President Obama Signs "Minimum Wage Hike" Executive Order - Live Feed

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By the power of his pen... President Obama gives minimum-wage-earning Federal employees (and physically and mentally handicapped workers) a 39% pay hike to $10.10 (and there's nothing you can do about it) to "benefit hundreds of thousands of people." We suspect that the president will remind us to the new "myRA" program and its benefits and how we should all tell our young friends to sign up for Obamacare too... and how this is paid for by the usual unicorn-tears-for-dollars swap...


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I want some free money!  All I have is a steady job paying decent wages and my shit together.


EDIT:  And my Silver.

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If you like your wages, you can keep your wages.. a MyRA.


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the stuff of which inflation is made...

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FTFA: "President Obama's executive order to raise the minimum wage for workers under future federal contracts includes a key provision to address concerns raised by advocates for disabled workers, according to the White House."


Hey at least it is only for future contracts...

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might want to raise the wage of your teleprompter

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Higher minimum wage increases unemployment because a manager will cut their 39% of increased costs.  Next stop; Automation Nation!!

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How many Federal Gov jobs really have a wage less than $10.10........I think not very many.

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By the time Obama's term ends $10 will be worth only $5 from when he first was elected. 

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We will be lucky if it's half.

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this is the wage hike mentioned in his state of the unicorn address i presume


and it applies to the mentally handicapped, who are basically useless hires, so its got that going for it


never forget the Home Depot manager telling his 'mentally challenged' employee to "please just walk up and down all the aisles and leave me alone"


resource misallocation is the name of the game

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Isn't this the same type of shit that petty third-world dictators pull off to try to "solve" economic problems in shitty third-world countries?

Oh.  Yeah.  It is.

I am Chumbawamba.

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wow, did you think of that one all on your own?!

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Executive FIAT, same as monetary FIAT, it is WORTHLESS!!!!!!  F'em!

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those fuckers are pulling down $45/hr no joke

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A lot......this is a wow monent for stupidity

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Peter Schiffs head just exploded

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How many Federal government wages are tied to minimum wage?  How many union jobs are tied to minimum wage times a certain multiplier?



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Finally, the right question has been asked!

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The mayor of Seattle has done one better. 

He edicted that All city goverment workers and contracters have been granted a $15 per hour minimum wage.  Soon all Washington residents will have the same. 

Move to Washington:  High Wages, High---- well Just High, with legalized pot.


(Where are those cheese Doritos....)

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Seattle and Obama are only demonstrating that they do NOT care about poverty.  If they did care, they would raise the minimum wage to $100/hour. Instant elimination of poverty.

Edit: TruthInSunshine said it first and better below.

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El Presidente today. Mein Fuhrer tomorrow.

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where's a bushel of rotten tomatoes when you need it?

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HeyObamaSuckMyDick HeyObamaSuckMyDick HeyObamaSuckMyDick HeyObamaSuckMyDick HeyObamaSuckMyDick HeyObamaSuckMyDick HeyObamaSuckMyDick HeyObamaSuckMyDick HeyObamaSuckMyDick 

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you only had to ask him once...

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Oh boy, O'FlamingHomo is really showing dem people what for.

Kinda like Bush The Flameout, "I'm the Decider".

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Please encourage President Obama to support the "Central Planning $100 Per Hour Minimum Wage Act of 2014," by enacting it via Executive Order, which will lead to shared prosperity for all, "spread the wealth around," and ensure a Mercedes-Benz in every garage, and not just of those Federal "Workers" (unionized, of course) who are less educated than yet make twice their private sector counterparts* (mainly living in D.C., Maryland & Virginia), with many of them making $200,000 or more.

(As it stands now, 1 out of every 6.7 Americans with a full time job - NOT INCLUDING MILITARY FORCES OR MILLIONS OF GOVERNMENT CONTACTORS - is employed by either a taxpayer-funded federal, state or local unit of government - FORWARD!)





*Federal Workers Earn Double Their Private Counterparts‎USA Today

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"Please encourage President Obama to support the "Central Planning $100 Per Hour Minimum Wage Act of 2014"

Sarcasm is sometimes hard to detect in comment threads.

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Sounds good, but I'll take a bucket of bolts in lieu of the Mercedes. (Does my bitterness show?)

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Jim-Bob! He, who finds the stuff and gets me a job. Jim-Bob!

- Robin Williams
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Fortunately, (for them) i don't associate with any type of slaver.

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Many union contracts are indexed to the "minimum wage." He's not giving raises to government workers only here...

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he's not giving raises to anybody, nobody who works for the federal government does so at $10/hr or less

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SEIU contracts will be re-indexed immediatly. Watch for action in NY city next.

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Does this mean the .gov shills on YT and ZH getting a raise too?

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no offense but why are you here if you have those feelings?

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Cuz Bigcoins were the ticket to freedom, while ZH instilled reality.  Reality sucks if you're an emotional "investor" like Fone.


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Here's some reality for you, no click-baiting required.

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Shouldn't you be off licking your wounds after that bitcoin shellacking you took? I'm sure the wife and kids are happy you pissed away their college fund on that ponzi.

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What shellackcing would that be you dumb fuck?

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"I'm sure the wife and kids are happy you pissed away their college fund on that ponzi."


Moar like ~ He won't have the shiny new tuba for band camp this summer...

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Please enlighten us all and explain exactly how Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme without straying from the traditional definition. No mental gymnastics please.

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Because the .gov shills are a very real problem that need to be exposed.  They're leaving, not fonestar.