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"Historic", "Catastrophic" Winter Storm Paralyzes Atlanta As Pax Creeps Up East Coast

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Not a week seems to pass without yet another "historic" winter storm assuring that virtually all winter economic data so far in 2014 can be ignored... if it is bad that is - if the data is good, it's thanks to the "recovery" which however is not strong enough for the Fed to end its "unconventional" policy. The latest one - Pax.'s description of what is about to be unleashed on Atlanta and the entire Eastern Seaboard is nothing short of a review of the movie The Day After Tomorrow: "Potentially "catastrophic" Winter Storm Pax began unfolding before dawn Wednesday in the Atlanta area as temperatures dropped below freezing and sleet and freezing rain began to fall."

The National Weather Service's warning was not exactly cheery: "Let’s just start by saying this winter storm may be of historic proportions for the area,” the agency said in a forecast analysis. “We’re looking at significant snowfall totals north and significant, crippling ice totals, especially along the Interstate 20 corridor.” Eli Jacks, a meteorologist with National Weather Service, said forecasters use words such as "catastrophic" sparingly. Not in this case.

"Sometimes we want to tell them, 'Hey, listen, this warning is different. This is really extremely dangerous, and it doesn't happen very often,'" Jacks said.


The service's memo early Wednesday called the storm "an event of historical proportions."


It continues: "Catastrophic ... crippling ... paralyzing ... choose your adjective."

So... not good?

The forecast drew comparisons to an ice storm in the Atlanta area in 2000 that left more than 500,000 homes and businesses without power and an epic storm in 1973 that caused an estimated 200,000 outages for several days. In 2000, damage estimates topped $35 million.

Ice will make travel in central Georgia impossible, and downed tree limbs might cut power for days, the agency said. As many as 300,000 homes and businesses in the state will probably lose power, according to Tim Oram, the Meteorological Services Branch chief for the weather service’s southern region in Fort Worth, Texas.


“At this point, everything is lining up,” Oram said. “It’s from a once-in-every-10- to a once-in-every-20-years type of event. There’s pretty high confidence we’re going to see some pretty high accumulations of ice in the Georgia area.”


The worst of the ice will probably stretch from Atlanta to Columbia, South Carolina, and Fayetteville to Raleigh in North Carolina, according to Anderson. “It is going to be a bad situation down there,” he said.

Ok, maybe they are not exaggerating. Already, Georgia Power was reporting thousands of power outages around the state. And forecasters and officials said the number of outages would probably grow throughout the day.  Just before 5 a.m., the number of customers in the dark was 2,000. That number climbed to more than 10,000 by 7 a.m. Ice was already accumulating on roads and bridges. National Weather Service forecasters used unusual dire language in warnings and memos early Wednesday, and they said that while a foot of snow could fall in some parts of Georgia, "it is the ice that will have the catastrophic impacts."

As a reminder, ice on the road in the South means instant paralysis:

Elected leaders and emergency management officials began warning people to stay off the roads, especially after 2 inches of snowfall caused an icy gridlock two weeks ago and left thousands stranded in vehicles overnight. It seemed many in the region around the state's capital obliged as streets and highways were uncharacteristically unclogged Tuesday.


Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed in a news conference at the Georgia Emergency Management Agency's special operations center Tuesday evening implored people to get somewhere safe and stay there.


"The message I really want to share is, as of midnight tonight, wherever you are, you need to plan on staying there for a while," Reed said. "The bottom line is that all of the information that we have right now suggests that we are facing an icing event that is very unusual for the metropolitan region and the state of Georgia."

This also means the local aren't taking any chances, and have already raided the local grocery stores. From (the ironically named) KPAX:

If you're an Atlantan making a last-minute grocery run, here's hoping you love corn and asparagus. Because that's all that may be left on most shelves as residents stock up and hunker down for the ice storm.


Gone are the loaves of bread. The gallons of milk. The cans of beans and beer.

It won't be just Atlanta though:

A potentially historic winter storm threatens to coat Georgia with ice, knocking out power and grounding thousands of planes, before bringing snow to Northeastern cities including Washington and New York.


New York may get 2-4 inches (5-10 centimeters) of snow tonight, and Washington as much as 4 inches, according to the National Weather Service at 3:51 a.m. New York time. Atlanta is forecast to receive half an inch of ice today.


