Porsche Sales Surge To Record - 3 Years Ahead Of Plan

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It seems yet another (luxury) car maker did not get the "but it's the weather" memo. Following Mercedes record sales in January, Porsche has announced today that expects to hit a target of selling more than 200,000 sports cars next year, three years earlier than originally scheduled. As Reuters reports, Volkswagen-owned Porsche is entering the lucrative segment of compact SUVs with its new Macan model, which has already sold out about eight months of production ahead of its arrival at German dealerships on April 4. Wealth effect, of course, is all that matters... and the promise of higher minimum wages and a Maserati in every garage.


Via Reuters,

Porsche expects to hit a target of selling more than 200,000 sports cars next year, three years earlier than originally scheduled, as the brand keeps pushing into sport-utility vehicles, Chief Executive Matthias Mueller said.




Volkswagen-owned Porsche is entering the lucrative segment of compact SUVs with its new Macan model, which has already sold out about eight months of production ahead of its arrival at German dealerships on April 4, sales chief Bernhard Maier said.


The Macan, which competes with BMW's X3 model and the Mercedes-Benz (DAIGn.DE) GLK, will replace the more roomy Cayenne SUV as Porsche's top-selling model next year, research firm IHS Automotive said, pegging 2015 Macan sales at 81,025 units compared with 70,055 for the Cayenne.


Porsche originally set the 200,000 sales goal for 2018 when parent VW is aiming to overtake Toyota and General Motors as the world's biggest carmaker. CEO Mueller has been saying for months that the goal could be met earlier.

Of course, as the luxury brands move 'down-market', management must balance cheaper costs (because who the hell can afford these) with "exclusive premium branding"...

"We must take those warnings (of over stretching the brand's identity) serious, one can't ignore them," Hueck told Reuters on Tuesday.


"We must ensure that the Porsche myth is preserved. Whether this is the case with 200,000 or 250,000 units is something we will have to look at," said Hueck, who also sits on the sports-car maker's supervisory board.

The Macan


But what about the weather that is apparanetly affecting sales of GM, Ford etc..?

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Rukeysers Ghost's picture

The 911 is still the best bang for the buck for rocketships under $100K.

cliffynator's picture

911 with LS engine swap.

caShOnlY's picture

Bang for buck


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

The "Wealth Effect" for the Elite.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Porsche buyers, like Mercecdes-Benz, Jaguar, Range Rover, Aston Martin, BMW & Bentley buyers, are enthusiatic snow-shoers.


DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Porsches, in one respect are hard assets (as are dilithium crystals, smile).  

RICH people spend their money a little differently...

"Review of American Hard Assets: Jan-Feb 2014"


Rising Sun's picture

Gonna get me a pawch wit ma foodie stamps!!!!


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Too bad that everything after the 1st gear is "Tickets".

Leaf of Tree's picture

Not in Germany.

There are no speed limits on the Autobahn highway network in Germany.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Burning $100 oil while driving fast.  Life is good.

Rukeysers Ghost's picture

Better than sitting in your Prius looking like a faggot.

Leaf of Tree's picture

Porsche supercars are very lighweight.

They are not gas guzzling huge tanks like  your ugly big united statean cars are.

The Germans are the best car engineers and designers on the Planet.

A Porsche 911 Turbo S will consume 11 liters/100km on the highway, or in united statean speak 3 gallons/60miles.

Which for the performance they offer is fucking great.

Ignatius's picture

A good breakfast and I can hike 20 miles in style  (it's all about the hat).

Leaf of Tree's picture

The Germans and the Japs already have that covered.

But ZeroHedge united stateaons fucktards will say the future is not electric, because the AntiChrist will strike the Planet with an EMP. That's why they are stacking gold. To fight the AntiChrist.


Deluded fuckers.

seek's picture

Mine (before I sold it post-crash due to hostile natives) was in the low 20s for milage, which isn't bad at all for a rocket, and better than most SUVs on the road.

But Porsche, Mercedes, etc will all be toast within a few years when the next wave hits and takes out the 90-to-99.0th percentile earners.

NotApplicable's picture

What? You don't think federal employees will get raises to compensate?

Freddie's picture

I don't think this is entirely true.  Not every Autobahn has unlimited speeds.  

The fuel mileage from some of the cars like direct injection diesel BMWs is incredible and they go like a bomb.  German diesel Fords, Audis, Mercs and others are the same.  With DI - they are as fast as gas powered cars.

The Germans are arguably the best drivers in the world though the Finns might disagree.

viahj's picture

"If you want to win, employ a Fin" - Mika Häkkinen

ImpliedVol's picture

"Yeah" - Kimi Raikkonen

Leaf of Tree's picture


Guess Sebastian Vettel's nationality. Coz' it ain't fucking Finland.

Also Michael Schumacher ( hope he recovers soon, one of Gods of F1, probably the best driver of all time) is German.


Germans are also good if not excellent drivers. Don't bash the Germans when talking about anything car-related, not even jokingly.


The most polite drivers I've met and had the pleasure to drive with,  in Europe I have to say are Germans/Austrian. Never driven in Scandinavia so can't speak about them.

The worse are Romanian (I'm Romanian)/Italian drivers. Never been to Russia though, there's always someone worse than you.

Omen IV's picture

use to go back and forth in an Audi-6 diesel from Vaduz to Stuttgart every week - great road with a great performing vehicle - the high compression engine was incredible at 160-90 KM / hr - cruising!

