Guest Post: Asia Plays The Nazi Blame Game

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Submitted by Zahchary Zeck of The Diplomat,

As many Diplomat contributors have noted, in recent months many have sought to draw comparisons between Asia today and Europe in the run-up to WWI.

Most notably, in a widely covered speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos last month, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe compared his country’s current bilateral relationship with China to that of England and Germany before WWI. Specifically, Abe used the example of London and Berlin before WWI to warn that China and Japan’s extensive economic ties do not necessarily preclude them from going to war.

Now it appears that some in Asia believe the current regional environment is more similar to Europe just before WWII. However, there appears to be some disagreement over which country in Asia most resembles Nazi Germany.

For the Philippines, it is China that most resembles Nazi Germany. In an interview with The New York Times on Tuesday, President Benigno S. Aquino III called on the international community to provide his country with more assistance in its ongoing dispute with China over parts of the South China Sea. To bolster his case, Aquino compared the threat the Philippines faces from China today to the one Czechoslovakia faced from Nazi Germany immediately before WWII.

“If we say yes to something we believe is wrong now, what guarantee is there that the wrong will not be further exacerbated down the line?” The New York Times quoted Aquino as saying. “At what point do you say, ‘Enough is enough’? Well, the world has to say it — remember that the Sudetenland was given in an attempt to appease Hitler to prevent World War II.”

North Korea disagrees, however, instead asserting that it is Japan who is most like Nazi Germany and Prime Minister Abe that most resembles an Asian Hitler. In an editorial on Tuesday, North Korea’s state media responded to Japan’s recent call for dialogue by writing:

“Their rash acts evoking much criticism in Asia have something in common with the war hysteria whipped up by Hitler in Germany after its defeat in the First World War.


“As well known, the First World War ended with the collapse of militarism in Germany, but fascist maniac Hitler’s assumption to power plunged many nations of the world into the bloodbath of another world war.


“Prompted by the wild ambition for reoccupying former colonies and, furthermore, building up a new vast empire in the world, Hitler had incited ultra-chauvinism and revanchism and restored the economy serving only for war in Germany. Over-heated in reinvasion, Hitler annexed neighboring countries one after another and, after all, unleashed the Second World War.


“Abe’s reckless moves are little different to those of Hitler.”

This follows the People’s Daily editorial team last month responding to PM Abe’s controversial visit to Yasukuni shrine by calling the shrine “a symbol of Asian Nazism/Fascism.” The editorial also spoke of Abe’s “veneration of eastern Nazis,” referring to the Class-A war criminals buried at the Yasukuni shrine.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Asian nations have played the Nazi game. In 2010 The Diplomat highlighted comments made by then-former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that implied China’s strategic doctrine was similar to the one pursued by Hitler and Nazi Germany.


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IridiumRebel's picture

Wasn't there some world poll a while ago about the country to be most worried about for wrecking global stability? Wasn't that country chosen the USA? I don't think of Nazis when I think of China and Japan. I think of a 1000 years of hatred between the two. Nanking comes to mind. All China has to do is sit back and allow Fukushima to do all of the work.

merizobeach's picture

So Japan and the Philippines call the Chinese nazis, and the Chinese and North Koreans call the Japanese nazis.  Meanwhile Taiwan doesn't say anything because its president has China's cock halfway down his throat and can only make choking sounds.

For my money, between the above two, it's obvious that the fascists are in Beijing (and every other tier of their system); the only question then, which I ask annually, is 'have the fascists in China surpassed the fascists in DC for most detrimental to the world as a whole?'  It's getting progressively harder to call.

philipat's picture

I'm sorry, I have lived all over Asia for almost 40 years, now retired and living in Bali and this is the most totally absurd post that I have ever read on ZH. I have friends in business all over Asia and I have NEVER heard such absurd statements. Is the author some kind of psycopah> If not, it would be nice to have some sources defined.

ebear's picture

"this is the most totally absurd post that I have ever read on ZH."

Anyone else starting to see a pattern here?

Uncle Remus's picture

Absurd in - absurd out.

F-X's picture

Well, the statements are right there quoted in the article.


You need to hang out more with the leaders rather than normal people. The leaders are all sociopaths. ALL of them.


