de Blasio Surrenders To Snow Which Is "Falling Faster Than Workers Can Plow It"

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Say what you will about Mike "sugary drinks are illegal" Bloomberg, but at least the trains ran on time. And so did the snowplow. Sadly for his replacement, the same can not be said as was revealed following just one of the first modest snow storms in Bill de Blasio's career as mayor. In his own words (via AP): "Mayor Bill de Blasio says the snow has been falling faster than New York City workers can plow it." So New York gets 8 inches of snow and suddenly it is a snow panic? What happens in case of a blizzard: de Blasio request assistance from the Soc Intern, or perhaps the only solution is to tax the "wealthy" an arbitrary, but "fair", amount more?

From the AP:

De Blasio said Monday that the storm's arrival time — the morning rush hour — also hampered the plowing operation.


The city has been using 450 salt spreaders along with the 1,500 plows.

Perhaps if the snow cleaners didn't take 2 hour brunch breaks, and stop for work ever 5 minutes, the city that never sleeps wouldn't become the city that always needs an excuse. Or maybe that assessment is too "unfair"?

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TideFighter's picture

Today, the market was falling faster than the PPT could plow it. 

J S Bach's picture

Funny... they were able to plow the snow out of Philip Seymour Hoffman's apartment pretty fast.

GoldRulesPaperDrools's picture

Good one! :) I'll bet it didn't end up in the evidence locker, either. ;)

J S Bach's picture

They tried salting it, but it turned into some weird form of freebase.

knukles's picture

An asshole Progressive is in Office 15 minutes and Nothing the Fuck Works.

IridiumRebel's picture

Pretty much. Looks like those firemen are on the ball. I guess standing looking stupid is a job pre-requisite. 

Pure Evil's picture

Youse guys are being way to hard on "The Beave".

You need to give the poor boy more time to turn NYC back into the murder capital of the world.

Big Corked Boots's picture

Carlos Danger is so hot.

If he had been elected all he would have to do is show the flakes his salami and they would turn into rain and wash away the filth of the city.

Harbanger's picture

Many west locust libs, boston trust fund babies and euros now inhabit NYC.  Not long before this progressive mayor makes Dinkins look like a free market conservative. 

Kobe Beef's picture

It's not crime! It's cultural enrichment.


nmewn's picture

Now see, this is the problem.

These NYC employees drive like crap, then retire down here, crash through hair salon store fronts, then stand around like its completely normal.

(muttering obscenities)

Al Gorerhythm's picture

"An asshole Progressive is in Office 15 minutes and Nothing the Fuck Works."

Don't be so choosy.
VD's picture

all u Bloomberg basherz r gonna miss him sorely when Deblazeeyyo's ineptitude is fully shown for what it is and plus he's absolutely in-fukn-sane!

Harbanger's picture

That line has been crossed forever.  Certain peeps will miss those who once defended them.  Think about this deeply.

Snoopy the Economist's picture

Not exactly. If you looked at the TNX (10yr treasury) then you would see it dropped 2.5% today - this means the PPT spent most of their money pushing the TNX down and probably some of their time supplying support for the stock market. The TNX down means we can get ready for another decent rally.

When the TNX breaks above 3% then all hell will break loose.

pods's picture

Did ya ever think that maybe all that money that was leaving the S&P just might be heading to treasuries?

Just a thought from a non economics guy.


Snoopy the Economist's picture

Sure some - but it doesn't acount for a 2.5% move. It's a known fact that the fed does not want the TNX to break 3%. They are playing a delicate manipulation game.

aVileRat's picture

What's funny is the Private contractor snowplough's are still working fine up-state. In Canada where snowfall is about twice the NYC level, the roads are still being cleaned like clockwork.

I suspect there is some sort of overtime clause the new Mayor does not want to trigger, and as such a few NYC glare ice accidents are acceptable loss. I doubt the media will make a big deal out of this, what with Mr. Christie owning the whole 'road-scandal' story arc.


i_call_you_my_base's picture

Mostly people who live in nyc don't drive. Public transportation is a bigger concern.

thecoloredsky's picture

"Mr Belvedere, cancel my limo ride home. I'll take the chopper to my house in the Hamptons so I don't get snow on my oxfords."

