American Hustle?

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Ever feel like it's all just one big con?




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Ever feel?

I'm even questioning why the fuck we even bother to vote!!

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Yes, we feel American Exceptionalism. Nobody else in the world has unlimited Yellenbux that the rest of the world accepts as "money."

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The brainwashing is strong. You must be vigilant in opening people's eyes. "Last bastion of freedom. " or something.

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That graphic ought to be replaced by the one William Banzai did, his showed the real con. The graphic above simply shows a few of the irrelevant thespians. 


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There are simply too many cons going on to count these days.

BTW... looks like there will be record ice coverage on the Great Lakes this winter.

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Who forgot their red pill?

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The Republicans suck donkey balls, too!

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The movie sucked as much as the Republicans!

I am Chumblezwumblez.

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Combination of Victorian Burlesque and Samuel Beckett style theater of the absurd.

Welcome to the United States of Entertainment. 

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Or "The three stigmatas of Palmer Eldritch" by PKD.

Can-D and Chew-Z induced world.

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Movie was just another Rah Rah Rah USA crap.  Good or bad morally the brainwashing and collapse of education goes on. Like Sonny and Cher said "And the beat goes on"


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Movie was just another Rah Rah Rah USA crap.  Good or bad morally the brainwashing and collapse of education goes on. Like Sonny and Cher said "And the beat goes on"


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Yeah, we have not had ice like this since 1996....

Note "this century" started in the year 2000....

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The ice on the C & D canal and upper Chesapeake Bay is pretty bad this year also. We've seen worse but it's bad enough to limit transit to steel hulled vessels only. Some tug/barge combos are having trouble in some places. The noise the ships make forcing their way through the ice can wake you up at night. Sounds like the world's largest snowplow going through.

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The ice and snow did not make it to Costa Rica this year.  But 14 Americans did (mostly to fish)...  I wrap-up my trip to Costa Rica with some links to places and services for anyone interested.  All three places mentioned provided nice services to us Americans...  I finish with a short discussion of Costa Rica as a "Plan B" (or retirement destination).

The link at the bottom will take you to all three Costa Rica pieces.

"Costa Rica: Wrap-Up (and Plan B?)"

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"BTW... looks like there will be record ice coverage on the Great Lakes this winter."

Global warming scientists studing declining ice on the Great Lakes ship stuck in ice and need rescue?

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Talking of looks like; in that picture Harry Reid looks more like Alan Greenspan

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Those photos are shopped by KGB.

ManBaerPig says Gloabal Whamming is real.

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Yeah, because having it a little bit colder than normal on 2% of the planet changes everything....

Have you found that clue that you were looking for?

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Irrelevant thespians?

or well paid co-consipirators! 

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We're "exceptional" alright.

How else to explain being enslaved, but declaring oneself "free?!" Being poor, and living as if rich?! Being murderous around the world, while maintaining one is compassionate and tolerant?!

Yeah, we're exceptional alright?!


"Born in the kill the yellow man.”

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where the white women at?

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out shopping for foot long hot dogs, more likely.

with a preference for buffalo meat .....

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They need to see that you love and believe in their system or they will simply have to kill you. Nothing personal you understand... it's just sociopathic self preservation...

"Do the Hustle" (prison style)

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Obama was stoned during the Costas interview

Obama was sober as a Puritan preacher during the Costas interview

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I saw that, too.  I told my wife, "it looks like he has been smoking some that good Government Weed".  Maybe he brought some pakalolo back from Hawaii?

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+100 for the pakalolo reference.  As an Oahu resident in my teenage years, your comment reminded me of, " Who's the lolo, that stole my pakalolo" ..... Man o' man ... nothing like da kind bud and a beautiful set coming your way and no locals to be seen.  Heaven.

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What we couldn't see were the presidential bong and bowl of potato chips sitting on the coffee table in front of him.

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Vote? What, exactly, do you presume to be voting for?

Voting is just a suggestion box for slaves.

The.Harmless.Who's picture



Sudden Debt, 


That's the amazing thing no - almost everyone I speak with in any country I visit hates the main parties in their countries....


Yet, by way of miracle - one of the main parties ALWAYS gets to or stays in power.  


So people / sheeple do bother to vote - and herein lies the danger - they get the Government they truly deserve. 


Two main parties = two cheeks of the same ugly back-side. 


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"I'm even questioning why the fuck we even bother to vote!!"

It's your confirmation of tptb program.

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You're just figuring that out now?! Sorry but you're way behind the curve on that one.

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Voting just legitimizes the process.

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Indeed! I have ceased all voting, unless a candidate vows to end the occcupation of America by a certain group.

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"The people who vote decide nothing.  The people who count the vote decide everything."
                       -J. Stalin

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Even that is not true any longer when it comes to the serious matters that face us.  The vote has been hijacked by several thousand lobbyists, representing maybe a hundred special, very very wealthy interests.

The government will allow gays to get married, big fucking deal, and distract the human beans into thinking that this is the most serious problem we have.  Meanwhile, the Defense budget, the Roads and bridges budget, and the entitlements that buy votes are all being quietly passed with nary a word of meaningful dissent.

And the  most important financial issue in the world, HOW MANY DOLLARS TO CREATE  out of nothing, goes unremarked upon by anyone but ZH, maybe Gretchen Morgenstern and few others, well out of mainstream communication.


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Whom do you think is telling the counter, exactly how to vote?

Flakmeister's picture

Clearly the effect of gerrymandering is beyond your grasp...

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Participation, voting, in a system that is criminal makes you a participant in their criminality and your enslavement--you are playing their game.


First step: Rejection--Stop paying, stop obeying, stop playing.


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Who the fuck would downvote your comment?

The.Harmless.Who's picture





And... Negative voters to your post (or mine!) are zionist scum (i.e. scum scum), and should be skinned alive and boiled in oil - as a warning to other wanna-be parasitic groups that want to impose their rothschilds way on the world. 



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That's right, a non vote is NOT a wasted vote. When anyone asks why you didn't vote you can tell them you have chosen to opt out of the corrupt system that is completely manipulated. Continue to opt out by NEVER eating at corporate restUrants, eat local, and try not to shop or spend any money with the corporations that are destroying this country and our way of life. Also, soon there will be "Town Hall" meetings with your government " representative", hopefully they will turn into lynchings Hang all the politicians for treason. Then hang the bankers.

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Voting just legitimizes the process. -- chinoslims

I agree. Voting can also de-legitimize the process as well.

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  "This town is like a great big pussy... just waiting to get fucked."

  Tony Montana ~ Scarface

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When it implodes no man in the universe will touch the sides of the hole.