For the record:

"Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe compared his country’s current bilateral relationship with China to that of England and Germany before WWI. Specifically, Abe used the example of London and Berlin before WW1"


"To bolster his case, Aquino compared the threat the Philippines faces from China today to the one Czechoslovakia faced from Nazi Germany immediately before WWII."


"North Korea disagrees, however, instead asserting that it is Japan who is most like Nazi Germany and Prime Minister Abe that most resembles an Asian Hitler."

satoshi911's picture

Who brought the Nazis to power?

So yes the world is right, the USA is the most dangerous asshole on earth.


But who empowered the USA to be the 'world-policeman'?, and made the USA the world Hangman?

Who made the USA a mirror image of occupied Palestine?


Read Shirers book 'rise of 3rd reich', many a neo-con jew and zionist were on hitler's payroll and safely made it to israel during the end days,
Warsaw Ghetto anybody? Zionist jews were selling nazis information about who had what to steal ...

So good question WHO WERE the REAL Nazi's.

Then there are the BROOKLYN Jews a tribe that worked for HIlter and were whisked away to the USA during the end days of WWII, all nazi enablers.

Not unlike operation-paperclip.

prains's picture

You must be a time traveller Dr. Whotoshi to have so many "facts" available at your pig shaving fingertips

The Dunce's picture

I respectfully disagree.  Abe's a maniac.  He's looking for Japanese past glory.  Abe's dangerous.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Ich bin ein Hitlerer.  

Flakmeister's picture

Where is Francis Sawyer when you really need him?

The Squid's picture

His Jewdar malfunctioned a while ago. Like a geiger counter in Fukushima, the readings were off the chart... He was surrounded and 'they' were closing in...

This was clearly just before he was 'dealt with' by some agents of the chosen tribe, for exposing their true form/scale of operations...

I for one, genuinely miss his input and find the comment threads much less interesting these days, as a result of his disappearance...

What I want to know is when, if ever, will he rise from the ashes in a phoenix like blaze of politically incorrect glory? Will he still be Francis_Sawyer? Or, like Tolkien's 'Gandalf the Grey', will he return from the nether realms as 'Gandalf the White'?... Something different or ascended.. (Francis_Lawyer?)

Flakmeister's picture

He is nothing more than a smooth tongued merchant of lies and hate...

Wormtongue is more his measure....

The Squid's picture

And yet, he had a view. A view that he was consistent with and that others were free to make up their own minds as to whether they agreed with or not. A view that he was happy to explain to anyone who challenged him to do so. 

I don't care how many people disagreed, or agreed with him... What I care about is the fact that he was exiled, in order to placate some vocal minority of self appointed thought police, for merely espousing his views on a certain topic. He was entitled to his views, as others are entitled to their own.

The excommunication of Frances_Sawyer could very well be the beginning of the terminal decline of this website and everything that it stands for.

Robot Trader, Hamy Wagner, the original MDB and Francis_Sawyer are the reason I began to read zero hedge every day.

There is little doubt in my mind that the comment threads are now much less entertaining than they once were.

Flakmeister's picture

Adulate Francis all you like... Tyler and his crew  rightfully decided that the traffic he generates is not worth it...

Francis would have signed up for Totenkopf in a heartbeat. The site is all the better for him being going.. a bigoted asshole is not missed...

Skateboarder's picture

You're Nazis. No, you're Nazis. No, you're Nazis. No, you're Nazis...

No, you don't get it. You're nazis guy I am looking for. Now leave me alone!

GooseShtepping Moron's picture

<------ Hey...I thought I was the Nazi!

But seriously, this has got to stop. How long will the mere associating of one's enemy with Nazis and Naziism remain a cheap political cudgel? The day the world stops beating this 70-years dead horse is the day our eyes might open to the present reality, and not before.

Sean7k's picture

The benefits of being the "winners" in a war created by zionist bankers. Like the Nazi's could have compared to the atrocities of the bolshevik jews, Churchill's aerial firebombing holocaust, Himmler's personal perversions or Roosevelt's selloff of the USA to the international bankers.Now, America is the zionist dog, attacking the world at the behest of Israel and its' owners. Killing all that stand in the way of a zionist/illumnati axis of slavery.

We send our children to die for the machinations of a few, barbaric demons, never questioning, just following orders. We have the power to stop all of this, it is the power of no. 

