Algos Ramp Risk At 10:15 Daily POMO Time... Even Though There Is No POMO

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The machines have learned well that 1015ET is buying time... Why, you ask? Well, it's POMO time - when the Fed hands out its fully fungible, rehypothecatable, infinitely leveragable free-money and risk assets pop... apart from today, there is no POMO... USDJPY 102 was all that mattered - no excuses. At least the currency manipulation crack down has fully rooted out all the front-running, options-strike-searching behavior...



and then a few minutes later... doh...

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You can't make this up...

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They already did, it's called Skynet.

Remember the story of when the AT&T network fell asleep in the 70's?

Or 80's?

That was then...


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I believe it.

We all know that the granny from toyty tod Street and toyd Ave in Brooklyn is boxed in. The only way out is to lie.

They hinted taper and the market tanked, now they supposedly started taper and they did not as to give the impression that all is well. 


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the machines are just providing liquidity.

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Gold going through that Magical $1300 line today?

The_Ungrateful_Yid's picture

Remember when 1270.00 was the magical number? I think Gold will test 1320 by this coming week.

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And the epic short squeeze is where, Sufify?

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Move along, no manipulation to see here folks!

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USD/JPY = S&P 500


***BOE***  " No evidence of currency manipulation.."



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yes, yes they have.  you think that is an actual supply/demand price?

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That will be discussed in the algo staff meeting this afternoon!

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can't come. Snow and the cat doesn't feel so good...

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If the machines say buy...then buy.  I just cant take it anymore.  I honestly feel that I might be the only rational person living in reality anymore.  I guess if you ignore everyhting bad for ever it doesn't matter.  

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Will the algobot frontrunning be enough?  Tick tock,

still waiting for insight regarding the massive reverse repos.

Will another primary dealer be sacrificed on the alter of fiat money?

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this phony manipulative bullshit is pissing me the fuck off... how the fuck is the Fraud Markets rallying????


(Reuters) - President Barack Obama on Wednesday named economist Nathan Sheets, who has worked at Citigroup and the Federal Reserve, as the Treasury Department's top international official, the White House said.


The Treasury post of under secretary for international affairs was previously held by Lael Brainard, who stepped down last year and was nominated by Obama to serve on the Fed's board of governors.

Sheets has been the global head of international economics at Citi in New York since 2011. Before joining Citi, one of the world's largest banking conglomerates, Sheets spent much of his career as an economist at the Fed.


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I don't know what they're doing but my stock ticker is acting all weird today...

maybe I should clear my cache...


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Well if the Derivatives are Bigger than the market, and the Derivatives are Opposite the market, it makes perfect sense..

  now if they would only let you see the Derivatives  maybe you could make some Money,  Just Saying

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The bankers are offing themselves. The truth will come out soon enough.

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Sorry everyone, I still haven't figured out the acronym of POMO and MOMO...

Could someone please enlighten me?

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Permanant Open Market Operations.

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The monkeys have been trained. 

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Edit:  MOMO  is a nickname for a momentum trader. Would help if I could fucking spell.

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Next time just use the edit button

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He can't because I locked him in when I replied. I'm sick like that. The minute I see a spelling error I reply as fast as I can and lock it in so that person has to live with that error for as long as they live. It's wrong and I know it. But I can't stop. I won't stop.

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Thanks for putting that stupid song in my head.

Sick bastard, indeed!

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I was in the process, but Fonz replied to my comment before I could save....Access denied


The sick bastard.

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I thought it stood for POor MOtherfuckers.

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Machine (or Monkey) Open Manipulation Operations...

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I'm a get those algos pregnant.

They don't know there's some sort fo sharknado across the Deep South, do they?

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Desperate times desperate measures.

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Additional proof that TPTB are a bunch of silly children.

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Pavlov explained this long ago.

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I was wondering about this.  It seamed like when Yellen spoke and said that there was no way to pump up the market discretely, that maybe she was hinting or asking for some invisible POMO like help.  

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"Popular anger in Greece, torn by political and financial turmoil, is reaching alarming levels. A radical anti-capitalist movement has published a manifesto, blaming Germany for the dire state of the Greek economy, and threatening to launch attacks on the country's companies and politicians. The Popular Fighters' Group has admitted to firing shots at the German ambassador's residence in December last year."

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Wait, there's still ambassadors hanging out in Greece? I bet they're enjoying themselves.

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looks like it worked on the euro markets as well. same spike we saw here. wierd....

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Fuckin over the Muppets big time....but at least U.S. markets haven't gone 'Full-Europe' yet and suggested just stealing everyones money outright.

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you mean pavlovs dogs don't drool anyway at feeding time?