What Are Stocks Doing?

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The US equity market took 16 hours to fall 15 points and 90 minutes this morning to recover amid an absolutely dismal retail sales print. The full bulltard farce of disastrous news being great news is writ large in stocks as they decouple from any FX carry or bond market sense of reality.


Bonds and stocks are no longer friends...


and FX carry is dislocated as S&P 500 futures "beta" to JPY doubles as stocks open (80 pips down in JPY and 14 point drop in ES...

40 pips up in JPY and 15 point rise in ES)


It does seem that stocks are circling around gold to some extent though...


One has to wonder at this clear level of total schizophrenia whether the analog that everyone loves to hate is on the cards...




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Last mad dash to crash!

kliguy38's picture

just lettin' the boyz finish off distribution..........itsa "process"........they'll hit the "switch" when they're ready

jbvtme's picture

they will reset the dollar (30% haircut) soon.  equities are a hedge and are melting up

Oh regional Indian's picture

Gold and S&P chart looks like a valentine's pair having a bad date...I love you, I love you not....

But overall, what a time, to be alive in a mad mix of Dune+1984+Star Wars+.....


Life imitating art...


Clint Liquor's picture

Off topic, but does anyone know what the new Debt Limit is? I have searched but can find nothing.

BoNeSxxx's picture

Unless I sm mistaken, they didn't raise it... only suspended the debt ceiling for 12 months.

max2205's picture

Looking for the bull trap.....seems likely but must hit all time highs again.  

fonestar's picture

What are stawks doing?

Trading the privilige of having the reserve currency of the world for nominal all time highs.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Yellen's gasping for air like a fish out of water.

Don't fear the taper.

Oh regional Indian's picture

A suspended ceiling. Oxymoron or Freemasonic magic...

An illusion perhaps...



Spastica Rex's picture

I put a black and white tile floor in my kitchen last summer.

PeeramidIdeologies's picture

Exactly man, look at stocks! Look at stocks! Just don't look at Europe. Or JPM...

Oh regional Indian's picture

@SRex: I always had my doubts about Bob Dobbs and the CIA. It's toooooooo damn clever and gripping. I was mesmerised by one of their speakers at my one and only visit to Burning Man...

Fully Ma Sonic Boom, Tyler (yes, Tyler is a masonic degree, from Tiler, Tyler)... Durden you know?

Spastica Rex's picture

It wasn't symbolic, it was vinyl, and it cost about $350 USD, including adhesive and incidentals. I've had it for about 6 months now, and I'm pretty impressed with old-fashioned vinyl tile. Highly recommend it to other "poor" people.

Renewable Life's picture

Geezus you got to love that!!! Now who doesn't think the .gov knows something us little peasants haven't been clued in on yet ???

They pass this shit, without a peep from the GOP leadership and it's clean as a whistle, no strings attached!! Come on man, if you can't see this shit coming from 5000 ft up, your fucking blind!!

Unlimited spending for a year, ya government and corporations totally live responsibly under those conditions, don't they???

zaphod42's picture

"...suspended the debt ceiling for 12 months."

That means, for 12 months there is NO limit!  We can party all night long!

And, what else can we do with money?  Buy gold, which is no fun and just holds its value.  Or, buy stocks!  They can go up, and up, and up... never down, of course, in this the best of all possible markets.

Enjoy folks.  The ride is about to get "interesting." 

Popcorn, anyone?


The_Ungrateful_Yid's picture

Whatever they want it to be. I doubt a fixed number even exists anymore.

zaphod42's picture

You got it right, TUY.  No 'fixed number.'  And, of course, the 'fix' is in. 

There are no limits.  It is now official.  What is it about none that everyone has difficulty understanding?  Debt can go as high as ... well however high 'they' want.

So, let's say 'they' decide to buy back all the bad assets held by the banksters.  No limit.  Send a man to Mars?  No limit.  Pay off all of 'their' cronies?  Again, no limit. 

Scary shit, I'd say!  And about to hit something rotating behind you.  Get ready to duck!!!!


Dr. Engali's picture

They suspendd it until March of 2015. They don't want a pesky thing like debt brought up during the elections.

fonzannoon's picture


I have officially lost it.

Dr. Engali's picture

Damn you Fonz! I knew it was you the moment I tried to edit. 

fonzannoon's picture

these errors will live on forever now. You will wake up many nights in a cold sweat and visit these threads and....hang on my roof just collapsed from the snow...

and wish you could edit this...and there is nothing you can....my power just went out....do about it because....it's getting cold....

what was I saying?

manofthenorth's picture

" To infinity and beyond ! " Economic idiocracy.

President Camacho: Now I understand everyone's shit's emotional right now. But I've got a 3 point plan that's going to fix EVERYTHING.

Congressman #1: Break it down, Camacho!

President Camacho: Number 1: We've got this guy Not Sure. Number 2: He's got a higher IQ than ANY MAN ALIVE. and Number 3: He's going to fix EVERYTHING.

