Europe Stunned, Angry As Switzerland Votes To Curb Immigration

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This wasn't supposed to happen. At a time when the European Union, reeling from the ongoing near collapse of the Eurozone, has been preaching its key benefits - the removal of borders and the free transit of labor - moments ago Switzerland, with a tiny majority of 50.4%, voted in favor of new immigration curbs which requires the government to set an upper limit for foreigners, risking a backlash from the (utterly toothless) European Union.

In some ways this was a vote of the urban vs rural population: Voters in the cities of Zurich and Basel and cantons in western Switzerland opposed the measures, while those in rural German- speaking cantons and the Italian-speaking region of Ticino backed it, reports Bloomberg.

The problem for Europe is that the backlash against immigration was supposed to be a PIIG thing, having led to the surge of such nationalist parties as Golden Dawn in Greece, but they don't matter as the will of the "peripheral" people is completely ignored in Europe. However, now that one of Europe's most successful nations has opined against the free importing of labor, despite the prevalent perception that it has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of immigration, Switzerland has just left Europe's pro-migration propaganda in shambles. To wit, from Bloomberg:

Immigration has supported economic growth, and the EU bloc is Switzerland’s top export destination. Roughly a fifth of its 8 million inhabitants come from abroad. About 45 percent of employees in its chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industry are foreigners, according to scienceindstries, an association whose members include drugmakers Roche Holding AG and Novartis AG, and food company Nestle SA.


We do need to hire talented individuals,” Credit Suisse Group AG Chief Executive Officer Brady Dougan told reporters on Feb. 6. “Having access to talent is something that’s important for all the businesses here.”


In the run-up to the vote, the initiative “against mass immigration” pitted companies small and large against the euro- skeptic Swiss People’s Party SVP, the biggest in the lower house of parliament. Corporations argued they need top talent from around the world to maintain their competitive edge, while critics, many of them members of the SVP, said the flood of newcomers is leading to worse working conditions, crowded trains and a housing shortage.

The unexpected outcome may lead to some dramatic consequences for Switzerland: according to Thomas Kern, chief executive officer of Zurich Airport, a “yes” to the vote could even jeopardize the country’s aviation industry by forcing the re-negotiation of landing rights. “A lot is at stake,” he told the newspaper Blick in an interview published on Feb. 7.

In response about public unease about the number of newcomers, the government already enacted yearlong curbs on residence permits for citizens of EU countries including Germany and France. There are also quotas for citizens of non-EU countries such as Australia and Canada.

Ironically, it could get even worse for fans of free labor movement before it gets better: "in a sign of how anxious the Swiss population is about foreigners, another initiative, which would cap the immigration rate at 0.2 percent of the resident population, is in the pipeline. The government, which opposes that measure too, hasn’t set a voting date yet."

What remains unsaid here is that immigration will be the least of Swiss worries if, as the SNB has been warning for the past week, the Swiss housing market - already in an unprecedented bubble - undergoes a controlled demolition, precisely at a time when foreigners suddenly find themselves no longer welcome in the one-time netural utopia nestled within the tranquility of the Alps.

Regardless of the outcome for the Swiss economy, Europe is furious:

The vote also risks creating a rift between Switzerland and the EU, its biggest trading partner. The decision to open the borders 12 years ago was negotiated as part of a package of agreements that allow Swiss companies access to the common market, the government has warned.


According to European Commission President Jose Barroso, the free movement of persons was of “fundamental importance” and cannot be separated from the free exchange of goods, services and capital. “Within the framework of the bilateral agreement there are certain legal consequences,” Barroso told the Neue Zuercher Zeitung in an interview last November.


“That’s the open question -- one doesn’t know what the EU will do,” said Andreas Ladner, professor of public administration at the University of Lausanne. “The EU has indicated that the initiative violates its free movement of people and won’t be tolerated.”

So now that the unthinkable has happened, just what will the unelected European bureaucrats do to enforce its "untoleration" of the Swiss democratic vote": invade the mountainous country? Hardly.

Instead Europe will content itself with doing the only thing it knows how to do: use harsh language, in this case the following email it blasted out angrily in the aftermath of the Swiss vote, saying that "the European Commission regrets that an initiative for the introduction of quantitative limits to immigration has been passed by this vote. This goes against the principle of free movement of persons between the EU and Switzerland."

