Mario Draghi's ECB Press Conference - Live Feed

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So far, no good. No rate cut (and thus no negative rates); no unsterilized QE; no new LTRO; and no new Italian handouts... With his monetary nightmare growing darker every day, we are sure the man himself will manage to jawbone forward guidance even more forward-er and keep the dream alive that he'll do whatever it takes when it really matters... Get back to work Mr. Draghi

The transmission mechanism is entirely broken and the Keynesian dream is over...



and for those looking for the culprits for Europe's lending freeze, look no further than Italy...

... and, of course, a "recovering" Spain:


Live ECB Feed

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Put a VW in my bling bag and I'll show up.....otherwise I'll not be attending the conference.


I'm shocked anyone would show up at this point.

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He is taking the single most effective, professional, erudite, intellectual approach to the problem possible.
A page out of Dear Leader's Cloward Piven Community Organization Skills Manual and Messianic Guide.....

  .... talk

Talk talk talk talk talk atlka talk atlka yak yak yak yak yak ak ak ak ak ak ak ak ghlak ak ak ak ak ak ak ak ghak ghak ak ak

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vix is telling you this time there is no magical stock rebound.  the plunge will continue shortly.

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Debt saturation and zombie banks are a bitch in a fractional reserve system.

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But we'll talk 'em back to health; promises, clear skies, butterflies, bunny rabbits, ponies and rainbow colored unicorns squeezing 24k Skittle shits.

All's well that ends....

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i'm still waiting for Germany to rule the magical OMT is unconstitutional and for everything to go bidless.

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Good catch!
I'd forgotten about that one.
Apparently, so too have the German courts.....

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"We have cooked the books so the banks are looking improved, to increase confidence in economy, keep inflation is under control and show improving the jobs outlook. We will continue to make changes in reported economic metrics and figures to improve moral in our leadership.  We will contiunue to promise magical interventions with no structure or basis in fact when needed, I think you call it "boning in the jaw".

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Are you kiddin me... the solution is to stick your head under the sand?


Monetary policy 2.0

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Well the Banksters prefer a daisy chain with their heads up each other's butts. But they KNOW some one is going to break wind very sand still keeps them sort of hidden. 

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they must be joking:

Dutch Bankers Swear to God as Trust in Lenders Slumps!