I am just grateful to be out of this tragic comedy of a market before it goes full Shakespeare. Liquidated the last paper at 16K+ dow and turned it into 2 under 12k monster boxes with a small stack of FRNs left over. ONE HAPPY MINER !

Narrator: The years passed, mankind became stupider at a frightening rate. Some had high hopes the genetic engineering would correct this trend in evolution, but sadly the greatest minds and resources where focused on conquering hair loss and prolonging erections.

KickIce's picture

There's no budget, no spending limit, no gold standard and most Americans continue to have 100% faith a FRN.

SNAFU for short.

X_mloclaM's picture

right, suspended, as it's increased to the extent that congress allows the expense prior to March 16, 2015, then debt can be issued to pay for it beyond that date 


holgerdanske's picture

It is really rather simple. the government is printing money out of nowhere and they are buying shares with the money. So for them it is cheap, they get productive assets for nothing! And for the man in the street, it is the usual. Your pension, your savings and anything thought of as decent and hardworking is thrown out of the window.

This can continue until people loose the faith in fiat, and that can be a long way off! What is remarkable is that gold has not raced ahead, because this is pure inflation in the making.

For anyone who doubts this, have a look at the meteoric rise of the stock market in Zimbabwe, or, to a lesser degree, in Japan.

We are seeing inflation of unknown ferocity being made in front of our eyes! If this is not going to make you buy gold,what is??


bagehot99's picture

Gold is for paranoids and trinketry. I was told that by a Socialist.

zaphod42's picture

There are times that gold is a good investment; there are times it is not so good.  But it is never bad.

Understanding this, I am now looking at physical gold as an essential asset.  Not that I would expect that it would be 'spendable.'  Just that at some point it would be exchangeable for something else of value that I might want then. 

OOOooo... am I really seriously talking about a barter economy? 

Really scary!!!


lasvegaspersona's picture


how does one reset the reserve? One can devalue against the reserve but since gold is no longer part of the monetary system the dollar cannot be devalued....and THAT is the problem. 

The dollar needs to be driven til it drops. There is no easy way out (except to print for the banks but that alone does not solve the debt problem enough.)

Unless there is magic which we can't see the dollar will continue to be printed and continue to get uglier until it gets so bad that the rest of the world says 'enough'.

Market Rage's picture

And when they do hit the sell switch, they certainly don't want any retail people to be short.

whatsinaname's picture

Whatever they are doing I am fine with it. Sold some loss making puts and bought calls (totally by mistake). Was planning to recycle to longer dated puts but just realized I had bought calls instead. Investing for the next century. Am just shaking my head.

slightlyskeptical's picture

You probably should have kept that to yourself. Such errors should make you worry over much more than the outcome of the trade.

The Axe's picture

Bounced off that 50day  on the SP 180.83

hobopants's picture

The last graph is the only one that makes sense.

Ancona's picture

Yellenomics unleashed. WTF?

Renewable Life's picture

Ok, everyone here knows what's going on, stocks are being "restrained" by this taper charade! It's Yellen vs Wall Street for the time being, which has the little children on WS very upset right now!!!

They did a little 1000 point taper tantrum and it didn't get the message thru, the big boys (GS) and (JPM) are setting up for another "Lehman moment", to get this shit back rolling Big Ben Style!!!

wallstreetaposteriori's picture

Full on retard-phoria in the markets now.  I wonder if we can start having 10-20% rallies a day and still be fairly valued?

TuPhat's picture

Right now it's crashing up.  Crashing down will be delayed but it's comming.

Dr. Engali's picture

Didn't you hear? Stocks only go up and twitter is the new safety play. Sum bitch is going to cost me a lunch.

fonzannoon's picture

It's fascinating Doc. When that floor fell out from $65 I was certain it was all over for me and it was sandwich time for you. I was hoping it would find support at $20. Yet that thing gets a bid under it and moves higher again. Algo's at work. Unreal.

Dr. Engali's picture

Funny thing is when the bottom fell out my gut told me to buy it, because wallstreet had too much invested in this one to let it fall and I decided to pass. Pisses me off.

fonzannoon's picture

I threw whatever I had at my 3d printing stocks when they got creamed. With twtr I just sat there paralyzed. 

I think everyone on this site owes Al Huxley a giant thank you btw. He went ahead and shorted the miners at the end of last year and illustrated just what kind of massive power some people have on here. 

RSloane's picture

This market is completely emotion driven. Algos are searching for buzzwords and will be triggered regardless of the other economic data accompanying them.

Wall Street is not going to allow one of their new golden cows to fail, even if it is failing.

There is nothing to indicate that your guts or instincts are less than anyone else's In the long run they will be proven to be far more valuable to an unimagineable degree.

Good to see you Doc, and you too Fonz. :D

Dr. Engali's picture

Good morning Sloan it's good to see you, and your words ring very true. On another note, I think Fonz has gone off the deep end. Maybe in his insanity he will forget that I'm going to owe him a sandwich.