NOZZLE's picture

I think we should ship the Jap and Chink leadership 

some blonde women a tanker full of milk and a  refrigerated container of steaks,that should keep them occupied for  a couple of months


merizobeach's picture

Brilliant.  Stupid, fat, noisy whores and tainted meats: we'll bring them down the same way America was brought down.

Half sarc.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Kirk is a patriot and will do his part to make the Valkyries 'sing'. ;-), Hu-ha!

p.s. Don't you down-voters have a sense of humor?

dudeman's picture

I don't think the comparison to World War II is accurate, but there probably is a comparison to a different war that is spot on.

dudeman's picture

And none of these countries are like Nazi Germany. Again, I'm sure there are other historical examples that work, but Nazi Germany isn't one of them.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Yeah, like say, China and Japan.  

Teknopagan's picture

cowboys and indians are better

DeliciousSteak's picture

Let's just agree that everyone is Nazi Germany, every head of state is Hitler and move on. If one of the Nazi Germanys start up some shit everyone else fire bombs their cities to ashes. I don't understand how this is so difficult. As long as everyone is scared shitless life is good.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Hitler:  "I just want to be remembered as the baddest dude that ever was."  So Hitleresque of him to get his wish.  And apparently he was ahead of his time in lingo as well.

Superdude's picture

I disagree, didn't Hitler try to kick out a certain class or race of money changers? When I see the money changers getting the hoof I'll support the Nazi comparisons, until that time I think Abe et al might only qualify a comparison to Hitler if they are into that kiny Japanese porn shit. You know, like a girl and a tentacle.

European American's picture

People who chronically use the "Nazis"/"Hitler" as the standard for "Evil" are the same people who believe "truthers" are a lunitic fringe.



Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

The Asian country today that most resembles Nazi Germany then?

The one that loses.  Good guy / bad guy moniker is established after the fact.

SheepDog-One's picture

Yep! And let's remember where the 'Nazis' went after WW2....the USA under Project Paperclip and went to run DOW chemical, NASA, etc.

HyBrasilian's picture

at any rate, nowadays there requires little debate as to which country in the Middle East most resembles Nazi Germany.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Sadly, this isn’t the first time Asian nations have played the Nazi game.

No kidding. After all, Israel is in Asia.

akak's picture


But entirely apropos.

I never fail to be amused by the horde of geographically ignorant (and politically correct) Americans, apparently including Zahchary Zeck, who think that the Orient is the sum total of "Asia", and that Orientals are the sum total of "Asians".

What about the Indians, the Arabs, the Turks, the Pakistanis, the Afghans, the Persians, fuck, the RUSSIANS for Christ's sake?!

Or maybe they have different maps of the world in schools nowadays?

satoshi911's picture

That's right anybody in TURKEY knows he's ASIAN.

I think an AmeriKKKan thinks that only slant-eyes are 'asians'.


More to the point the Kabbala, long traded with CHINA, and the Hebrew and ancient Chinese writing are essentially the same calligraphy,

The ancient chinese merchants have more in common with israeli kerbala, than they do with the west, and capitalism, consumerism, mercantilism is +4,000 years old in ASIA, when white-men were still in caves picking sores off one another.


That's why ISRAEL & CHINA both want the IMF-SDR,...

The thing is the USA was wasted and turned into a poverty pimp, thank god for 'golden parachutes', I mean golden-passports, I mean dual citizenship Israeli passports held by virtually every politician, lawyer, judge, and control freak in the USA.

Now that buzzards have stripped the USA to the bone, and ran the FIAT-to-INFINITY, and having controlled the FED for almost 100 years, its time to walk away from just fucking the USA, and start fucking the world.


In XIAN and many Chinese city's there are still millions of Jews all over China, in pockets here and there, just like there are Chinese Muslims.

The old Chinese Jews are remnants of the silk-roads 1,000's of years ago.


All this is meaningless now, lets get back to the KMART blue-light special on the last flesh on the AmeriKKKan bone, eat that and RESET time.