“When the snow comes, it is going to come in fast and furious,” said Brett Anderson, a senior meteorologist at AccuWeather Inc. in State College, Pennsylvania. “The initial batch of snow that comes in before any changeover is going to be quite heavy.”


Closer to the coast, the storm will start as snow before changing to rain, Anderson said. While the rain may hold down snow accumulation, the rapid onset will still mean heavy snowfall for the cities along the Interstate 95 corridor from Washington to Boston.


The snow moving to the Northeast is expected to leave a “catastrophic” blanket of ice across the South, especially Georgia, the weather service said.

If readers are traveling by plane over the next 24 hours, our advice is: don't.

Across the U.S., 1,576 flights were canceled yesterday, and 2,697 were scrubbed for today, said FlightAware, a Houston-based tracking service. About 5,500 homes and businesses from Arkansas to North Carolina were without power, utility websites show.


Governors in seven Southern states declared emergencies as the ice and snow moved eastward from Texas. The storm is expected to strengthen off the coast of North Carolina and drop heavy snow from Virginia to Maine.


The worst-hit areas may be the Interstate 81 corridor from western Virginia into central New York, as well as northern and western New England. Anderson said those areas may receive as much as 12 inches of snow, with some places getting 18 inches.

As a reminder, Atlanta was already hit late last month, when 2.5 inches of snow in Atlanta stranded almost 25,000 students at their schools or in buses and shut down the region’s highways, trapping thousands of motorists. "There were 1,254 accidents, 134 people injured and at least one death caused by the storm. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal issued a state of emergency for 45 counties on Feb. 10 and 43 more yesterday, urging residents to stay off the roads. Schools in the Atlanta area have been closed through today. President Barack Obama declared an emergency in northern Georgia, freeing up federal funds to deal with the aftermath of the storm. Governors in Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi and Virginia also issued emergency declarations."

Finally, we have all seen traders with hands on their faces. Here are...  weathermen with hands on their faces.


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Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:15 | 4427465 Big Corked Boots
Big Corked Boots's picture

Who decided to start naming snowstorms? And who picked "Pax?"

Can we name a storm after all the fucktards that pack the supermarkets to get milk, bread and chips?

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:16 | 4427469 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

"Winterstorm Obama" would have sounded a bit confusing...

but the man sure does like to stick his name on a lot of stuff...

I wonder why he didn't rename Washington St. Obamaburg yet...

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:24 | 4427504 Thomas
Thomas's picture

Naming of winter storms is assenine, although, if forced, I would call this one Fucktard based on the cue from above.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:29 | 4427522 Dick Gazinia
Dick Gazinia's picture

I say that we name it "Algore" but I guess Fucktard is close enough.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:39 | 4427543 1000 splendid suns
1000 splendid suns's picture

This all has to do with weather warfare. Operation Popeye. The latest video over at geoengineeringwatch dot org lays it all out. Dane Wigington insane? Or the only one with his head not up his arse.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:47 | 4427570 new game
new game's picture

looks tranquil to me...

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:07 | 4427650 Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill's picture

One of them new 'hyperbolic storms'.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:17 | 4427676 Jafo
Jafo's picture

This storm will be the reason economic activity will have declined in the coming March quarter.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:41 | 4427756 negative rates
negative rates's picture

Downtown Augusta has no power.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:18 | 4427881 BliptoP3
BliptoP3's picture

If really want to end the practice of naming evey stupid storm I suggest we find the most offensive name possible and we all adopt it, I sugest: "General Sherman"

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:25 | 4427901 janus
janus's picture

yup, sounds like a clear case of gypsy mischief to can find the culprits about five miles east of the savannah river in murphy village.

i used to sell cars there at rader MB on washington st; one of my favorite past-times was to take the swanky-set on a test drive through the gypsy camp...generally speaking, gypsies hate to be observed or ogled at, and rich-folk get nervous around gypsies; which is precisely what made it so fun.

...tramps & thieves,


Wed, 02/12/2014 - 15:10 | 4428925 Iwanttoknow
Iwanttoknow's picture


Are you from Augusta?

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:21 | 4427891 smlbizman
smlbizman's picture

i read this a few weeks ago...the weather channel is now a govt. mouth piece to cover up certain weather events....the naming of storms really " scare" i know when i look up in my sky daily in middle river md., where chemtrails are obvious 95% of the put another layer of tinfoil on and know there is a reason they started naming get back under ur desk until further notice

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 15:20 | 4428971 James
James's picture

The Rothchilds recently bought The Weather Channel.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 16:17 | 4429263 Flakmeister
Flakmeister's picture


Get your facts straight....

