Angela Merkel Furious At Nuland's "Fuck The EU" Comments

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A few short months after Putin cornered the US state department into a disastrous foreign relations dead end with the false flag Syrian escalation which achieved none of the predetermined nat-gas-to-Europe pipeline ambitions, instead alieanting the US from both staunch allies Saudi Arabia and Israel, the Russian president has just managed to inflict yet more pain on US foreign policy this time by infuriating (even more) a core US ally in Europe - Angela Merkel. Just two days after the phone recording of Victoria Nuland emerged in which she not only made it explicitly clear it was the US who was the puppetmaster behind the Ukranian opposition with the traditional CIA tractics as was expected all along, but also explained just how the US freels toward the EU with the now infamous "Fuck the EU" comment, Angela Merkel called the obscene remark "absolutely unacceptable."

And then, Nuland not knowing when to stop, proceeded to insert foot in mouth just a little deeper: ""I am not going to comment on private diplomatic conversations. But it was pretty impressive tradecraft. The audio was extremely clear," she told reporters during a visit to Kiev."

At least she indirectly complemented Putin on being smart enough to not only intercept what appears to have been an unencrypted phone call, but to release it at just the right time as the entire world's attention turns to Russia and by extension, the Ukraine.

Because in retrospect Putin does deserve praise: having won the Ukraine over Europe's cries of horror, he has also managed, in the past year, to alienate the US from Israel, Saudi Arabia and now, Germany. And all this without saying a single word, let along firing a shot.

So now that we know the apriori winner, the loser has no choice but to engage major damage control, which is borderline delusional. From Reuters:

[Nuland] said she did not foresee damage to relations with opposition leaders, saying they "know exactly where we stand in respect of a non-violent solution to the problem."


Of relations with Russia, she said Washington and Moscow had "very deep, very broad and complex" discussions on a range of international issues including Iran and "frank and comradely discussions" on Ukraine.


U.S. officials did not deny the authenticity of the recording and said Nuland apologized to EU colleagues for the comment.


Angela Merkel, already furious with Washington for several months over reports that U.S. officials bugged her own phone, found Nuland's remarks "totally unacceptable", a spokeswoman for the German chancellor said.

Yet, it's one thing to delude oneself that the US is still the undisputed world's superpower, it is far worse to express the kind of hubris that Nuland did, when she communicated and discussed confidential US geopolitical strategy on an unencrypted phone line - traditionally a fireable offense, if not worse.

In Washington, U.S. officials said Nuland and Pyatt apparently used unencrypted cellphones, which are easy to monitor. The officials said smart phones issued to State Department officials had data encryption but not voice encryption.


In Nuland's call, apparently recorded about 12 days ago when Ukrainian opposition leaders were considering an offer from Yanukovich to join his cabinet, she suggested that one of three leading figures might accept a post but two others should stay out. In the end, all three rejected the offer.

The biggest loser here, however, continues to be the Ukraine, whose people are facing a cold winter without assurances they will have Russian nat gas, and a government that is a chess piece in an ongoing power play between Europe and Russia, now that the CIA has taken a back seat. Incidentally, Russia made it quite clear that it demands Ukraine's full allegiance and as Russian finance minister Anton Siluanov told reporters overnight, Russia  would withold its second loan payment to the troubled nation unless the Ukraine, which owes a “not insignificant” sum for natgas, makes the payment.

In other words, just like Greece has become a money "tolling" intermediary for the ECB and German banks, in which Europe pretends to bail out the crushed country when in reality it is just funding debt payments to its own banks, so the Ukraine has now become an intermediary, in which loan payments from Russia go to pay... Russia's Gazprom. And in the process Russia pulls the Ukraine from the European sphere of influence and back into that of the New Normal USSR.

Game, set, match Putin. Again.

But wait, there's more. Because Putin, unsatisfied with simple making a mockery of the US State Department, decided to rub it in some more. The Hill reports:

Rising animosity between the former Cold War powers was on full display Friday when Russia chose a former figure skater who tweeted out a racially charged picture of President Obama for the symbolic lighting of the Olympic cauldron.


Russian President Vladimir Putin hoped hosting the first Games since the 1980 Moscow Olympics, which the U.S. boycotted, would showcase a “new Russia” emerging from the ashes of the Soviet Union as he enters his 15th year in power.