Most importantly, it also goes against the core European principle of ignoring what the majority wants because everyone in centrally-planned, banker-controlled, insolvent European nations knows- only a few "good" unelected bureaucrats know what is best for everyone. As such the democratic vote must always be ignored, especially when it goes against the thesis preached by the politicians, the central bankers, and, of course, Goldman Sachs.

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Headbanger's picture

Congrats Switzerland!!

Why nobody invades Switzerland:

"Guns and shooting are a strong Swiss tradition. Basic military training is mandatory for  young men"


Rafferty's picture

All the rest of us in Europe would do the same.  If we got the chance to vote on it.  But the NWO traitors won't allow that.

john39's picture

Forced cultural integration is a key part of the NWO plan. All part of destroying traditional cultures, eliminating any organized threat to global control.

Looney's picture

I cunt wait for Nigel stickin'it to the fat fart Barroso on Monday ;-)


Occident Mortal's picture

Are the people who wrote this article aware of the fact that Switzerland aren't in the EU?

flacon's picture

Not all humans are created to be the same - MEANING that nationalism is inherent in the human race. Do you as a black man listen to Polish Polka folk music? Do you as a white european listen to Chinese folk music? Differences in cultures and traditions WILL BE RESPECTED. I'm here in Canada and there are so many Indians.... do they BELONG here? (have a sense of BELONGING?) Not at all. They are only here because they see opportunity. I've never met a Canadian-Indian from India who listens to bagpipe music or native flute music. The Indians here celebrate Diwali and other Indian cultural events, because they are inherently INDIAN. 

James_Cole's picture

Switzerland is not exactly famous for pro migrant policies. 

James_Cole's picture

Yeah, Switzerland would do real great without the EU, just close down the borders.

11b40's picture

Close the borders and keep all the money in their banks from EU account holders?

philipat's picture

"Are the people who wrote this article aware of the fact that Switzerland aren't in the EU?"

Yes I believe so as they refer to the suite of Agreements entered into between Switzerland and The EU in lieu of membership IN the EU. Put simply, there is a Free Trade Agreement with some additional items, such as free movement of people across the borders. Nigel Farage wants the same for The UK when it eventually exits The EU, but without the lack of immigration controls.

The EU's response to Switzerland will be interesting for several reasons. If they cancel the Free Trade facility for Switzerland, that would scuttle UKIP's policy on EU trade. It would also be interesting then to see the response of giant Swiss Corporations (Nestle, Roche, Novartis, Swatch etc.) The domestic Swiss market is tiny so would these Corporations remain in Switzerland or re-incorporate elsewhere?

For all actions there are, or should be despite Central Planning, consequences.

Urban Redneck's picture

Out of curiosity, since the CHF peg was implemented for the benefit of Big-Business Swiss exports to the EU, if the EU decides it no longer wants Big-Business Swiss Imports, what's the SNB's motivation to refrain from making a fuck-ton of profit the expense of the EUR Ponzi-scheme that Berlin and Brussels are desperately trying to prop up? (Other than the obnoxious habits of courtesy and not making a mess...)

ThroxxOfVron's picture

I have been pondering exactly this for hours now.

There was also a hell of a lot of debt issued to Europeans denominated in CHF that will become immensely difficult to repay if the CHF is allowed to rise against the Euro as was part of the reason the peg was implemented in the first place...

philipat's picture

Fat finger duplicate. Apologies.

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

So maybe the answer is for the EU to break up. 


Maybe the Swiss want to ... stay Swiss??

skank's picture

Curb your angry birds.

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

Almost 1/3 of the people there are foreign-born.

Do you want them to become like Fiji or Hawaii - a minority in their homeland?


If so, could you go fuck yourself? 


I'll wait.

Think before you comment's picture

Right. Like you're an expert. 23 percent of foreigners. Switzerland has a tradition of being foreign friendly and is a magnet in the heart of Europe. +80000 per year for the last several years (total population: roughly 8 million). No one wants anyone to leave, the initiative wants to curb the inflow. 

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

oh really?


ask yourself how many lives we saved between '33 and '45

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

do you realize that no country in the world has such a hight foreigners ratio?


