Germany's DAX Halted On Draghi-Driven Dump

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No sooner had the ECB statement been released with its disappointing lack of unsterlizied QE or negative rate promises than European stocks mini-flash-crashed. Most notable was Germany's DAX which collapsed over 200 points only and was promptly halted in the futures markets. Only to magically re-appear after the halt almost unchanged...


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Can we even call it a market anymore?

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imho more a case of dumb algos and even dumber stock monkeys that can't even imagine not getting more liquidity. fucking deep-sea fauna they have become. at least the algos have an excuse: they have been programmed this way

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While I agree with your hypothesis,  The Stock Monkeys have received the same programming. It is their ignorant hubris which keeps them from thinking they could be wrong. It will also be their undoing.

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I haven't called it a market for 5 years

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Things are looking good for me.  I live in a paid-for slum and my nipples are pink.  What else could I want?  Word to your mother.

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YEAH! I was like watching the price of silver and it dropped 5 cents...

5 CENTS!!!


and than it went up again so I was like: That's good


and than it went up again so I was like: That's good


that was my day so far...

How are you doing?


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Germany's DAX Halted



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germany dropped it's DAX

(dacks is aussie colloquial for pants)

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Deadly Illness Means there will be fewer Hogs.
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Some "fat finger" at work ?

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Dont you think your paranoia is going a bit too far to post this dribble. I know its a slow Thursday but come on. 

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I'll tell you what:  Start your own financial news aggregator website and run the stories you want to run, with your own commentary, and no one will read it.

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Just keeping it real. Weeding out the garbage from the useful. Your comments go in the trash bin.

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Keeping it real?  OK Snoop Diggity Dogg.  You are an abject troll and a moron.

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If you cant take criticism maybe YOU should go to another site. My criticism are valid. Yours are the inflamatory ones. So piss off punk. You have no powers here.

Cangaroo.TNT's picture

"My criticism are valid."


Did your mother kiss you on the forehead after she said that to you DJ Jazzy Trevor?

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Are you still here with your Ad Hominems? Be off with you now. Shoo fly - Shoo!

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Phil, they HAULTED THE DAX.  It's newsworthy in the investment world.

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NoDebt. In my view its a non-event these days as we have halts all the time now in this creaky financial system. Couldnt we do without the hyperboles? Words like mini-flash crash and magically reappearing? I mean for gods sake its just not true that there was some major sell off with post magical rally. Its wrong and irresponsible reporting. I understand the bear bias here but lets not invent problems, we have enough of them already!

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Congrats, I logged in just to tell you what an idiot you are.  Look at the F'ing graph you moron.  No one is inventing problems...obviously you are blind. And if it was a glitch, it's still a problem for you if they report it? Troll


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Congrats, I logged in just to tell you what an idiot you are.  Look at the F'ing graph you moron.  No one is inventing problems...obviously you are blind. And if it was a glitch, it's still a problem for you if they report it? Troll


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"Try the water Dave , it's really real"

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Clean out the stops then take that pig higher.

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When they Halted..did they salute anyone...

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Divide by zero error (b/c change in interest rate = 0). Everyone relax. The algos were reprogrammed on the fly. All is well.

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The old song "do you believe in magic" comes to mind.

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I feel more reminded of "Am Arsch der Welt" ;-)

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FTSE the same. Do not think it was halted though.


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Nope.... No manipulation here. The PPT and the mafia have one thing in common...... There is no such thing. Actually they have a lot more in common than that.

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But not ONE fucking word about that at any stupid german financial news site let alone our popular-prpganda news sites.

They will simply ignore even a 2000 point crash.


All is well-we are EXPORTWELTMEISTER.

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another day, another gong show - ONWARD!!!

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Yep.  That selloff got the gong alright.  The judges were not amused.  Bring out the "Unknown Buyer in Size", with the paper bag on his head, to entertain the masses in the next act.  The guest judge is Warren Buffet today.  He will buy the gong with a government 0% loan so no one can bang it again. 

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Funny now they never halt the market when it rises ...

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Market will crash 700 points.

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Trades are under investigation by EUREX

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Are u sure? I heard otherwise

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Stock index traders are no different to Riverboat gamblers, save for no concealed Derringers.


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They know HSBC is in default

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" Reports suggests that the exchange is happy with the move in the Dax future and no futher investigation is underway "

Great everything is just fine in the Danish Kingdom :)

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Its like watching "reality" TV or even "professional" wrestling. It only has the pretense of reality while actually being, if not scripted, greatly edited.

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Careful with that crap, thats my cue to exit all index shorts if we put in another hourly high near that 9230 level...

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true price discovery in free markets, untill it is not

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Its not even rigging anymore.  Its just plain setting - like setting your thermostat to 72 F.

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Cramer just said, "Green Mountain Coffee, until today, was one of the great shorts ever." GMCR UP 38% Today.

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...and I thought the Germans were smarter than this. IT's time to leave the EURO!!! Simple really.

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Actually, that the DAX-Future was "halted" is a safety mechanism of Deutsche Boerse called "volatility interuption" to prevent flash crashes to spread in case of any fat fingers. Very very rare to see that in the FDAX, though, however: today we did.

Here is the announcement:

Dear Sirs,


According to the board decision of the Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse of December 6, 2011 about the change of the DAX-Future (1.5%) we would like to inform you about the suspension of the performance measurement for all designated sponsors in all sponsored equities for the time period from 13:46 until 14:46 (CET).

Cheers, E.S.I.


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These flash crashs remind me of the movie Predator where the creature turns off his electronic camoflage for a moment to say "here I am boys!",then turns it back on,swinging from a vine like some SyFy Tarzan.

Also when he takes off his mask,he looks like some form of shrimp/lobster.

Could it be a vampire squid? A subtle joke by the Hollywood crowd?

And weird phosphor like green blood.Somebody do their Masters thesis on this imagery?

No I have not been smoking bongs....