Good [Bad] News Is Again Bad [Good]

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Presented with no comment...


Good or bad?


But JPY remains in control - though the breaks are notable...



Charts: Bloomberg

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Canadian Dirtlump's picture

It's the whole thing that they have no brain that worries me.


The bad news? I got a new Hugo Boss Suit. The Good new? I shat myself in it.


*walks to wall street for jorb intervue*

Spungo's picture

I always polish my retard helmet before wall street interviews.

spinone's picture

Is "polish the retard helmet" slang for wanking off? 

BandGap's picture

Well, it would calm him down for his big day!

TBT or not TBT's picture

He knows to check his ear lobes?

El Oregonian's picture

"Presented with no comment"???

Well, I thought I'd comment on your 'no comment' but alas, there is no comment to hang it upon...

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

It's known as pulling the goalie in Canada.

The Dunce's picture

Anything which threatens monetary heroin is considered bad.  So if America had full employment, the bankers would shit their pants.  No more welfare.  Things are fucked up.

Traderone's picture

and neither should you (when trading), a classic stop run as Johnny retailer cannot be allowed participate, followed by the rally after European close. W hat more do we need to be successful? rinse, lather, repeat. (this is a reply to the person who says that Algos have no heart.)

So Close's picture

Just like at a freaking carnival.   Round and round she goes... where she stops....

Bearwagon's picture

Good news is good news, bad news is good news, no news is very good news, very bad news is great news - hence, all news are good news. It really is that easy.

zaphod42's picture

I am glad to hear it.  That is very good news, indeed.


Kaiser Sousa's picture

yeah i hope all ya'll r enjoying the Dow fucking jumping up and down like a EKG machine on a dying fucking patient...

shit is a complete farce....and oh yeah, how bout the only 2 forms of real money trading sideways once again after the NY take down from 1270, and 20 bucks...

fucking Fed, bullin banks, and Treasury could give a fuck about appearances....




Spastica Rex's picture

Your lack of confidence is disturbing.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

"Your lack of confidence is disturbing."

100% vested in Physical Gold and Silver...


your lack of knowledge about my position has now been corrected....

keep it movin homie...and lay off that pipe

tradebot's picture

You're screwed, glued and tattooed then...should have gone 100% Bitcoin!  sarc off

TahoeBilly2012's picture

I don't like capital punishment, so I suggest we load them into a spaceship and launch them, then again they might re colonize some poor other planet with "debt based paper money" and "adjustable rate loans".

BandGap's picture

Drop them in the ocean, they can swim home.

Zadok's picture

No capital punishment can ever come close to the epic suffering they have inflicted. The point is to eliminate the perps and provide strong negative incentive to prevent it from happening again. The purpose is NOT to extract equivalent flesh from the perps, we are WAY past that!

Hang 'em high. No shortage of camera posts and rope.

fijisailor's picture

Don't worry about the real money action.  All that's happening is the buying and selling of paper contracts that's called "a flight to safety" or "dumping gold" or pick your MSM cliche for this farce.  BTFD

zaphod42's picture

I guess that could be at least in part because everyone recognizes how screwed we really are.  The only debate is why.  There are Keneysians who have their idea of why and what to do about it; and the austrians.  Me, I think they are all guessing - economics is not only the dismal science.  It is not a science at all.

So what to do?  Enjoy the show.  Me? I'm grabbin' some popcorn and pullin' up a chair to watch the finale!


Shad_ow's picture

It's not a lie if enough people believe it.

Sudden Debt's picture

Snow beats ISM like rock beats paper

buzzsaw99's picture

it took ten billion unrequited quotes to make that move happen

quasimodo's picture

+1 buzz, and yet it did.

Sudden Debt's picture
Good [Bad] News Is Again Bad [Good]

It's like my wife on migraine day...

Sudden Debt's picture

totally off topic but yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine who believed that woman had 4 periods per month :)

His wife told that to him and he believed it :)

And he never gets any when she has her period :)

He's married for over 10 years now :)

Poor bastard :)

I almost pissed myself when he was telling me that :)

SAT 800's picture

No, he's a wanker. And I almost spit out my Tea just reading that.

tradebot's picture

My brother told a guy he lived in a two story house...I said no you don't and he replied one story is I have a headache and the other story is ...I'm on my period

SAT 800's picture

Wow. that deserves some kind of a prize, but I'm not sure what kind.

Alpha Dog Food's picture

Is it good or bad? I'm just a dumb blonde so please let me know.

Sudden Debt's picture

during the war, 3 woman where walking in the forest behind enemy lines.

SUDDENLY! They where caught by soldiers and the sergeant decided to shoot them.

so the women had to come up with a plan...


so the soldiers take the first woman, a redhead and put her in front of the firing squad...

And SUDDENLY SHE YELLS: EARTHQUAKE!!!!! the soldiers duck for cover and she runs off...


so the soldiers take the second woman, a brownhead and put her in front of the firing squad...

And SUDDENLY SHE YELLS: LIGHTNING!!!! the soldiers duck for cover and she runs off...


the third woman... a blond is starting to panick... she doesn't know what to yell anymore....

and the soldiers take the blond and put her in front of the firing squad...


Alpha Dog Food's picture

Ah the old jokes are the best.

You've been around a long while then sweetie?



SAT 800's picture

!!! Worst "Blonde Joke" in history?

Emergency Ward's picture

Three blondes at the bar downing drinks, fist pumping and shouting "Six Months" over and over.  Bartender says what's the occasion ladies?

Says blonde, "We got a jigsaw puzzle that said on the box "For 3-5 Years" and it took us only six months to put it together."

fijisailor's picture

What's the difference between a terrorist and a woman with her period?

The terrorist you can negotiate with.

Handful of Dust's picture

Every headline on MSM is struggling to pump some 'bright side' like now is a buying opportunity...."Last years losers could be this years winners,".... and so on...

Putting Lipstick on a Pig.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

This is why I always paint the word "left" on my right shoe before firing up Zero Hedge. Got to get my mind in the game.

<Strapped in and ready to launch Commander.>

the grateful unemployed's picture

you have two groups of investors, one chained to economic performance, they buy the news, the other group is looking to lighten up their portfolio, or they have redemptions, so they are looking to sell, the two groups might actually be the same firms.

oklaboy's picture

going to CVS for some healthy cheetos and mountain dew

asscannon101's picture

Its the fucking Catalina Wine Mixer!!

LawsofPhysics's picture

"free" markets at work...