Europe Is Set To Mandate "Remote Stopping Device" In All Cars For Police Use

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Submitted by Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Well this sounds like one of the worst ideas I have heard of in a long time. Naturally, it would emerge from the EU, the sorriest excuse for a fake government the world has ever seen.

While I have reported previously on regulatory efforts to put all sorts of invasive mandatory devices in U.S. automobiles (from October of last year Big Brother is Coming to Your Car), this idea from the EU take things to a whole other level of insanity.

From the BBC:

A device that would enable police to stop vehicles remotely is being considered by an EU-wide official working group, it has emerged.


The feasibility of such technology is being examined by members of the European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services (Enlets).


The technology could impact on both road safety and civil liberties.

Civil liberties? What are those?

The BBC understands it would take several years for any such technical proposal to be drafted.


One EU document, from 4 December, sets out the Enlets 2014-20 work programme as including: “Remote Stopping Vehicles”.


It says “this project will work on a technological solution that can be a ‘build in standard’ for all cars that enter the European market”.


It is not clear what cost implications that would have for car makers.

No, but the implications for the peasant class are crystal clear.

The work of Enlets is little known and has emerged in part through documents published by the civil liberties campaign group Statewatch.

These people are out of control.

Full article here.


[ZH: Perhaps this utter insanity would be more palatable with a different marketing angle? At least we can have a laugh as the encroachment on personal privacy and civil liberties continues unabated]

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ZeroPower's picture

Came here for the ass.

agent default's picture

Stayed for the train wreck.

kliguy38's picture

they coulda used that instead on Hastings and saved them the trouble of blowin' him up

666's picture

The law will be repealed as soon as the cops stop a politician in his car.

Yancey Ward's picture

Uh, no.  Politicians will be able to purchase cars without such devices.

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

Can I hack the device and stop cars on a lonely stretch of road to rob the passengers?  This should be fun...

PT's picture

Yeah, I'm wondering how this thing will work.  Will they point something at the car like a TV remote control?  Or will it be computerised and work off the number plate? i.e. Can I have a reflective car so the signal bounces off and stops the police car or can I just put false plates on my car and some other poor sucker's car stops?

PT's picture

If I change my name to J Corzine, J Dimon or M Carney will the signal be ignored and my car continue on its way?

CH1's picture

And yet the masses continue to obey.

So long as they do, why should the overlords give a shit?

rehypothecator's picture

Next up: a remote-controlled device that the police can use to halt the blood flow to your brain through your neck arteries.  As seen in the movie Escape From New York.  You thought that plot element was fiction?  

Richard Chesler's picture

These people are out of control.


Sadly, it's the other way around.


Headbanger's picture



But that's some really nice booty there Tylers!

James_Cole's picture

Not long from now all cars will be computer controlled so this is an inevitability. Lots of higher end cars are already (theoretically) hackable. 

TruthInSunshine's picture

Came to ZH for financial news today.

Got sidetracked by DAT ASS.

CCanuck's picture

Ya, eyes don't care

MontgomeryScott's picture

I'd take either one home with me.

Hell, I'd stop my car to see either one.

If the E.U. wants to do this on the cheap, all they need to do is to hire some girls that look like that.

Duke of Earl's picture

Cars are already computer controlled.  Just not remotely.  If they add hackable honeypot targets onto cars like this, well...the results will be interesting.  After the first high profile hacks, new car sales will plummet.

Ranger4564's picture

I was also going to point out On-Star and all those other nifty conveniences the car companies offer, for a fee no less, those douche bags. And the numb nuts who buy that shit. Crazy. But I have a new VW from 2012 that I bet has the data trackers on my driving and most likely has an override if not a direct utility to remote start or remote stop the engine should the "authorities" decide.

I really should dig into the engine and electronics to see if those kinds of devices are indeed in my car. Need a few more skills and a few more tools.

Anusocracy's picture

Well, I'd be looking for a low-mileage Faraday Cagemobile.

yrad's picture

This was as inevitable as gun confiscation.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Slavery to solve youth unemployment?  Didn't they try that in ancient times?

Well, hell, the planet could probably do with some more pyramids!  Make work, bitchez!

General Decline's picture

Microwave your licence plate renewal sticker to destroy any embedded RFID tag. I do it every time. I can't hurt.

