If America Continues To Go Down This Path, This Is What Life Will Be Like...

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Submitted by Michael Snyder of The American Dream blog,

Becoming more like Europe is not a good thing.  But that is the path that we are currently on.  For the most part, Europeans live in a socialist “Big Brother” system in which the government completely dominates your life from the cradle to the grave.  Of course there are differences from country to country, but generally speaking the lives of most Europeans are very tightly regulated.  You see, the truth is that high levels of individual liberty and freedom are considered to be “dangerous” by the European elite.  They believe that if we are all allowed to just do whatever we want that it would result in utter chaos.  They are convinced that life is better when those that are smarter (them) control the lives of everyone else. 

In essence, Europe is like a giant religious cult in many ways (minus the religion).  With each passing year, the number of rules and regulations governing the daily lives of Europeans steadily grows, as does the level of control.  If you try to live outside of that control, you could very well find yourself in a direct confrontation with the authorities very rapidly.

Just consider what is happening in Germany.  Authorities there have stated repeatedly that they do not believe in having any “parallel societies”, and therefore everyone must participate in the system that the government has established.

That includes all children.  In Germany today, almost all forms of homeschooling are illegal.  In fact, one judge shockingly ruled that one set of parents could not have custody of their children because they might move them to another country and homeschool them there

A judge has issued a stunning verdict in a homeschooling case in Germany, ordering that the parents cannot have custody of their children because the family might move to another country and homeschool, posing a “concrete endangerment” to the children.


Dirk and Petra Wunderlich’s case made international headlines in August when 20 armed police arrived with a battering ram and forcibly took their four children from their home in Darmstadt, Germany, and enrolled them in public school.


As WND reported at the time, the children, ages 7 to 14, were taken into police custody. They were allowed to return home three weeks later when their father and mother, given no choice by the federal bureaucracy in Germany, agreed to allow their kids to attend public schools despite their objection to the social and religious instruction there.

Are you starting to see what I meant when I compared Europe to a cult?

In Europe, government is god, and everyone and everything belongs to the government.

Apparently, that even includes the life savings of their own citizens.  The following is from a Reuters article that was just posted this week…

The savings of the European Union’s 500 million citizens could be used to fund long-term investments to boost the economy and help plug the gap left by banks since the financial crisis, an EU document says.

Did you catch that?  The EU apparently believes that they could use the private savings of their own citizens “to fund long-term investments” any time that they want.

But what if you don’t want your life savings to be invested in that way?

Too bad for you.

In fact, according to that Reuters article the EU wants to find ways to “mobilize more personal pension savings” so that there will be a larger pool with which to potentially fund long-term projects…

The Commission will ask the bloc’s insurance watchdog in the second half of this year for advice on a possible draft law “to mobilize more personal pension savings for long-term financing”, the document said.

In Europe, they also tend to love any “Big Brother” technologies that will allow them to watch, track, monitor and record the activities of their citizens.

For example, it has been reported that in the UK there are 1.85 million video cameras watching the population, and London has been called “the most watched city in the world“.

The control freaks in the UK are so paranoid that it is even illegal to carry a knife in public, but despite all of their crazy laws the rate of violent crime in the UK is still far higher than it is in the United States.

Now, the UK has decided that all of the medical records for the entire population will be gathered into a single database.  The following is from a recent TechDirt article

The UK government is currently building a database called care.data that will contain all of England’s medical records. It’s being promoted as providing valuable information for healthcare management and medical researchers that will lead to improved treatment.

But this database will not be private.  In fact, it is being reported that information from this database will be sold to drug companies and insurance companies

Drug and insurance companies will from later this year be able to buy information on patients – including mental health conditions and diseases such as cancer, as well as smoking and drinking habits – once a single English database of medical data has been created.


Harvested from GP and hospital records, medical data covering the entire population will be uploaded to the repository controlled by a new arms-length NHS information centre, starting in March. Never before has the entire medical history of the nation been digitised and stored in one place.

How would you feel if that was being done to your private medical information?

Not that the U.S. is a bastion of freedom and liberty these days either.

