Spot The Average Federal Employee Salary

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Moments ago Barack Obama announced the hike of the minimum wage of workers under federal contracts from $7.25 to $10.10. Which got us thinking: just how disenfranchised really are Federal workers in the US?

On the chart below, try to guess, without peeking, which is the average salary of a Federal worker in the US and which is the average per capita income for all Americans.


What about on a median basis? Well, to answer that we go back to our chart of the day from December 3 "Chart Of The Day: What's Bad For America Is Good For... Washington, D.C." which while not providing Federal Worker data, has the median income for a resident of DC versus that of the average American.

Source: Office of Personnel Management, Bureau of Business and Economic Research, UNM

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We have a saying in medicine.... when the parasitic burden on the host gets too high, the host either dies, or the parasites starve to death.

About now, the parasitic load is reaching its maximum..................

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I'm glad that the people in DC are well paid.  After all, they take care of us, right?

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Leeches bleeding the host:

Federal "Workers" (unionized, of course) are less educated than yet make twice their private sector counterparts* (mainly living in D.C., Maryland & Virginia), with many of them making $200,000 or more.

(As it stands now, 1 out of every 6.7 Americans - or 21,000,000 - with a full time job - NOT INCLUDING MILITARY FORCES OR MILLIONS OF GOVERNMENT CONTRACTORS (that's known as "cooking the books") - is employed by either a taxpayer-funded federal, state or local unit of government - FORWARD!)





*Federal Workers Earn Double Their Private Counterparts Today

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The key is unions - private labor needs to get unionized and once that happens salaries will go up.  This isnt a Federal gov't consipracy to overpay Fed workers (bankers on the other hand are different) but its a result of unionization which is dominant in the Federal gov't.

Private labor needs to get organized and unionized and wages will go up (and corporate profits down) - lets not get distracted from the real issue.

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Hey with the exec order raising the min wage now in the books, and the Senate just blew out the debt ceiling worry, now we can raise everyone's taxpayer funded pay to a million per year.  What a country I love it!!

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Obama's illegal order today should have been that all federal employees "only" recieve $10/hr

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Those consumer confidence numbers must be using surveys taken strictly from the District of wonder they are so fuckin happy for getting paid a lot for doing little.

TruthInSunshine's picture

ZH had a chart of "economic confidence" by regions and D.C. was either the sole or one of two geographic areas in the U.S. with a positive reading.


#GiveEveryoneGovernmentJobs (These Are Called Banana Republics)

I'm starting a new political party (the "Basic Common Sense Party") whose only platform is to cut 50% of Federal employees and 35% of state and local employees, while barring unionization of any government employees.

I promise that by introducing the efficiencies used in the private sector, not only will taxpayers not be worse off in terms of "levels of services," but they'll see a 5 fold improvement in "levels of satisfactory services," while saving 1.7 trillion USD per year.

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Who needs race wars when you got this and the FSA going on. ..



Wait till the FSA sees this chart

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lol @ that chart... Taxes well spent! :D

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The chart understates the disparity, and by so significant an amount that I believe it to be intentionally deceptive:

That $42kA? That includes all these .gov fucks. Cops, teachers, administrators, inspectors, and on and on and on and on and fucking on. And they are all, to a one, grotesquely overpaid, underworked, officious, and useless.

Take those salaries out of the mix and tell me what the average is. Oh, wait. You don't have to. Turns out (I'm pulling these numbers out of my ass based on something posted here a month or three ago) that the bottom 65% of workers make $25k or so.


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it reminds me of a recent article, the author was trying to demonstrate how Greeks are richer than Germans, because they dont pay taxes etc ... it ommited to ever mention in the article what the salaries were in each country ... dahhh the most obvious correct?


same here, if it was this obvious why the best and the brightest go to the private sector???


mass media is a game on its own ... we need another Raagan back to fix this thing!!!

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what about the executive order by-passing congress. no latex, no lube...

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Is that just salary? Or total compensation? I'm sure they have the mother load of golden fringe benefits too.

KidHorn's picture

They do. For example they'll all probably get a free vacation day tomorrow because of snow.

I think the data is base salary only. Not benefits. With benefits, it would be a 6 figure number.

kaiserhoff's picture

It has to be salary only.

The number with benefits is well over $100,000, but the pensions are so massive it's not easy to calculate.

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Some ecen get exhorbitant bonuses.  IRS comrades did.

Raging Debate's picture

I am realling digging your commentary of late Shad_ow. The comrades of government in Russia got fucked in end the too just like ours will. It will be the USSA politibureau that walk away with the loot, at least 70% of them if we continue following the Soviet model and history rythmes for us. Those Fed employees probably feel so bright and superior for putting in that true workweek of 20 hours of focus. Chuckles knowing most families kids will piss it all away the next generation but its a short laugh and little comfort in the real world right now. I tell you as an analyst that has been correct since 2007 and can prove it about economics and geopolitics that if WW3 ignites and 1/3 die EVERY one of the politicians in the last decade at the federal level die too. A shame these folk dont really get it.

kaiserhoff's picture

Thank you Tylers.  Everyone with a real job should know this.


