The Tanks Are Rolling In Post-Devaluation Kazakhstan

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Following the 20% devaluation of Kazakhstan's currency on Tuesday, the nation has quietly drifted into a very un-safe scenario. As the following clip shows, tanks and Humvees are lining the streets around Almaty as stores are closed and food is running desperately short. Local accounts note that the people are growing increasingly indignant. At a mere 192bps, the cost of protecting Kazakhstan sovereign debt from default (or further devaluation) seems cheap in light of this.



Tanks and Humvees lining the streets around the largest city in Kazakhstan...


Kazakhstan CDS remain notably cheap...

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PartysOver's picture

When it goes bad it goes bad in a hurry

Occident Mortal's picture

This is a bit strange isn't it?

Doesn't Kazakhstan have a strong trade balance due to their oil and gas exports?

elegance's picture

Lol. There are no limits to what the Nazarbayev family can steal.

Occident Mortal's picture


There should be 30-40bn USD a year flowing into Kazakhstan (population 16m).

That's a huge balance of payments. Why the fuck are they devaluing? How much cash has been flowing out!?!?

Something here stinks.

Mad Max's picture

OK, why are there Humvees in Kazakhstan?  Not many countries other than the USA use them, and last I checked the USA was not buddies with Kazakhstan.

disabledvet's picture

sounds like Elon Musk gets another place to launch his rockets from then.

SafelyGraze's picture

remember to return our police cruisers when you are finished with them on the streets of kazakhstan 

miami PD

American34's picture

I didn't see any tanks. Those are all BMP's, which are similar to a Bradley but somewhat less capable in certain areas.

svayambhu108's picture

You are right they are not tanks they are BMPs. This kind of vehicles had been used before against population, in Romania:


Suisse's picture

They are not BMPs, BMPs are a tracked IFV. Those are BTR APCs and are also pictured in the Romanian photos. 

Hacked Economy's picture

Homemade thermite on the rear axle hub will end a BMP's usefulness really quick.  Or maybe a couple of dry-ignition Molotovs tossed at nighttime.  Or a half-dozen other ideas...

Buck Johnson's picture

It certainly does and I've always said this also.  It's always good until it's not and when it's not it goes real quick. 

slotmouth's picture

Anyone want to go halvesies on a Kazahstan credit default swap for a month?

Ignatius's picture

Your askin' would I like to get kicked in the nuts?

I'll take a pass.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

halfsies - only one nut. He'll take it in one nut alongside you.

Agent P's picture

He said "halvesies", so technically you'd only be getting kicked in one nut...unless you're Lance Armstrong. 

gmrpeabody's picture

That's low..., even for fight club.

Skateboarder's picture

Some of us cheered for him, y'know.

*trying to wash mouth out with soap*

ThroxxOfVron's picture

NO dogs allowed unless named Kanellos.

Take your 'Boy' and get the fuck out...

ThroxxOfVron's picture

Does anyone else get the feeling that Geldman Sucks might have taken up trolling for Muppets to stuff in the juice machine right here on ZH...

I know; -let's ask Fonestar if CDS are buyable with Bitcoin on Mt. Gone yet !

layman_please's picture

thank god their pensions are safe

Kazakhstan joins growing list of state pension grabs

edit: forgot the /sarc

Ratscam's picture

If i remember correctly Marc Faber suggested buying some Kazakhstan bonds over US Treasuried last year.

squid427's picture

They have a DHS is in Kazakhstan too?

superflex's picture

I didn't see one tank in that clip.  APCs, Humvees and trucks.

FYI, tanks have tracks, not wheels.

StackAttack's picture

Those things with big barrels are not APCs.  Stryker vehicles (only wheels, no tracks) can be configured in multiple ways, including as an APC, but those ones with the barrels are set up as tanks.  They don't have tracks because modern wars need to drive on roads much more than they need to go off road.  Make no mistake... one round from one of those will ruin your day as much as light, late model, Russian tank.

thamnosma's picture

There's some serious turmoil percolating through the world right now, all of it related to currency instability and socialist/fascist policy reactions.   Those of us in the USA still live in a protected bubble, for now.

halfawake's picture

Yup. I wonder how long until it hits USA, if ever, honestly. They have really bred quite the perfect mix of arrogance, ignorance, and convenience (seeming) here. But we love throwing our missiles around if someone offends us.

WillyGroper's picture

Protected bubble?

This is the elites excuse to drone the hell out of us. All of us, globally.

Agenda 21.

XitSam's picture

They aren't going to have any of that Venezuela protest shit in Lower Krapistan!

Black Forest's picture

Uranium shortage ahead?

SubRosa's picture

Maybe. Kazakhstan produces the largest share of uranium from mines (36.5% of world supply from mines in 2012).

Ignatius's picture

I suspect at some point that headlines here in the US will push Kazakhstan lock-down stories off the front page.

PTR's picture

I've never seen them on the front page. 


How 'bout last night's figure skating, eh?

Yen Cross's picture

  With all these 3rd world "Banana Republics" flaring up, a Johnny Cash song comes to mind...

  ? Johnny Cash Burning Ring of Fire - YouTube


alangreedspank's picture

"In my ahh cantry, nationel sports are those of a ping pong, shoot dog, rape and tank roll."

Agent P's picture

Where's Borat? 

dynomutt's picture

I do believe that to be

"Vary Naice"




I wonder how they're going to throw their money down the well...

Callz d Ballz's picture

Can never happen here...





DavrosoftheDaleks's picture

I still am dumfounded on who backs a sovereign CDS.  Has anyone ever been successfully paid out on a CDS for sovereign debt?  What qualifies as a Qualified institution to make a CDS? Also who's to say the CIA doesn't just manipulate the CDS market to fuck with the leaders involved with the country.  As we know it doesn't take much to move that market as compared to the underlying currency or debt.

Lots of questions, I know....

NotApplicable's picture

I see them as the latest version of "The Emporer's New Clothes." Their only real value?

Book Cooking Accessory (balance sheet filler)

Occident Mortal's picture

It's Moral Hazard.

Greece didn't trigger a CDS pay out and they've completely run out of money 4 times in the past 3 years.

Putin will bail out Kazakhstan and Beijing will bail out Putin.

Arius's picture

worse comes to worse,  beijing will be bailed out by the FED. 


all roads lead to rome.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

This is the time that we should rather wear a lampshade than be the backstop.