Instead the U.S. and its western allies have consistently painted the picture of a corrupt autocracy.


The media's focus on the persecution of gays in Russia, terrorism and Russia's lackluster infrastructure – many hotels don't have potable water even though the Games are estimated to have cost more than $50 billion, the most ever – have further infuriated the Kremlin.


“I understand how the press here works. They need hot issues in order to be read, to have high circulation,” Sergey Kislyak, Putin's envoy to Washington, told The Washington Diplomat last month.

That's ok - as long as the US population can keep itself distracted from the sheer implosion of US standing internationally by looking at tweeted images of decrepit toilets and busted Sochi plumbing from a self-indulgent US press corps, and continue feeling good about itself, then all is well. After all, that's just what Putin wants.

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LeisureSmith's picture

Fuck the EU.

A statement i can really get behind. Fuck'em.

That goes for you too Mutti.

strannick's picture

Nuland was just expressing Americas sincere feelings towards Euroland. What's Merkel surprized? No doubt they were saying the same thing at the NY Fed when they decided to keep Germany's gold.

jbvtme's picture

what about the missing gold, douchbag?

BaBaBouy's picture

Bitch Fight, Bitch Fight ...

BaBaBouy's picture

NuNu: Merkel Shuddup, Or You Get Only 1 Tonne A Year

Of Your FED GOLD Back...

SWRichmond's picture

yup, just thinking that...maybe Merkel will demand more gold?

"You know what, Barack?  SEND IT ALL BACK."

Also, when Putin succeeds in yanking Turkey away from NATO, energy flows get interesting.

ElvisDog's picture

Interesting for who? Euroland? Well, fuck 'em, that's their problem. It's no business of the U.S. how the EU gets its nat gas or at what price.

Arius's picture

I would be furious too!  good for you Merkel showing some bones finally ...

Bindar Dundat's picture

none of this happens without help from inside the Whitehouse.  The U.S. might have  a Prez that is not entirely on the side of America.  

Headbanger's picture

Why do you conspiracy idiots always believe this shit happens on purpose due to some grand scheme of things??


Johnny Cocknballs's picture

You think Nuland was elected, do you?

Newsboy's picture

Every phone is bugged.

Nuland was stupid to behave as if her phone was not bugged.

I learned this in the mid 1970s.

When was it not true since then?

lewietheparrot's picture

Do you think that all of this was an accident?

After all of the other accidents, you do not think this was done deliberately as a provocation?

I don't know, myself, but even stupidity has limits----

I don't know, but your post called for the question for some reason

Thanks, Newsboy

Newsboy's picture


I can't imagine how much stupidity is spoken on phones all the time.

I don't see this as provocation.

Russia probably has much worse stuff recorded.

This is just a bit of a flourish in the fencing match, not a thrust.

"Style points"

Keyser's picture

Obama gets his ass handed to him once again by Putin. Oh the irony. 

eurogold's picture

Thanks Mrs. Nuland ! Another fine example of American Diplomacy

Pegasus Muse's picture

Victoria Nuland’s Bio:

Her husband’s: (Founder, Project for the New American Century [PNAC])

Both Zionist NeoCons to the core and both probably dual passport holders. Nuland was a National Security Advisor to Dick Cheney; now she's Hitlary's deputy at State. Politicians come and go but the shadow government operators remain to play the game.

ZerOhead's picture

I love how the MSM quickly entered damage control mode and diverted public attention by focusing on the "Fuck the EU" statement rather than the core of what the United States Of Israel State Department was actually up to in the Ukraine.

Bravo! The regularly scheduled programming can now safely proceed...

Attitude_Check's picture

Before you act so smug, you should make sure you know what you are talking about.  She is a political appointee, appointed by the president who is at least officially elected.


Tall Tom's picture

She was also subjected to Confirmation Hearings by the US Senate which is another elected body.


Note the Benghazi reference...

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

Yeah, she wasn't elected you ignorant cunts.  And she wasn't appointed because we elect idiots, she was appointed because she is part of the same tiny elite as the people who propel the candidates we get to power in the first place.


You have two parties, both controlled by the super wealthy, and you think you have a "choice" because you get to go in a booth and choose Coke or Pepsi?


