White Men (Still) Can't Work

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While The White House's Jason Furman glistened in the after-glow of a falling unemployment rate this morning (and a very modestly improving labor-force-participation rate) despite dismal real job creation (which must be due to the weather - but is not!), we thought it perhaps of note that a very large segment of American - White men aged over 20 saw their labor force participation rate drop to a new record low.



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LetThemEatRand's picture

It is ironic that "das racist" sounds German.

James_Cole's picture

I'm really looking forward to when the uber rich job creators valiantly step in and order millions of yachts to fix all the unemployment problems. I know they’re waiting until after obamacare is disbanded, but it’s like Christmas, can’t come too soon!

After that hopefully Congress gets its act together and arrests all the undocumented workers + removes minimum wage so white folks (And their slacker kids) can work for a couple bucks an hour out on the farm. You'll see charts like the one above reverse themselves beautifully. 

These are great times folks, don't let the charts mislead you!

Crawdaddy's picture

The uber rich are preoccupied with their Sochi rituals and their Eyes Wide Shut parties. "Progress" will have to wait.

Jumbotron's picture

SShhhh......Kubrick was probably assasinated over his unveiling of the "Eyes Wide Shut" parties and the elite who participate.  Was it fiction or a "mockumentary"?

Northern Lights's picture

Agreed.  That and Space Odessy 2001 and The Shining.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Keep bringing in cheap foreign labor. Go ahead. Make your workforce incompetent. Destroy your economy.

john39's picture

In the NWO, equality will finally be achieved by crushing all cattle down to the lowest common denominator.

toady's picture

Some cattle are more equal than others.

SWRichmond's picture

Yes.  The war on white men continues unabated.  There is a significant recruiting opportunity there for the resistance: white males who have been robbed of their families and futures by the leftists and the feminists.

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.

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Ever notice how in EVERY t.v. commercial the white man is a total idiot? Then a women or child (usually a girl) comes in and corrects the idiotic thing the white man did. And it's okay because "white men rule the world" or whatever.

boogerbently's picture

How many months in a row now have we had less jobs created but falling unemployment?

Must be victims of public school math.

Oldwood's picture

We either close our borders and adopt full blown protectionsim, or accept world wage competition. Only a fool thinks you can have world trade without world wage. We are all Mexicans now and lucky we haven't all already become Chinamen.

EscapingProgress's picture

OMFG. Autarchy destroys economies. This is Econ 101. If the states and central banks of the world would get out of the way and stop regulating us to death and destroying our wealth through inflation the world would be much wealthier, healthier, and happier.

Oldwood's picture

So you think American's wages are falling due to regulation? You think you can buy virtually everything you consume from a foreign country and still have a job? Our government's only job is to protect American's from foreign invasion and unfair trade. They effectively do neither. We see them impose heavy rules on American business, but also high taxes and enable unions to destroy industries while they hold the borders and trade channels wide open. Don't get me wrong, I don't support government intervention in domestic markets, but international markets are a different story. We used to have protectionist trade tariffs and also trade surpluses AND a relatively balanced budget. We funded almost our entire budget with protectionist tariffs. Now we have the highest corporate taxes in the world, effectively creating a negative protectionist trade policy where we tax OUR businesses while not taxing imports AT ALL. To have 100% free trade we will have to compete with the lowest wage paid, anywhere in the world. Is that what you want? Our government's answer is to give exemptions to their most favored corporate entities, leaving all others to twist in the wind, and then thinking up more ways to fuck those with a business or a job in the ass. They have been fucking us with free trade and open borders for years. I'm sick of it.

roadhazard's picture

uh, Unions have pretty much been deballed. Only 6% of the US workforce is Unionized. Amazing it's the Unions that destroy the country. Give me a fucking break.

PS: I have never been in a Union.

surf0766's picture

I have never heard it said in a German accent.

Frank -THE COIN -'s picture

Its not Racist ! it is a PLAY on the MOVIE " White Men Cant Jump " . Woodie Harrellson, Wesly Snipes ( a Black Man ), had a Basketball adventure together. This was a Clever Play on words , to convey relevent info.