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 17:55 | 4429812 James
James's picture

Flak, appears you are right.

I was wrong.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 17:57 | 4429834 Flakmeister
Flakmeister's picture


Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:45 | 4427972 A Nanny Moose
A Nanny Moose's picture

...but it's of Histerical Proportions.

Don't these people (MSM) realize, that everybody has a camera, and the Yew Tewbz, enabling virtually instantaneous Calling of The Bullshit?

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:53 | 4427995 ebworthen
ebworthen's picture

WINTER!  Oh my God!  What will we do!?!? 

Next will be...SUMMER!


Wed, 02/12/2014 - 14:59 | 4428884 Crash Overide
Crash Overide's picture

In the Midwest we call this year a normal winter...

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:10 | 4427654 icanhasbailout
icanhasbailout's picture

the moment I fucking move to South Carolina they have a string of the worst cold and snow/ice storms in a generation


you know the "Rain God" from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series? I'm the snow equivalent, apparently.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:13 | 4427666 new game
new game's picture

hey wait, you aint been polar vortexed to a rigid stiff as we are up here in snota...

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 12:19 | 4428098 icanhasbailout
icanhasbailout's picture

I was sorta when I was in Virginia, then I moved down here and the polar vortex promptly followed, with multi-decadal extreme cold weather and ice storms. Holding up good so far but everyone is apprehensive of losing electricity.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 12:51 | 4428266 Atomizer
Atomizer's picture

Isn’t that a fact. You should see the waves at Myrtle Beach today [12 footers]. For the last month, my travel plans have been accommodated with snow. First it was VA, then AL/GA, then OH last week and now SC.  The jet stream is following me as if I’m a black cloud of some sort. It sucks!



Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:43 | 4427969 Sabibaby
Sabibaby's picture

.This all has to do with weather warfare. Operation Popeye. 

Who is at war with Georgia and for what reason?

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 18:37 | 4429976 MeelionDollerBogus
MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Didn't that have something to do with Ossetia and Chechnyans?

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 19:29 | 4430211 Sabibaby
Sabibaby's picture

Their internet and phones get attacked, not their weather :)

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:28 | 4427906 freedogger
freedogger's picture

Fuck you Algore!!!

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 12:03 | 4428028 Cpl Hicks
Cpl Hicks's picture

...and the wooden horse you rode in on.

Didn't Barry0 say the US had damaging high temperatures on the way early this year?

I guess he just doesn't control the weather like his advisors to him he did.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 16:49 | 4429460 Flakmeister
Flakmeister's picture

You really shouldn't use so much stupid sauce...

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 13:02 | 4428316 SAT 800
SAT 800's picture

Would someone please turn up the global warming. Thank You.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 17:58 | 4429827 MeelionDollerBogus
MeelionDollerBogus's picture

It is up: it's summer & hot in Australia & South America.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 18:00 | 4429844 Flakmeister
Flakmeister's picture

Move to Alaska...

Otherwise, just wait for the next El Nino if you want to see record temperatures...

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:36 | 4427530 Headbanger
Headbanger's picture

Long rock salt and sand!

Bonus video, Must see!

And Part II

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:38 | 4427546 James-Morrison
James-Morrison's picture


Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:17 | 4427683 petolo
petolo's picture

How about Mother Nature. MSM needs all the fuck-fodder it can get to maintain those ratings.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 12:57 | 4428289 RafterManFMJ
RafterManFMJ's picture

As far as I'm concerned, Atlanta can freeze, then burn again.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:27 | 4427515 Stoploss
Stoploss's picture

Been naming winter storms for the insurance ponzi that the .Gov has going. They get paid EVERY time...

Watch, by summer, if it rains any at all, just light sprinkles, it will PARALYZE the US.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:17 | 4427471 GetZeeGold
GetZeeGold's picture



I blame this all on a lack of carbon tax credits really.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:21 | 4427497 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

I wonder if I can write options on carbon credits with my garden as collateral...

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:39 | 4427542 new game
new game's picture

200 year supply of coal. burn baby burn! shove that up your preasis(sp)-hehe

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:02 | 4427844 Papasmurf
Papasmurf's picture

You get no carbon credits for your garden because the product of your garden feeds a carbon-producing unit.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:59 | 4428019 combatsnoopy
combatsnoopy's picture

I want to write naked puts on some carbon credits and collateralize them with cow farts.  No, make that beer farts. 