Jack Burton's picture

The NAZI ethos is alive and well, and I believe it resides in the Neo-Conservative war party that holds power in Washington DC. We need to ask who issues the threats, who invades countires, who claims to be at permanent war, who claims special status as a people that no other may question or aspire to, who is planning more wars against nations who have not attacked us and have no intention of attacking us. Those who now seem hell bent on taking down Russia? In 2014, I know where to look for the closest thing to that old nazi ethos. No, it is not Ameicans who are nazis, but we have a certain group who hold power and who are somewhat similar to the nazis. War is coming again, the Washington consensus is looking to absorb Ukraine, destroy Syria, smash Iran and sail east to confront China. Who spends 1/2 of every tax dollar on arms and spies?  I still am waiting for the reason to conquer and destroy Iraq, tens of thousands were slain on the whim of a neo-con president, if that is not nazi then I don't know what is. We just avoided a war of destruction on Syria, waged on the whim of the neo-con  Obama. The circles of power wrote several news stories in the main Washington newspapers over the weekend, calling Putin a war threat and called for troops to be made ready to invade Ukraine. The neo-cons smell blood, and they will have it. nazi is way over used a term, but our neo-cons have every right to be compared in a broad sense to nazis. A corporate fascism is abroad in the land, notice you are spied on in your every thought , deed and action, and the government claims this as their right, their right by law over you!


LetThemEatRand's picture

Hitler was a sociopath.   Sociopaths have ruled the world since there were people to rule.  For whatever reason, most people allow themselves to be led by sociopaths.  The sociopaths always fail because sociopaths do not recognize their own limitations.   But there is always another one to take over.   I get downvoted for this a lot, but I think the brilliance of the U.S. Constitution at its heart is an effort to keep sociopaths in check, and to give power to the People to keep them in check despite society's historical propensity to be led by sociopaths.   As beat up as it is, the Constitution's heart still beats.

merizobeach's picture

"As beat up as it is, the Constitution's heart still beats."

I take your metaphor to mean that the ideology lives on.  If I may borrow and add to that metaphor, while its heart still beats, its eyes, jaw, and hands have been removed.

The Heart's picture

"...,the Constitution's heart still beats."

You can bet your sweet bippy, it does. It always will. You cannot take the spirit of the constitution out of the world's people. It grows brighter and brighter in the righteous light, as the darkness is ever more exposed as the evil it scambaggery it is. Winners are honest, losers are not.

In our neighborhood, the cops ask you how you are doing today. In the courthouse, the sheriffs all listen to the same news most here do. Yes, in the Heartland of America, the Constitution's heart does beat. Loudly! One day at a time.

Come onnnnnnnn, UN blue.

Weza all waiting for you!



LetThemEatRand's picture

The Heartland of America needs to stop voting Red and Blue and vote for independent candidates who support states' rights to self-govern.  The heartland does not have enough population centers and Super-PAC money to put Red/Blue candidates into power who will do anything but perpetuate the illusion of choice.   But a few real independents in the Senate could change everything.  Look at their donors before voting.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Seems like good practical & tactical.advice.

satoshi911's picture

Pelosi & Feinstein are sociopaths, but WHO controls there ass?

Why do they choose sociopaths to do their dirty work?

Why Yellen? Why Janet Reno? Why Hillary Clinton?

Why do these women all retire in Tel Aviv?

disabledvet's picture

unfortunately they had no plan to run their occupied territories. no "Death Star" or "Imperial Walkers." (Let alone a plan to get the French to work for a living.)

I've been quite disappointed actually.
Now everyone is saying "who the real Nazi's are" when in fact all them are "real Nazi's." We've left the door wide upon...yet again.

combatsnoopy's picture

I could only agree with you if you classified the Clintonites as neocons.

The US breeds more Nazis now than Germany probably had.  The Nazis LOVE the Germans but the Germans are overcompensating because they disagree with what Hitler did.   ONe of my Jewish buddies could get along very well with my German buddy (they haven't met)- I strongly believe that some have made an effort to make sure it doesn't happen again and they would change the past if they could.  The US Nazis are political theater in the same way that Jews vs. Muslims is political (not entirely of the people, the actual people can coexist very over there, in NYC and in California).    Or in the same way blockbusting mortgage brokers thrive on "white flight". 

The difference is that our Nazis party out on meth in Thousand Oaks.  Nothing has been written about it since the 90's but the presence and the scary dumb as hell tweaker racist mindset IS there.  Which breaks my heart, especially as close as they are to the Reagan Library and the Western Whitehouse.  His "peace through strength" LAISSEZ FAIRE economics and tax breaks that spawned the greatest employment/population growth in the history of the world for all races is shadowed by political theater ruining lives of immigrants and non-whites (or non-underrepresented minorities).   Because of Obama's ties to the Unions, the African Americans seem to have immunity from racism that other races had to put up with. 

