And Now, Even Zimbabwe Opines On The Emerging Market Crisis

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Courtesy of an epic liftathon in the USDJPY, concerns about the containment of the EM crisis seem to have abated for the time being, even though not only nothing has changed (just ask Argentina whose USD reserves are down to $28.5 billion from $30 billion two weeks ago), but the Fed just confirmed even less - $10 billion per month to be exact - hot money will be entering the frontier economies. However, behind the scenes things are rapidly changing fast. So fast, in fact, that even Zimbabwe, that paragon of currency stability, has opined on the EM drubbing. As AFP reports, Zimbabwe retailers, concerned about the rapid devaluation of the currency of their southern neighbor, South Africa's Rand, have now stopped accepting it entirely.

One would think Zimbabwe knows about failing currencies. But for now, all eyes on the USDJPY which is the only risk-setter that matters.

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that would be a perfect onion headline.

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Zimbabwe retailers, concerned about the rapid devaluation of the currency of their southern neighbor, South Africa's Rand, have now stopped accepting it entirely.

They will, of course, still accept Krugerrands.

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At this point, Zimbabwe has just as much credibility as anyone else.

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To be honest, their currency goes for a nice price on Ebay you know :)

I have a framed set like maloney showed in his vids in my study

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Zimbabwe knows a worthless currency when they see it.

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If so, its a shame they still accept FRN's.

THX 1178's picture

True, but they also know that if they spurned the USD/FRN they would be droned and invaded in half a jiff.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Waiting for the Weimar Street Journal to chime in...

Pure Evil's picture

Are you saying the Black Man in the White House would bomb his own people?

Save_America1st's picture

He oversaw the bombing of the Boston Marthon...that False Flag was so busted in 5 minutes it made o-bomb-ya's Marxist head spin.  They were so set on blaming patriots/conservatives, blah, blah, blah, etc. etc. etc...but the overwhelming photo evidence blew their fake story right outta the water and they had to go to the Plan "B" patsies w/ those brothers.

But that doesn't mean he's going to stop with Boston.  Each False Flag they learn better how to conduct another one.  They don't always go over well, and I think they realized that trying one in daylight in an area full of people and hundreds of cameras was a big mistake. 

Their next one will be at night and I think it will be a small, tactical nuke set off inside Detroit somewhere or some rural area where they can once again try to blame it on conservative patriots. 

The great thing about Boston was that it was such a epic failure that the term "False Flag" hit the main stream and woke a LOT of sheeple up.  Now nearly everyone knows what a False Flag event is and who perpetrates them (governments/military/etc.) against innocent people.

The narrative is going to be harder to spin, especially from these sociopathic, habitually lying, criminals in D.C.  But they're so arrogant and psychotic that they will still try try try again.

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Still bewildered by the whole 'Sandy Hook' debacle.  Kids dead, and yet, I have yet to see a single photo (call me a grim bastard) as evidence to the fact.

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Of course it will be another Saudi Arabian Operation.


Prince Bandar claimed to Putin that he controls the Chetchen Terrorist Organizations. As the Tsarnev's were Chetchen you can bet that the Operation was sanctioned by the Saudis. (The US Government was complicit. Notice how fast that the Tsarnev's were identified and neutralized. What was not as widely reported was that a Saudi National was arrested and deported.


Then going back to the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001, Fifteen of the Nineteen REPORTED Hijackers were Saudi Nationals.


While it is true that there is absolutely no video evidence that they ever boarded the airplanes and Gates are videotaped then one can be certain that it did not happen as reported. But the point is that Saudi Money was involved in that Op as well.


If any place needs to be an ocean of Nuclear Glass then Ground Zero needs to be located at the House of Saud.


All that it will take is one Strategic Nuke targeted appropriately.

Rafferty's picture

"They don't always go over well, and I think they realized that trying one in daylight in an area full of people and hundreds of cameras was a big mistake."

Dunno.  Worked ok for 9/11.

Save_America1st's picture

...and on a long enough timeline, the credibility rate of every Ponzi drops to zero...

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This shit is gonna spread like wild fire.

All it ever has taken is 1.

We got three. So far..

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Argentina, Venezuela, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, etc., etc., etc., etc...

Clowns on Acid's picture

What's happening under your rock ?

fonestar's picture

That's nice, I will give you a couple satoshi for you Krugerrands in a few years.  They will go in the special prize box along with Zimbabwe Dollars and Alf memorabilia from eBay.

BandGap's picture

I gave you a +1 for not writing in the first person. As far as being able to tell the future, good luck.

Tall Tom's picture

fonestar wrote in the First Person tense in the previously referenced post.

I think that you may have inadvertently used the adverb, "not".



Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Caught that as well. Or substitute first for third. However I chose not to reply so he could fix it at some point. ;-)


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But who can possibly ever conemplate accepting the American Rand? You know of whom I speak, that Quisling in Libertarian clothing.

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Isn't that where Obama is from? I know he's from some African hell hole, maybe Zimbabwe or the Sudan?

Eitherway Africa is a failed continent. If Africa just got wiped off the planet the Earth would be a better place. Only two things that come from Africa are hurricanes and welfare recipients.

Dr. Engali's picture

Let me guess, we should turn the middle east into glass as well right?

Pure Evil's picture

Well, there is a lot sand over there. And glass is made from sand right?

Tall Tom's picture

Yeah. But there is not too much demand for Radioactive Glass. However if there was a demand for Radioactive Glass then that is a good place to manufacture it on a large scale.


It is about the laws of Supply and Demand. Why invest into something that lacks Foreclosed Houses...or US Treasury Bonds? That is why the Federal Reserve buys them up. Lack of Demand. And we know that the Fed is becoming insolvent if it is not already there.


Do you want to be insolvent like the Federal Reserve and NOT HAVE A PRINTING PRESS?


Then start a manufacturing firm that produces Radioactive Glass. You will end up insolvent.


It is just not a good business model.

Tall Tom's picture

I think that the House of Saud deserves that as they have attacked us on 9-11 and in the Boston Marathon..


Other than that I would trade with the Middle East, and with the African Continent.


Why bomb customers? It is not a good business model.

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You obviously never asked yourself where the uranium for the first atomic bomb came from, did you?!  ;-)

snr-moment's picture

True, but we have HUGE reserves in Virginia (Virginia won't let us touch it) and under Yellowstone (UN world heritage site, but I am sure we can get THAT status revoked)

pods's picture

A lot of the shiny comes from Africa.


Rafferty's picture

"Only two things that come from Africa are hurricanes and welfare recipients."

That's most unfair.  What about AIDS, bush meat, cannibalism?

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Ha ha ha ha, Zimbabwe is a opinion leader of economic conditions?  OMG the end is near!  ROLFMAO!!!!!!!

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I don't see why not.  They are as good as any other central bank in monetary policy.  Probably better, they are way ahead of them.

Pure Evil's picture

I think the Italians could still teach them a lesson or two on inflating away a currency.

youngman's picture

If you live in a glass house...dont be the first to throw stones...or something like that

Bearwagon's picture

If you live in a glass house - shit in the dark!

Pure Evil's picture

If you live in a glass house...........get nakid..........and give the neighbors a show they'll never forget.

Tall Tom's picture

Hmmm....Radioactive Glass...Glass Houses...Yeah. You are right.


There might be an opportunity.

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yeah... take dollars... they rot less fast...