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:22 | 4427479 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture

This is how/why the South lost the Civil War.

Union Generals ordered southern roads to be dusted with a little snow and sprinkled with some ice, and the Union Army stood back & watched hilarity ensue as Rebel Range Rover Sports & Toyota Camrys did 360s at w5 mph into concrete center medians.

On a related note, USSA economists are revising their Q1 GDP downward from 3.1% to 0.7% due to southern ice storms.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:24 | 4427501 Sudden Debt
Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:49 | 4427588 superflex
superflex's picture

I watched on the news as Atlantan's filled their SUVs with enough rock salt to last a typical northerner a decade.  

Must be all those 10,000 foot long driveways in ATL.


Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:03 | 4427635 Flakmeister
Flakmeister's picture

Leading to the Garage Mahal...

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:13 | 4427874 Silver Sativa
Silver Sativa's picture

I fuckin' hate McMansions. The only thing they do is make people feel wealthy, when in actuality they bought their cheap, chintzy houses with an A.R.M. that'll blow up in their faces in two or three years.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:51 | 4427991 gmrpeabody
gmrpeabody's picture

Amen, brother.

Slow motion trainwreck...

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:40 | 4427751 TheMeatTrapper
TheMeatTrapper's picture

"Union Generals ordered southern roads to be dusted with a little snow and sprinkled with some ice, and the Union Army stood back & watched hilarity ensue as Rebel Range Rover Sports & Toyota Camrys did 360s at w5 mph into concrete center medians."

That was a damn low down dirty trick. We still haven't forgotten about that. Next time we won't be so easily fooled. 


On a serious note though, Atlanta is filled to the gills with yuppie sheeple. If the teevee goes out  - millions of them are completely fucked. Seriously. The place is a damn concrete zoo and I avoid it at all costs. 

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 16:59 | 4429527 StychoKiller
StychoKiller's picture

I can visualize them now, standing out in their driveways with spades, trying to learn how to shovel snow (Guffaw!)

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:37 | 4427934 zapdude
zapdude's picture

We moved to North Atlanta from Kansas last year to get away from the snow and ice, only to see two 'snowpacolypses' our first winter here.

This city literally falls apart with one inch of snow -- they have no salt or sand trucks to speak of, and the hills become bobsled runs for cars, semis and schoolbuses. 

Wahoo.  Hopefully my power stays on...

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:34 | 4427526 Disenchanted
Disenchanted's picture

re: "Who decided to start naming snowstorms?"

The Weather Channel Marketing Dept.


The Weather Channel to Name Winter Storms

October 2012


They needed more viewers on which to foist all their pro-establishment political/rah rah sports event bullshit.

If you need to know the weather, you're better off just to stick your fucking head out the window.


edit: For any winter storm south of the Mason-Dixon line the name should be Clusterfuck I, II, III, etc., etc..

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:38 | 4427537 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture

The Weather Channel will have "correspondents" on camera reporting from the storm while cherry pickers off camera dump 2 ton containers of ice chips on their heads.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:43 | 4427774 tip e. canoe
tip e. canoe's picture

and just as a friendly reminder as to who owns TWC (who owns Weather Underground)

The Weather Channel is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned as a joint venture between NBCUniversal, and investment firms The Blackstone Group and Bain Capital.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:57 | 4427816 DaveyJones
DaveyJones's picture

we would name rainstorms here in the Northwest but we'd run out of names 

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:56 | 4428001 gmrpeabody
gmrpeabody's picture

We just finished up with Thelma yesterday..., and here comes Louise...

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 12:04 | 4428035 TheMerryPrankster
TheMerryPrankster's picture

names are reusuable, just add a number afterward. brain dead royalty and other clueless elites bereft of imagination do it day in and day out. HenryIII, World War II, Henry VIII, etc.

Matter of fact we could call them all Snowstorm,SnowstormI, SnowstormII etc.

its just marketing, as Shakespear said, " A snow by any other name would feel just as cold"

That's why he no longer works at the Weather Channel (which by way shows as much weather as MTV (Music Television) shows music.

A good clue its propaganda is when the name has nothing to do with the actions, like naming a tv channel the weather channel and then doing the least amount of weather coverage possible. or naming a policy Obamacare or the affordable health act and then making healthcare as expensive as possible.

