Import Prices Drop; 6th Straight Month Of Dis-Inflation

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While modestly better than expected, Import Prices fell 1.5% year-over-year, down from a 1.3% year-over-year drop for December. This is the sixth month in a row of year-over-year drops in import prices and perhaps even more notably, the last 20 months have seen only 2 months of year-over-year price gains as the Japanese deflation ogre spreads around the world.



Chart: Bloomberg

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let me guess.....................bullish?  what do i win?!

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Dis-Inflation is falling levels of increasing prices happening at low absolute measurements, bordering on Deflation.


Deflation is falling prices.

Import prices are deflating...
Alongside a weak dollar against many trading partners....



Liquidity Trap

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Japanese disflation? Please, that is only happpening in the case of Japanese male's members.

The primary reason for this has to be the strengtheing of the USD against currencies like the rupee, rand, bhat, perhaps the AUD....the resource (human, material whatever) suppliers. Directly or via china.

Japan is currently responsible for being the pillar that supports global inflation (via funding speculation and forced printing in inflicted countires).

As for the liquidity trap, I suggest a strong diuretic ;-)



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^P   PRN

Call me in the morning.

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Tyler, there is no such thing as disinflation. There is deflation. Unless the world's CBs go Zimbabwe style, we will get deflation from the overload of debt and derivatives floating around in the markets. Follow the lack of money velocity.

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Sorry for the stupid questions here, but could some one explain the "disinflation" meme?

OK, so we import flat screen tvs, sweat shop clothing, plastic kitchen utensils.... those are on the disinflation side of the scale...

But I don't really need those or want to buy them.

What about fuel costs, healthcare, housing prices, movie tickets, gallon of milk... from what I have seen those are all on the inflation side of the scale, those are what I spend my money on.

So how does the disinflation and inflation stories balance out? To me it seems like infation is winning...

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Valid argument, except for Movie tickets as it's cheaper to wait 2 months after a movie hits the theater and watch it at your safe home with your friends/family with cheap snacks and good beer.  Who needs Milk when Genesee Cream ale is so good?  It's a lot cheaper to drink Genesee too.

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Dollar is global. To see inflation more clearly one needs to look at the big blue ball overall.

When dollars start getting returned to sender, hyperinflation.

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Genny Cream Ale? You must be long on TP, you can brew a much better cream ale. I do like the 12 Horse though...

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Not to be confused with deflation.

Disinflation is a decrease in the rate of inflation – a slowdown in the rate of increase of the general price level of goods and services in a nation's gross domestic product over time. It is the opposite of reflation.


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George Orwell just turned over in his grave!



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This reminds be about an acrimonious debate between sanctimonious AKAK and defiant ORLy...about price deflation or price inflation in the US supermarket...

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I miss Miss Orly. Clear thinker.....


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Supply and Demand. This trend will continue for as long as the "Just Us" crowd continue to degrade the ability of the demand side to purchase goods and services.

The Obummer and his Demonuts may try to force us to buy additional crap to "stabilize" prices, providing their trust funds and crony-capitalist masters additional opportunities for front-running.

No wonder Banksters want to "make prices" as well as markets.

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Snow. Deflation. Bail ins. First part of collapse. Curency reset. Rimninbi backed by gold. West becomes 3rd world. Mark of the beast.

More or less. Don't know really and it doesn't matter. But it will be quick. There's also Good News. There's God who loves you. Ask Him what the truth is. Don't take the chip, it is a no go area. Relax and read here as Saviour speaks:




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A "healthy" rise in demand would cure these ills.

It's too bad we never allowed our economy to heal without all the artificial stimulants.



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"A "healthy" rise in demand would cure these ills."


That won't happen as long as the "other" 90% suffer wage stagnation or wage deflation. 

For a long time the banksters allowed them to 'borrow' money to support demand.  I put 'borrow' in quotes to signify that they were note really loans since there was no way they could be repaid.

What now?

Ah, well.  It will be what it is.  We all know we're being lied to.  I am going to relax, and enjoy the 'ride.'  Suggest y'all do the same! 

Who's got the popcorn?


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CNBC reports a rise in import prices. Is that a typo?

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Nobody wants more Chinese junk.

Somebody break the pump and let them start carrying the water in jugs again.

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A Chinese junk is a small boat used to transport goods and produce.  Why would I want one of those?


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That's ok.  Chinese inflation will counteract Japanese dis-inflation.