About That 0.397994999 Service Worker: Why Does ADP Goalseek Their "Data"?

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A funny thing was found when scouring through the provided ADP excel source data (excel link here) which is used to backfill into the jobs data: nothing less than proof that ADP is goalseeking their final payrolls number.

Exhibit A:

As can be seen in screenshot of the ADP excel sheet, cell J157, which is supposed to represent the 160K service workers added in January, is in reality 159.561397994999, or somehow ADP, which is supposed to be able to poll specific workers with granularity to the individual worker level, saw the added "benefit" of 159,561 round number workers, and an additional .397994999 worker. This amounts to about one arm and half a leg.

The same can be seen in the next door neighbor cell, which indicates that 15,832 "round number" goods workers were added, and then added an additional 0.756476997 worker, or roughly two legs and one arm.

What does this mean? Simple - instead of actually using definitive numbers, ADP is goalseeking the final result based on a predetermined final outcome it wants to hit, and then varies for the growth rate or the monthly addition variable.

Our question is: why does ADP do this if it has any hopes of being credible (when we already know is merely mimics the NFP data with a one month lag), and in order to salvage some credibility, when will ADP finally start providing not seasonally adjusted data like the BLS' Nonfarm payrolls report?

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What an amazing site we have here all. The "truth". 

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I suppose he gets a real 40 four/week job cause he's short or something.


When the hell do I get my exception?

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"Now this quarter of a man he got fired,

the next damn day he got hired.

The only thing wrong with this plan

is he only makes a quarter cause he's quarter of man"

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Being charitably inclined, I am wondering if this indicative of part time workers?

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So it's down to this, I guess.  Quibbling over the number 4 digits past the decimal.  I have more serious concerns about the 3 digits in front of the decimal.

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IMHO the point here is that rather than counting how many beans go into the chili by counting them dry before the chili is even made, they are making inferences on the bean count by assessing the flavor balance of sour cream to sweetness, or some other highly obtuse, remotely tangential, fakahkda (sp.), theoretical, fuzzy math-addled bullshit statement of quarter-truths that will keep their paychecks rolling in and rolling out.

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That is a fine analogy re. how Washington, D.C. bureaucrats operate.  However, many of us in Texas believe real chili doesn't have beans.  ;->


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Actually, what you have just outlined is EXACTLY how it's done in DC. The top dog tells his subordinates "get me this number". The subordinates each then go to their sub-subordinates and say "get me this number"...all the way down to the guy counting paperclips and rubber bands and red swingline staplers in the supply closet.

And people used to say the Kremlin was a mystery machine...ha!

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Does anyone really pay attention to ADP anymore?

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An organisation that can measure the labour market to the nearest 1/billionth of a worker?


Wow. What a time to be alive.

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WOW, Ben fixed that gold spike in a hurry - These people are truly the scum of the earth.

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Ben's out the door. Yellen is your new master.


And hopefully the doorknob reamed him a new a$$hole on the way out.

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Answer to question:


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if anything is presented to me on a spreadsheet, i do not look at it. a spreadsheet is the sign of a simple mind.  math is a concept and easy to communicate.   if you can't communicate the math easily, you don't understand it.

(i do look a charts and spreadsheets for trends/coorelations as a tool)

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So, derek, if someone gives you a report, you don't ask for the underlying numbers? You don't ask the question, how did you get to this final number? Not wanting to examine the underlying figures is a sign of a lazy mind.

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I use a spreadsheet to compute/keep track of income taxes.  They do have their uses.

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Amerikka has always been at war with Canadianada

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... that would be "Spreadshit cell" ... I know it seems like a small difference, but it makes all the difference in the world.

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It's not goal-seeking; it's drunk monkeys shooting at a paper target...


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I seek goals, too. What's wrong with that? These people probably got big bonuses for their highly prized math skills.

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Can I get an Amen!  One of my favorite pasttimes.

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All the numbers are a bunch of bullshit.  Enough said.

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So much of our society is just lies. If Truth rests in your heart, count yourself among the blessed few.

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Maybe they are counting midgets.

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Only if he typed an extra "o".

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Cut the 'hate speech'! Vertically challenged is the term I believe.

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I was always partial to dwarf.  As in dwarfism, the proper way to describe a midget.

Or maybe it was because in AD&D and fantasy gaming, dwarves tended to be fascinated with mining, gems and precious metals.



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They are breeding a dwarf,

But they aren't done yet.

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She had gray-green skin, a doll with a pin

I told her she was all right, but I couldn't come in.

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I was always partial towards the dark elves myself. We started playing way back when they came out with the first modules in th seventies. We kept that game going for a good twenty years. Then off and on for several more years before it finally petered out.Every once in a while I'll get a phone call from one of the group wanting to get together and play.

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(OK, I played, too way back when.  But 20 years you kept a game going??  Holy cow!  Usually we had people quit the instant their favorite character got killed.)

pods's picture

<fumbles around for the DM guide>

Guilty as well.  And the funny thing was, none of us committed suicide or sacrificed a virgin.


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Yet, pods.  YET.

We still have our eye on you.

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Hey I resemble that remark.

And yes we went to plenty of Star Trek conventions too ;->

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(19th level Monk with Quivering Palm + 23rd level Paladin in Full Plate, 18/100)

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I second that!


<While secretly thinking of all the days down the drain spent on Evercrack>

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Hey, we are talking of people who play "dwarf-tossing" during lunch breaks, so it is more than appropriate to mention the corresponding speech. Fuck "political correctness" - that is just meant to let the words of truth vanish forever - and the thoughts with 'em!

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Yeah, and you cant call the handicapped handicapped unless you are a handicapped parking sign.

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Nice... :-)

Meanwhile it is clear that we are playing in the theater of the AB-surd.

I had a thought that warmed the cockles of my heart, thought fellow ZHers would appreciate it:

Looking back at the moment global de-coupling actually occured will be a really intense feeling, so much energy invested into it, all exploding at that moment. And it will be a moment, a shot fired across some bow.


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Question, which is most real:

Santa Claus

Easter Bunny

ADP Jobs Number

China's GDP

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Something keeps crapping on my porch floor so I'm going it Easter Bunny.

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This thing is going to crash and burn so hard...I can just feel the fed panic.  Gold and Silver shoot up, they smack it down.  The Stock Market starts to collapse and they "Buy".  This is a shit storm that they can not continue to fake for long.  Look at all of the numbers.  It is incredible.