Is anybody awake or does everybody believe whatever the official propaganda tells them?

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:38 | 4427538 jbvtme
jbvtme's picture

naming storms?  started after the satan (rothschild) bought the weather channel.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:48 | 4427577 jbvtme
jbvtme's picture

they're naming their own creations

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:02 | 4427632 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture

Ben Bernanke isn't taking any chances - I saw him making a bee line for a B'nai B'rith Cruise Line and he had a Dead Head sticker on his Cadillac.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 17:02 | 4429551 StychoKiller
StychoKiller's picture

"Steal your face right off your head!"

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:38 | 4427743 Race Car Driver
Race Car Driver's picture

... and then the Weather Channel bought up every other private weather service out there.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:50 | 4427796 tip e. canoe
tip e. canoe's picture

actually, they have a direct 70% interest in Weather Central ( ), not Weather Channel.

some facts sprinkled with tinfoil as to why Weather Central is an even better investment here:

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:15 | 4427671 TheDriver
TheDriver's picture

The Weather Channel started naming winter storms in 2011. They claim that naming storms allows for better communication about emergent and severe weather events. The real reason is advertising and ratings. It should be noted that the Nation Weather Service and many other weather-centric businesses not only refuse to participate in TWC's storm naming conventions, they actually ban their employees and downstream services from naming winter storms.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:49 | 4427789 duo
duo's picture

The Weather Channel is now owned by NBC/Universal, the same objective people that give us Al Sharpton on MSNBC.  They are doing Obama's bidding, that is all.

Naming winter storms is some sort of trick to drive ratings.  Unfortunately, if I want to know about weather, TWC is the last place I look.  They've become tne MTV of weather.  No weather, just BS shows.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:54 | 4427810 tip e. canoe
Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:39 | 4427747 Croesus
Croesus's picture

@ Big Corked Boots: 

"Superstorm Fucktard" is already taken...claimed by Red Team - Blue Team voters, I believe...


Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:43 | 4427773 krispkritter
krispkritter's picture

They could have named it 'Pox' but we basically consider that to be Washington DC and Wall Street...

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 17:02 | 4429560 StychoKiller
StychoKiller's picture

Speaking of Pox, I just heard that a federal jury found Ray Nagin (former mayor of New Orleans) guilty of 20 of the 21 charges against him!

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:47 | 4427780 negative rates
negative rates's picture

The guys who had to financialize the weather did it. You know, insurance co.s who relie on data to make their profits wanted to individualize the storms to give that welcome home feeling of a trusted family member who just screwed you.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:46 | 4427783 scrappy
scrappy's picture

It's the Aliens!

Oops, that's Kevin Spacey.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 17:10 | 4429596 MeelionDollerBogus
Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:48 | 4427793 Blano
Blano's picture

You can thank the drama queens over at the Weather Channel.  The most overhyped clowns I've ever seen.  It's weather for cryin' out loud!!

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:51 | 4427802 dobermangang
dobermangang's picture

If you're gonna panic, it's best to panic first.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:56 | 4428003 HardAssets
HardAssets's picture

Hmmmmm . . . . named storms in a category of 'acts of God & nature' that insurance companies don't have to pay on  ?


Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:20 | 4427466 Millivanilli
Millivanilli's picture

Massive power outages will result in a zombie invasion.

Here is a hint.  Rhymes with boot.


Isn't this Krugman's dream?  A chance for local govts to go into massive debt to fund new shovel ready projects...

Dunno, got my money on the zombies.


Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:26 | 4427509 Cast Iron Skillet
Cast Iron Skillet's picture

snow shovel ready?

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:24 | 4427511 MilwaukeeMark
MilwaukeeMark's picture

Or did you mean, rhymes with "figures hooting"

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:40 | 4427553 new game
new game's picture

shovel ready, but nobody wants to do it. wonder why?

free everything. why worry, why work?

print todays' burger...

freeshit army of all color...

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:21 | 4427892 Agent P
Agent P's picture

figures hooting = Sig Sauers shooting

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:26 | 4427710 TheMeatTrapper
TheMeatTrapper's picture

Never any looting down here in the snow. Too cold for the looters. They be huddled up down at the community warming center. Looting is only a concern when temps climb above 80 degrees. 

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 17:09 | 4429589 MeelionDollerBogus
MeelionDollerBogus's picture

So, long snowmobiles with side-bags?

