Investor "Uncertainty" Spikes To 11-Year High

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The percentage of investors who describe themselves as "neutral" is at its highest in over 11 years as a modest 5% retracement in stocks has bulls running for the hills and individual investors extremely uncertain once again. As Bloomberg notes, "everyone is sitting in the middle of the canoe waiting for something to happen." Will it be Birinyi's 1,900 surge, Tom Lee's 2,100 spike, or DeMark's 1929 crash analog?



For the four weeks ended last week, survey respondents expecting little change in stock prices amounted to 59 percent of those calling for gains or losses. The figure, based on the market outlook for the next six months, was the highest since March 2003.


Charts: Bloomberg

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Oldwood's picture

CON-fidence is lacking

TideFighter's picture

It's not what's sitting "in the middle of the canoe" that's important. The fact that the front of the canoe is already hanging over the waterfall, is.  

GetZeeGold's picture



I'm moving into sports's just a lot safer.

wallstreetaposteriori's picture

DeMark, DeMark, DeMark.  

Stoploss's picture

It's what happens when confidence in fiat is lost.

All paper now has no trust.


Oh regional Indian's picture

Those are not respondents.

They are despondents.

In their favour, momentum chasers made a lot of fiat money.

Now they will lose it all as said fiat collapses, not the market itself.

Wherein lies the rock AND the hard place.

Hint: Go to the hard place


Was this presicent or what? Ehhhh? See England....water water, Europe flooding, USA, worst winters on record...

Max Damage's picture

Yeah but Janet is bullish and that all that matters

Dr. Venkman's picture

There are no investors, only Zuul.

spastic_colon's picture

pls stop with the 1929 analog......IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!....i appreciate ZH analysis but must admit it is becoming a bit sophomoric

GetZeeGold's picture



Never huh?


How much debt did we have in 1929 again?

spastic_colon's picture



point taken but algos were paper and pencil back then

d edwards's picture

This time is different, right? ;)

L_Conquistador's picture

Because we're smarter now.  We have facebook, angry birds and beiber. 

Oldwood's picture

I know there are a world of people out there who firmly believe that BTFD will make them rich because the algos will never let it collapse, but do you really believe in infinity, or is it just that your time projections make the ultimate collapse outside of your foreseeable future? What is annoying for me is not the conflicting opinions about outcomes as much as those who are fully up to their ass in this rationalization that they are not complicit in the ultimate collapse. The power of corruption tells us that "everyone else is doing it and to not get in on it only shows your stupidity". Call me stupid, but I will not participate in something I believe is burning our society to the ground, just to gain the almighty buck. So many here rail against the rich and their take no prisoners approach to business, while millions are lined up independently doing the EXACT SAME THING.

The Axe's picture

The computers know what to do    ping the bid stack and ping the bid stack...then BUY  and Buy   and buy some more stocks..especially the most shorted....because that creates more Money.more Money. more Money

wmbz's picture

Remember, Alan Greasepan never saw anything coming. The Bernake never saw anything coming. Jack Yellen never saw anything coming. So that must mean nothing or anything is coming. On the other hand how could a fed-head "see" anything coming when their heads were lodged up their arse square to their shoulders.

Trust in the FED!

CitizenPete's picture

... which brings up a question. The saying goes: "Don't bet against the Fed." and if the Fed has no clue about which brush to use as they continue to paint themselves every so tightly into the corner, how is it possible not bet against them? Or with them?

InflammatoryResponse's picture



the most routinely surprised people on the planet.  I think they could take a dump and be surprised something came out.


if it wasn't for the unexpected they'd be able to sleep all the time.


Sudden Debt's picture


so there's more to short when the nasdaq crosses 5000...

like a lion I'll wait...

no killing just yet....

just... eating... sleeping... and...


Spungo's picture

We'll be lucky if we only have a 1929 crash. That was back when America actually produced things, ran trade surpluses, and had a high savings rate.

The_Ungrateful_Yid's picture

Algos gave the big finger to the investor years ago, this is just the phase before the big event.