TEPCO Slammed By Regulator For "Incorrect" Fukushima Radiation Readings

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While the Fukushima nuclear disaster and its 'clean-up' remain oddly missing from most mainstream media headlines, the farce continues to unfold. As Reuters reports, Japan's nuclear regulator has criticized TEPCO for incorrectly measuring radiation levels in contaminated groundwater. The NRA blasted, "something like this cannot happen ... This (data) is what becomes the basis of various decisions, so they must do their utmost to avoid mistakes in measuring radiation."


Via Reuters,

Japan's nuclear regulator has criticized the operator of the stricken Fukushima plant for incorrectly measuring radiation levels in contaminated groundwater at the site.


Almost three years since the reactor meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi station, Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco) still lacks basic understanding of measuring and handling radiation, Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) Chairman Shunichi Tanaka said on Wednesday. The utility has been widely criticized for an inept response to the March 2011 disaster.




Tepco said there was a calibration mistake with one machine measuring strontium levels of well water at the plant, and it had also found an error with devices that decipher all-beta radiation.


"Something like this cannot happen ... This (data) is what becomes the basis of various decisions, so they must do their utmost to avoid mistakes in measuring radiation," Tanaka told reporters, though he added the mistake did not pose a serious safety risk at the plant.

Of course, it doesn't really matter what the actual radiation levels are... we assume with the Olympics now set in stone that these "measurements" will be decided by fiat from now on.

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What disaster...?


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We're talking ballpark numbers here.


How exact did you want us to get?

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We want you to stand there, unprotected, until you get it right.  Shouldn't take long.

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Right there.....problem solved.

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It's a bit like Monsanto testing its own product 90 days for FDA approval...

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Nail on head. No f-ing kidding. Whytf tepco is even involved anymore is beyond me. It's my hope there's some shadow rescue team behind this whole thing, like the private bankers behind the fed, but doubt it.

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It can't be fixed, therefore it all crisis management. Make it look like its under control.

its okay to falsify the numbers, but please don't revise them, it makes everybody involved look bad.

Save face, lie until they die. Fukushima didn't happen like you thought, lets get those other reactors restarted ASAP.

Oxford Dictionary nominates new phrase for 2014 consideration, "we've been Fuk'ed"

Why aren't governments sampling water,air and food? Because they don't want to panic the populace that they spent so much propgandizing into zombie like submission.

They have the private real numbers and the public propaganda numbers and lets not confuse anybody by making the real stuff public okay boys?

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Is Fukushima not as bad as or worse than what the Russians did at Lake Karachay?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Karachay

Here we have a historical example of uncontrolled radiation release and the outcome on the population, and even Cesium 137 involved.  So if the Russians had such a horrifying social impact, what do you suppose Japan is going to have?  I tend to think multiple reactor meltdowns are far worse than Lake Karachay, but I am no expert.



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"therefore it all crisis management"


Just have Chris Martenson write a pay-per-view article about it, everything will be fine. 

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It's entirely possible - and highly probable - that in many cases, measurements were taken and the equipment wasn't designed to handle readings that high. At some point a hand-held device, or even suitcase-sized devices, won't read what is coming out of the wreckage that is Fukushima.

So what would a good workerbee do? Pull numbers out of his ass to please his boss, and hope he doesn't get fired.

Now, what the larger, site devices, helicopters, ships and satellites read, well, we'll never see that data.

At some point, you just admit all life is coming to a radioactive demise and have a beer. We won't last 100 years. Eventually every child will be a mutant that can't support itself, let alone procreate, and that'll be it.

We already know what's coming:



The plant mutations and biocollapse now occurring across the North Pacific and North American continent are just the beginning.

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Was just a fat finger issue. After Fukushima, finger got fat then fell off. No more fat finger problems. 

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we invade countries routinely to confiscate their oil, minerals, poppys, currencies, freedom...but we won't intervene in japanese affaires in order to solve a planet wide catastrophe?

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The world has a major population>energy problem.

One way or another it will eventually balance.

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Wrong skin color and the new Godzilla flick is already in the can.  We're not that desperate. Yet.

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Loved this:

"The WikiLeaks revelations have shined a light on the dark nature of U.S. foreign policy, including, as Eric Margolis recently described it: “Washington’s heavy-handed treatment of friends and foes alike, its bullying, use of diplomats as junior-grade spies, narrow-minded views, and snide remarks about world leaders.”

As much as I, an American, hate to say it, U.S. foreign policy is actually much worse. It is aggressive, reckless, belligerent, and meddling. It sanctions the destabilization and overthrow of governments, the assassination of leaders, the destruction of industry and infrastructure, the backing of military coups, death squads, and drug traffickers, and imperialism under the guise of humanitarianism. It supports corrupt and tyrannical governments and brutal sanctions and embargoes. It results in discord, strife, hatred, and terrorism toward the United States."


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Think I could hitch a ride with you and your pet boy in the wayback machine?

