Stocks Collapse To Fresh 2014 Lows

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Bad (ADP) news was good news but good (ISM Service) news is devastating and stocks are collapsing to fresh 2014 lows this morning as high-beta hope trades unwind en masse. The small-cap Russell is underperforming. All indices are now notably negative from the December taper. The Dow is down 7.4% in 2014! VIX is back over 20.5% 


An ugly year so far...


All red from the Taper...

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We want a drop, we want a drop!

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The jobs report is bad, and Gold goes down and the markets go up...then the ISM comes in good and metals take off again and the market crashes...Really?  Am I missing something here?  It seems exact opposite of what should happen.  Thank god for this site....I should have never quit coffee.

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I think it is extra awesome how the 101 level on USDJPY breaks perfectly to coincide with the ADP report.  Naw, no manipulation here.

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The FED can't print they'll destroy everything.

The FED can't not print, everything will be destroyed.

ZH in a nutshell.

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you forgot to mention the sky is falling

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Yea man, facebook is nearly a full two dollars off its all time high, I personally am starting to get a little panicked.  

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Yes, but the proverbial question still stands:

Has the Shit Hit The Fan yet?

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Not until the fat cats are done gorging.

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No.  But we can smell it from here.

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When TSHTF and everything is FUBAR TPTB will save TBTF who BTFATH while we are USCWAP



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In a Virtual Address Extension (VAX), the acronym FUBAR has been adapted to refer to the words "failed UniBus address register." Some programmers apparently managed to sneak this by humorless higher-ups, and the term stuck.

Joseff Stalin's picture


University of South Carolina Wireless Access Protocol? This is just one of many, many possibilities. Maybe if you gave us some insight in where or what context it's being used in, we might be able to help more.

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The light is getting brighter, and the horns getting louder...

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Manipulation always blurs reality.

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The S&P 500 will probably hit 1700 before it bounces back some.

Which would put the DJIA down to the 15,000 level.

But if the market breaks through those levels fast then who knows how far it will fall before it bounces back much.



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Your DOW 15,000 hat is going to get bloody

SAT 800's picture

You're a funny looking guy, but I like the way you think.

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I think your drinking may be partly to blame also...

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The market is acting very strange lately.  Either they need to sell off a bit to give the illusion of a free market or the PPT is on holiday.

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They'll drop another 6% and than rally 20% and than drop 50%

That's how I'll trade it

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MOST LIKELY copper water pipes.  Causes schizophrenia with symptoms of anxiety, nervousness, depression, disperceptions and delusions.  Female hormones cause copper to be retained, so women get symptoms first.

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They are just testing the algos' programming.  Debugging to make sure the next big flash move goes without a hitch.

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It comes down to this:  The market needs its stimulus.  Good news means no stimulus.  Bad news means stimulus.  Fair is foul; foul is fair.  Bitches.

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It's all gonna end in a shitstorm

I prefere this cartoon fonzonnoon, that PR Guy posted a few minutes ago.

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Tens of thousands of sell-side anal-cysts on Wall Street join in a chorus of "Print! Print! Print! CTRL+P!!!" aimed at Janet "Mrs. Debtfire" Yellen, that builds in pitch until it thunders like a rolling storm across Manhattan...

...In the meantime, Ben "Time Man of the Year" Bernanke snickers in his lair, knowing full well that all the CTRL+P in the world would only telegraph once and for all that the now completely dose-tolerant junky of a patient that is Wall Street is terminally ill, and that he hath already broken the spinal cord of any and all "markets" that had still existed upon his taking the reins of the Creature from Jekyll Island.

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+1.....poetic injustice......thanks...

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LOL, thanks for posting the link to that vid!

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Glad I am short the DOW.

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Does anybody remember two weeks ago? When the Stock Market was going to go up forever, and Bears were "out of tune with the times" and "didn't understand the new business model". LOL.

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Aparently two weeks ahead of the times.

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looks like the Bernake got out of that burning building just in time. What a dooche

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'course, he's one of the ones who set fire to it.

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I hear lots of Yellen coming from inside.

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Sudden Debt's picture

I've heard he was crying in his limo on the way to his new million dollar job...


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stocks should be renamed "fed policy instruments"

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These are not the stocks I am looking for...

Guns, ammo, PMs, food, water, fuel...hey look, I got stocks!

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Here comes the ramp job

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Damn..with all this excitement I lost track of the Feb. POMO schedule 

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A BTFD moment for Perma-Bulls and a Schadenfreude moment for Perma-Bears/Goldbugs.

And a "Who gives a shit" moment for the 70% who don't have a dog in either fight.

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Appears Wile E Coyote just looked down.

He is frantically paddling his feet right now.