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:13 | 4427467 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

look at it on a positive side: Ice is just water in a solid form.

And who doesn't like water? BEER IS 98% WATER! AND I LOVE IT!

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:16 | 4427470 Big Corked Boots
Big Corked Boots's picture

98% is Rolling Rock. I thought Belgian beer was more like 92%.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:19 | 4427481 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

I'll investigate it this evening...

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:27 | 4427516 rucunus
rucunus's picture

It depends if you're drinking or vomiting it

drinking beer is 99% water

beer-based vomit is closer to 95


Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:26 | 4427518 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture

Belgian & Alsatian Ales, especially of the Trappist Style, are as high as 14% alcohol by volume (28 proof).

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:51 | 4427803 scrappy
scrappy's picture

Molson Ice - 18 cans 18 bucks 5.6 Alcohol Content - Priceless!

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:53 | 4427804 scrappy
scrappy's picture

Molson Ice - 18 cans 18 bucks 5.6% Alcohol Content - Priceless!

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:17 | 4427473 _ConanTheLibert...
_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

Great! The BLS is going to love this excuse.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:16 | 4427474 Unstable Condition
Unstable Condition's picture

Why the hell are they naming every low pressure system just because it's associated with below freezing temps?


Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:21 | 4427491 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

My wife's name is Catherine, they named her because it's easier for me to yell at her when she has a name.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:21 | 4427499 Unstable Condition
Unstable Condition's picture

Good one.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 17:05 | 4429579 StychoKiller
StychoKiller's picture

Yousa onna tear today!  :>D

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:29 | 4427520 Oleander
Oleander's picture

The weather channel names the storms. The national weather service does not name winter storms. Its a marketing idea.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 17:06 | 4429583 StychoKiller
StychoKiller's picture

"Emergency SnowShovel™, don't leave home without it!"

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:18 | 4427475 Duke of Earl
Duke of Earl's picture

It continues: "Catastrophic ... crippling ... paralyzing ... choose your adjective."

How about stultifying.  With hyperbole turned up to 11 on every snowflake, it is impossible for anyone to tell if preparation is needed for a storm or not.  It's just noise and we're back to going outside and looking at the sky to guess what will happen.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:20 | 4427489 Big Corked Boots
Big Corked Boots's picture

Beware the Flaky Apocalypse.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:05 | 4427849 tip e. canoe
tip e. canoe's picture

Rev 6:13-14

(TWC Remix)

The stars of heaven fall to the earth and the economy recedes like a turd being flushed down a polar vortex.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 12:29 | 4428139 combatsnoopy
combatsnoopy's picture

The right wingnuts start citing proverbs in Revelations about the apocalypse and start waiving their hands to JEsus and crying.   This is how the subsidized churches are instructed to protect the sodomites on Capitol Hill. 

Me: So Palinite, what are your views on the weather?
Palinite: "The world is ending- he is risen!  he is coming soon!"

Me: So Palinite, what are your views on banking scandal and the subprime collapse?
"he is risen!  he is coming soon!  OH btw, how's my real estate value? Can I refi even if I don't have a job?"

Me: So Palinite, what are your views on Global Markets?
Palinite: "aren't the only Koreans who have money gangsters? that guy doesn't have an American name, he's laundering money. "
Me: You don't know that there are Korean Christians and Baptists?
Palinite: "Koreans with money are gangsters!"

Me: So what are your views on gay marraige?
Palinite: "Sodomites!  I'm going to get blitzed in WeHo at SaddleRanch on Sunset!"

Me: So Palinite, what are your views on Global Warming?
Palinite: "Praise Jesus!  he is coming soon!"

 Not a stretch from the white China fiends.  The neocons and Clintonites are either sharing mind candy or they both disproved the theory of natural selection.   I wonder what Al Gore's buddy Fred Phelps feels about the weather.  Damm gays mess up everything! Everything I say!  

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 14:50 | 4428835 Loose Caboose
Loose Caboose's picture

... and we're going to need a bigger thesaurus.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:18 | 4427476 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture



but employers will definitly start hiring when it gets a bit warmer....

makes perfect sense..

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:33 | 4427732 Flakmeister
Flakmeister's picture

Europe has been getting smacked of late..

Check out this puppy off the coast and barrelling in:

Barometric pressure of a Cat 2-3 Hurricane....