-Goldman Sachs lackey

Irene's picture

We might not drive much, but we do walk.  I just came in - streets are a friggin' mess.  And we've got two more snow days coming this week.  *sigh*

Pure Evil's picture

Left-wing marxists with lesbian wifes and bi-racial children are always given a pass. Hell, he would have hit the trifecta if he had been a transgendered man.

While right-wing marxists, no matter what, are always skewered over an open pit and roasted by the mainstream media.

Long Duck Dong's picture

He could still claim a disability and hit the trifecta that way.

pods's picture

If they would have roasted Krispie over an open pit it would be rain falling in NYC now.

And ya can't put out a grease fire with water either!


Stuck on Zero's picture

Solution:  Declare the city a disaster area and wait for dollars to rain down from the Federal Government.


Pool Shark's picture



Don't drop that Groundhog!!!

[I personally suspect Christie's aides are somehow behind this...]



knukles's picture

That's right, distract the peasants!

Next we'll have a DiBozolio aide caught sending selfies trying to tongue punch the Groundhog's fart box ...

In the words of the immortal Hunter S. Thompson, "It's just not weird enough yet."

Pure Evil's picture

My only question for Mr. Thompson is, exactly when do we hit the apex of weird enough yet?

knukles's picture

I'll bet you if Hunter was here today and had a single moment of clarity he'd kill himself all over again.

We're well past the just not enough, yet

Platinum's picture

Climate change tax to fund ObamaPlow.

GoldRulesPaperDrools's picture

Dude, don't give them any ideas!!! ;)

The Gooch's picture


"State of emergency"




Bastiat's picture

Tanks with plows!  Now!

The Gooch's picture

Turrets for the children!

And salt!

JohnG's picture

We'll send some snowplows up from Atlanta!  :)

Mike in GA's picture

Yessir...we sure don't need 'em again for another 4-6 years!

TexasAggie's picture

Aren't they just like new, hardly used.


ifishivote's picture

Just more overtime for the unions at the expense of the tax payer

nmewn's picture

The snows falling! The Dow's crashing!


(de Blasio's got

knukles's picture





              he's got it?  did you get the rash from him, too?

nmewn's picture

Its fine if you cut it with naloxone ;-)

Stoploss's picture

The facist killing Les Paul should have a pair of these ready to go should the Duncan's go toneless.

These are the real deal, from Bill's site.


cynicalskeptic's picture

It's been a pretty heavy, steady snow.  Not easy to keep roads clear.   just saying......



ShrNfr's picture

Cry me a river, like NYC never gets heavy steady snow. I grew up in Bergen County.

fonzannoon's picture

your comment mixed with your screen name = irony

SilverIsKing's picture

I don't get the irony but then I can't understand his handle either.

nmewn's picture

So the heady promises of yet another benevolent NYC dictator really weren't all they were cracked up to be?

Ok, I retract my last, everyone panic! ;-)

"De Blasio said the city has made several changes since the Jan. 21 snow storm, where he acknowledged the plowing operation was botched in some neighborhoods.

“We felt very good about the response to the first snow storm on Jan. 2. And then the response to the last storm obviously left something to be desired. So we did a review of our efforts and we’ve come up with some initial changes that we actually were able to implement right away to improve snow clearing operations,” he said."


"Among the changes, the city made an early call to cancel trash pickup - allowing them to have salt spreaders pre-positioned as of midnight Monday, before snow started falling."

Wait, wut?

"The Sanitation Department was also given access to NYPD cameras to monitor conditions on the ground."

Look George, its really comin down ova deah on tirdy tird & tird.

"The MTA also made sure that all the articulated buses put on the road Monday morning had chains on their tires to prevent buses from getting stuck."

Now there's quality, thinking outside the box central planning right

"De Blasio also said that unlike the last storm, where some traffic agents had to be pulled from their posts because poor visibility put them in “real danger,” this time they were expected to stay on the street."

I don't know WTF a "traffic agent" is but apparently they carry shovels ;-)