What Would Chinese Hegemony Look Like?

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Submitted by Robet E Kelly via The Diplomat,

East Asia is becoming, in the language of international relations theory, “bipolar.” That metaphor, from magnetism, suggests two large states with overlapping spheres of influence competing for regional leadership. The Cold War was a famous global example of bipolarity. Most states in the world tilted toward the United States or the Soviet Union in a worldwide, zero-sum competition. Although analysts have hesitated for many years in applying such strong language to East Asia, this is now increasingly accepted. A lengthy twilight struggle between China and Japan, with U.S. backing, seems in the offing.

Until recently, Asia was arguably “multipolar”—there was no one state large enough to dominate and many roughly equal states competed for influence. China’s dramatic rise has unbalanced that rough equity. China is now the world’s second largest GDP. Although its growth is slowing, it is still expanding at triple the rate of the U.S. economy and six times the rate of Japan’s. By 2020 China is predicted to be the world’s largest economy. Its population, 1.35 billion, is enormous. One in seven persons on the planet is Chinese. Were China’s GDP per capita to ever reach Japanese or American levels, its total GDP would match that of entire planet today. These heady numbers almost certainly inspire images of national glory or a return to the “middle kingdom,” in Beijing. They help account for China’s increasingly tough claims in the East and South China Seas.

Until recently, China pursued a “peaceful rise” strategy, one of accommodation and mutual adjustment. This approach sought to forestall an anti-Chinese encircling coalition. China’s rapid growth unnerves many states on its perimeter, from India, east to Vietnam, Indonesia and Australia, north to Taiwan, Japan, and Russia. Were these states to align, they might contain China in the same way the Japan, China, and NATO all worked to contain the U.S.SR. The peaceful rise seemed to work, especially in southeast Asia, where Chinese generosity has successfully blocked a united ASEAN position on South China Sea issues.

Since 2009 however, China has increasingly resorted to bullying and threats. The 2008 Olympics appears to have been read in Beijing as a sign of China’s newfound might and sway. In the South China Sea it has pushed a very expansive definition of its maritime zone of control, and it recently faced down the Philippines in a dispute over the Scarborough Shoal in that sea. Indeed, one possible explanation for China’s expansion of its air defense identification zone (ADIZ) in the East China Sea is that a hard line seems to be working in the South China Sea. But China’s northeast Asian neighbors are far stronger and more capable than its southeast Asian ones. Most observers expect Japan, South Korea and the U.S. to push back, as indeed they have. The U.S. flew bombers through the new ADIZ without warning, and both Japanese and South Korean civilian airlines have been instructed by their respective governments not to comply.

All this then sets up a bipolar contest between China and Japan, in the context of China’s rapid rise toward regional dominance.

Chinese Hegemony?

A common theme in the literature on China’s rise is its apparent inevitability. Westerners particularly tend to get carried away with book-titles such as Eclipse (of the U.S. by China), When China Rules the World, or China’s New Empire. History is indeed filled with the rise to dominance of powerful states. China and Japan both sought in the past to dominate Asia. Various European states including the U.S.SR, Germany, and France did the same. But frequently these would-be hegemons collided with a counter-hegemonic coalition of states unwilling to be manipulated or conquered. Occasionally the hegemonic aspirant may win; Europe under Rome was “unipolar,” as was feudal Asia now-and-again under the strongest Chinese dynasties. But there is nothing inevitable about this. Hegemonic contenders as various as Napoleon or Imperial Japan have been defeated.

To be fair, it is not clear yet if indeed China seeks regional hegemony. But there is a growing consensus among American and Japanese analysts that this is indeed the case. By Chinese hegemony in Asia we broadly mean something akin to the United States’ position in Latin America. We do not mean actual conquest. Almost no one believes China intends to annex even its weakest neighbors like Cambodia or North Korea. Rather, analysts expect a zone of super-ordinate influence over neighbors.

For example, in 1823, U.S. president James Monroe proclaimed the Monroe Doctrine, which warned all non-American powers to stay out of the Western Hemisphere on pain of U.S. retaliation. This has worked reasonably well for almost 200 years. The U.S. has variously used force, aid, covert CIA assistance, trade, and so on to eject foreign powers from what Washington (condescendingly) came to call “America’s backyard.” Today, of course, such language seems disturbingly neocolonial, but many assume that the fundamental illiberalism of such spheres of influence do not worry non-democracies like China. A Sinic Monroe Doctrine would likely include some mix of the following:

-       the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Japan and Korea,

-       U.S. naval retrenchment from east Asia, perhaps as far back as Hawaii,

-       a division of the Pacific into east/U.S. and west/China zones with a Chinese blue-water navy operating beyond the so-called second island chain running from Japan southeast to New Guinea,

-       an RMB currency bloc in southeast Asia and possibly Korea,

-       a regional trading zone,

-       foreign policies from China’s neighbors broadly in sync with its own.