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Wrong!  Having spent years there, I can assure you that the sections of no speed limits are not only "limited" (nowhere near major cities or an Autobahn Kreuzung/Crossing), but they keep shrinking.

/ When you add "Stau" (traffic crawls) that are now so common on the Autobahns, you simply get to the next "Stau" that much faster.  But, damn, you look so much better sitting in that traffic jam while sitting in an over-priced German car, than the cheap import.  /sarc

In addition, many insurance companies have built in clauses (read the fine print!) that if you have a high-speed accident and actually survive, that they will not be responsible for your recklessness.  You see, being "free" has its consequences, and its "price tag" also.  :-)

That aside, I was mostly referring to the US roads, with its speed limits.  And, come to think of it, where many/most sections in the US just aren't designed or maintained to handle cars cruising at 160-200 kph (100-130 mph).

Like I said, "Everything after 1st gear is Tickets" in the US.  ;-)

Leaf of Tree's picture

Not every KM of the Autobahn is speed limitless. But you can drive legally on many portions of the Autobahn reaching high speeds of 300km/h.

But I've driven my 911 on the Autobahn reaching 290km/h. It was fucking legal because were I was driving there were no limits. The sign is a black circle cut by 4 lines diagonally and it indicates thst there are no speed limits.

Of course, having Germans driving along side you helps, since they are very civilized and make way when they see you fast approaching them.

Driving in Germany is pure Pleasure.

walküre's picture

Agreed. There are some good sections in the middle (Kassel) for example where traffic is lighter. Beautiful country as well. Higher speed limit or lack thereof is only one factor. The Autobahn is built well and maintained almost perfectly. Maybe they're pouring too much money into their roads, don't care. US interstates and highways are partially worse than the original Hitler's Autobahn built in the Thirties.

robertocarlos's picture

If you do 290 kph you should have 4 lanes. I've seen that speed on 2 lanes and it is dangerous with other traffic.

Leaf of Tree's picture

Have you ever driven in Germany? Drive there and you'll realize that you don't need 4 one-way lanes. And ceramic brakes are awesome.

robertocarlos's picture

You need lane one for trucks and cars doing the limit and merging. Lane two for the speeders. Lane 3 for you doing 290. and lane four for the banker in his McLaren F1 on his way to work.

Leaf of Tree's picture

I'm not saying there are not dangers in driving at high speeds on 2 lanes only.

But in Germany legally, if you are up to the task, on the Autobahn, you can have your fun in quite a lot of portions of the Autobahn network.



edotabin's picture

I remember some really long tire marks that would end abruptly at the side of the Autobahn.  It was quite obvious someone had gone way too fast and ...........

Overall, Germany is really nice though.

NotApplicable's picture

US Interstate highways are designed for those speeds. US drivers, OTOH...

Babaloo's picture

That's only true on about 1/2 of the Autobahn.  In and around cities and in other heavily trafficed areas, there are speed limits.


Stoploss's picture

Well shit, you need something to carry your gold in.

Where's that little fone BIT  ch.

EastCoast90's picture

In GTA 5 when I did the union depository heist I had to airlift 4 tons of gold out while under fire from the cops, feds, and the mercenaries. We had to drop the gold in a train I stole before. So get something heavy duty for your gold and have lots of firepower.  

chinoslims's picture

That is assuming that the Fed ... um . . . "union depository" actually has gold.  At most, it was Tungsten that you stole.

EastCoast90's picture

Well we had the gold melted down it was $200 million in total and we had to split the money with our accomplices. The FED vault is empty though no doubt about it.

maskone909's picture

porsche SUV's and 4-doors are some of the ugliest cars i have ever seen.  they are really killing their brand with that shit.

centerline's picture

Yeah, when it comes to Porsche, I am sort of a purist.  The stretches they are taking to tap SUVs and family markets just don't look right.

Leaf of Tree's picture

Not only you're stupid, you are misinformed.

The Cayenne have increased sales a fucking lot for Porsche.

Since 2000 Cayenne are the jewel of the company in sales terms.

maskone909's picture

i take it you drive one of those peices of shit?

what exactly am i missinformed about?

tell me how sales has anything to do with brand?

maybe you think that over 50 years of designing sports cars paved the way to selling suv's to soccer moms?


Leaf of Tree's picture

You dumb fuck.

How are they killing their brand with their SUV line of cars, when after 2000 each fucking year, Cayenne cars sold in increased numbers, and are the best seller of Porsche overall??


If anything, the profits Porsche gained all those years, helped them at some point be the major stakeholder in VW about 2007 I think.


You are a dumb fuck who can't appreciate a beautiful car when it sees one. No surprise there. You are an american.

maskone909's picture

u mad bro?

americans invented the automobile so go fuckyourself.

just because a bunch of starbucks drinking yuppie fucks who know nothing about cars buy alot of them doesnt make it a good car, especially not a good looking one.

like i said

brand has nothing to do with sales.

unless you can come up with something else, go enjoy your euro trash

Leaf of Tree's picture

Look you dumb shit.

I own a Porsche 911 Turbo S 2012. I know more about Porsche than your sorry ass ever will.


If you make the claim that the SUV line of Porsche is killing their brand, then why the fuck every fucking year since 2000, the Cayennes have seen a 25% on average increased sales?


Go back to your Chevrolet fucktard.