For example, Infowars is reporting that the Department of Homeland Security plans to launch a “national license plate tracking system”…

The Department of Homeland Security is set to activate a national license plate tracking system that will be shared with law enforcement, allowing DHS officers to take photos of any license plate using their smartphone and upload it to a database which will include a “hot list” of “target vehicles”.


The details are included in a PDF attachment uploaded yesterday to the Federal Business Opportunities website under a solicitation entitled “National License Plate Recognition Database.”


The system will “track vehicle license plate numbers that pass through cameras or are voluntarily entered into the system from a variety of sources (access control systems, asset recovery specialists, etc.) and uploaded to share with law enforcement” in order to help locate “criminal aliens and absconders.”

And for many more ways that the U.S. is becoming a “Big Brother society”, please see my previous article entitled “32 Privacy Destroying Technologies That Are Systematically Transforming America Into A Giant Prison“.

Another way that America is becoming more like Europe is in the area of religious behavior.

At one time, Europe was a hotbed for religious faith.  Of course those days are long gone.  And the United States is now heading down the exact same path, although Europe is still way ahead of us.  The following is from a Pew Research survey conducted a few years ago…

Half of Americans deem religion very important in their lives; fewer than a quarter in Spain (22%), Germany (21%), Britain (17%) and France (13%) share this view.

So why has religion become so unimportant?

Well, it is because that is what the government system tells them to believe from the time that they are little children.

As I mentioned earlier, the government dominates your life from the beginning to the end in Europe.  This even includes decisions about ending your life.

In fact, in Belgium they actually want to extend the euthanasia law to children

Making the argument that everybody has the right to die, Karine Lalieux, a Socialist member of the Belgian House, is pushing legislation that would extend the country’s 2002 euthanasia law to minors under 18.


“Our responsibility is to allow everybody to live, but also to die, in dignity,’’ said Lalieux.

And in the Netherlands they actually have mobile euthanasia teams that go door to door helping elderly people end their lives in the comfort of their own homes.

Europe is not a model for the rest of us to follow.

Instead, Europe should serve as a stark warning to the rest of the world about what can happen when you let the control freaks get too much control.

EUSSR Flag - Photo by Finn Skovgaard

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jubber's picture

What utter bollox, Europe at least rioted against the Iraq war, we also just stopped the crazy US go into Syria, with regards to Cameras in London perhaps if the US hadn't sponsered the IRA for decades as they bombed hundreds of innocent people there wouldn't have been a neccessity...as to all medical records in one database we have a National health system for Christs sake.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Don't forget to blame Bush. You left that out.

BaBaBouy's picture

The Fecking EU Is Gone Tax Insane...

You Can't Even Pick Your Nose OR Fart One without A Tax Being Perceived...

PS... The Uber Rich Escape All This With Their Trusts & Offshoring.

OK Everyone Now... Bow To Brussels, Bow To Brussels...

Sudden Debt's picture

this article it the most stupid article on zerohedge ever.
It's written by a hillbilly who has no clue what and how europe works.

If Europe's freedoms is a 10 than America is a 5.

Almost all europeans are chocked at how militaristic America has turned to whenever they go on vacation to America.

Europeans take themselves the right to riot and protest. Americans do shit.

Don't look to much into conspiracy theories about Europe. All we are is to generous to everybody and that made us brike.

But don't forget that we're still 10 times richer than the average American.
Sure we have poor people but as humans we never let anybody sleep ont he streets without a option to have a house and they all get fed.

max2205's picture

Maybe this isn't a bad idea since fucking over 60 MILLION US MORONS don't know that the earth orbits the sun....Un fucking believable!

SovietCong's picture

@Zerohedge: Please mark sponsored content on the main page. This stuff is not only unreasonable, it is intellectually very weak, pure and simple. You can argue about whether the EU is the path to follow or not. But regardless of your position, you should be able to spell out a clear, coherent argument. Instead, we got a loose compilation of last-week tid-bits that your average monkey could pull down from the Internet. It reads like a junior-high home assignment of a C+ student. This is getting embarassing. If you, ZH, have to sell its posting slots on weekends to "guest contributors," then at least spare us those who really don't have anything interesting, new, or valuable to say.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

It is definitely to the point that it is weakening the branding of ZH

Headbanger's picture

Not to the conspiracy theory nut cases here!