25%. where do you live? and how many foreigners are there where you live?

A Nanny Moose's picture

MEANING that nationalism is inherent in the human race.

Disagree. For it to be inherent universally, an infant would have to be born with the understanding of Nationalism. Nationalism is learned, and not innately human. It may appear innately human, because the most irrational, fearful and self-loathing humans on the planet are running the show, and are responsible for educating humans.

Given the choice, (IWO, with it being illegal) would/should two individuals on opposite sides of some arbitrary line, refuse to trade with eachother, simply because they are from the other side of some line?

flacon's picture

It's not that different NATIONS can't do business with each other, but there is a cultural element that is extremely in-born. A Greek is a Greek and a Turk is a Turk and never the twain shall meet. It's just how it is. If you are a white person, try intermingling with niggers in the ghetto. I bet you can't - and that's because niggers are always niggers and only niggers. Wiggers aren't even allowed. (to put it impolitely). 


PS: I love the Division Bell album. Good avatar.

CheapBastard's picture

Geneva police have set up a special street crime unit and more officers are planned to combat a local crime wave. Yet certain foreign diplomats say more must be done and warn insecurity is threatening the city’s image.

Saudi Consul General Nabil Mohammed Al-Saleh, dean of Geneva’s consular group, comprising some 30 consulates like Britain, Belgium, Turkey, Algeria and South Africa, confirmed insecurity had become the “number one” concern of local diplomats.
“Crime has been increasing in Geneva over the past ten years,” he explained. “Everyone is upset. Everyone has been through something.”

Kobe Beef's picture

Substitute the 20th Century definition of Nation as a purely abstract Legal-Political entity with the 19th Century definition of Nation as a group of historically related people, or the Bronze Age definition of Nation as tribe, and yes, it is innately human. That is why is it so useful to political leaders: Us and Them is real. Inclusive Fitness is built-in.

Furthermore, In-group Bias is found throughout the hominids and other gregarious species, so homo saps are not alone. Who taught them? Where was it learned? A pigeon attempting to flock with hawks would not survive. Likewise, termites do not associate with ants. And yes, chimpanzees regularly attack the chimps on the other side of the valley rather than trade. Discrimination is an adaptive trait, and selected for.

That said, I understand your point. Humans take this too far sometimes, leading to wars and the like. But to deny "nationalism's" innate existence is to deny history and the empirical record entirely. We will not get anywhere denying differences. Perhaps we can learn to appreciate them, but not obliterate them.

Antifaschistische's picture

I don't think of it as nationalism in the modern sense.   I think of it as tribalism in the socioloical sense.  And yes, humans everywhere attempt to arrange themselves is social pods.  You can define those tribes anyway you see fit based on what you value most.   Some do it along religious lines, some will define it based "race" but what is race?  They really do it based on a shared history of family and culture.  So, if you're Samoan, and proud of it, it's not a racial's a historical context.    

This is also why American "culture" if you call it that is weak and breaking apart.  Our of "political correctness" we've socially disgraced the raising of cultural walls and distinctions in favor of pseudo-integration and acceptance.  Read your history.  This has rarely won't work in here in America.....and God bless the Swiss for recognizing it.

Spumoni's picture

There is a riddle here somewhere. The US became a [once] great nation precisely because it welcomed in all comers for 150 years. Conversing with folks you don't understand, or don't like, or disagree with is an excellent way to broaden one's mind. It is a reliable way to find 'new' approaches to old problems.

It is not advisable or necessary for multiple trading partners to come to the table being all alike - isolationist behavior only weakens social structure and hardens prejudice. Its one of the biggest problems with the financial sector - multiple partners all engaging in masturbation. Not one of the economic or political geniuses we currently have at the helm have brought anything new to the table. One giant pack of wankers.

Ai uchi: an attitude of no-attitiude; treat one's enemy as an honored guest. In this way enmity is often overcome and an outcome beneficial to all parties is acquired. While I feel that such a conclusion is not really possible with the current bankster-led repocalypse, circling the wagons and shooting at anything that moves is not the way to a good solution (whatever one might feel about shooting bankers). In the global village, many of us who are worlds apart are nonetheless in the same boat. The sooner we figure out how to work together, the sooner we may have a chance at surviving for another century or two. Which may just barely buy us enough time to find another rock to colonize...

