Google Overtakes Exxon As Second-Biggest US Company

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Trinkets and Ads trump global energy provision...



Google, which became the world’s largest online advertiser through its dominant search engine, has a market capitalization of $393.5 billion while oil company Exxon is valued at $392.6 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Apple has a market value of $465.5 billion. Software company Microsoft Corp. is No. 4 with $302.1 billion.


Chart: Bloomberg

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Yes, being an NSA bagman is lucrative.


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GOOGLE aint just an advertising company....its an armed military robotics company and THAT part of the business is the most important for deriving profits in the future.

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when killing becomes a profit industry, expect to see a lot of corpses.

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Yes, these Motherfuckers will soon develop a robot that knows everything about you, where the fuck you live, where and who you hang out with, what the fuck you do in your spare time....they will be programmed to hunt you down if they feel that you are a threat based on all the tabs they are keeping on you.

Google truly may become the mega corporation of the entire world. Now I can understand China why the fuck they dont let Joogle of Farcebook into their country.

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going forward, we will be providing "personal smart service" with our products.

these products will include a special blend of "tracer" compounds, unique to you and your vehicle, so that you can enjoy maximum performance.

another new product we are rolling out is a personal drone to sample your fumes to verify your identity and your previous locations.

this will help us work together to ensure that you were enjoying maximum performance while motoring.




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DOW still doesn't include Google.

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That will be the last ditch effort to finish pulling the wool over and proving everythings alright.  Dow 18k ftw

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Long Big Brother = Long Google.

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dont think for a moment that america's businesses aren't already into killing. on top of lockheed martin and the like, and the way they contribute to death through the military, america also has kfc, mcd's, etc and etc. i'm not talking the hundreds of thousands of heartattacks and strokes those merchants cause per year, I'm talking about the killing they do in order to kill americans. the meat industry kills 33 animals/american/year. america is already responsible for at least 10 billion deaths per year, and thats before the consideration of the amount of murder caused on foreign soil.

each american contributes to approximately 33 murders per year for their own benefit.

if you think this is a joke, search 'ag-gag' laws. the american government has passed laws preventing the average american in knowing the horror that goes on in meat farms.

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that would be a good word for when you get fucked by google:

"I got foogled."

I like it! Call Websters!

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Of course, this makes sense in Ben's  bizzaro world!

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Indeed, Pladizow!

In a fiat money world, "values" are fetishes.

The higher up in the pyramid one goes, the more obvious that the "values" are fetishes becomes. The source of "Ben's bizarro world" is the triumphant application of the methods of organized crime to systematically take control over the government, so that governmental FORCE is used to back up fiat FRAUD. Therefore, the "value" of everything is hidden through the covert ways that measurements are backed up by murders, while those murders are deliberately disassociated from the measurements.

Fetishism is the attribution of religious or mystical qualities to inanimate objects, known as fetishes.

"Ben's bizarro world" is our state religion, where the patently absurd system of privatized fiat money, MADE OUT OF NOTHING, as debt, is enforced by the government to be treated with respect by everyone that must operate within that system. Since our monetary system is therefore basically a fetish, of force backed frauds, everything within that system has "values" which are fetishes.

COLLECTIVELY, CIVILIZATION IS CRAZY, because of the history of warfare, and then finance, being based on successful deceits and frauds. However, one cannot expect any return to sanity, rather than runaway frauds, backed by force, driving themselves to mad self-destruction, because the ONLY way that the monetary system could be made to be more rationally sane about itself is IF it consciously connected how its murder system backed up its money system, rather than deliberately disassociated those as much as possible.

The basic problem is that political economy is inside human ecology. The symbolic economic measurements could not make more genuine scientific sense unless they were consistent with the general energy systems in the surrounding environmental ecologies. However, in order to do that, then human reproduction could not have a false fundamental dichotomy between it and all other forms of production.

