House Voting On Clean Debt Ceiling Increase

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Will John Boehner fold - as he always does - with style, or will he fail to whip enough Republicans to where he can't even do the Democrats' "clean debt ceiling hike" bidding for them and round up the required 218 vote majority? Find out momentarily.

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– Wilbur Ross: Looking Outside U.S. for Deals, FED SHOULD TAPER IN $5 BILLION MONTHLY INCREMENTS

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You're not doing yourself any favors by dropping Wilbur's name around here, ya know.

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But can they vote to increase the amount of Bitcoin?

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They can. Doesn't make it happen, but they can vote for it.

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There have been 14 debt ceiling increases since 2000 and 90 increases in the 20th century. This is pure kabuki theatre. The US debt has gone parabolic in real terms. The debt will never be repaid, just eroded away through "managed" inflation. Congress is a joke to critical thinking persons. It is just a shame that there are so few of us. The rest of the Bernaysian brain washed, drone-like sheep are walking around in a fog and have no idea what the ramifications are of the farcical circus we have as our "representative" government in DC.

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Why does everyone think the debt will be inflated away?  You CAN'T inflate away this much debt.  We'll default.  There is no other sensible alternative.

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When all we have to do is add more zeros without any backing it is easy to inflate it away.  

Away in the sense that we can just keep printing money to pay the interest on the money we printed as we print more money to pay the interest on the money we printed to pay for the interest on the money we printed ad infinitum. 

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Who fucking cares?  Farce is farce. 

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Reality television at it's finest!

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He very clearly got a call from his puppet masters informing him to pass a clean bill ASAP. Prolly because the financial system is in danger of blowing up and another shit show in DC would push it off the precipice.

Long on tar and feathers.

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Dunno, this whole fiasco was intentionally pushed off until just before the upcoming mid-term elections.

My guess is the puppet masters (a.k.a. "central bank owners") prefer having 435 fall-guys to distract attention away from them.

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I wonder what they pay the script writers for this.

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Banana Republic 

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I see they need a lot of independent votes .....

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do muslims like grapes?

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Tea Party gotta learn that War is War und Schnapps ist Schnapps...

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Lets review the oil-soaked, spy-riddled, money machine known as the Tea Party:


A majority of them voted for Obama's 2009 war funding package? Check.


Tea Party rock stars like Rubio have declared Snowden to be a traitor? Check.


Not an actual political party and just a [political bowel] movement? Check.


Anything I am missing here?

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Maybe you're missing the fact that you are talking about them as an entity?  What is the Democrat equivalent?

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Democrat equivalent?

Mao's little red book.

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Don't look now, but I think you misspelled your name 22windbag.

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Are you suggesting genuine change can come from within the system (ie via the Tea Party)?


If so... why are you kidding?

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What are you missing?

$150k in debt per taxpayer, with no end in sight, perhaps?

The relentless assault on civil liberties which Obama has been engaged in?

But then Democrats were against debt-funded wars and the shredding of the Bill of Rights before they were for them. 

The TP does a lot of dumb shit, no doubt, but frankly, I'm far more afraid of the statist, idiot Left that thinks reining in out of control government spending, and adhering to Constitutional limits on government power are somehow bad things. 

I generally have suspected that it stemmed from stupidy and myopia rather than malice, but state fetishism may be the prime mover. The left loves to accuse the right of "fascism," while inherently craving totalitarianism and government coercion.


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I don't fear liberal demon-cats, far left facists, or communist agitators. They are easy to spot and they are what they are.


What I fear is flag waving, fake conservatives, especially ones here to "save America" from itself. God save us from those who would save us.

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I like biscuits and mustard

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Cue Chuck Berry music...

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NOT VOTING 275?!?!?!,'

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If they don't get enough votes, they can't pass it. A good thing.

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There is no opposition, so why not just eliminate it?

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'CLANK' in 3....2......

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to many republicans sold out... it's a go

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The theory is keep everything out of the headlines other than Obamacare and jobs and they get the Senate.

They may be right.

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That pic looks like the inside of Boehner's head...very empty.

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This vote is just cover for those running for re-election in more conservative districts, Democrat and Republican. A highly co-ordinated dance of fraud that unfortunately does not end with a piano dropping on all of their heads.

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As I always say, "It's every bit as real as professional wrestling."

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can somebody tell me how 3 democratic nay votes can turn into 2?!?

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oh you are not bound by your initial vote. You see -- If you vote No for political cover, but really want it to pass, you can always switch to yes if it gets too close. It's a big game where both parties win and the US citizens lose.

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oke America.... YOU LOST!

but the real question is...


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Debt limit increase = gold goes up.

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i dont know how this statement got a -1.


unless the gov is using the debt to short gold too......

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The problem is the monetary system itself - a ponzi scheme that depends on lies and infinite growth to remain solvent.  And politicians signed away their ability to do anything about it 100 years ago.  The fiat ponzi collapses without more debt so Boehner (along with the rest of us) is screwed either way.  The government has to keep creating more debt to keep the system propped up.

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The Farm Bill tells you what you need to know (screw you middle class America should be the name of it)..


Welfare for the Rich and the Poor

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Executive order #4486154967: the debt ceiling no longer applies

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I have a travel trailer and place to hide it that is occupied by Bambi and a creek that doesn't run dry. Keep it up assholes and make this nightmare, become my dream.