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:36 | 4427744 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

It's god gift to england because they exist

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 12:13 | 4428065 TheMerryPrankster
TheMerryPrankster's picture

The toast is "England, a shining jewel in the sea"

Peter O'toole in the "Ruling Class" only film to get an X rating based on political content. It skewers the ruling class quite well and is very funny.

The man giving the toast later hangs himself wearing a tutu and an admirals hat and he is a Judge (oh the scandal)

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:59 | 4427830 tip e. canoe
tip e. canoe's picture

looked like at first glance that the storm was the land mass of Massachussetts barrelling into N.Europe.   then again, maybe it is?

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:19 | 4427480 Darth Silver
Darth Silver's picture

I guess Coke, being based in Atlanta, now has a "weather excuse" if it misses earnings.

Let's call it the "weather card"

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:03 | 4427637 Billy Sol Estes
Billy Sol Estes's picture

I wanna know where da gold at, gimme da gold

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:49 | 4427799 pods
pods's picture

It is more common than one would think.  Just not in "economically recoverable amounts" which means you wont make a living off of it.

But, it is around. My backyard for starters.

It is still there cause it is so damn much work to get.  It is fun though.


Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:08 | 4427855 tip e. canoe
tip e. canoe's picture

x marks the pods


Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:17 | 4427482 Skin666
Skin666's picture

Everybody calm down!


Obomba and The Democratic Communist Party has declared War on the Weather!


There is nothing elected politicians can't handle...


Sleep tight...

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:50 | 4427794 negative rates
negative rates's picture

Oh great, another lost war.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:17 | 4427483 djsmps
djsmps's picture

Puppies and kittens!!

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:20 | 4427484 _ConanTheLibert...
_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

Inverse global warming bitchez!

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:39 | 4427540 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

Over here in Belgium, everything is in spring modus. we didn't have a winter at all.

mosquito's will bleed me dry this summer if it doesn't start to freeze for at least a week...

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:46 | 4427575 DOT
DOT's picture

Come and visit. Wisconsin has beer, cheese, great music, and lots of young girls that want to take off all those winter clothes and get some Vit. D.

9mm works great on the mosquitos as they really slow down once they get over 2 pounds. Season opens at the end of May!

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:13 | 4427641 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

I bought a 9mm "propshooter" this weekend.

We can't own real guns but this baby has a 1150 FPS velocity and spits out 8 rounds of 0.55

It's a toy :)

I showed it to my friends and now they all want one. A man doesn't only need to buy gold and silver to have fun :)

It won't win a war but I've shot at a iron bucket and it went through on both sides about 40 yards away!

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:27 | 4427704 superflex
superflex's picture

You'll shoot your eye out, kid.


Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:43 | 4427971 SilverRhino
SilverRhino's picture

Here's your sidearm.  Seriously.  



Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:59 | 4427621 MeMongo
MeMongo's picture


My heating blanket just shut off! -3 degrees here. How I'm envying spring!

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 17:04 | 4429569 MeelionDollerBogus
MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Nothing inverse: winter happens only to half the planet at a time.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:18 | 4427485 deerhunter
deerhunter's picture

long generators,,,,,

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:18 | 4427488 meghaljani
meghaljani's picture

97% climate scientists agree that this is the result of climate change, and we have 15 more years to stop it by imposing carbon tax. Moreover, 98% of climate models predicted this 10 years ago.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:20 | 4427494 Unstable Condition
Unstable Condition's picture

You forgot the /sarc.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:16 | 4427681 Flakmeister
Flakmeister's picture

Actaully, he was far more factual than most here....

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:57 | 4427815 Blano
Blano's picture

So explain climate change pre-industrialization, say 1000 years ago.  Was it the farting cows' fault?

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 12:58 | 4427917 Flakmeister
Flakmeister's picture

Slow changes in C02 levels from land use, the well known Milankovitch orbital cycle, frequency and duration of volcanic eruptions, small variations in solar output... There is no great mystery. The underlying trend from last climatic optimum (about 7 thousand years ago) was about 0.1 degree per millenium...

All that is now dwarfed by the tonnes of C02 and aerosols that we have been dumping for 200 years or so...

The rate of change is now 0.1 degree per decade....

Deal with it...