More specifically, when "money" becomes primarily nothing more than bursts of encoded electricity, then it makes perverse sense that the information in the form of encoded electricity by Google has greater "value" than the energy in crude oil, (despite that being utter nonsense from the point of view of objective energy measurement.) The human measurements are based on frauds, where the forces to back up those frauds are hidden, and so, not included in those measurements as much as they could be excluded, and therefore, the encoded electricity "money" has tremendous symbolic value to people, who have been brainwashed to fetishize everything, due to the long history of their government forcing them to accept frauds at face value. Therefore, pieces of paper, or tiny bursts of electricity, have been given enormous "value" in that system.

In general, since the debt controls are based on the death controls, but those death controls are excluded as much as possible from the fundamentally fraudulent accounting systems that calculate those debt controls, human civilization becomes a Bizarro Mirror World, whereby entities like the Federal Reserve Board, inside the context of the globalized international banksters, (Fraud Kings, central banks, with the BIS as the King of Kings of Fraud) dominating everything through their triumphant frauds, enforced by national governments (who have more and more given away their power to international organizations),  ALL TOGETHER RESULTS IN A WORLD WHERE LITTLE BURSTS OF ELECTRICITY ARE WORTH MORE THAN BARRELS OF OIL, BECAUSE THOSE BARRELS OF OIL CAN BE BOUGHT WITH THOSE BURSTS OF ELECTRICITY.

The absolute ecological absurdity and utter insanity of that situation is a runaway, because the way that money is actually measurement backed by murder is able to be totally ignored by the vast majority of people, who have lived their whole lives within the state religion monetary system, and therefore, were forced to take that for granted. Of course, all of those factors taken together are on a tragic trajectory, where the crazy fetish values upheld by our civilization are going to eventually result in massive psychotic breakdowns. However, since everyone who best operates within that social system continues to get more wealthy and more powerful, within that system, (like Google & the NSA, etc.) there are no practical political ways to stop the Federal Reserve Board's Bizarro Mirror World from becoming more backwards and more distorted, regarding the valuation of everything.

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I use their products everyday.

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Exxon, bastards that they are, delivers usable gasoline.

Google, bastards that they are, delivers the NSA/CIA/FBI.

Valuations?  Hmmm, that's a tough one.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

All things are not forever.

Read Exxon's latest quarterly.  And Chevron's.  And Total's.  And RDShell's.

All, repeat, all are beset with falling oil production.  They can't find replacement for what they ship.

All part of little bits of evidence that one can find and put together if one looks. 

Forget printing.  Forget gold.  Forget NSA.  Forget politics.

Oil scarcity is an equal opportunity killer.  Geology doesn't care about all those other things.

firstdivision's picture

But...but...but...but Peak Oil is a tinfoil hat theory. Those people that got paid to lie that it is a lie wouldn't have lied to me.

superflex's picture

If geology cares about oil (whatever that means), it cares about gold.


aVileRat's picture

Give us a call when you can burn gold. Gold burns you. No seriously, it gets really hot when you try to burn it, be careful.


CrashisOptimistic's picture

Maybe it's easier for you rephrased.

Only the joules that geology created matters.  Nothing, with a capital N, else does.

TuPhat's picture

Geology didn't create joules or any other measure of energy.  Fossil energy all came from the Sun originally.  Nearly all the energy on the planet came from the Sun.

svayambhu108's picture

Nearly anything came from a sun anyway. We are all star dust.

Ignatius's picture

I hope 'peak spying' is just as certain.

Tortuga's picture

And being as how they are doing god's work, they reciprocrate.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Me too, Cymore. These days, to avoid using the big computer and Internet products is more and more becoming like being able to avoid using gasoline, or national currencies, which are practically impossible to avoid. Even if one does not directly burn the gasoline, or spend the dollars, the entire system that surrounds and supports us is more and more dependent upon the big computer and Internet companies, to the degree that it becomes more and more impossible to avoid doing so.

Just like the banksters' fiat money frauds were enforced by the government, and therefore propelled to become debt slavery for the entire population, from which nobody could escape, the big computer and Internet companies are more and more integrated into the same monetary system, and successful within that context, so that they indirectly are able to force people to participate, since there are no real choices to operate outside of that.