This is not going to happen soon of course. This is a project for the next several decades, just as U.S. power over Latin America came slowly through the nineteenth century. But such goals would broadly fit with what we have seen in the behavior of previous hegemons, including Imperial Japan and China, Rome, the British Empire, the U.S. in Latin America, and various German plans for Eastern Europe in the first half of the twentieth century. The era of U.S. preponderance in Asia is coming to an end.

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How big is a can of Chinese alphabet soup?

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My guess (FWIW, which is not much) is that China will ultimately fail to become the Hegemon of Asia.  They have a lot of problems (demographics, debt, pollution) that do not get discussed much by the mainstream media.

But, China is aggressive about acquiring hard assets with all that money they get from us!


So, what do poor Americans do about that?  Well, one response is to get hard assets of your own.  I review the latest the latest edition of American Hard Assets at the below link.  Read the predictions about gold & silver.  A nice article on platinum and one on palladium.  "Alternative investments" like investing in films, modern art and even fountain pens each have their own articles.  Real Estate.  Mining News (lots of mines failing to get approvals...).  Bitcoin!  

And will Janet Yellen grow a beard in homage to the previous Fed Chair?  And what of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus?

Perhaps the best issue yet...

"Review of American Hard Assets -- Jan/Feb 2014"


Exponere Mendaces's picture

China will wipe the floor with the USA.

I love how the "shadow banking" articles on China and the mysterious deadlines that now don't matter haven't made much of an impact on their multilateral agreements with other countries. Wasn't the crisis supposed to hit after the Chinese New Year? Still Nothing? Oh well, I guess articles need to be written, and so they shall.

Its quite evident that China is capable of thinking more than 10 years ahead, and most certainly farther than the myopic timeframes common in the United States. They're going through the industrial revolution phase just like the UK did, complete with pollution, and they'll work past that problem as well.

In the US, it will be more bread and circuses until either you're on a government program, or you're the one supplying the green paper tokens to make it operate. What a wonderful existence that will be for those still stuck there.


Fish Gone Bad's picture

China is a poor country full of peasants.

Its quite evident that China is capable of thinking more than 10 years ahead

That is simply not true.  It wasn't until fairly recent times that China figured out that they had to give people iodine to prevent goiters.   That was really thinking ahead.  As far as being any competition to the USA, please remember what happened to every treaty the US signed with the native Americans.  The US spends more on its military than the next 10 countries COMBINED.  China is so busy trying to cheat each other that they poison their own milk with melamine, and killed off countless US pets, and use lead in anything they can.  China is in a race to the bottom... with itself.  There is one thing to remember, and that is NO ONE wins a race to the bottom.

Google: cursing fish cafepress

buttmint's picture

Fish...spot on and +17

The Chinese fake eveything! I live in Asia the Chinese have stolen the engine dies from the Phillipines to copy for their 125cc motorscooter engine. And they still cannot produce something original. They cut corners. They copy, cheat and steal and possess garrulous manners. They'll be a bastard landlord. Have folks crying for a can-do Yank. Or Japanese quality control algos.

I have several buds as TEFL instructors in China. THEY have to take the tests for privileged students in Math and Sciences. If the teachers squawk, they don't get paid. No such thing as a Rule of Law in China.

Keep up the fine takes....

Leraconteur's picture

It's easy to win every deal and negotiation if you lie, cheat, steal, copy and rig the legal process.

China will come out on top, but it will look like the corrupt race to the bottom you describe.

It's easy to win when you break all the rules and lie. 

Cheduba's picture

"China will wipe the floor with the USA."

The only reason China rose to dominance is because it fired up the printing presses for the past several decades.  What happens when inflationary pressures cause 1.5 billion pissed off Chinese to rise up against their rulers?

Offthebeach's picture

How many thousands, yearly, of riots in the provences? Good thing Party leadership in Beijing is honest. Queer they cant straighten up local, municipal and provincial . They will "address" it. They're busy. The boys at UCLA, the house in Vancouver for Auntie, lawyer meets in Miami. Next year. For sure. You'll see. Honest. Trust the party.

