Need Heroin? Just Head To Your Friendly Neighborhood McDonalds

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While we are sure it is hard to make ends meet on the minimum-wage-paying positions at fast food restaurants these days; the lengths that one McDonald's employee in Pittsburgh went to subsidize her income could be a little much. As CNN reports, Shantia Dennis, 26, would drop a handy baggy of heroin in drive-thru customers' boxes if they uttered the secret phrase "I'd like to order a toy" with their food order. Police recovered over 50 bags of heroin and a small amount of marijuana... brings a whole new meaning to the term "Happy Meal".



Via CNN,

A McDonald's employee in Pittsburgh was arrested Wednesday after undercover police officers said they discovered her selling heroin in Happy Meal boxes, according to a criminal complaint.


Shantia Dennis, 26, was arrested after undercover law enforcement officials conducted a drug buy, according to a statement from Mike Manko, communications director for the Allegheny County District Attorney's Office.


Customers looking for heroin were instructed to go through the drive-through and say, "I'd like to order a toy." The customer would then be told to proceed to the first window, where they would be handed a Happy Meal box containing heroin, Manko said.



During the drug buy, the undercover officers recovered 10 stamp bags of heroin inside of a Happy Meal box, according to the statement.


Officers immediately arrested Dennis and recovered an additional 50 bags of heroin, as well as a small amount of marijuana, according to the complaint.



We wonder what she did if the customers said "Supersize me"?


Of course, with the way McDonalds same store sales are going, perhaps they need to start thinking of "alternative" business lines? At least in Colorado and Washington?

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coping with harsh realities & shit foodz

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What do you think that Mr. Softee truck is doing at 2am in Brooklyn?

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Our whole nation is breaking bad.

prains's picture



is present tense, as in happening now. some past tense verbage is needed to round out the historical flavour of that idea, there's decades worth to discuss.....

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McSmack Attack®! (pronounced muk-smak) ;-)

Wage Slave's picture

Reports of horse in fast food meals were well founded.

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will probably sign a book deal and sell the movie rights for a few million

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Gonna have to redesign those playgrounds,too! I feel a WB7 coming up.

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Somebody should tell this US Senator's son where to find smack.

This will help the senator avoid answering questions about whether or not he will be seen campaigning with Obama, which he refuses to answer.

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God dammit, they fucked up my order. I wanted four hits of the Ronald McDonald blotter and two Chronic McBudzic Thai sticks.

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Where have you seen a Mr. Softee at 2pm let alone at 2am in Brooklyn.  The Brooklyn you are thinking of has been gone for at least the last 20 years...   The current population consists almost entirely and exclusively 20 & 30 something affluent hipsters & yuppies who will raise hell if the 'wrong element' from the soon to be torn down projects starts trouble. 

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There's a gas station on Lorimer and Maujer.  He's probably there right now.

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Rich like Bush? Famous like Robert Downey, Jr.? Sports hero like Daryl Strawberry?  No problem -- what's a few DUI or drug charges between friends?  You'll get some community service and a pat on the back.

Or are you a poor female minority?  She'll be lucky she doesn't get sent to the gallows -- but she'll likely get hefty prison time.  One less black woman voter -- 1860 all over again.

StychoKiller's picture

I re-read the article and NOWHERE does it state that "Shantia" is black; of course, "shantia" doesn't conjure up imagery of Jewish American princess either...

idea_hamster's picture

Click through -- they have her mug shot.

And my point was not so much about race being a factor in the conduct, but rather privilege being a factor in the punishment.

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Rich like Soros? As a black man Obama has stolen more than your racist mind can ever comprehend.

But yeah I understand your myopic viewpoint I just no longer care..


idea_hamster's picture

Clearly my point got lost in my effort to make the comment succinct. 

I wasn't trying to say that minorities are more likely to commit drug crimes, but rather that our justice system has different sets of rules for those who are wealthy, powerful or popular -- whatever their race.  (If memory serves, Daryl wasn't white.) 