Ignorant feckers, ain't ye junkers?

Dugald's picture


Is that Nuland from Nutland?????

mendolover's picture

How does the saying go?  "It's not a conspiracy theory if it can be proven it's true".

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

Thank you for making me aware that this exists.

The Heart's picture

It sure is a good thing the EU has those rothschilds and all their money to save them from the crash.

foodisgood's picture


As usual all you naggers here under Tyler's trance believe you are better than the problems of your leaders and are immune cause you know the real score.

We are all fucked here cause 'the story' is just about that. Getting fucked.

The world got to where it is today due to cooperation, trust and understanding what real capital WAS. All the motherfuckers here are just like the motherfuckers you point the finger at - willing to sell you mom for just one more fix to place you on what ever pedistal gives you the feeling of being so special.

Why are we so fucked - go look in the mirror ya fukin nagger.

Tall Tom's picture

I would rather be fucked while I am awake and aware instead of taking an ass pounding in my sleep.


In that way I will know who is going to get their throat cut when I get the chance.


Do you know how to make bombs? Who needs a gun?

RafterManFMJ's picture

Unencrypted phone calls? Gutter talk? The real problem here is America's quota and affirmative action shibboleths; promoting people to positions of real power where they can do real damage due to their stupidity, incompetence and inexperience.

The good news is Nations that subscribe to such self-destructive policies, eventually, self-destruct.

Read that the most common occupation in Congress is lawyer - and the most common occupation in the Chinese equivalent is engineer.

Freed Reed's latest column described AmeriKa perfectly - 'A third world country with a first world infrastructure.'

So buckle up campers as it's going to get worse before it can get better - this I promise you.

Headbanger's picture

I agree.  Nuland is yet another example of "The Peter Principle"  at work here in the US in addition to Obama being an idiot who never should have been allowed to run for public office.

I wish Angela would put on a pair of German shit kicker boots and  kick Nulan's ass hard for being such an Ugly American.

Now back to re-loading!

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

Nope. Nuland is there because she's an establishment neocon like her husband.  And Obama is there because a small group of influential people recognized what a charismatic figure he was before he was ever installed as a state senator.

Rafferty's picture

True.  And they also had plenty of dirt on Bath-house Barry to keep him in line.

rehypothecator's picture

This problem could even only arise because of the coercive power of states.  "Fuck the EU" wouldn't even come up if the only thing America did with the EU was trade with them when it made economic (but, pointedly, not "political") sense to do so.  

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Neocon? You mean New World Order Israel firster?

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

more or less.  but I think she'd sell out Israel if it meant more power and wealth for herself.

Drifter's picture

And the won't be happy till they cause WWIII and get millions of people killed.

stormsailor's picture

don't forget to check your head-spacing

Headbanger's picture

Yep..  My head is spaced out alright!  So I'm good!

It's all go, no-go from here now!  Or later...

And I'm sure gld I ordered that sett of 22lr dies!  Can't wait to use em cause I've saved every spent 22 case I ever shot and they filled up half the garage!

tenpanhandle's picture

After the dies etc., what's it cost to reload a 22.  How 'bout the primers?  Didn't know you could reload those little rimfire jobbers.  With the inability to even buy 22 anymore (at the usual outlets) it does make sense to reload them.  Unfortunately, never saved a single piece of 22 brass in my life.

DeadFred's picture

Angela will calm down in a few days. Just ask Tokyo's governor-to-be. This is just another case of irrational menstruating females. 

q99x2's picture

You buckle up. I'm leavin.

GetZeeGold's picture



You Get Only 1 Tonne A Year Of Your FED GOLD Back...


It's jest a matter of settling the storage bill now.....let's see.....carry the 1.

Looks like you might owe us some gold on this worries....we'll take a check.

Pool Shark's picture



Well, that's what I get for actually working yesterday and missing that post...

 [apologies to fonestar for re-opening old[ish] wounds] 

{Edit: "What's in YOUR wallet?"  Answer: it doesn't matter; I can't get it open...}


nmewn's picture

Its just like having a super duper, heavilly encrypted account so no one can steal from a virtual bank, that suddenly gets locked up by the virtual it?

Whocouldaseenthatonecomin? ;-)