Ukraine Stocks Hover At 5-Year Lows As Ex-President Warns Of Imminent "Civil War"

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Following discussions with Merkel, demands to de-escalate tensions from Barrose, and threats of sanctions from President Obama. Ukraine's President Yanukovych has gone on sick leave from "immense pshcological pressure." Despite his exclamations that he'll do everything for the sake of peace, he blames the opposition for "escalating the situation," which fits, rather ominously with warnings from former presdent Leonid Kravchuk. As The BBC reports, Ukraine's first post-independence president warned the country is on the "brink of civil war". While the Hyrvnia is not collapsing as much as it was (always the silver lining), money is running away from Ukraine stocks stuck at 5-year lows, bond term structure is inverted, and CDS are spiking back to recent highs over 1000bps.

The headlines suggest things are getting worse:

  • Ukraine’s Yanukovych Out Sick After Protesters Reject Amnesty

Global politicians are responding...



Ukraine Stocks are hovering at 5-yar lows... (apologies for the Turkish stock chart previously)

And "civil war" is coming

Via The BBC,

Ukraine's first post-independence president has warned the country is on the "brink of civil war".


Leonid Kravchuk, president from 1991 to 1994, urged parliament to "act with the greatest responsibility" as it debates an amnesty for detained protesters.




Mr Kravchuk told MPs: "All the world acknowledges and Ukraine acknowledges that the state is on the brink of civil war.


"It is a revolution. It is a dramatic situation in which we must act with the greatest responsibility," he said in an emotional address that earned him a standing ovation.



Images  suggest this is far from over...

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Shit is heating up... Europe and the US fighting a proxy war in Ukraine and Syria vs Russia and China. India and Pakistan always one step away from exploding.  China and Japan getting hot- who owns Taiwan again?


War in the nuclear power age is madness.   

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Not mine. 72 and sunny. Oh, and no state taxes.

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civil war is the new olympics.

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WTF! You'd have to be totally fucking brain dead to want to be a part of Europe.

Every single one of these cretins in these photos should be shot on sight just for being totally fucking stupid. People like this shouldn't be allowed to make decisions, they just fuck it all up for the rest of us...

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One has to be in the Europe Club in order to move to Germany and collect welfare.

The Ukrainians want what their neighbors have: the ability to move to Germany.

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Milli, don't forget the real wildcard... NKorea. Just a China proxy pawn, but the ultimate leverage in SE Asia because it's so "unstable". That makes it the perfect bargaining chip. Of course, for it to matter, it has to be elevated to "crisis" status. Just wait. It's coming.

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All the pretty women have left the country? Used to be the most beautiful in the world. Not the best...just the prettiest. You know, blond, blued eyes and busty. Yep...

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We can only hope this doesnt disrupt the western world's supply of white whores

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Nope, college campuses are still operating normally here.

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I've been there 6 times in the last 3 years. Ukr girls are still the most beautiful I have ever seen even. Tall, skinny, busty, and the prettiest eyes you've ever seen. Well worth the $800 airfare IMHO

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I suspect that our ZH blogger 'HH' got himself one of them.  HH?

Also... If they don't leave, it's Tips Up for them.  ;-)

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send in the dronez bytchez

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If you look at that... it becomes clear Obama should also protect the people from the stockmarket and confiscate any investments they have.

Just in case...

and he can also with pay them the first few years a 3% interest with their own money untill the bucket is empty.

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PSHCOLOGICAL pressure. Got some 'a that my own damn self.
Goin' down to the welfare woman and apply for disability this mornin'.
Fishcological recognized by the AMA.

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Too bad you aren't a congressman, or you'd get $100K / year for your disability.

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In other news, Barry is on sick leave for "golfers elbow".

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Barry wants a mulligan on the first trillion in stimulus he shanked to his campaign contributors.   

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Yup, that ball went in the drink

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Thanks for posting that.  I was going to until I saw you had.  Considering the blood-drenched history of The Ukraine, this is cause for concern.