But I think it's pretty well established that minorities receive harsher treatment by the US justice system, especially regarding drugs.

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Hey hamster! I'm pretty sure the people you mentioned never put their stash into a kid's meal where some innocent child might ingest it. "If you like your drugs, you can keep/use your drugs" but please don't pull the minority card so wantonly!

idea_hamster's picture

So I'm not sure I ever got 9 down votes on a comment, so I'm going to admit that my point here was poorly articulated. 

What I was driving at was that this person falls into a number of categories of people who are systematically marginalized, especially in our criminal justice system, and in particular regarding drug crimes.   Consequently she can expect the harshest of treatment, although substantially similar conduct by the wealthy/powerful/popular could be entirely overlooked.

Also, I don't really think the Happy Meal box should be a major aspect.  She wasn't including the drugs in actual Happy Meals, but rather just using the box (as I read it).  I really don't think that heroin addicts would let their fixes slip away so easily, but I expect it be an aspect that the court relies on to justify a maximum sentence.


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Comment racers oftern skip reading the ZH article.

Many perhaps, in regards to this article.

Additionally, rectifying misinterpretation?

Like a pillow for one on the cross, crucifixion will continue.

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The current population consists almost entirely and exclusively 20 & 30 something affluent hipsters & yuppies


Yeah. Because that demographic isn't into moderate street drugs are they. I'll bet you a dollar that 90% of those hipsters are carrying at least a joint or stronger in their 7 For All Mankind designer jeans or Alexander McQueen hand bags.

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20 years ago when I lived over by MSG, you never got on the B,Q,N or R lines after 9 PM if you valued your life or property.

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Where have you seen a Mr. Softee at 2pm let alone at 2am in Brooklyn.  The Brooklyn you are thinking of has been gone for at least the last 20 years...   The current population consists almost entirely and exclusively 20 & 30 something affluent hipsters & yuppies who will raise hell if the 'wrong element' from the soon to be torn down projects starts trouble. 

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Who the hell do you think is going into the drive thru from 10pm until 3am - a family of four exiting from church? No, its drunk hungry, munchy stoned people. 'Give me a fuckin big mac combo with upsized fries, 2 apple pies and a big breakfast special.'

Hey, come on, Ronald McDonald is a pure tripper anyway.


He has fiery red hair, makeup that puts Pennywise to shame and wears a yellow jumpsuit with big red massive clown shoes. And he hangs out with a purple barbapapa looking thing named Grimace, a  kleptomaniac hamburglar, a tripped out obese Mayor McCheese and a tweeked out insomniac Early Birdie the morning bird...all in the 70's.


TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Ever wonder why Grimace used to be called Evil Grimace? They've tried to whitewash his past, but they didn't get everything:

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Never trust a fucking clown

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We need to legalize drugs.  Why?  I need herion to control my stress.  My demons have demons.

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Tell 'em Jesse Pinkman sent you.  Bitch.

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"I'm lovin' hit!" 

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The heroin is probably healthier for you than the food at Mcdonalds.

Immortal McHorror burger is 6 month old and looks brand new.


Fucking ew.

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Well, yeah. Remember the e-coli scare back in the early 90s? All the fast food joints cook that shit so dry now, there's no way any bacteria or mold could survive on it.

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yeah, the dope wasn't cut with pink slime

The_Ungrateful_Yid's picture

Crackdonalds, america's finest™

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I bet some people even stop by Starbucks on their way to McDonalds...

Idiocracy is indeed upon us.

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And why not?  A handjob relieves stress ya know! :>D

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did somebody say mcdonald's?


please don't get me any

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edit.  first post sucked and was not worth repeating.


keep killin' it..

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Damn, need to find a new hookup.


Edit: "Crack in the Box"

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You wanna get fried with that?

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I see what you did there. +1


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That is the marketing slogan of the year. Priceless!

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Looks like we have a winner.  Well played sir.

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Market forces and regulatory arbitrage practiced in an unconventional manner...

You go girl....