Oh wait... the Fluoride in my brain made me say that!

And all the subliminal messages from my toaster!!

Oh nooo!!  They're everywhere!   THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!!!

Fortunate Fool's picture

Tyler, did you just published "that"? really? this is embarassing...

BellyBrain's picture

Weak article.  Very weak.  A couple decent points, but the article would have been far, FAR better if it wasn't actually about "god and country" b.s.  Government worship is just as bad as any religion.  It is RELIGION in all of its forms, including statism AND "free market" capitalism / corporatism that is holding humanity back.


And yes, free market capitalism / corporatism IS a religion, with money as its god.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Does this story have anything to do with the  ZH servers going down over the weekend? Have they hard wired NSA bots into the system?

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

It is definitely to the point that it is weakening the branding of ZH

Trust me -- EVERYONE was just dying to know WTF you think. </sarc>

toady's picture

Thank you. I'm no rocket scientist, and I do enjoy a few fluffy hack jobs every now and then, but it's getting to the point where it's all fluff. I haven't seen an item of substance for three or four days now...

Drifter's picture

I've commented about this before, my speculation is there's not much substantial financial news to report these days.  All the stuff that was new back in '08 - '09 when we entered the final looting of America isn't new anymore, we're 5 yrs into it, the looting paradigm is well known by all here. 700 billion TARP was earthshaking news back then, now 85 billion a month QE is ho hum.  How many ways can you analyze a looting spree and its effects?  How do you make a slow boring slide to 2nd world status newsworthy?

toady's picture

I suppose these horrors do develope into a normalcy bias over years. Still, I find myself reading survivalblog more and ZH less these days. At least there's some useful skills being discussed.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Wow, I did not think my statements were that incendiary.  I guess the macho-ness of fight-club cannot survive a comment against the mothership ZH.


I can see my time here is dwindling fast.

Thanks for your comment.  Remember, the sun goes around the earth

Urban Roman's picture

How can it go around the Sun when it's flat?

Of course it's flat. I mean, just drive out west of Fort Worth and look at it! Just look at it.

Blazed's picture


This could be part of the reason for that, along with dysgenic breeding and exploding third world demographics.

Impact of fluoride on neurological development in children.

"The average loss in IQ was reported as a standardized weighted mean difference of 0.45, which would be approximately equivalent to seven IQ points for commonly used IQ scores with a standard deviation of 15.*  Some studies suggested that even slightly increased fluoride exposure could be toxic to the brain." 


Margarine consumption linked to lower IQ for children



lakecity55's picture

That flipped me out.

If it is true, I want to find somewhere else to live. If 25% of Americans actually don't know the earth orbits the sun, it is time to Head 'em up and move'em out!

In less than 50 years, the US has gone from moon launches to utter retardism! No wonder a gay commie fake negro could get elected and destroy what's left of the US while people stand by and watch like moo cows.

"Get me OUT! I am a Free Man!"

"You cannot leave, Number 6."

Sean7k's picture

Read the survey. Even less europeans answered correctly. Compared to China, Russia and Malaysia, Americans are Einsteins.

Trucker Glock's picture

"over 60 MILLION US MORONS don't know that the earth orbits the sun"

They don't teach that in Global Warming class?



TBT or not TBT's picture

Some percentage of people give joke answers on surveys. Also, there's a goddamned bell curve, everywhere on the planet, and that explains the rest of it.

Rafferty's picture

True  up to a point but as Europe continues to get overrun by Africans and Muslims our material comfort zone will collapse.   Also in several European countries you can be jailed for having a contrary opinion about an historical event.  In this case the Holocau$t.  How free is that?


