the same results, the snow melted normally.  Intrigued all the same.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Perhaps her house smells like syrofoam.  I'm watching it melt right now (in Atlanta).

There's a lot of ice under the snow currently.  Trying to make a snowball out of it would just make a slushy mess.

Global Hunter's picture

The guy who posted that video may be correct but he is a fucking arrogant douchebag

Obama_4_Dictator's picture

Mark Dice is awesome.  He's one of the good guys, trust me.  Awesome man on the street video featuring a 1oz gold coin...

Harbanger's picture

Since basic science and math are no longer taught in schools you can see why people would fall for things like this. How else could they sell them on global warming and tax their carbon footprints.  Carbon is the basis for life on earth and one of the most abundant elements in the Universe, yet somehow now it's become a plague.  I came to the conclusion some people will believe anything as long as it's said in a slow, non-threateing monotone liberal voice, delivery is much more important than facts.

Nick Jihad's picture

Just wait til these folks learn of the dangers associated with hydrogen hydroxide. Al Gore will go berserk!

thismarketisrigged's picture

this will be green shortly, i hope im wrong, but they always do this

ifishivote's picture

Steve Lesson(CNBC) will be on soon to announce an Obama plan that all Americans must buy everything from Amazon.

Cursive's picture

What story could 60 minutes possibly dream up to divert attention away from this abortion?

Seasmoke's picture

This must be bad news for Gold. 

Music101's picture

Yes, but the stock was already up 5% today, so it's not quite as bad as it seems... See KARL DENNINGER'S take on AMZN in the video Below:

the wet spot's picture

Music101 - You're posting the same shit on every message board here.  I dub thee a SPAMMER