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

the immigrants of 150 years ago are not the immigrants of today.


150 years ago immigrants=hard worker

today's immigrants=freeshit army

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

Disagree.  Ingroup/Outgroup identity is inborn and multilayered - your family, your village, your tribe, your nation or folk.

I can imagine a borderless world.  I can imagine a world without war.

But I can't imagine being the first to open your borders or give up all your weapons.


Why can you?

goldhedge's picture

Do you hunt for whales and seals?



Grinder74's picture

Not to mention the rash of Mooslums you've let into your country.  I couldn't believe it when I was in a TD Bank and there were three "women" in full burka.  How is anyone not worried about bank robberies?

James_Cole's picture

Are the people who wrote this article aware of the fact that Switzerland aren't in the EU?

Actually Switzerland was a party to this accord, which is the relevant detail.

Freddie's picture

It is Bloomberg and they write pro-NWO propaganda.  Everyone who opposes being overrun by the third world is a white racist or a nazi in their book.  Evil scum.  F the news media, TV and Hollywood.

Leaf of Tree's picture

You racist fucks in the so called "First World" can keep your NSA-enabled democracy.

There will come a time when you First Worlders will beg to be allowed as political dissidents and immigrants in the Third World countries.

Your racist and xenophobic attitudes of today are alienating billions around the Planet. When the shit will hit the fan in your First World countries, you will look with envy at the so called Third World countries.

James_Cole's picture

Just like ww2, xenophobia is critical to get the peons fighting each other.

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

A country with 1/3 of its population having been born elsewhere is "xenophobic" is it? 

You keep using that word.


I do not think it means what you think it means.


Grinder74's picture

Irrationally afraid of Xena Princess Warrior??

TeamDepends's picture

Friend, never make a blanket generalization about a group of people which numbers in the hundreds of millions.

Leaf of Tree's picture

You Westerners seem to make generalization of the Eastern Europeans, Africans, Asians, Muslims which number in billions.


You rich fucks in the West are outnumbered 7:1. Your judgement days are fast encroaching on you.


Fuck the filthy decadent consumerist selfish West with all its citizens!

Kobe Beef's picture

Good luck with that.

Whatever happens, we have got The Maxim gun, and they have not.

I'd be reaaaal careful about stirring up the WASPs, if I were you. The pendulum will swing, the wheel will turn, and we will not find much use for wogs under the more difficult circumstances that you wish upon us.

Leaf of Tree's picture

Go fuck yourself you nazi scum and your white neoprotestant racist shits!


Raymond K Hessel's picture

I don't know if you should be so hard on white people.


You never know how that might turn out for you!  Check it at 9 min 45 seconds.


Ar-Pharazôn's picture

probably because usually the first calling others "racists", he's the true racist.

quite simple.

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

Miss a couple doses of your meds did ya?


Global Observer's picture

What makes you think s/he lives in a Western country or cares what happens to wogs living there?

Yes, the pendulum will swing and people identifiable as belonging to non-local cultures could become targets. But as things start getting tougher for everyone in the West, they might simply relocate to their countries of origin if they still have any connections left. Others might become tools of the elite and receive their protection in return for doing the dirty work of the elite. However what is extremely unlikely is that any Western country or NATO could launch a military attack on their country of origin because they don't like the behaviour of the immigrants/descendents of immigrants. The immigrants to the West from third world are not exactly popular back in their countries of origin. Their immediate family may be proud of them because of the gifts they take back home enhancing their prestige locally, but should the same guys come under attack from the local pouplations of their adopted countries, few back home would sympathise with them.

Anyway, coming to topic on hand, it is a smart move by the Swiss. Social cohesion is much more important than businesses' interests.

Spumoni's picture

Yo - did you post that on your i-phone, your laptop or a pc? Go strap some bombs on and have a blast, willya?

Grinder74's picture

Right, you're as numerous as the idiot zombies in some AMC drama.  Have fun with that.

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

typing this from a dell pc, eating your McShit while drinking a liter a cola.




you're just a deluded marxist.

AvoidingTaxation's picture

In Switzerland democracy is not NSA enables dear Leaf of Tree, 713 years ago when muslim were still in Spain and Mongols were conquering Asia the Swiss started to be free.