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 17:02 | 4429549 MeelionDollerBogus
MeelionDollerBogus's picture

1000 years ago was NOT warming like now at all, so compare:
did warming like this happen 1000 years ago? No.
Did CO2 rise? Yes but not at today's much higher rate.
We were already farming then & smelting, blacksmithing: all those are contributing factors but if we stayed at THOSE levels all the way to today we would have NO warming.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:54 | 4427814 Blano
Blano's picture

What a crock.

98% of weather models can't figure out next month with much accuracy other than "warm" or "not so warm."

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 11:30 | 4427924 Flakmeister
Flakmeister's picture

You seem to be confused by the difference between climate and weather.,..

And yes, weather is a bitch to predict going out more than 1 week...

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 16:49 | 4429472 MeelionDollerBogus
MeelionDollerBogus's picture

CLIMATE models, not weather models. Not the same.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 16:48 | 4429467 MeelionDollerBogus
MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Most certainly this is the result of climate change HOWEVER if you really look at the change & the things we do, and did, it's actually 15 years TOO LATE. We don't have any time to reverse it.
The arctic melt & release of methane is now a chain reaction. You can't seal it off anymore than put out that 40 year nat-gas fire in Russia or seal Fukushima that's directly connected to the ocean for drainage.
It's over.
But yes, 98% of climate change models 10 years ago absolutely DID predict exactly what we have now.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:34 | 4427490 HamFistedIdiot
HamFistedIdiot's picture

Global warming is a bitch. If we had only listened to Al Gore... /sarc

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:37 | 4427536 Skin666
Skin666's picture

Flakmeister in 3... 2... 1...

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:24 | 4427492 Dewey Cheatum Howe
Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

You ever notice it is the undersized unremarkable brains that use oversized language to describe the average. Everything is epic. These assholes wouldn't know epic if it walked up to them unzipped it pants and cock slapped them in the face until they had black eyes the size of baseballs.

Just because you live in a warm climate that is not equipped for the cold weather storms that are like fart in the wind common occurance a couple of hundred miles north of you is not epic.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:39 | 4427550 manich
manich's picture

Ice storm is different from snow storm. See PA.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:48 | 4427580 Dewey Cheatum Howe
Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Ice storm up north is the same as an ice storm down south when it comes to power lines. It is not epic, catastrophic or exceptional in relation.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:22 | 4427493 Overleveraged_a...
Overleveraged_and_Impatient's picture

They've all got RWD or 2WD down there. Meanwhile everyone in the Northeast has AWD or 4WD and plows so even a foot is pretty manageable up here. 

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:27 | 4427519 HelluvaEngineer
HelluvaEngineer's picture

You must have missed all the 4x4 hunting trucks down here.  I can drive on it just fine, but swerving around the disabled cars (or mentally challenged drivers) in front of you does not inspire confidence.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:43 | 4427561 manich
manich's picture

Or trying to get around those experienced winter weather truck drivers from Michigan who have jack knifed and are blocking 3 lanes, because the gov didn't plow and treat the hwys.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:02 | 4427633 GetZeeGold
GetZeeGold's picture



Yeah but the Michigan driver just entered the country illegally from Mexico 3 weeks there you go.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:22 | 4427694 Whoa Dammit
Whoa Dammit's picture

In Douglas County (west metro Atlanta) the emergency services vehicles can no longer navigate the roads with chains due to ice & sleet build up. 

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:33 | 4427734 superflex
superflex's picture

Silly southerner.  Chains are for snow.  

Drop the pressure in your tires for better traction in ice.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:23 | 4427495 Disenchanted
Disenchanted's picture

In that first pic the caption says "traffic is light in the afternoon Atlanta commute on Feb 12"

Wow! pics from the future...

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:31 | 4427528 Big Corked Boots
Big Corked Boots's picture

You might want to re-read that caption.

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:38 | 4427535 Disenchanted
Disenchanted's picture

I did, and "Traffic is light during the afternoon commute February 12, 2013 in Atlanta"

Unless I have time shifted it's 0830 in Atlanta on Feb. 12, 2014


edit: Doh! Fuck me, it sez 2013 doesn't it? My brain just autofilled 2014 I guess.

-1 for me

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:33 | 4427532 Harry Dong
Harry Dong's picture


Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:23 | 4427498 Herdee
Herdee's picture

Sudden Debt:May I kindly suggest a better name for the winterstorm, "Winterstorm Cold Hearted Old Whore".

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 09:22 | 4427500 Seasmoke
Seasmoke's picture

Just in: The Atlanta Braves will blame the 2014 season on this storm. 

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