Venezuela Accuses AFP Of "Manipulating" News Coverage; Shuts Down Colombian TV Station

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Having described Venezuela as "absolutely calm" today - when it was anything but; the fact that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has the stones to accuse Agence France Press of "manipulating" news coverage is stunning.


Furthermore, Maduro has taken a TV station off-air that competed with Telesur (the state-owned TV station). Of course, we should not worry as Maduro has explained the violence is all protesters' fault and that he will propose his "peace plan" tomorrow.


Via Bloomberg,

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro asked his information minister in a national address to take unspecified actions against AFP France Press. Maduro accused AFP of “manipulating” news coverage


Decision to take Colombian TV station NTN24 off the air in Venezuela was made by the government, Maduro says


“The NTN24 station tried to compete with Telesur and yesterday created confusion about the possibility of a coup. Off the air”: Maduro


I denounce AFP for manipulating information, and I’ve asked the information minister to speak clearly with their correspondents”: Maduro (Telesur is TV network owned by Venezuelan government)


And here is Maduro presenting his perspective of the troublemakers from his Twitter account:

And yet he also told us that things were "absolutely calm"?

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They have an info minister?  

Fucking Orwell was a genius.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Department of Homeland Information.  Known as MSM in these parts.

Prisoners_dilemna's picture

 Greetings from America! Just a friendly suggestion... Use single ply toilet paper instead of double and it will last twice as long!!



Hmmm twatter wouldnt let me send so I post it here.

Ah well I will try again tomorrow.

*edit* nevermind I had to shorten it slightly.  I'm talking to world leaders!!!  I love twatter!!!

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I was going to write "Obama scribbles notes furiously on how to do the same in the US."

Then I realized that's bullshit.  He doesn't need to tell them.  They'll do it on their own.  They all believe the same thing.  They'll do it on their own, without his explicit direction.  They're all so sure they're right, their "holy" quest, they'll commit all manner of atrocity against their own people and the Constitution to FORCE it to happen, without batting an eye.

Prisoners_dilemna's picture

Which is why we must mock them.


*peeks out the curtains for black helicopters*

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

You know the more you clamp down on a pressure vessel the bigger the explosion.

kralizec's picture

That tears it...there will most certainly be war now.  How else can Venezuela pump some life into their atrophying economy?

max2205's picture

Shit....back to Telemuoudo or al jahearha

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

I am enjoying the fact that AFP is FRANCE'S press agency, and who was just in town with his con-frere...?

/LOL, as Venezuela is about to suffer big time.

StychoKiller's picture

"MiniTru" by any other name....

Ignatius's picture

The CIA reads too, I think.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Where are the hollow points and Patriot Act to suppress the people?  Amateurs.

nmewn's picture

Waiting on Hope-n-Change to refine it ;-)

LetThemEatRand's picture

You're better than that comment, nmwen.  Hope-n-change is a puppet of the same people who are bringing down VZ.

nmewn's picture

Ok, I'll bite...who is bringing down Verizon?

LetThemEatRand's picture

The Network. It's mad as hell and won't take it anymore.

nmewn's picture

lol...unleash the fonestar!

seek's picture

Looks like more than a few bullets were placed into students... so that's where some of those hollow points are.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

"Faster and Furiouser", because Mexico is not enough!

nmewn's picture

Because...socialism, so...

Shut Up!

kaiserhoff's picture

I've been wondering when Barry will shut down a media outlet or three...,


LetThemEatRand's picture

Why would Barry shut down the information ministry?   The internet, maybe.  MSM?  Never.

kaiserhoff's picture

FOX has been making noises about the Dictatorship, and Moochelle is always pissed about something.

Can you imagine waking up next to that beast?  It would scare me out of three years growth.

Now that I mention it, sounds like a Hollywood Diet plan..., the Horror Treatment.

Tall Tom's picture

FOX NewsTM works for OBAMATM(Oh Be Another Murdering Agent). Their main goal is to make the opposition, Red TeamTM proponents, sound exceedingly stupid and ignorant.


Of course the Blue TeamTM proponents also promote there own style of Idiocy on CNNTM and MSNBCTM.


FOX NewsTM succeeds overwhelmingly at doing that.


For what purpose would OBAMATM want that shut down?


It serves Bathhouse Barry Soetero all too well.


It is a master plan by the US NSATM (United States of National Socialist America) to keep the masses in control through the promotion of FEARTM (False Evidence Appearing Real) and HATREDTM (Have Another Tired Ridiculous Empty Debate).

nmewn's picture

With his obsession over Fox (otherwise known as Faux to some) I'd put my money on that one to be shut down.

MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CNN, CNBC, CBS, E & NPR will fall under the umbrella of a new Executive Order (Protection of the States Voice #3908648) soon to be known as GOOFY.

Dr. Destructo's picture

I'm not so sure about that simply because it's useful to keep the illusion of choice.

Tall Tom's picture

Yes. You got it.


All of the Debate and fights are Staged. It is all theater.

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Kaiser- I caught a piece of a report that the FCC is going to be instituting a panel that will document coverage of what they deem are "important" reporting criteria for broadcast news.  Those criteria will include things like Poverty, Unemplyment, Climate Issues, Women's health, etc.  Yep, they're going to tally them up and spit out a report card to the FCC.

Don't know if that's true, but you can imagine what would happen to any network that failed to meet these requirements.

The premise is that these networks are using "public" airwaves, to the government can decide what's important to report about over them.  



FieldingMellish's picture



No difference.

Spungo's picture

Their economy would recover if they dramatically increased government spending.

nmewn's picture

Thats right, its simple socio-economics!

