The Best And Worst Performers In 2014, Or The Worst Shall Be First

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Despite every talking head having written off the miners, they were the best performer across US equity sub-indices. In the US equity markets Biotech and REITs also performed well. On the other hand,  Nasdaq Insurance and NYSE Arca Oil ETF were the worst...along with the NYSE Composite Index (which represents 61% of all global market capitalization).



And for those dip-buyers proclaiming this is simply an EM crisis that will blow over... the US retailer ETF XRT is down 9.4% in January whereas EEM (the EM ETF) is down 8.6% - foreign crisis or domestic? And - it would appear - that the trades starting the 2nd half of 2013 have been unwound as oddly - Retailers, Emerging Markets, and Junior Gold Miners are all up around 2% from July 4th?!


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The Bernanke walks into a bar.  Guy next to him says "let me buy the dip [a drink]."

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Gay bar.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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Gentle Ben is a sexy beast.  His man-tits shall be missed.  Word.

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  I was thinking lead or tungsten personally? What do I know. It's all " Wally World" at this point?

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Hey I own some of that GDXJ! Unfortunately been holding it for a while and it has been downright ugly but for the past 2 months or so.

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When I saw the headline of this article, I KNEW that it would have some PM at the top of the list, given that this is ZH.

Reporting on a 30 day YTD is nothing to crow (or write about), unless intended for ulterior purposes.

Betting any significant amount on PM miners is risky and only for real experts, IMO. I'll stick to the prediction I've made for the last 8 months: Sideways Market, bitchez, as long as Fed & Friends choose keep it there.

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Alright, 1 good month of returns on gold and silver. Almost makes up for the last 3 years of crap! 

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Gold miners need to go up 65% to be at real valuation, at the least.

+165% would not be unrealistic considering how undervalued Gold is, and how overvalued AMZN, TWTR, and FB are.

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With the close of every year, the losers for the year will see another leg down in December as investors lock in capital losses to later offset capital gains taken during the year.Being these stocks are almost always at ridiculously oversold levels, they will just about always become great value plays in the beginning of the next year, but that's hardly a vote of confidence for those industries. Rarely will they repeat as leaders in February.

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I've owned that GDXJ since July. Still down 25%. Yeah. Fuck. The underlying mining stocks aren't cash flow positive until $30 silver $1600 gold. Silver is still below $20. Either they were really hated closing out the year or they're getting too far ahead of themselves to start this year. Rent it, don't own this rally.

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U.S. Mint Gold-Coin Sales Jump 63% in January; Silver Triples

How January goes, so the year does - we will see whether this year will prove it to be right again, but so far general equity markets are down in January and Gold, Silver and Miners are strongly up for the month. It is very important to see the demand for physical Gold and Silver is picking up not only in China, but in the US as well. Similar reports are coming now from Mints all over the world.