One World Mafia's picture

Does it heat up in the mic?  Given the small size, you might have to boil it.  I don't think there's anything in those little stickers yet.  I've heard plans to scrap them for something new.

NidStyles's picture

No there is nothing in the stickers. New York state has the chip embedded in the plate itself. You can't do anything to really prevent them from accessing it as it's powered by remote signal. As in they point the scanner at the plate and the scanner's emissions are what powers the plates.

Not really easy to block the chip itself.

General Decline's picture

The sticker does spark when you put it in the microwave. That doesn't necessarily mean there's a chip in it. It does have reflective properties so that may be where the spark comes from? New York embeds it in the plate itself? Interesting. Need to think on that one a litte bit. There must be a reasonable way to smoke it. Bake it in the oven at 400F?

Ranger4564's picture

Just put the license plates in this or put this over the license plates. You'll be clean. ;-)

Damn, I have NYS plates too.



One World Mafia's picture

If it's the only thing in the mic, that's like running it empty and will damage the mic if on too long.  If it's metallic that could cause sparks especially if it's less than an inch from an oven surface.

"Temperatures up to 135 degrees F will not damage electronic equipment, according to Virginia Tech."

Edit: There are ways to cook with metal in mics safely, but I've not tried.  The thing with putting small things in is that they can end up in a cold zone and never get zapped, but you can put them on a rotating device so they do.

Duke of Earl's picture

Just snip the antenna.  I used a hole punch on my credit card.

NidStyles's picture

The plate itself is the antennae.

americanspirit's picture

Hi PT - probably a satellite-based system that is linked through your car's GPS navigation system. 

Oh, and once you're stopped your cell phone won't work either, so no videoing the gestapo thugs as they stomp your ass.

And if you do foolishly give the boyz in black any shit and happen to have a pacemaker - well, you know the rest.

Really old cars with a mechanical distributor and zero transmit/receive electronics ( except a radio) will be at a premium - until they are taken off the roads for safety reasons.

General Decline's picture

I used to have a 1973 Mercedes Benz diesel. Once it was running, it's operation was 100% mechanical. I miss that car.

MontgomeryScott's picture


A word to the wise: The electrical solenoid that allows fuel to the injection pump is suseptable to E.M.P. (along with the alternating current generator, 12v storage battery, all the electrical guages, and assorted other devices that you don't think about normally that rely on copper windings and induction).

I am building a tinfoil hat for my Cummins 359 diesel now.

algol_dog's picture

You can be sure the criminals will figure out a way around it, while the public gets it up the ass. Like gun control, only the intended targets (criminals), and the corporation known better as, the US of A, get to have the guns.

DosZap's picture

Yeah, I'm wondering how this thing will work.  Will they point something at the car like a TV remote control?  Or will it be computerised and work off the number plate? i.e. Can I have a reflective car so the signal bounces off and stops the police car or can I just put false plates on my car and some other poor sucker's car stops?


This device can EASILY be defeated, there have been licence covers that block the letters/numbers for year, same tech could do it to special guns.Readble with naked eye, but not scannable, and can beset to be of totally.

MontgomeryScott's picture


Even the earlier OBDII cars can be remotely controlled to some extent, but with the advent of the Combined Area Network and 'fly-by-wire' engine control and braking and steering systems, this task is quite easily accomplished remotely. Any (ANY!) vehicle with ANY form of two-way communication (they ALL heve a version of 'On-Star' now) is quite unsafe in this regard. EACH INDIVIDUAL car has its' own identifying number and unique transmitter. Tracking the automobile after it has been stolen (using OnStar) and shutting off ignition and fuel systems has been in existence since, well, about 2009. Information regarding this:

All OnStar equipped vehicles have Stolen Vehicle Tracking, which can provide the police with the vehicle's exact location, speed and direction of movement.