UselessEater's picture

all cheer because, fortunately, 'war is a racket' doesn't apply to the grand Chinese nation... as an Aussie I am totally confident China will choose sound economic policies and prosperous partnerships vs military industrial enomic growth and pressure.....meanwhile I look forward to how they address the TPP.... and applaud our local professionals learning Mandarin (my future technocratic lords?) and I eagerly await the IMF's SDR reset apparently due this year....

sylviasays's picture

"as an Aussie I am totally confident China will choose sound economic policies and prosperous partnerships vs military industrial enomic growth and pressure"

Gawd, anotha delusional de-balled Aussie with his head up his kangaroo pouch

UselessEater's picture

sarcasm darling- Oz is on the knife edge given its geography and preference for 'globalising' and 'socialising' private property rights and regulating small business into oblivion so only big sharks can swim freely while trimming jobs and chomping up the little competitors with the endorsement of left and right wing governments who trip over themselves trying to be important on the world stage....we've been leaders in socialising capitalism for a good while now on a smooth-ish ocean so there is little rebellion in the main populace and they're a tough crowd to wake up....

by the way I would be categorised as a 'sheila' i.e. female..... never had to be 'de-balled' and its is physically impossible to go 'up' a kangaroo pouch but I get your point



blueRidgeBoy's picture

thanks for confirming my sarc-meter doesn't need recalibration - refreshing that someone can write without the </sarc> tags

Leraconteur's picture

It is more likely you are going to deeply regret moth-balling your only carrier many years ago.

The best solution is for Australia to do what Canada is doing: reposition itself from being America's lapdog and lackey to being China's lapdog and lackey. Both are resource-rich nations that are selling themselves out to the Chinese. If you don't own a house in Vancouver, you never will because corrupt party official's chilldren are bidding them all up to 1Mn CAD. Great if you own and sell to retire to Pattaya, not so great if you are young and starting out.


UselessEater's picture

we're actually unsure how many laps we are lap dog to..... suspect Xi and Rothschild type interests are the final masters but either way we're all getting versions of bail-ins, FATCA, global currency etc we're just super lucky the G20 announces this wonderfulness in Brisbane, Aust this year (by the way that was SARCASM)....

akak's picture

With or without the dog meat?

Jim in MN's picture

I've noticed a really galling myopia in the 'big bully China' articles for a couple of years now.

Japan....East China Sea....BORING....

There is one and only one indicator of Big Bully China:


Put that in your opium pipe, faux-Realpolitik know nothings.

Play that scenario out if you want to understand the geopolitics.  When does the USA cut Taiwan loose?


Japan isn't very high on China's list.  Bunch of resourceless, irradiated rocks in the middle of nowhere.

kralizec's picture

There has been a weird don't-look-there attitidue by both the US and China over Taiwan essentially since the end of the Reagan Administration...Reagan was the last to really promote strong US-Taiwan ties, especially military ties.  It's the fat elephant in the room that both can only pretend isn't there.

Chinese hegemony only has two unanswered questions to resolve:

1) Will dicey Chinese economic issues be resolved and outlast the rapidly imploding US economic issues?

2) Will there be blood spilled between the US and China?

Flakmeister's picture

And people here think BHO is a tyrant...

Leraconteur's picture

You ignorant tool, there is no such thing as the Chinese Alphabet. It does not exist, the language has no alphabet.

akak's picture

I believe he was making a joke, and speaking only in jest, knowing that written Chinese uses thousands of ideogrammatic characters instead of letters.

Which in and of itself is astounding in this day and age, as the alphabetic system is so demonstrably superior to primitive quasi-hieroglyphic picture-writing (even in English, with its atrociously non-phonetic and wildly inconsistent spelling system).

snodgrass's picture

The US has always created its own enemies in order to keep the military-industrial complex dominant. Enriching China and giving it it's own sphere of influence is already spelled out in Orwell's 1984 where the three parts of the globe are always at war with each other: 

sgorem's picture

DEMOCKRACY's takin a real bitch of a beatin these days. forward comrades..............

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

What I wonder is what the people who own the Fed and BIS, the Redshields, the Loebs, the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the  Lazars - what their approach to the Chinese is and will be.  Can't hide among them as easily, and the Chinese have more geniuses than there are...  you know...  white foreign devil banksters and their cronies.

Supposedly the Chinese have been studying Jewish culture, including the Talmud, because they believe it is part of what fosters "good business."