Drop me off any where in the distant past.

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Two important related stories:

Radioactive Water: Fukushima Daiichi’s Hidden Crisis: click here. 
It's a documentary produced by Japan's NHK. No hype, just facts (alas, not all of them, but still, the doc is well made).


Cracks found in floor near Fukushima radioactive water tanks: Click here.

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TEPCO is working hard to regain Japanese Citizenry trust, as they've ordered "Spinal Tap" Geiger Counters that measure up to 11.

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And this is the information they "allowed to be released". I notice there aren't any numbers...

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Does anyone actually expect us to believe that artificially low readings were the result of mistakes?   

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Yes they do expect you to believe it. Sorta like when Obama speaks, he thinks all of us will believe him. 

They are amazed when we do not understand, believe, the lies and incompentence.

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Having taken these types of readings myself, you should absolutely believe they could make these mistakes.  The question is, how long before a supervisor caught it, and who is running the show on the ground. I am a trained nuclear engineer and you wouldn't catch me within 100 miles of that place.

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the BLS must have helped them with the Seasonal Adjustment to those radiation figures....

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I'd almost forgotten, the Tumor-2.0 series, the biannual Skin Sloughing adjustment, the annual Dead Birth and Death model, not to mention the Leukemia Withdrawal Series and the Chemo Application of 1950.  Then of course are the newly to be released Beta, Alpha and Gamma series Deformity Corrections.

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In nuke experiments the US Guvmint wanted to see what the flash does to the eyes so they strapped a bunch of chickens on one side of an airplane, against the windows. The tests were non-conclusive because, "the chickens blinked."

The next time, they removed the chicken's eyelids before the bomb test.

They also blasted thousands of pigs to check on the their skin damage, but not before SHAVING them. The tests were deemed inconlusive because "their hides were to thick to be compared to people."

They tried the eye test on sheep, also, but had to do it twice because the sheep turned their heads. Subsequently, they strapped their heads, and removed their eyelids.

So don't worry our government is watching out for our welfare, they care.


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Oh yeah, they wanted to test different clothing materials on the shaved pigs but there was a weather delay. The pigs gained weight, burst their seams, and had to be re-tailored in time for the nuclear test. Once again delared non-conclusive due to hide thickness

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It is related to all the psychological experiments done around marketing in the 20th century.  What they have perfected is the concept that reality can be woven from whole cloth and these people truly believe that--all you have to do is remain on message at all times.  It is quite Orwellian.  Read about Edward Bernays: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Bernays

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A mistake is an UNintended action based on erronious data.

This was action taken with full knowledge of the intended outcome.

Forthought and malice were involved here.

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The araticle didn't say if the readings were low or high.  ZH expects all of it's readers will assume the worst and therefore no need for numbers or accurate reporting of facts.

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The readings were low by a factor of at least 5x



TEPCO has revised the readings on the radioactivity levels at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant well to 5 million becquerels of strontium per liter – both a record, and nearly five times higher than the original reading of 900,000 becquerels per liter.

Strontium-90 is a radioactive isotope of strontium produced by nuclear fission with a half-life of 28.8 years. The legal standard for strontium emissions is 30 becquerels per liter. Exposure to strontium-90 can cause bone cancer, cancer of nearby tissues, and leukemia.

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The most serious problem is the thousands of tons of enriched uranium and plutonium aerosolized and blown around the world, with a half-life of a billion years. A billion years of the most dangerous and lethal material made by man being absorbed into every remaining living cell of every lifeform on this planet.

And what's left on site is being leached into the sea.


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Maybe TuPhat can tell us ZHers which gubmint numbers to believe. I already know that I don't believe any.

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WHAT THE FUKISHITM..??!  Are you insinuating that those well dressed serious faced Jap .GOV/corporate bureaucrat douchbags are nothing but liars Mr. Rand?

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Accidentilly on purpose...

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only 1500000x more than we thought

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We have all been Fuked...

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They're toast. Just a few more years to go now.


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Then the North American continent. It already started weeks after 3/11 with a significant rise in the Infant Mortality Rate, and hasn't slowed down since.

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"Japanese citizens stormed the residence of several of the highest ranking Tepco employees and beheaded them in the town square this morning.  Police encouraged residents to remain calm but eventually left the scene out of fear when the citizens started accusing them of violating their oath to protect the public. No government officials could be found to comment on what has been unfolding"

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That might have happened 70 years ago.  The Japanese have been properly tamed since then.  Pity.

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Never going to happen in Japan. Not in the culture. They will slowly die of radiation and only be upset that TEPCO officials did not seem to be sincere. Not that they lied, not that the people are dying, but that no one seemed to mean it when they said sorry.

The Japanse are unique.

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Japanese... microwaved... not cooked.

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So let me get this right. The power company that operates nuclear plants all over Japan does not know how to correctly measure radiation? What the fuck am I missing here?

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But Chris Martenson told us last night that radiation wasn't that bad.  So what's the big deal?