Goldman Lowers Q1 GDP Forecast To 2.7% Due To Inventory Impact

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Earlier today we summarized the Q4 GDP print and said it would be virtually impossible for the economy to carry over a comparable annualized growth rate into 2014. Moments ago Goldman agreed, when it cut its Q1 GDP forecast by 30 bps to 2.7%.

From Jan Hatzius:

BOTTOM LINE: Q4 GDP grew in line with expectations, although the composition was slightly softer than expected. We start our Q1 GDP tracking estimate three-tenths below our prior assumption at 2.7%.




Real GDP increased at a 3.2% rate in Q4 (vs. consensus 3.2%). Personal consumption expenditures rose a smaller-than-expected 3.3% (vs. consensus 3.7%), which was still the fastest rate since 2010. Business fixed investment rose 3.8%, held down by a 1.2% decline in structures investment following two quarters of strong gains. Equipment investment rose a solid 6.9%. Business inventories added four-tenths to headline growth. Residential investment declined 9.8%, reflecting in part the lagged impact of weaker housing starts in past quarters. Net exports were also a strong positive contributor, adding 1.3 percentage points to growth. Federal government spending fell 12.6%, pushing total government spending down 4.9%. The Commerce Department estimated that the federal government shutdown subtracted three-tenths from GDP growth. Although the composition of this morning's report was slightly softer than expected, solid 2.9% growth in real final sales to private domestic purchasers suggests positive underlying momentum heading into 2014.


We start our Q1 GDP tracking estimate three-tenths below our prior assumption at 2.7%, due to the larger-than-expected inventory contribution in Q4.

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The_Ungrateful_Yid's picture

News and charts no longer matter, what matters is keeping the illusion alive.

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Yet somehow the existing inventory of empty houses doesn't decrease the price of housing?

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Yesterday, I asked my mother if there was any hope.  She hit me in the face with a fish.  What a pisser.

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inventory impact my ass. there is no market, there is only the fed.

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And Govt.... "shutdown subtracted three-tenths from GDP growth." Love how Govt growth contributes to GDP growth in the world of Bureau of Lies & Statistics.

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Squid musta missed the memo about the ' new and improved ' GDP intellectual property calculations. They slippin !

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Let the downward revisions begin!!!

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see? where that school used to be... that crater?...

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Zandi disagrees..The economy is only going to get stronger: Mark Zandi

Assclowns ( analysts, banksters, and politicians) keep their jobs just like weathermen when blatantly wrong

buzzsaw99's picture

zandi is what he is, a broken record, but predictable in being a broken record. rah rah housing bitchez.

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GDP will come in wherever TPTB wants it to come in. Everything else is just noise.

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Off topic: But why doesn't ZH put some market tickers on the home page or something? I'm tired of having to go to sites like Marketwatch and having to see all the bullshit propoganda. I don't want to support them by giving them clicks.  Can anyone recommend a better site for viewing market price action?

The_Ungrateful_Yid's picture

I use Yahoo finance portfolio. Works good for me.

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Is Goldman looking at January retail sales forecasts, even their own retail sales index forecast, which shows YOY growth for the 4 weeks of January of 1.7%, 1.3%, 0.9% and 2.2%.  


1.5% growth at best for Q1.  Need to fudge quite a bit to get to 2%

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Never underestimate the Fed, or the Bureau of Lies & Statistics.

Rising Sun's picture

Everything is growing!!!!  Like your fucking nose GS!!!!


The economy is fucked and you shitbags at GS know it.


Keep spinning that wheel GS and when it stops at zero, you've got the right answer you fucking assholes!!!!!

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    It looks like the markets are already front running the March untaper. It won't be long and bad news is good news will be priced 6 months out! What a wasteland these markets are.

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Just recalculate the GDP so it shows what it is supposed to show.  Not setting any precedents here.

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It's all just wishful thinking from people who have drunk their own Kool-Aid long enough to actually believe what they are preaching