I wonder what they think of it. Their bamboo networks operate in somewhat similar of a fashion as Jews do internationally.  I think they'll find that exploiting labor, hyperethnocentrism, avoiding physical work, skirting the law, excluding people outside the cabal, and getting control of media and politicians is really most of it.

john39's picture

Read up on the opium wars, that is how china was brought to its knees last time, by the same cabal. See Sassoon family. History repeats.

john39's picture

Here is the PC version :


The wiki version is bad enough, but just imagine how much worse the truth is.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

The rhyme part of history might be that the US is brought to her drug knees.....

Offthebeach's picture

China has always been on its knees or at each others throats. Which has been a while, so they are due for a little 10 mil tussel.
Obamacare and continued US/Jn/EU slowdown and currency printing aught to continue to cut trust amongst various Chinese factions. Money is getting tight.

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

Oh, I entirely agree with you.  The Salafists and other jihadis are just following what the Koran itself actually says.

And you can even go on the tee-vee and say as much.

This is a good list, although I think the guy treats the OT's violence with kid gloves and/or misunderstands some of it as being specific when it is in fact really metaphyiscal and ongoing.. Palestinians 'as' Amalek and so forth. "Love your neighbor" unquestionably was originally understood to mean only fellow Jews, although for the Egyptians, from whom they pilfered the 10 commandments, it may have been in-group as well.  Jesus of Nazareth and the Good Samaritan was precisely to say that 'your neighbor' is everyone... a radical concept at the time, whether or not it was actually Caesar and Josephus that crafted most of the NT, the religious Jews that happened by didn't help him because he wasn't Jewish.

But disallowing usury, at least, was a good thing [although there were clever ways around it] and people now forget that for many hundreds of years, Muslim kingdoms were actually the most advanced and civilized in the western world - largely because they got away from fundamentalism.

I'm casually interested in Jewish, Muslim, and Evangelical/Christian Zio eschatology.  I think it's an undercurrent in the world of international politics and so forth that is leading the rest of us into a WW3 we don't want.  I don't see people discussing it, but, for example, some of the Evangelicals explicitly feel that the Muslim "messiah" is the devil or antichrist, while the muslims feel the same way. 

It's like they've been set up to view a significant portion of the world as inherently evil.  Coincidentally enough, ultra-ortho Jews, apparently with the IDF, have taken to attacking muslims on the temple mount of late.  I guess they're getting impatient for their messiah to arrive and help them rule over the rest of us.


I think Propagandhi had it right:


You speak of Rastafari, but how can you justify belief...in a God
that's left you behind?

You've simply filled the gap, between the upper and
lower class
and your faith merely keeps you line. In line....yea.

An amalgamation of jewish
scripture and christian thought.
What will that get you? Not a fuck of a lot.

Take a look at your promised land. Your deed is that gun in your hand.
Zion's a minefield.

(4x) The West Bank. The Gaza strip
soon to be parking lots, for American tourists and fascist cops.

Fuck zionism. Fuck militarism. Fuck americanism. Fuck nationalism.



john39's picture

Sheikh Imran (see you tube channel) has been working with Russian orthodox Christians on eschatology. So not all Christians and not all Muslims have fallen for the divide and conquer tactics. Some of the sheikh's videos are solid and well worth watching.

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

I'm familiar with him - yeah his vids are well worth a watch.  Brainwashed by religion or not, he seems like a decent man.

The_Prisoner's picture

The tribe has been trying to cosy up with the chinese for a while now.

Read this, if you can keep from throwing up:

Common traits bind Jews and Chinese - http://www.atimes.com/atimes/China/CHIN-01-100114.html

A few gems from the link:

"It may seem odd to compare the largest of peoples with one of the world's smallest, but Chinese and Jews have something in common that helps explain their success and longevity. That is the ability to rise above ethnic conflicts."

"Founded just 65 years ago, the modern Jewish state has become a pocket superpower in technology, business and the arts, as well as the strongest and most stable state in the Middle East. It is also the only industrial country with a fertility rate far above replacement. Not just in the abstract, but in its concrete manifestation in the modern State of Israel, Jewish nationhood remains "a paragon and exemplar of a nation.""


TruthInSunshine's picture

I say this as an (hopefully) objective observation: Israel is fucked if the U.S. loses its military hegemony.

In such a case, Israel will essentially be incredibly vulnerable to invasion/missile strike in a matter of years, their as of now cutting edge military technology (funded by U.S. taxpayers to the tune of an official 188 billion USD since the 1960s but closer to 1.5 trillion USD if looking at the uncooked books) notwithstanding.

