Thursday Humor - Friday Jobs Preview

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Let's hope not...




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Is it ok to now say "It's Obama's fault!"

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Well it's clearly not:

Bush's Fault

Clinton's Fault

Bush's Fault

Reagan's Fault

Carter's Fault

Ford's Fault

Nixon's Fault


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Really?  Because I blame all of those assholes.

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I blame Woodrow Wilson.

"A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is privately concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men"
The New Freedom - Woodrow Wilson

Sorry Woody.
To late to sanitize your legacy.

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and all our activities are in the hands of a few men"


....and what was the rest of the sentence?

a.  you idiots are so really screwed

b.  better be glad it's not a real democracy

c    you have already beed reamed hard and don't even know it

d.  Brahahahahaha


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Isn't "assholes" a bit too nice.

I would say cocksuckers, but that just might be me.


"Contest this weekend. How many guillotines can be stuffed into a Volkswagen bug. Come one, come all and bring your guillotine."

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You all voted for them and what about the next president?


Most probably...

If people vote for them and refuse to look to a third party, it's their fault and not the idiot who got elected.

Sure it's hard. In my country, we'll have elections in May... and believe me, I've been reading all the agenda's of all our political parties. 9 in total. And they all want to raise taxes indirect and direct.

None of them is cutting expenses.

So... my country is going even deeper down the shitter.

I'm fine with that, that's why I've pulled all my money out and I'm my own bank.


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Johnsons War on Poverty was the primer

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I blame leprechauns........... Creepy little bastards.

And they're always after me lucky charms.

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What's the common thread? Slope of national debt is positive for all of the above. Two party system wins, citizens lose. Period.

Do the research, doesn't matter which combination of repub/dem controlled any of the houses, debt increased under all of them. Slight decrease in the 90s but otherwise they take turns buying power with the money of the unborn, that's the deal, red/blue take turns, everyone else pays.

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Lincoln and Wilson's fault mainly, but that's just me. All the one you mentioned were just tools by that time.

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Yes, actually.  It is their fault also.

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His new name should be President Everyonesfautlbutmine.

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Thank you very much to the arrogant, narcissistic,  lying, illegal alien muslim POS living its grand imperial lifestyle off the backs of the tax paying serfs and peasants of current and future generations, 

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Hey asshole, don't let the facts get in the way of your twisted theory....

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For a minute there I thought it was a picture of the Bernank's funny money. Upon closer inspection I see that I'm right.

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AAAAggghhhhhh!  I can't believe it but I was the first to post this time.  May be it's time to purchase a Powerball ticket now?

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Send me $5 in bitcoin and I'll add you to our office pool.

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That's 0.006410256 bitcoins. You can't even see that small!

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Wait. I think I see some over there in the corner.... err nope, nm, that's Ron Paul Coin ...drat, that's not even worth a Continental.

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No, you have already used up all of your luck.  Now you must buy stock in a junior gold mining company.

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Dear Leader can never be faulted.

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But maybe defaulted...     8>D


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So, will a bad print (below expectations) be good for the "markets", indicating a likely un-taper?  Or, is it too soon to start thinking about that?

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The Fed has been pursuing a weak dollar policy; I expect a weak dollar policy to continue.

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Of course, but at some point I expect an expansion of official QE (perhaps with a different name though).

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To my knowledge the Fed hasn't began the "Taper".

Central Banks are so fucked unless we pull cash out of unallocated accounts, stocks, and bonds and invest the cash in gold and silver [cough cough].

Tasty Sandwich's picture

I'm sure there's all kinds of nonsense going on behind the scenes.

But, when will Chuckie Schumer or the like come out and tell Yellen to "get to work"?  lol

Soul Glow's picture

The answer to your question lies in the form of a question:  When will the Boomers panic?  When will Schumer justify those remarks?  

I think it happens when the DJ breaks 14k.

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Don't think about it.  Just let it happen.  Like trying to argue with idiots and reaping migraines.

Just think.  You could be caught in Sochi for 2 weeks.

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They're going up either way.  That's the plan.  Until it isn't.

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I suspect when this thing ends, it will be the end of the markets as we know them anyway.

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The 'markets' left in 1971.  You're witnessing the final act.  We've been watching the prologue for 40 years.

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The entire 99% is in nexum.

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I just got my Obama 2016 stickers!  Forward!

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Obama 1 - fail. Obama 2 - fail. Let's skip Obama4eva and go straight to the taper.

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Funny.  Mine said... Obama 2016 !SIEG!  

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The two predecessors, both named U-6, are now apparently either sitting in the bottom of the ocean, or have been long-ago scrapped.

Appropriate name for the sinking unemployment numbers, huh?

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Let's hope so.  Because any success will be viewed as a sign we are on the right track.  And we know that we are not.

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Pink? Isn't that Oblowjob's favorite color?

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I don't want to route against my country, but I'd really like to see a negative print tomorrow to help expose reality to the masses so we can get on with fixing things.

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Go ahead and root, it's not your country any longer. The oligarchs stole it out from under us.

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I love my country. It's the fuckers running it that I can't stand.

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I share the same sentiment.

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As long as the pink slips are for every public taker in towns, county and states .....