Starting in the 2009 model year, General Motors began equipping some new vehicles with Stolen Vehicle Slowdown. This feature allows OnStar to remotely slow down the stolen vehicle. The service is also expected to help reduce the risk of property damage, serious injuries or fatalities resulting from high-speed pursuits of stolen vehicles. Customers may opt out of that function.[3] The first successful use of this service occurred in October 2009 when a stolen Chevrolet Tahoe was recovered and its suspected thief was apprehended.[4]

Also in 2009, General Motors began equipping some new vehicles with Remote Ignition Block, allowing OnStar to remotely deactivate the ignition so when the stolen vehicle is shut off, it cannot be restarted.[5]

The tecnology needed to diagnose computers on wheels requires that the interfacing device be capable of taking command of each individual component within the entire vehicle in order to troubleshoot and repair issues which are present. I do this routinely, every day. 

Don't tell me, let me guess. You are one of those people who simply puts gas in the car and drives're not BLONDE, by chance?

General Decline's picture

The police state would never be in possession of such technology if the engineers who designed it had a conscience and a knowledge of history. The dumbass in the cubicle writing the software to do this thinks he's fighting terrorism or crime when what he's really doing is assisting in enslaving humanity.

NidStyles's picture

As a person with a lot of friends in that community I have done my best to wake them up to what is going on around them. I have been moderately successful. They are aware something is going on, but they still are dealing with a large influential progressive cult mentality that makes up most of the entertainment and management industry.


Basically you have to cut through the amount of bullshit and propaganda that they are exposed to on a daily basis to make them understand what personal responsibility actually means.


I can tell you from experience the managerial staffers are the most ardent and fervent fanatics to the progressive cause. Those people tend to be the only real true believers of their own bullshit. It's sort of scary the positions that some of those people have with some of the ridiculous lunacy they tend to believe. The Middle Management types are the worst for buying into the statist dream of living wealthy off everyone's expense. Those are the guys I have noticed that tend to live in a fantasyland of their own delusional making. Some of them are out right frightening what they believe is real and how they think things actually work...

General Decline's picture

Agree with you, NS. I'm an engineer my self and interact with other engineers on a daily basis. It's amazing how many apparently intelegent people have their heads buried so deep in the sand. I once made a comment at the water cooler that sandal-wearing goat hearders don't keep me up at night. I'm more worried about the guys in the 3 piece suits in Washington and Wall Street. I got looks like I just insulted their mothers. I love being the "fringe whacko" at the office though. F em'

algol_dog's picture

Nothing amazing about any of this. Look at history again & again and you will see it repeated. Ever wondered how Caligula got away with the things he did in Rome. Was it really him, or the people around him, who were able gain the most from such a corrupted state?

dark pools of soros's picture

you'll be on the short list on next round of outsourcing..  regardless if what you do can't be replaced..    they just circlejerk themselves in their presentations anyway

Ranger4564's picture

I could not agree with you more. As deviant as the overlords are, the most sinister are the helpers who provide all of the tools to enable the collapse. I want to find each and every one of them so I can skin each one alive and watch them suffer the anguish of the billions their actions are tormenting.

Evil evil mother fuckers, these enablers. And we should be ostracizing them for making such shitty decisions / choices.

dark pools of soros's picture

you really feel like going to that armpit called India?  I think the best thing for the world would be for China to carpet clean that infested country

Ranger4564's picture

Although I believe I understand what you're getting at, you can't just blame someone else for the evil that is present in every culture / civilization. Much of the dirty work is provided by willing locals.

PT's picture


## Forced in
Like cattle you run
Stripped of
Your life's worth ... ## 

The song was about something else.
But so many times, those particular words reverberate through my brain. 

CPL's picture

Yes.  Anything sold on the road...cop car...tank...porche...those fancy over priced mini vans.  Every last one of them all have an on board ECU that can be accessed with blue tooth (yeah, blue tooth is in everything) and a cellphone with a terminal emulator.  Connect 7e2 (sometimes 8n1) 19200baud with the terminal, type ? at the prompt and have fun.  You can turn on blinkers, brakes or fuck the engine by forcing all the spark plugs to fire at the same time by changing the timing and seize the engine.  Doesn't take much with the eco/vtec/hemi engines (anything after 2004) most everything is run through the onboard ECU.

Or if they aren't looking too hard and you just don't want the car going too far.  Coathanger in the grill sticking in and a belt eventually catches the coat hanger and the coat hanger becomes a V4/6/8/12 powered dremel bit in the main engine block.  There are plenty of ways to mess with a car so it stalls out and becomes a lawn ornament.