Israel is not a defensible piece of earth from a tactical standpoint within the context of a full scale hot war with even a remotely advanced adversary - it is 7 miles wide at its narrowest point, and a few hundred miles long; it's smaller than nearly any individual U.S. State.

Without the financial & military assistance of the U.S., Israel has no other reliable ally to offset such a loss, and not for a lack of effort in trying to foster such an alliance as a back-up plan.

The Jewish elite in Israel and the U.S. realize this, and they understand full well that any ability to rely in China + a cobbled-together coalition of other nations should the U.S. lose its military dominance is simply not in the cards.

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

"“Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.”

   - Bibi "nuclear smuggling ring**" Netanyahu.


** oddly, not a peep about this in the MSM. 

TruthInSunshine's picture

There was much internal debate & friction within the ranks of top American Military Brass during much of the Cold War, since the forthright & tactically verse brass scoffed at the much heralded notion (by pro-Zionists) that Israel was in any way, shape or form a truly significant military asset for the U.S., in either a defensive or offensive capability, given its incredibly small size (Vermont is 1.2 times the size of Israel), which made it particularly vulnerable to even one strike by the USSR, with even a low payload nuclear tipped missile.

Leraconteur's picture

China destroys the whole banker/Jews/bullshit/Rothschild/Conspiracy.

There are no Jews in China running the banks.

This is all Chinese Greed, pure and simple.

The.Harmless.Who's picture


Ahhh, yes, the Talmud...


This book led to Zionism and AIPAC and the rest......


I mean how can any god fearing person forsake the Torah / Old Testament for this horrible book?  Simple - it was written by horrible people to undermine anyone who had faith in humanity or the old testament, or the new testament, or the Quaran or any Buddhist teachings, etc.... 


It is one hell of club, and unless you wish to serve the Zionist cabal  - You're NOT invited! 


Here's a couple of quotes (of of MANY) from the talmud that are apt for the Greenspans, Yellens, Bernankes, Fischers, Blankfeins, Goldsteins, Dimons, Cohens and Icahns (all confirmed zionists / AIPAC supporters): 


"It is permissible to cheat a gentile in court."


"If a gentile robs a [Zionist] Jew, he must pay him back.  But whatever a [Zionist] Jew robs from a gentile, the [Zionist] Jew may keep.  Some robbery of gentiles is disguised as “confiscation of an unpaid debt”"


"If a gentile loses something, a [Zionist] Jew may keep it, even if he knows the owner."

Please note - Anti-Zionism isn't Anti-Semetism. 






Random's picture

The international banksters do not have to live and leech the chinese from amongst them, they do it from the comfort of tens of million palaces via fractional reserve banking. Leeching the local population whilst living amongst them is so middle ages.

suteibu's picture

"many assume that the fundamental illiberalism of such spheres of influence do not worry non-democracies like China."

It hasn't seemed to worry supposedly democratic nations like the US (First in Freedom, spreading democracy all over the world with its military in 175 quasi-sovereign nations) either.  Who knew "evil" nations like China would adopt America's "soft power" approach to hegemony?   The hypocrisy is stunning to everyone but the patriots in the US, an increasing number of whom hate the government but rally round it at the thought of a bi-polar world.

Because World War II...or something.

philip88's picture

I understand your point but when China will control the world per instance blogs like this one will not exist anymore..

I work with Chineses ( in china ) since 1998. I have learnt several things :

1/ only very few chinese citizens criticize their government. Per instance, for them its normal that china control Asia..all those peoples with black skins are probably under humans and certainly under ..hans !

2/ chinese thinking is like herd thinking ( Japanese by the way are very close..) ; they all think the same thing at the same time. Often the root of their thinking is transmitted from the old to the young : ie. to get married, to have a son, then the son must buy a NEW flat before to get married ( the old flat can have some bad luck attached to it because of the former owner..)

3/ the chineses OBEY their government. Ie. when the government told them to buy gold you can see the lines forming before the shops or recently the government told them that they can get a second child..quickly my assistant managed to get pregnant !

In the conversation about real estate in china only few peoples know that the chinese are not really buying the real estate itself but ONLY the right to use it for around 90 years...After that ? nobody knows. May be thats the reason why they normal real estate ( not the one under international standards ) is usually a shit. In a town were I am going peoples die on a regular basis because windows were dropping on the peatons ...

Recently, I have noticed also that many suppliers become more..arrogant.