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what's wrong with taking back their country?  Why not erase all boundaries then and just call everywhere Earth?



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Wow, how long can this war be fought? I mean the fascism-socialism-capitalism struggle just goes on and on and on.

It always boils down to politics when the good times come to an end. Name your poison, draw your sword, pick the Destructor. Coming to a world stage nearest you.

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"long can this war be fought?" -  One thing to be optimistic about is that it takes a great deal of energy to simply maintain a decent quality of life.  As the calories avaialable for consumption are not keeping up with demand (human population) the good news is that these calories will become considerably more expensive, making any real fighting that much unlike.

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Since Eric Draitser is a Lefty progressive writer it's not difficult to see why he doesn't know his Left fron his Right. The opposition in the Ukraine may well be fascists as he claims but they most certainly are not on the Right of politics. They are simply the thug wing of Ukraine's socialists, like Hitler's brownshirts were and the BNP in Britain. Recall that Hitler and his Nazi party had street battles with the German commies. Not because they were very different, just a battle over who is to be top-dog in the totalitarian state.

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Yep, it's the sociopath way.

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Being a true agent of change or real leader is never easy.  Hats off to these people as they have the balls to "take it to the mattresses" and settle things once and for all.

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So, I assume you posted this because you believe Ukraine should be dominated by Russia?  You believe by extension all of Europe should go open borders and emblace sharia law? That seems like a sub-trend to the article. All nationalists are bad? How about the USA, they should go open borders also?

Just wondering what your point really is???

EDIT- In response to Schizzmoney's link. Don't know how it got bumped down so far...

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Where is Hunky Bill when you really need him?

This is really going to fuck up my Perogie supply.


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On behalf of and per proxy of your commander in chief I hereby instruct the general mobilization of all US-American armed forces! Wait, what do you mean, I cannot do that as a foreigner?! You sure of that? Really?!  ;-)

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Oh my... F*** Me!!


Seriously, to the blonde, please :-D



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Long emerging markets.

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So, does this mean more or fewer sexy Ukrainian babes on dating websites looking to meet tall handsome Western gentlemen with oodles of boodle...

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Some interesting photos of the revolution.

Pro Tip: Remember to make your Molatov cocktails a little bit on the thick side, so you don't catch yourself on fire.

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They are stunning.  I got the link from Glenn Reynold's Instapundit blog.  It's a must read every day.

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One thing I take away from those photos is the fact that they don't need government.To me I see an organized group of people working together to get things done on their own. It's too bad that people can't see that they don't need government to run their lives.

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EXACTLY!  Maybe just a little here and there for a few certain things and staffed by good, decent people like our Fouding Fathers...but nobody needs a monstrous, leviathan, gangster government, filled with sociopaths that's out of control like most around the world and especially like ours has morphed into....that's the last thing we need.

As I call them:  MUTANTS









Fight against the MUTANTS at all costs or they will destroy all of us and this planet along with us. 

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@ Dobermandog,  thanks for posting!

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Actually, it's MUTANTZ behind it all.  Do the math, not the MSM-meth.

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Sling shots? If ever there were any evidence that the second amendment must not be compromised, it's in those photos. Thanks for sharing, the photos are amazing. There are some good lessons as well. 

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Can't outlaw alcohol, fire has always been a great equalizer to bullets. Anyone looking to overcome tyranny when the game is rigged should study some of those pictures closely. There is ALOT of good information in them if you can decipher it by using your brains and a little critical thinking. Unlike Americans those people's brains seem to be firing not backfiring blowing brain fart smoke into the air.

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can somebody clue me in as to how to stop those annoying fucking ads on the side that keep running and interrpting my reading with their audio....


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Get adblock or something similiar, no brainer


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Get adblock or something similiar, no brainer

While we are on the subject of annoying and this seems a good sandbox, why the FUCK do I get these double posts out of the blue?


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Firefox 26.0 and Ghostery 5.1.0 (may you want to disable GhostRank for pivaxy reasons) should help.