Mister Kitty's picture

Being white is overrated.  I'm as pale as Casper, but I don't have to nickels to rub together.  Bitches.

DeusHedge's picture

Good pull, but back pre 70's race was still an issue.

knukles's picture

Thank God it's not now!

LetThemEatRand's picture

And Thank God TPTB didn't deliberately select a black dude to foster said "now" racial tension issues.

Yes_Questions's picture



or create an astro-turf "movement" designed to reingratiate fucking troglodytes into polite society.

nmewn's picture

Or drill even further down and discover 16-19yr old black teens are sitting at 38% unemployment with a fully employed "black president" (with a pen & a phone, presumably) sitting in the WH right now, waiting on their beck & call.


Teflon Don Obama...lol.

crunchyfrog's picture

You spout a good line of bullshit, but here's the real Dixie. The kind of losers you're fronting for:



nmewn's picture

lol...sorry dude, the metrosexual, Justin Beiber style hairdo is a dead giveaway as to who this guy really is and where he's from. People in my neck of the woods of Dixie would have this little prissies head mounted on the wall inside their man cave and regale everyone with how their dogs bayed him up a tree just before dropping him.

Care to try again?

Crawdaddy's picture

Can't work, can't jump. Fuck it. Tax strike!

toady's picture

I just finished my income taxes. Third year in a row paying ZERO!

Tax strike indeed!

Now, on the other hand, property taxes are killing me!

Panem et Circus's picture

It will come at some point soon. Not soon enough, but I think next year you will see some.

roadhazard's picture

Only as much as a person wants it to be.

Ignatius's picture

Look out.  The last time a bunch of white guys needed work....

Well, you know the stories.

kragsquest's picture

Too bad some of the internet addicts can't be paid on the basis of how much they jerk off to porn; a few would be millionaires!

Yes_Questions's picture



I'd be able to afford a fully automatic nail gun..



Yenbot's picture

Which begs the question: would you shoots yoosef wid it? Seven times?

Poor Grogman's picture

New meaning of pay per view

Please stop giving .gov ideas .

toady's picture

They do. It's called the SEC.

Davilis's picture

Wow, you truly can goal-seek any assertion through graphs and pseudo-statistics.  Another low point in the latest misinformation from zh.  The economy MUST be getting better if we are this desparate for articles!

random shots's picture

The original Tyler's checked out long ago.

IridiumRebel's picture

You're right. Let's head over to NBC and see what they have to say.

IridiumRebel's picture

The economy is so bad that Exxon laid off 25 Senators. 






I'll be here all week. Try the veal.

sylviasays's picture

....and they were promptly hired by one of obozo's green energy companies that are financed with tax payer's dollars.

gwar5's picture

Who the Eff is gonna pay for 20 million illegal aliens to get Obamacare when all the old reliable YT's are already tapped out and can't even pay for their own?

The unemployment numbers are all hogwash along with everything else. I'm afraid to check Shadowstats this month.



Yes_Questions's picture



yay!  the people on the blue line are winning!!



Dre4dwolf's picture

went to a new wendys foodchain opening and 100% of the employees and even the manager were black, white people get discriminated against you telling me not even one white guy showed up to apply lol? i find ithard to believe but just...maybe

LetThemEatRand's picture

So if black people work at a Wendy's and white people live off the trough it's because the blacks are discriminating?  It's that kind of logic that makes my brain explode.

Dre4dwolf's picture

come on, when you have fifteen black employees and not even one white guy/gal . . . . someone is discriminating....... would be the same if it was reversed....... not saying that you shouldnt hire all employees from one color or w.e just saying its clearly obvious they were looking to employ people with black skin as a preference, because its obvious.

sylviasays's picture

Let's try some more of that logic to make LetThemEatRand's little pea brain to explode! How about if Mexican illegals work at McDonald's and Asian people live off the trough it's because the blacks are discriminating! KABOOM!