THe political class desperately needs a scapegoat and minorities fill that void, in the same way that the Chinese Exclusion Act filled the scapegoat void after the Gold Rush in San Francisco.   The irony in San Francisco is that the Chinese AMericans are the equivalent (or better) than the Protestants with their "work ethic" and the fabric that holds that city together.  Not the Caucasians who pretend to be rich so they can gouge renters and home buyers at obscenely rediculous cost of living index.   They're scapegoating Google Employees that bus out of SF to their jobs for the high price of rent when the landlords are doing it, it's the same kind of scapegoating. 

Somewhere in lobbyland, a bureaucrat is using racism as an all too convenient scapegoat and the Clintonites bed with the neocons.  Or they get hired through nepotism together in companies that affiliate with Apple. And yes BBB and EOCC were contacted for a few reasons. 

Many Asians LOVE the Clintons because of the tech prosperity, but mind you.  The Asians may be booksmart, it means not that they can see the big picture. And ignoring it on purpose hoping that there's another rebound of tech growth which the iPO regulations via SOX have kind of killed --- (1996, there were 675 IPOs, last year there were 19?  2008 there were 20... that growth no longer exists so they're kidding themselves and thats their fault). 

McCain lost to Bush when Bush told South Carolina RACISTS that the McCains "adopted a black baby" when the adopted baby was a cleft palatte kid in Bangladesh.  The last time I checked, Bangladesh is not synonymous with African AMericans but it shouldn't matter anyways.   It's really sad that Americans can't handle basic genetic differences between people when this should be working in our favor.

LA, NYC and possibly Frisco hosts 169 dialects.  No other country in the world can boast that and this IS a huge asset when it comes to doing international business.   Which we desperately need. 
Which the country of boomers refuse to acknowledge. 
So scapegoat it is, it's the lazy man's way out of taking responsibility and getting anything fixed.  Clinton bombed the Multilateral Investment Agreement in 1995 (China wouldn't remove their barrier against the US financial sector which would greatly help the US markets and economy)---
I personally think that Clinton bombed it on purposes (the US treasuries is too heavily leveraged against international not funded US PRIVATE sector)...
Instead of taking responsibility or helping businesses fix this problem, the mind numbing politicrats shove this horrible political theater down our throats. 

Oh btw, China's government can suck it.  They've bleed the US dry of private sector funding while they made their own banks illiquid to buy US government bonds.   Are they "Nazis"? 
Not entirely, they're Maoists.   THey have their very own monster. 

Mao used guns, Hitler used God only knows what. 

They're still worshiping the monster and FINANCING NORTH KOREA which concerns me much more than what Abe did to respect his country's past.  The Germans are apologizing and feeling horrible about Hitler, China shows no remorse as they fund our Nazis through US TReasury purchases.  That's teh main difference between China and the Nazis.


schadenfreude's picture

Interesting comment. Thank you!

Sean7k's picture

It is not the Nazi ethos that is alive and well at all. It is the Bolshevik ethos, the one Hitler warned about and fought against as the greatest danger to Europe and the world. He was right. We now live in a "worker's paradise" under the thumb of totalitarian repression. Hitler was attempting to rid Germany and Europe of the jewish influence and from where I stand today, he was totally right.

You've allowed zionist media to dictate your vocabulary. Who holds the reins of tyranny in the world? It isn't the Nazi's. Start there.

smacker's picture

Fascinating insights there Jack.

I have long believed that the long term strategy of the USG neo-cons is to clear a pathway for taking on China and little I see these days dissuades me from that view.

The confusing thing about the fascist neo-cons is that under Bush many of them were Jewish and some were followers of Leo Strauss. All that makes it difficult for many ordinary people to class them as Nazis.

In the UK, I said way back that Blair was Britain's Mussolini and Musso was known to have been surrounded by a clique of Jew advisors from the 35% of Italian Jews who supported his fascist party. Clearly, the zionist variety of Jews (virtually all Jews in power) have a close relationship to Marxism/Fascism, which itself is closely connected to corporatism and of course banking and corruption. They just didn't like the Hitler version!!

Perhaps therein lies the better label for modern day fascists: new Mussolinis not new Hitlers because many Jews are right up there with it, eg Netanyahu.

just a thought...