HyBrasilian's picture

Perfect! Can we now break down aggregate FEDERAL EMPLOYEE rolls [by tribe]?... You know ~ so as to get an idea as to 'WHO' demographically, is a FEDERAL EMPLOYEE [vs. 'their own' representative base aggregates]?... Put a FACE on it [so to speak]...


It would just be an exercise in FACTUAL math & statistics, [so NOBODY should be upset by this simple request]... Unless ~ of course...


Edit: I guess the answer to that, [in 'present day' ZH terms ~ whereby fonestar is KING &, irreverantly, pisses on 'Cheeky Bastard's' grave at will]... is 'NO'...


No ~ No we CAN'T endeavor to break down FEDERAL EMPLOYEE rolls [by tribe]...

Evidently ~ this is not something one needs to know, [NOR ~ be interested in]... Move along... Nothing to see here...

BTW ~ where has hedgeless_horseman been lately?


Hey sheep... Over HERE [on the other thread], I made a 'funny']... FIGHT CLUB 102: = 'Cheers with a Bloomberg Terminal where you get tickled to DEATH'...


fuu's picture

Or slewie. Although with all the ~'s it is most likely francis.

Then again I always thought they were the same person.


HyBrasilian's picture

Stick to the facts...


What's the 'harm' in looking in to the demographics of my comment?

It couldn't POSSIBLY be harmful [to ANYONE]?... Could it?... It could only point towards TRUTH... Last time I checked, TRUTH wasn't bad [or, am I wrong]?...

fuu's picture

We should get together for a fondue, Anal By Irish

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you're new here, so you shall be forgiven for confusing and being confused wrt demographics as in the federal gov't (i.e. obummer's relatives) as opposed to the federal reserve (i.e. relatives of  rothschild and other foreign or dual citizenship nationals).

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Statistics 101: correlation is not causation.

James_Cole's picture

Statistics 101: correlation is not causation

You couldn't even get the wording correct. Correlation does not imply causation - a big difference. 

Here's some more chart porn for you:

TBT or not TBT's picture

Fuck that. Let's demolish the treasonous public sector unions and outsource most of these permanent job time serving shitheads. We could always start by banning them from giving money to political candidates, right out of th gate. Disenfranchising the permajob people left over would make sense.

NOTW777's picture

where do you think salaries come from?

Pseudo Anonym's picture

not even fucking /sarc off flag would fix this clueless comment

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My Gang Is Better Than Your Gang


NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re: lets not get distracted from the real issue.

The real issue is that "conservative" (in quotes) like the top 10% (the winners who deserve to win) much more than the bottom 70% (the worthless losers who lost because they are lazy bastards - and "those people", of course).

It's about everybody knowning their place as defined by the top 10%. 

Pseudo Anonym's picture

you mean like banksters with the "law"  on their side raping you, your daughter and wife up the ass to show you where your place is?  as defined by them?  i.e. the likes of bernanke, yellen, greenspan, fisher, rothschild, konheim, blankfein, etc?  you know;  them?

artless's picture

members of the mob tend/tended to be less educated than the rest of the working class too. many gangbangers are drop outs.

No Difference. Just because the people are "unionized", have a bunch of "laws" that supposedly make there jobs exist and therefore legitimate, and get their compensation in formal payroll checks rather than brown paper bags of cash or suitcases full of benjamins, it does not make their toli anything more or less than what it is. And that is criminal behavior and acts in the service of a criminal entity The United States Federal Government.

Each and every one of them should be fired, in some cases prosecuted for their actions and stripped of any and all benefits, pensions, and the like. No exceptions.

Perhaps onec deposited in the real world of the producer class they might actually do something of merit or GASP! productive. I look around and see loads of things that need doin'.

As someone onec said: country'll grow.

macholatte's picture



Buying Votes  101

Instructor: G Soros

Location: Center for American Progress

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

In an economy governed under a socialist doctrine, government jobs are always where you will find most of the higher paying jobs.

Number 156's picture

"I'm glad that the people in DC are well paid.  After all, they take care of us, right?"

No, they are just more equal than the rest of us.


Atlas_shrugging's picture

Well if we'd just raise the minimum wage all would be equal.  (yes I am being sarcastic)

seek's picture

Well past maximum, actually. The host is already dead, the vital signs are coming from a simulator hidden behind the patient.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Yep. Now it's just about looting the body.

Kobe Beef's picture

Probably a wedding ring and some fillings in there. And hey, we can sell the organs to the Chinese...

NotApplicable's picture

While I'd like to believe that, I'm guessing we've still got a long ways to go before these parasites succumb.

How long were the Dark Ages again?

Dick Buttkiss's picture

The host dies.

The parasite dies.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

I think the parasites in the top 10% keep living.

Who is worse, the Federal workers or the top 10% who own 90% of the nation?

Jadr's picture

A lot of federal workers are in the top 10% of wages....

Dick Buttkiss's picture

I mean, by the way, that one or the other does in fact die, in which case either the host alone lives or both die.

And yes, I believe that the host will prevail and that the parasite — the state — will become extinct.

Beginning with the American state, which I firmly believe will not survive the decade intact, if at all.


doctor10's picture

its about time the peasantry respected their masters  /s


Its amazing the states have allowed this to go on as long as it has. Presumably thats what "Homeland Security" is all about-institutionalizng DC's "rule"