(Yes, that was a slam on Krugman)

tip e. canoe's picture

what's up with these dicks giving nazi salutes?

guy from ukraine just gave one last week:

shutdown's picture

Lol. That the worst, the dumbest-looking photo shopped picture I've seen in ages. But someone'll fall for it. 

shutdown's picture

Tip, it happens to all of us. No biggie. :)

shutdown's picture

The USA and the EU shouldn't meddle in this. It's an internal matter for the Venezuelans to hammer out by themselves. 

ShortTheUS's picture

AFP is the most socialist of the 3 big news agencies (AP & RTRS). This speaks volumes.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Ironically, that probably means that it is not owned by a giant corporation.  Thus, the lack of news cleansing for the benefit of TPTB.  Which also speaks volumes. Or are you thinking the corporate owned media is the answer?

jo6pac's picture

Yep this good news, Amerikas ngos and cia embassy is going to protect Amerikas oil in Venezuela. Yep just the Amerikan govt doing what it does best protecting corp. Amerikas interest nothing else. Who cares if they elected a president, he isn't one of the the Amerikan govt. friends.  Butler Smedley said it best? 

Who Laughed's picture

I don't understand?
How can we recognise the obvious meddling of the US and foreign interests in Syria and not in Venezuela.

Hasn't the US been involved in this shit in the Americas for over 60 years?

Dosn't Venezuela have the largest proven oil reserves on the planet?

Don't the Venezuelans cooperate with the 'axis of evil'?

Sure, there's no toilet paper and the country is a mess, and Maduro comes off as a tool.. but the inconsistency and the refusal to identify clear stakeholders and most probable participants in the unrest is concerning.

Why does ZH want Venezuela so badly? Is it the anti-socialism thing or is it something more


I was just flipping back through Jeff Rubin's 'The Big Flatline' (2012) for some #'s I wasn't totally unfamiliar with (seeing as how I had just by coincidence read them today sitting by the fire at the ski hill! lol), when I saw your comment. For sure Tyler knows better, this must be a 'for kicks and clicks' meme, this Venezuala thing, and I'm not judging TD. ZHrs need to think for themselves once in a while. 

"The Orinco belt, or Faja as it's known locally, is now credited with 297 Billion barrels of reserves, up from 211 Billion. THAT"S MORE than the 265 billion barrels stored under the oil-rich deserts of Saudia Arabia and the 170 billion in Canada's tar sands." JR-The Big Flatline pg 90

'tain't nuttin' bout SOCIALISM fooks. *socialist* Canukistan  *socialist* V 


01MAY11 Sunday night, Obama announces OBL thang

02MAY11  Monday, Harper wins (swayed, very recently purchased *surprise*) majority. What a coinkeedinkce)  TFHAToff / sad J Layton died


V's oil, like tar sands and arctic deposits are not cheap to extract. USA ain't gonna be held hostage to penny-ante mofo's be they *SOCIALIST* or princesses. But USA needs to learn how to "let's make a deal" without violence. Uncle Sam ain't foolin anyone. anymore.

Things could get better for everyone. 

+1 Who Laughed







ross81's picture

I think it's mostly the anti-socialism thang but its hard to tell. ZH has been obsessed with Venezuela since the outbreak of toiletpapergate, soaring stock market, etc as an indicator of what could happen in the US. But really, when you see gangs of violent young men bedecked in hoodies, scarves & backpacks causing mayhem on the streets of a "non-cooperative" oil rich country, I'd think most ZH readers should be hearing loud alarm bells ringing. I'd expect better from the Tylers. The whole "crazy socialist dictator losing control/killing his own people/using chemical weapons on children" theme is the reason I stopped watching the MSM cunts in the first place.

tahoebumsmith's picture

Just a preview of the chaos that will happen once the Global Ponzi comes crashing down. Even a sixth grader who understands eonomics can see the writing on the wall. Over 30 Trillion spent, That's 30 with a T and nothing to show for it except a larger dept, 30 T+ globally and anemic growth and decline in many areas. Who ever decided to use Japan as an example was a fucking economic's idiot! This motherfucker has become so large that I see the Fed having a 10 T  balance sheet before the end of 2016! They are the ones that support the ponzi scheme and they are so buried in Bernanke's pipe dream it can never end. Wall ST. is priced at 60% over value if you look at the fundamentals! This monster keeps growing and growing. They keep feeding the monster denial which is his favorite food. By the time the next collapse happens the US will be 20t in debt.

tahoebumsmith's picture

OBTW? In 2008 the debt was 8,623,014,069 . The Democrats reffered to that debt as staggering! Come on Nancy give a speech now! I would love you to justify 18 trillion dollars today when close to 80 million people have dropped off the employment ranks! HOOOORAAAAAY? I say Fuck you because I'm not stupid...

Just watch the first couple minutes.... Where are we today NAN? Is the party really over or it did it just begin... C word

Glen Livet's picture

It is impossible for the American Juggernaut to give up the dream of Venezuela.  There are so many drooling for all those assets at the final fire sale forced price.  Thank goodness cancer took Chavez before he lived to see his dream fall prey to the Vultures. It will most likely be some sick twisted triumph of neo-liberal economic theory when we orchestrate their complete economic implosion.  

logicalman's picture

I'm waiting for the leaked 'Fuck Venezuela' tape to come out.

Looking a bit kinda Ukraine-ish, I think.

Remember, they have the curse of oil. Attracts evil militarists better than shit attracts flies.

syntaxterror's picture

Maybe this d-bag should buy the New York Times. They'll comply no questions asked. Just like they do now.

Colonel Klink's picture

Don't you mean the Wall street Journal?