Personally, I believe, although I could not prove it, that all the biggest and most successful computer and Internet companies necessarily agree to work with the secret police forces, and owe their real success to that source, while otherwise, they would not have been allowed to become successful.

We are lucky to be living near the beginning of those things, so that some of the creative ideals of their founders are still residually present in the currently established systems. However, those system are rapidly being whipped into the shape of social pyramid systems, while the original creative ideals which were built into the foundations of personal computers and the Internet are being systematically eroded and undermined.

Enjoy the freedom to post comments on Web sites like Zero Hedge while it lasts!

scrappy's picture

I do not and never will...ever.

Dr. Engali's picture

For a company whose slogan is 'do no evil' they sure do and awful lot of it.

alien-IQ's picture

Most slogans are bullshit. For example "Land of the free"

Rainman's picture

you mean " Land of the Free Shit Army " ?

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


For a company whose slogan is 'do no evil' they sure do and awful lot of it.

...and why not? If a company's goal is to betray every last human being that it can to the highest bidders, it wouldn't make sense to have the slogan, "robbing you of your humanity."

Kaiser Sousa's picture

3 days in a row again the same phony paper price pattern...

notice the 4 hour span when the CRIMEx opens proceeding into the London close...all centered around that $20 mark...

then watch the sideways trade for the rest of the day...

yeah right....

and fuck Google...thats what this economy has come down to??????????


vulcanraven's picture

Sweet as

Scooped up 9 silver eagles for myself last night

Chief_Illiniwek's picture

I've been receiving my propane via the internet for years. 

What's the news here?

youngman's picture

Things vs electrons....things are better for the world...electrons are just toys

LMAOLORI's picture


              Google: The Halliburton of the Obama Administration


And just like the hypocritical warren buffoon who claims he wants to pay more taxes....



Apple, Google Among Top U.S. Companies Parking Cash Offshore To Reduce Taxes, Study Says
thismarketisrigged's picture

soon every fucking company will have a market cap of over 300 billion, but it wont mean much.


in this fucked up world, nflx will prob overtake aapl and goog as the biggest company by marketcap shortly.


nothing here makes sense

free_as_in_beer's picture

I was leaning towards YUM, but OK.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Hard to get explosive market cap increases when you buy back all your shares.

Gunga's picture

My Zimbabwean SockPuppet stock is worth more than EXXon times Google plus strawberry ice cream.

TuPhat's picture

A Zimbabwean SockPuppet in the hand is worth more than...  never mind.

tarsubil's picture

I think I'm reading something wrong. Are these numbers wrong?

Exxon market cap at 393 bil with consistent +350 bil annual revenue and +35 bil in annual profits.

Facebook market cap at 163 bil with 8 bil in revenue and 1.5 bil in profit last year?

What am I missing here?

Scoobywan's picture

FB makes that 1.5B with very little hard assets

FB is the Atari Jaguar of the NASDAQ...

Eeyores Enigma's picture

"What am I missing here?"


Fossil fuels?... we don't need no stinking fossil fuels.

We got Tech man.

i_call_you_my_base's picture

It's not that surprising. Google's advertising model is not like twitter or facebook, their ads display when a user is going to make a transaction / purchase. They basically make commission on online purchases. The others are brand advertising, which is not nearly as lucrative. The model is really pretty solid. Advertising has very large margins, there are no input costs, and it's stable as long as you can hold the audience.

Not Goldman Sachs's picture

I use neither fbook nor twatter, but keep getting ads for stuff already purchased. Seems like a stupid model to me. I am sorry but search is not worth a barrel of greasy monkeys.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture


Surpasses Exxon.  What a truly extraordinary accomplishment given that it's the most strategically important international energy company' in the world, it's profitability, it's age and status and the fact that Google is a 10 years old Company that makes it's revenue soley on advertisements...

After reading this I'm going to buy me some GOOG...  You would have to be insane not too!



yogibear's picture

After Apple then Google. Momo's are doing their work work. Plenty of other stocks to jump on and run up.

Leverage works to pile in and make a pile of money.