California's New 'Dust Bowl': "It's Gonna Be a Slow, Painful, Agonizing Death" For Farmers

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"It's really a crisis situation," exclaims one California city manager, "and it's going to get worse in time if this drought doesn't alleviate."


For the state that produces one-third of the nation's fruits and vegetables, the driest spell in 500 years has prompted President Obama to make $100 million in livestock-disaster aid available within 60 days to help the state rebound from what he describes is " going to be a very challenging situation this year... and potentially some time to come."


As NBC reports, Governor Jerry Brown believes the "unprecedented emergency" could cost $2.8 billion in job income and $11 billion in state revenues - and as one farmer noted "we can't recapture that." Dismal recollections of the 1930's Dust Bowl are often discussed as workers (and employers) are "packing their bags and leaving town..." leaving regions to "run the risk of becoming desolate ghost towns as local governments and businesses collapse."



Via NBC,

"The truth of the matter is that this is going to be a very challenging situation this year, and frankly, the trend lines are such where it's going to be a challenging situation for some time to come," Obama said Friday during a meeting with local leaders in Firebaugh, Calif., a rural enclave not far from Fresno.


Obama promised to make $100 million in livestock-disaster aid available within 60 days to help the state rebound from what the White House's top science and technology adviser has called the worst dry spell in 500 years.




"A lot of people don't realize the amount of money that's been lost, the amount of jobs lost. And we can't recapture that," Joel Allen, the owner of the Joel Allen Ranch in Firebaugh, told NBC News.


"It's horrible," Allen added. "People are standing in food lines and people are coming by my office every day looking for work."


Allen — whose family has been in farming for three generations — and his 20-man crew are out of work.


He said: "We're to the point where we're scratching our head. What are we gonna do next?"


At the local grocery store, fruit prices are up — but sales are down. The market was forced to lay off three employees — and many more throughout the town are packing their bags and leaving town.


McDonald said farming communities like Firebaugh run the risk of becoming desolate ghost towns as local governments and businesses collapse.


"It's going to be a slow, painful process — but it could happen," McDonald said. "It's not going to be one big tsunami where you're gonna having something get wiped out in one big wave. It's gonna be a slow, painful, agonizing death."




The problem is not just in California. Federal agriculture officials in January designated parts of 11 states as disaster areas, citing the economic strain that the lack of rain is putting on farmers. Those states are Arkansas, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.

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fonzannoon's picture


 Obama promised to make $100 million in livestock-disaster aid available within 60 days to help the state rebound from what the White House's top science and technology adviser has called the worst dry spell in 500 years.


85 bil a month goes to the banks balance sheets, the worst dry spell in 500 years, 100 mil (but we need 60 fucking days to get it available)

mjcOH1's picture

Let it rot on the vine. 

Surely failure is impossible in the worker's paradise.

malikai's picture

Can someone please explain to me how printing money will make it rain?

Or has Zero watched too many shitty rap videos to know better?

DaddyO's picture

Sorry Fonz, why should the .gov backstop this in the first place?


fonzannoon's picture

I'm not saying they should. I am saying as long as they are going to piss away all our money, we may want to consider how we prioritiize.

DaddyO's picture

At some point we need to let them eat their bullet trains and other social engineering projects.

Until there is pain from poor management, there will be no change, let alone hope.


LetThemEatRand's picture

This is exactly where government (to the extent there is any "us" still left in government) should intervene.  We all benefit from CA agriculture when we buy food.  One problem is that the money isn't available because it was given to oligarchs, so we're left printing it and stealing more from the middle class.  The problem is not all of us getting together during a 500 year drought and helping out.  The real problem is that such things are so far down the priority list for government spending that it is a tiny footnote on a footnote.  And of course that most CA farmers are big ag so once again big ag is going to get "help" from the middle class.  

I don't understand why libertarians pick shit like this to get pissed about when it is such a tiny, fractional part of the budget compared to the Fed printing and other waste intended to benefit the real rulers.