Europeans and Americans of Euopean descent face exactly the same problems and the same people are trying to do us down.  Concentrate on what  unites rather than divides us.

blindchicken's picture

ZH should ignore articles like this one which present anectotical evidence as knowledge. I can well do without the latest "15 facts you must know before the world ends" and similar rants.

On the other hand concise comments like the one from Rafferty can save your day: 

"Europeans and Americans of European descent face exactly the same problems and the same people are trying to do us down.  Concentrate on what  unites rather than divides us."


The Wisp's picture

Concentrate on what  unites rather than divides us." ?

  ( We're white and we Like Pussey ) sorry had to write that it's a slow day..

StychoKiller's picture

Can't argue with pussy (unless you caught the ghey!)

dondonsurvelo's picture

You obviously walk around with blinders or work for the government.  In the 80's when I lived in France, the CRS walked around with automatic weapons and sat in busses throughout Paris just waiting for some agitation that they could stop.  I would be stopped often and asked for papers.  I didn't look like someone that should have been in France.  When travelling by train in 1ere class, I would be singled out because I didn't look like I could afford that class.  As for the poor and homeless, I would leave bread and other leftover food for the dozens of clochards that lived on the quais of the Seine in my neighborhood. 

Nothing has changed since the eighties except more have become homeless and poor and the police have become more intrusive.

James_Cole's picture

Nothing has changed since the eighties except more have become homeless and poor and the police have become more intrusive.

Yeah but how many places is this not the case? Certainly true of the US. 

This Europe vs. US debate is really annoying, see it cropping up constantly now - 'which is the most greatest bestest most perfect freest place EVA?? Instead of the more sensible - there are some things done well in Europe & some things done well in the US. Look at what works and go with that.

Instead it's always EU (a rather large and diverse place) does everything wrong!!! And.. US (also a rather large and diverse place) does everything wrong!!! Same level of braindead debates which are a hallmark of CNN etc.. 

Meanwhile the ruling class keeps gettin' richer laughing at the peons. 

Sean7k's picture

It is so cute when all the slaves argue over who has the best masters and best plantation to live on. 

Confused's picture

Well, I guess its a good thing its not the 80's anymore, huh? 

Nothing has changed since the eighties except more have become homeless and poor and the police have become more intrusive.

I'm not sure this is solely a European problem. Sounds like every place I've lived in the US.

Funny how no one scans my retina when I arrive in Europe. Now the US......well, thats another story. I guess they are just checking to make sure I'm not a terrorist, by searching the global iris database. </S>

This article is pure shit. Those same points could be made about America. Right now. 

Andre's picture

"Those same points could be made about America. Right now. "

Which is, in some measure, the point. You get a lot of "Europe good, US bad". The fact is, the current US gov is trying to make the US exactly like Europe, because it's "So Good".

It isn't. You can find articles (primarily from the UK) about murderous policemen, plus some other things (like not allowing property owners to evict squatters on their property, then holding the property owners responsible for health hazards (human waste).

Then there was the man who found his wife and child tied up and went after the thugs with a cricket bat - the defender got 3 years in jail for unjustifiable use of deadly force, despite the fact the thugs lived. Canadian law (which is very Euro like) specifically states you cannot use deadly force in self defense. Guess who decides what level of force constitutes "deadly"?

How about the one somebody found a couple of weeks ago where a Paris bar was fined ~2000 euros for "undocumented labor" - because a patron returned some drink glasses to the bar?

Europe is Europe. Nice place to visit, would not want to live there.

You want the links to the incidents, look them up - you might surprise yourself.

highly debtful's picture

Yep, I totally concur. This article is pure and utter bullshit, written by someone I suspect has never even visited our continent. What shocked me in particular were the few lines about the new euthanasia law in Belgium. Judging by this article, you'd think our French speaking socialist party (not exactly my friends by a long shot) suddenly turned all Nazi, succeeding in passing a law that gives the establishment absolute power over the lives of innocent children. For god's sake, dig a little deeper on the internet before you make such inane references in your article? And then the remark about those door to door "death squads" in the Netherlands (that's how I interpret the author's meaning behind the phrase).

