Sliding Bid To Cover Leaves No Bad Aftertaste On Mixed 30 Year Auction

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In a deja vu of yesterday's 10 Year auction, which saw a slide in the Bid To Cover even as the closing yield was well through the When Issued, so today's 30 Year saw a slide in the Bid to Cover (from 2.57 to 2.27, and well below the 2.46 TTM average) even as the closing yield of 3.69% priced through the When Issued by a whopping 1 bp. However, here the comparisons ends, because while in both the 3 and 10 year auctions from earlier this week, there was a surge in the Indirects, this time around the Indirects were more or less in line, rising to 46.0% from 45.3%, if above the 39.4% TTM average, while Dealers took down 40.8%, above the 38.1% in January. Directs ended up holding 13.9%. So a mixed auction overall, as if the market expect the Fed to continue buying the long end on one hand, even as tapering means the 30 Years will be the most convex instrument should tapering indeed mean the monetization of duration ends some time in the summer.

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If zerohedge had bothered to notice that this was a $36 billion auction, instead of the typical $30 or $33 billion, it should have noted that in terms of absolute dollars bid this was a very good auction - as good as any in early 2013.

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Why do they continue to buy this garbage?  These should be paying about 10% to cover the moinetizing risk.

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POMO Capitalism.

Moving the Hand where it is needed.....