Seer's picture

Thanks, Rand.  I knew that a bunch of folks would jump on the old tired shit of beating on CA despite the fact of CA's importance to meeting one of the ONLY TRUE requirements: ->Food<-, Shelter and Water.  Broad brushes.  Throwing the baby out with the bath water.  Small-brained folks can never grasp the Big Picture.  Ag is one of the few areas that actually produces anything anymore.

This issue is one of the few that actually has REAL meaning.

Yes, like Rand puts it, it's likely Big Ag that'll get the help, but there are likely small farmers as well.  We would be best to help get through this with the commitment to alter our farming methods so that we're less susceptable to these things.

NOTE: As a farmer myself I have a personal bias.  And, I have a good friend in CA who is a small farmer.

Blano's picture

I don't care if they grow 100% of the food.  That state has gone full retard for so long in so many ways I hope it rots in hell and takes a good portion of this country with it.

greatbeard's picture

>> I don't care if they grow 100% of the food

Spoken like a man who's never been hungry a day in his life.

NoDebt's picture

None of this "aid" will grow even one more fruit or vegetable.  Only water will do that.

Plow money at the problem till the dehydrated cows come home, it doesn't do anything but temporarily save the unsavable.

Let it wither.  When it rains, it will come back.  Until that time, it's pushing more taxpayer money at a problem that money won't solve.


ThroxxOfVron's picture

It isn't about food at all: it is about propping the politically connected agricultural concerns, salvaging bank loans that will wither on the vine as the crops do, and promoting the statist interventionist agenda.


I grow food in my own yard.  I've been ripping out the lawns here little by little every year.

We already have sprouts in cans inside the house even as the temp is well below freezing and the snow contines to pile up -now over 2 feet deep- out back.

My neighbors ALL spend $$$ on their damned manicured lawns.

Dirty noisy ride mowers and blowers run by illegals, chemicals and fertilizers, sprinkler systems running from 6am to 8am everyday up and down the street, etc.

We grow 100% clean, no chemical no gmo fresh FOOD.   

How about a tax abatement for US instead of propping these land rich bastards on the other side of the continent who will never share their food or their profits after being subsidized, let alone cease pushing their local immigration agenda on the rest of the nation?

knukles's picture

Hows about some water?
No he/they cannot make it rain (but will take your money under some horseshit premise related thereto)

The Federal Government Can Allow More Water Allocated to the Farmers.
Let LA fucking parch.

I live close to the heart of where most of America's Green Shit, Cattle, etc., are grown
And it ain't gonna get any better with a buncha Fucking Promises


cifo's picture

I'm sure the Apple farm will survive.

James_Cole's picture

You guys do understand how Cali gets its water.................................................right?

The Vineyard's picture

The government should help these people out.  Bitches.

Arius's picture

"85 bil a month goes to the banks balance sheets, the worst dry spell in 500 years, 100 mil (but we need 60 fucking days to get it available)".


The difference i believe is that the 85 bil a month is Funny Money, just numbers in the computers that dont really go anywhere.  Greeces 1 or 3 trillion dollars debt comes to mind (it grew from 2.5 bil in less than a decade go figure)

100 million is Real Money that got to go out of cash register into people's hand and will be actually SPENT!


Please correct me.  There are here better qualified financiers/economist (ooppss a dirty word) than myself the self proclaimed internet guru, but i think this is a big difference

johnQpublic's picture

the growth rings of trees in the area are actually telling a tale of an area just coming out of 500 years of unusually wet weather

before then, drought was the norm

Its_the_economy_stupid's picture

that which is unsustainable.....

MontgomeryScott's picture

Lots of talk, but no discussion of the root causes.

Don't look up, and if you do, be assured that the crap in the sky is 'natural' (because WE say so!).

How about that snowfall in Japan, huh? Pretty neat...

The concept of the total destruction of a nation by protracted and covert means is one which seems to be foreign to most people. That pesky Constitutional Republic is (soon to be WAS) the only thing standing in the way of global conquest. Destroy a nation's currency, take all the gold, gut the industries, cause the infrastructure to crumble, destroy it's FOOD SUPPLIES,...