Give. Me. A. Fucking. Break.

Far too often, I'm really not proud of my own country, but if there's one thing every Belgian should agree on, it's the unparalleled quality and affordability (for the patients, that is, not so much for the state) of our health care system and its medical staff, and that includes their moral conduct. We are most certainly not going to start finishing off sick children. 

I'm certainly not saying everything is hunky-dory our end, but I still don't have the feeling I'm currently living in a police state, and I think most of my neighbours in other European countries feel the same way. Last time I heard, the rule of law still applies.


Mister Ponzi's picture

"Last time I heard, the rule of law still applies."


Exactly. When the events at MF Global were repeated by a Lithuanian bank two years ago, the judge issued arrest warrants the same day. To my knowledge, Jon Corzine is still a free man. A few days ago, a German minister stepped down because police investigates him for possibly leaking information to the head of the opposition party regarding investigations of possible crimes by a politician of the opposition party. In the US, the GA can lie under oath to Congress and nobody cares. He even is still in office! That's unthinkable in most European countries.

Canoe Driver's picture

The rule of law always dominates in a police state.

Mister Ponzi's picture

I agree that the article just focuses on single aspects and does not consider the big picture. The good thing about Europe is that there are many different countries with their own rules and regulatory arbitrage is therefore easy. It is, e.g., true that home schooling is not allowed in Germany and the overwhelming majority of Germans considers you an extremist if you mention this. But in most other European countries including "socialist" Scandinavia (those countries ranking first in international comparisons regarding the quality of school systems) this practice is perfectly legal. The UK may be heavily monitored - but the UK is more like the US than like continental Europe. Data protection laws in Germany e.g. are among the strictest in the world. And the use of drones by governments is illegal within the European Union. Personal taxes are higher in Europe compared to the US - but corporate taxes are higher in the US. You are not hassled and treated like a prisoner on airports in Europe like in the US and the regulation of selling and consuming alcohol is very lax in Europe. The big picture is that in some aspects of life there is more freedom in the US, in others there is more in Europe. It really depends on your preferences. In the US you get longer prison terms for non-crimes than for serious crimes in Europe. In Europe, you have to pay more in taxes (yet) than in the US while the propbability to be harrassed by your government, police or bureaucrats is lower in Europe.

Last October, I met a couple from California in Florence, Italy. They told me that they are surprised how much more relaxed people are in Europe. The woman summed it up perfectly: if people behaved in California the way people do in Italy they would be arrested. Doesn't sound like less freedom in Europe to me.

malek's picture

You are a brainwashed moron.

I grew up mostly in Europe and moved back to the US some years ago.
It took me a while to realize -at first in utter disbelief- that the US had turned European a long time ago already.

In many areas there is virtually no difference anymore:
- mushrooming bureaucracy, as seen for example by pages of tax regulations: check
- strangling of small and starting businesses (at least in all more populous states): check
- constant increase in almost unlimited government handouts, with the main effect to keep the receivers dependent (Don't get fooled by any "limits": they are either not enforced or get circumvented by using the next program such as Disability)
- the US judicial system -I believe mostly due to permanant overload- is close to becoming a farce same as in the most backwater European countries
- factually unlimited and more important unselected immigration: check
- "Do-gooderism" on the loose steadfastly ignoring all unintended consequences: check!

There are only small pockets left where the US is a little better off:
- the major difference that in the US "everything that is not explicitly forbidden is allowed" while in Europe "everything that is not explicitly allowed is forbidden" - but this seems to be getting lost in the US
- gun rights (about the same as in non-EU Switzerland)
- home schooling (in most US states)
- freedom of speech is still a bit more broadly enforced

So this is not a comparison result to be proud of in any way anymore from a US point of view...

TheReplacement's picture

Europeans are disarmed.  Riot and protest all you want and you get whatever the powers that be decide you will get.  It's kind of like a sparkler that has instant fizzle but nothing that would actually hurt someone.

Americans are armed.  They don't riot like a child having a tantrum.  They protest and then revolt in the attempt to take back what is theirs when the line is crossed too far.  It's a slow fuse on a bomb that changes things and people. 