So, hyper nationalists, racists, very close mind at the middle class level...


suteibu's picture

I don't necessarily disagree with you about China (or Japan).  However...

1)  Criticism of the US government comes from so many directions that it is largely ignored.  The left/right divide has destroyed the effectiveness of criticism and protest.  (The same is true in Japan where even large street protests are closely organized and tightly controlled.  PM Noda noted that a very large anti-nuclear protest which surrounded his residence was simply a lot of "noise.")  Pretty much the same in the US.  There are sites like this all over the internet for both sides and even on the extreme margins.  They have effectively accomplished nothing except as a sounding board, a place to vent frustrations.  In that regard, they serve the purpose of those in power who would rather turn deaf ears to criticism found on the internet than see people take violently to the streets.

2)  Have you noticed the herd thinking in America?   Americans are herded to the left and to the right.  And yet the nation's decline has continued unabated regardless which side holds the leadership. 

3)  Americans OBEY their government, too.  Have you noticed how most of the population continues to use worthless paper in exchange for goods and services simply because the government TOLD them to (At least the Chinese will have something of value when the SHTF.  Perhaps the Chinese government just gives better advice, huh)? 

Americans are equally afraid of their government and follow the countless reams of laws, rules, regulations, and just made up shit every day.  Well...except for those who make and are responsible for implementing and enforcing the laws.

As for temporary ownership of real estate, I own my house and yet I continue to rent it from the county every year and will lose the property if I fail to pay the rent.  I'd pretty much settle for a rent-free 90 year lease on the property right now.

As for China controlling the world...will never happen, as much because they are not foolish like Americans and see the long term futility of it.

Joenobody12's picture

Dont know what kind of Chinese you have met. Very few criticize their government ? Have you been to Hong Kong ? Do you know there are more than 20000 incidences of large scale protest in China per year ? 

Leraconteur's picture

He is right. You are wrong. I live here. They are feudal peon slaves and they like it that way. They are willfully ignorant. They do as they are told because anyone who did not was killed during scores of episodes over the past 5000 years. This is spoken, out loud, explicitly, verbatim: "When they police tell you to do something, you must. We must follow the rules. We must do what the boss/director/manager says."

China has nothing to offer the planet or any other country except greed and cheap consumer goods.

China has nothing of value to offer, AT ALL.

I pity you who scorn the USA. Reality is gonna hit you hard.

akak's picture

Plus there's all that public nose-picking and spitting and sidewalk/roadside defecation.

AnAnonymous can tell you all about it.

Leraconteur's picture

Those will be minor annoyances compared to the larger issues. It is going to be horrible, it really is. Intolerant, racist, uncivilised, swaggering assholes who don't even have the few redeeming qualities that the Americans have. 

Do you know that the definition of 'Racist' in Chinese/Hanyu/Putonghua does not even mean the same thing as what other humans know it to be?


akak's picture

Do the Chinese still disparagingly and routinely refer to non-Chinese  as "ghosts" and "foreign devils"?

It makes "chink" sound positively complimentary in comparison.

Leraconteur's picture

Yes. South China, Gwei-lo. White Ghost. North China LaoWai, Old Foreigner (equivalent to 'Nigger' - and ignore the bullshit from sino-apologists, the word is racist and derogatory and anti-locutionary. period.)

When one walks down the street, a foreigner will hear this every few FEET. You hear it more when one walks alone. When you are walking with a Chinese spouse or friend, the Chinese have the common sense to shut up most of the time. Then, it's just treatment. Your wife bargains for something, you show up, and the xenophobic, racist, asshole merchant then triples the price and screams 'Laowai'!.

This is something you hear every few minutes.

It is not a WEEKLY occurrence, nor HOURLY. This happens every 5 minutes when you are in public.

People utter it as though it's ripped from their mouths. They are walking down the street, not talking to their friend, see a foreigner and shout/mutter/mumble 'LAOWAI' and point, and stare and gawk. Infants to toddlers to children to teens to adults of all ages to the elderly. College educated, multilingual - THEY ALL STARE.

The Chinese are intolerant, racist, xenophobic assholes with no manners.

Is this ALL CHINESE for the logically crippled? No. 
However will you encounter this on a constant, minute-by-minute basis when in China?
Yes, yes you will. 

Zwelgje's picture

You say it, so it must be true.

Leraconteur's picture

When ZH readers downvote reality, you know that the future is going to suck.

The Chinese behave as I described. I warned you. Ignore this warning and despair.