Kayman's picture


The Fed's purchases shore up the undisclosed losses for the criminal banking cartel.

And yes, real cash money (not credit) is hard to find.

Arius's picture

i thought so ... thanks for the confirmation.

Truthseeker2's picture

MUST READ in order to understand the California drought!


Geoengineered Weather Patterns Wreaking Havoc Across The Planet
Chemtrails and HAARP are the Smoke and Mirrors behind the fabricated ‘Global Cooling’ events

Flakmeister's picture

Oh my...

A whackadoo on the loose...

lewietheparrot's picture

eat less

there was never enough water in cal, but no matter how much more was taken from other states

the farmers just over developed more alkaline flats into orchard

speculating that they could squeeze more water out of that turnip called wash., d.c.and they were right

so overfarmed with chemicals that the great valley of california's water table is toxic---salted up

how much more?

for a population that is so obese, 'eat less' is viable-----or maybe,

just cut a fifty to a hundred pounds off those that have too much and feed it to the hogs and cattle

one of the reasons i left cal 20 years ago


derek_vineyard's picture

problem is that vegtables and fruits are what some of us prefer to eat

so fucking mcD's and jack in the crock are the winners



johnQpublic's picture

you eat vegetables and fruit?


lewietheparrot's picture


Preferences may have to be put on hold for awhile-----

Or you could keep your preferences and change lifestyle as many here say they are doing/have done---

I have no problem obtaining all of the fruits and vegetables that I want, but I won't say where I live

Too many, obese, angry, hateful, intolerant boomers are already here---

I've never seen such anger freely vented by an immigrant population on their hosts----

These are the ugly people---boomers each and every one that I came here to escape

But, I can't escape myself, so I'll just have to learn to live with them as best I can

Preferences, at times, simply have to be put on hold.

LMAOLORI's picture





The Farm Bill vs. America
DaddyO's picture

Something that occured to me while fixing lunch.

Do the insurance providers who covered the lost crops get to claim Force Majeure?

This would make sense out of Obamaclause dolling out the funds he did.


nmewn's picture

Or someone who knows how to feed himself?

LetThemEatRand's picture

Yes, everyone who has ever been hungry had himself to blame.  I get so tired of hearing this "I'm okay so fuck you" bullshit that tries to pass as a political ideology.

nmewn's picture

"Yes, everyone who has ever been hungry had himself to blame.  I get so tired of hearing this "I'm okay so fuck you" bullshit that tries to pass as a political ideology."

WTF are you talking about? Only some freak of nature would be unconcerned.

What troubles me about you is, you seem to feel someone knowing how to feed themself without depending on something or someone else is considered a crime of nature.  

You just don't fucking get it, we sit here, allowing ourselves to be taxed into serfdom to feed the fucking world because we are compassionate. And you sit there saying we're not giving enough.

Go fuck yourself and survive on that, Got Galt?

LetThemEatRand's picture

Go fuck yourself and survive without the society you deplore, asshat.  You'd be mauled and raped by a gang in 5 seconds and Ayn won't save you.  We're being taxed into serfdom because the gang has taken over and you are too fucking stupid to see it, and you want to give them the fucking keys because you can't get over a book you read in highschool.

nmewn's picture

Survive without society? A society of control freaks like you who can't even balance a simple checkbook? Who argued with me on the finer points of the Communist Manifesto?

(Yes, I do remember that)

"You'd be mauled and raped by a gang in 5 seconds and Ayn won't save you."


Listen to me very carefully LemmeEatYours, I will kill the first motherfuckers who try it, all of them or they can have my lifeless corpse to with as they will. You know why? Because I can. I won't call 911. I won't need your police. I won't need their paper work. I won't need their depositions. I won't need their courts. I won't need my lawyer.

Again, you know why?

Because there was a gang attempting to "maul & rape me". Its called justice and I have a front end loader for the proper burial with all the dignity & grace they deserve.