The powers that be will take whatever they want from you whenever they want it.  You are just unlucky that so far what they have taken hasn't been, apparently, that important to you.  When it happens you will suddenly understand but it is already too late.  You are disarmed.  It may happen in America too but at least Americans have the choice of not accepting their dictates.

zaphod's picture

I am so tired of hearing this "US is armed" argument. The fact is having arms is only useful if the arms are used at some point. If there hasn't been a revolution yet, there never will.

I think the US having arms has been detrimental to the cause of freedom because it instilled complacency. People say "well things are going in the wrong direction, but as long as we have our arms we can revolt sometime in the future if needed", the problem with that is if things are going in the wrong direction you have to stop it then, because if you don't you never will and worse the next generation will not be aware of the freedoms lost. 

TBT or not TBT's picture

Posession of effective weaponry has an effect on your opponent, even when you don't point it at them, and of course even more so if you do. Both criminals and police break into private residences with some trepidation in the USA. In the UK and much of Europe, the rate of break ins to occupied residences is much higher than most anywhere in the USA, because we are armed.

nmewn's picture

"...we also just stopped the crazy US go into Syria..."

Actually, no, we built that.

By mocking President Redline, we stopped him right here, old bean.

French Frog's picture

This is, by far, the most ignorant article that has ever appeared on ZH, and I'm not a fan of the EU either, but quite frankly it would take too long to completely deconstruct Michael Snyder's garbage.

The picking of little bits of pseudo-news/facts from various EU countries to make an article reeks of the worse kind of tabloid journalism that used to be the preserve of the gutter-press. Tyler, you might need to oversee some of the more overtly sensationalist 'journalism' (for lack of a better/worse word) that is creeping more and more unto ZH's pages.

This is not what ZH was about when it reared its formidable head a few years back, and I hope that it is not the shape of things to come.

Rafferty's picture

That is Michael Snyder's SOP.  "20 Facts That Prove.....whatever".  It's simple to write a response on the lines of "20 Facts That Disprove.....whatever".   I like his PoV but it's a cheap and easily discredited form of journalism.

lakecity55's picture

I am getting sick and tired of Synder and his "64 Facts that show ___________ (insert subject).

Things are bad, but there needs to be more in-depth. Also I think he has several Fear Porn sites. Things are bad enough w/o hyping the worst-case scenario, IMHO.

Emergency Ward's picture

Why is that fucking French warmongering progressive-socialist Hollande invading Africa?  The fucking Euros are only one step below the US in aggression.  Nothing to brag about.

About Syria, some credit to the Brits, some to Putin, some to a small handful of hated (non-neo-con) Republicans (who broke their Party Line) in the US (the fucking progressive Democrats were practicing the worst type of warmongering, the "Party Line" type, by lining up behind Obama), and a lot of credit to the usually somnambulant, war-weary American Public that raised some hell -- the sum total of which embarrassed the bloodthirsty Obama out of attacking -- for the time being.

nmewn's picture

I'm still trying to grind through Jubbars other statement about the British Empire invading & subjugating Ireland to their king was somehow a good thing for present day Londoners.

Stephen: Stephen is my name. I'm the most wanted man on my island, except I'm not on my island, of course. More's the pity.

Hamish: "Your island"? You mean Ireland?

Stephen: Yeah. It's mine.

Hamish: You're a madman.

Stephen: [nods and starts laughing, then Hamish does as well] I've come to the right place, then.

Still wondering what the Irish could possibly have in common with the Scot ;-)

graneros's picture

The proletariat were most likely encouraged by the EU leaders to protest the Iraq war.  The EU wanted no part of that war. More to the point they didn't want to have to put out any do re mi for that war.  That's what they keep the Americans around for.  We're kinda like their personal guard dog.  "Go get 'em boy.  That's right. Sic em now go on sic 'em. Good dog, now heel. Oh and while your at it put a few billion more in the IMF would ya? Yea Greece is at it again...and Spain, and Italy..."