Good Thing The US Only Has 6.6% Unemployment...

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... or else the following photo just tweeted by Marie-Antoinette Michelle Obama of White House canines dining on fine taxpayer-funded china might have seemed just a little inappropriate.

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Tax dollar put to good use.

Xibalba's picture

let them eat sh!t cake

Mad Mohel's picture

What!? WHAT!? You tellin me the President isn't allowed to have his in-laws over!?

ACP's picture

He is. They just crawl along the baseboards at night.

remain calm's picture

How much you want to bet the half black dog fucks the all black dog?

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Clown is half white, but not sure of you are refer.

Boris long guillotine, short on cake.

willwork4food's picture

One would hope the fine china and accessories were made with American labor, but I also have faith in winning the lottery soon.

EscapingProgress's picture

I'm sure those dogs would taste good with a nice marinade and a side of potatoes. The outter party members have to eat something, right?

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Remember, is first shave pooch before cook.

jeff montanye's picture

doesn't work without the power tie.  nice.

kralizec's picture

Just like their owners...sometimes it is not always obvious which one is the real bitch.

Larry Dallas's picture


"Who put the Kool's out on the rug? That shit's Persian!"

A Nanny Moose's picture

"It was a stone groove, my man!"

Dog! It's what's for dinner

Tall Tom's picture

TYLER DURDEN...This post by Larry Dallas is RACIST GARBAGE.



jeff montanye's picture

i was more offended by the needless use of the possessive on "kool's".

to use another (even more apt?) n word/phrase: nouveau riche.  also: not politically acute.  perhaps it's all that confidence in the d.c.  need to head over to w.v. for a wake up.

phranq's picture

Easy there T.Tom... I guess you haven't seen the movie Trading Places...

KnightTakesKing's picture

Roll The MF Guillotines. I'll let you figure out the MF.

jeff montanye's picture

mentally fabricated?  minutely fantasized?  morally forgiven?  mowing fascisti? mr. foomp (brand name)?

waterwitch's picture

Why not drone guillotines? Seems more appropriate for the times.

philipat's picture

Tomorrrow's dinner being fattened for O??

Mike in GA's picture

They're not in-laws - they're what's for supper!

Allah be braised!

A Nanny Moose's picture

Wouldn't the pics be of Ewoks then?

unrulian's picture

Gold plated cuttlery and Gold lined china....ahh that's where it all went

Zadok's picture

Scheiss cake to you sir!

VD's picture

u c the fukn twitter commentz¿¿¿ no fukn wonder this country is going downhill: buncha sycophantic sheeple!

Rukeysers Ghost's picture

Let's be honest here. Most thinking people are not following this fat assed broad on twitter. All her followers are mental defectives and Welfare Queens.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

I'd rather see the dogs eating off of fine china in the White House than Lloyd Blankshit or Jamie Demon.

pods's picture

They are too nervous to be around the dinner table when the POTUS is around.

My how times have changed.  


Tall Tom's picture

I am happy to know that Lloyd and Jaime eat off of the same china as the dogs.


There is some satisfaction to that.

Ignatius's picture

"Tax dollar put to good use."

I am given to understand that Hitler also loved his dogs.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

... the conversation officially goes off topic once Hitler is brought up.

willwork4food's picture

Why, do you know some more good jew jokes?

Ignatius's picture

I was waiting for you and your comment.

"Honey, it works!"

sgorem's picture

the one on the left is barry Obanana, and i take it the other one is michelle Obanana. can't see how any one human being, much less a whole fucking population can take three more fucking years of this circus.

ebworthen's picture

You have got to fucking be kidding me.

Wookie in the White House! 

Grande Tetons's picture

Moochelle makes Nancy Reagan look like Mother Theresa. 

I remember as a kid how much the media ragged on Nancy Reagan for being OPULENT with her tastes. True, probably a grain a truth to that. However, I never saw her fucking mut on the fucking table eating fine cuisine either. Yeah.....I know...there is no Blue or Red...just bullshit...but for fuck sakes am I getting sick of this shit. 

Tall Tom's picture

The class, grace, and charisma of the Reagan's demonstrated respect for the office.


After G HW Bush we had the Hillbilly, the Drunk, and now a classless arrogant clown.


What is next?

bearwinkle's picture

I am confused which one is Michelle Obama in the picture the one on the left or right?

Joe_in_Indiana's picture

On the right.  Remember Obama had a white mother. 

Grande Tetons's picture

Joe in Indiana and bearwinkle 

TKS. You made my day. Awesome posts.  Leavin with a smile. 

Lore's picture

This is so brazen, it MUST be deliberate.