You however, will be "raped & mauled" while on the phone with 911.

DaddyO's picture

I have already marked out the burial ground across the raod from my front gate as a deterrent to any miscreant that thinks he can help himself to my hard gotten gains.

May even leave a head or three on the fence posts just for grins...simply chilling!!


nmewn's picture

I've gone even further.

I put up a sign that says "I'm For Gun Control" out by the gate.

Yeah I know, I guess it would be like shooting over a baited field in some areas (like where LemmeEatOthers lives, cowering in a corner) but my neighbors know my sense of humor and how much control I have over a tool ;-)

(Ok, its a great thought provoking joke

LetThemEatRand's picture

And yet I'm an advocate of the 2nd.  Small-minded Assfuck.  I know, let's fuck ourselves in the ass and alienate reasonable people with our fucked up view of me.  By which I mean you.   You fuckholes want a society without society because you have no idea what it means to be human, and you are incapable of playing with others.    You know when your (former) friends and (reluctant) family tell you that you have something wrong... they are right.  Ever had that converstation?  You are a personal failure, and you blame everyone else but yourself, while you preach personal responsibility.  Sad.  

James_Cole's picture

Rand these guys may be goofballs, but sometimes you got to chill the fuck out. You're gunna have a heartattack over there typin' so furiously. 

LetThemEatRand's picture

He's dead, Jim.



Seer's picture

Rand, I appeaciate both of you guys, so in no way am I "picking sides."  I don't think that stooping to name-calling is required here: reserve it for the trolling punks!

We're running over-capacity on this here planet.  There is NO way that we can "save" everyone even if we wanted to.

The selfish gene exists, and there's nothing wrong with that (as it provides a drive for life- works for nature).  There is no "solution," neither of you are "correct" here: some bits right, some bits wrong.

"You fuckholes want a society without society because you have no idea what it means to be human, and you are incapable of playing with others."

Just what is "society?"  I'm afraid that there are differing notions and, again, no one is fully right on what that is.  And when the society itself is fucked up?

It's a matter of what methods are most likely to provide for a continuance of a population.  Of course, if there's too much success (and given that humans have little in the way of visible threats [mostlyh microscopic]) we run into the issue of surpassing the ability of our environment to sustain us.

Adjustment.  Change.  That's how nature works.  Seems that we here realize that we're long overdue for an adjustment.  It's the "solutions" part that we cannot agree on; and, really, "solutions" don't exist because nothing is permanent- so, best means going forward is to advocate for the greatest diversity possible in the hopes that by so doing we'll evolve the best way forward.  I have my doubts that the way forward will be made clear from folks isolated in caves.  Likewise, everyone signing up to a sngle dogma ain't going to do it: it's been proven that entire populations/societies can succumb to delusions.

Seer's picture

nmewn, do you really have to put out a sign like that, really?

Where I live that's like putting up a sign saying that I breathe.

I'm still amazed at how many people think "gun" first.  Unless you're packing on your property there's a chance that you don't have the "cure all" available when you might need it most.

Security is ALWAYS best in layers.  My frontline security doesn't require batteries or ammo, and it works even when I'm sleeping... getting enough sleep is a good thing, it makes for a better aim.

snr-moment's picture

does it eat a poisoned steak?

nmewn's picture

lol...the sign comment was a barbed joke fired for effect...

(Ok, its a great thought provoking joke

Yes, clarity of mind and layers are the way to go, gate...dogs...gun. And I usually only leave one (occassionaly two) of those things behind when I leave ;-)

Kayman's picture


Good morning my friend. You sure are stirring the pot....

My rotties are trained to never eat anything but what I give them. And I keep an excavator on the property.


snr-moment's picture

Excellent training if you can keep them to it.

I keep my 'layers" either on my peron at all times, when away, or the more acccurate version within a rooms length. Always

willwork4food's picture

Damn, Is there a full moon out tonight?

cherokeepilot's picture

One of the benefits of my 50 acre farm is the number of places that can contain bodies of those that would attempt to harm any member of my family and take what is mine.