5 Years Later - What Did Obama's "American Recovery & Reinvestment Act" Achieve?

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management,


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Deflation can only be met with more printing (it is all that will be tolerated anyway.) In spite of the failure of prior 'more printing' we shall see 'even more printing' lest the prominent and powerful might fail.

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It temporarily halted a deflationary depression.  Or so I've been told.

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Government- a giant game of "Cookie Clicker"

Yeah, I just played it for the firs time tonight.  Utterly meaningless, just the insatiable quest for MOAR.  Thousands, millions, billions, trillions.... all wasted time and effort.  Straight down the toilet.

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Marxism, Cloward Piven, Establishment Republicans and the Democrats can fuck up a wet dream



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It accomplished giving these assholes more control. Here is an analysis of "scope of global ownership influence & control"


Homework! <snipped excerpt to top ten>

S. Vitali, J.B. Glattfelder, and S. Battiston:
The network of global corporate control
Table S1: Top 50 control-holders. Shareholders are ranked by network control (according to thethreshold model, TM).
Column indicate country, NACE industrial sector code, actor’s position inthe bow-tie sections, cumulative network control.
Notice that NACE code starting with 65,66,67 belong to the ?nancial sector.

Economic actor name, Country NACE code, Network Cumul. , networkposition control (TM, %)1
FMR CORP US 6713 IN 8.944
AXA FR 6712 SCC 11.215
UBS AG CH 6512 SCC 18.4610

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Obozo's campaign was paid off. And then some.

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"What Did Obama's "American Recovery & Reinvestment Act" Achieve?"

1) Votes

2) Massive Immigration

3) Votes

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"create more incentives for people to work, save and invest"

Boris respectfully is take issue with article. Is not business of centralized kleptocracy for "create incentive". Only business of legitimate government is establish and enforce equitable law reflection of natural law and inalienable right of people. Is business of individual for obedience to law and motivate self.

... but what is Boris know?

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ask hank and a handfull of goldmanites how it worked out. are they happy when enough is never enough?

i take solitude in knowing their lives are as fucked up as it gets and most likly they are missing the true

joys of life. starts with the family and get togethers. i picture a whos who game of i got a new masaratti

and galaxie and trophy bitch... lol with disdain, my true enjoyment-the sad fucks...

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O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma!

One Big Ass Mistake America!

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If only Romney or McCain had been (s)elected instead, right?

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Hey retard, did you just equivocate McCain and Romney? McStain shouldn't be equivocated with anyone. He's not human.

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Shovel ready jobs weren't so shovel ready.  HAHAHAH MOTHER FUCKER.


God damn idiot.   

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We are way way way past "governments" providing incentives.

Governments do nothing but create constraints.

We need congressional committees on ELIMINATING current laws and removing the constraints that keep us all from transacting freeling with others.    

We talk about being free in this country but when you visit just about any other country in the freaking world you see things like, people on the side of the street pushing a cart willing to whip you a plate of local favorite dishes.  NOT IN AMERICA!!   Because some governmental rule will prevent it via permitting.   and if pernitting doesn't kill free enterprise, then some inspector with a thermometer will shut them down.

yah yah, some of you will talk about how safe you feel now that the government protects you from unsafe food practices.  If you actually believe that, you've never been in the kitchen of ANY restaurant, where NO patron can actually see what goes on.  At least on the street, you can watch every step of the process.

We must remove constraints and let free thinking people behave freely.

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i certainly do not hear HSBC whining about government constraints and regulations that they simply ignored.....as do many of the banks and TBTF companies.

the problem is corporations and government are now in bed together who's main objective is middle class destruction.

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There's plenty of 'shovel ready jobs' except the kleptocrats and the oligarchs don't want to engage in OR Pay for real work - a Finacial Scam is much easier -
The problem w the stimulus is most of it was stolen - ANY business that had the level of graft and corruption the gov has wouldn't function either - well not without gov protection and bailouts -
During FDR's time the WPA and CCC spent 97% of monies on wages and raw materials - now you'd be lucky if the damn paycheck writing corp didn't take more than the 3% overhead.
Heck the actual model is now bid out at $150 per hour - sub it out multiple times until the sucker who does the actual works lucky to be paid $15 an hour - that's a 90% overhead/graft cost -
Say what you will about Keynes but he didn't include corruption and graft in his 'efficiency models
Forget Keynes - study Mussulini instead - and buy rope '

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That sounds like many of those bogus charities...

Wounded Warrior comes to mind

96 % plus to ADMIN costs

3 % to the kids missing an arm or a leg

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How fucking monsterous are 501 scumbags to exploit disfigured and wounded service people?

I have forbidden my family and my friends from giving a nickel to any such group. Somewhere at the top of most of these organizations sits a dual citizen, I'd speculate.

I wonder what that nationality is??? Hmmmm.

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I think one of my farts would be just as effective!

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Do some actually believe that any of it had to do with the economy or whats best for the American people ?

How naive

They probably think Soc Security and IRAs are about 'retirement savings'

that military spending is about 'defense'

and that O care is about your 'health'.

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Sheriff Joe!...come back Sheriff Joe...we need you.


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>>>The way to jolt an economy to life and to sustain long-term growth is to create more incentives for people to work, save and invest<<<  Lets hope the creation of jobs, fast and by any means, is part of the above "incentives".

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Hardly no one got my Shane/Pale Rider reference of Sheriff Bidens lost hopes & dreams, combined with the death & destruction left behind.

Pity, I guess he'll just ride off into the mountains and croak quietly on a piece of stimulus jerky.

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With a Gen-u-ine Hawken in his hand.

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So if instead of giving that money to the banks, they had loaned it to American Business that employ people and make things, lets say any company with  50 or more employees and a history of paying their tax bills promptly.. where would the economy be..

  Oh wait we would have had tons of Unemployed bank people and financiers.. can't have those high paying people making  500 a week on unemployment

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In the good world (not this one) all the broke banks and corps would have gone tits up, their assets sold to non-ponzi people, and after a shot term painful reorg, shit goes back on track. Stupid, vain and corrupt should loose not win. But in this world, well look out the window.

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the worm will turn-that is a truth. so stay alive and plan to survive the turmoil.

you will need more than popcorn. today counts the most...

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I believe this sums it up nicely:


Fuck You Krugman !

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It has nothing to do with the economy or what's best for the American people.

Communism is alive and well right here in the great USSA.  Happy President's Day King O...


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"Shovel ready was, er ahhh, not as shovel ready as we expected...ha ha ha ha."


Yeah, thats fucking hysterical Barry.


Lets begin the countdown of vacuous economic bullshit, I'll start:

"Saved or created"











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General Motors, the UAW and senior GM bondholders.

Prodessor of Constitutional Law

College records


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Steven Rattner, the pension fund raider, almost forgot about him.


And LightSquared is Phil Falcone...but I digress.


And I've been known to digress even further ;-)

I forgot BrightSource and Sanjay Wagle, who, in concert with Google, is frying endangered birds in your neck of the woods...

"BrightSource received a $1.6 billion loan guarantee from the Department of Energy, funds that were allocated in the $787 billion stimulus package passed in 2009.

The largest investor in Brightsource (with a 25 percent stake) is VantagePoint Venture Partners, a firm whose principal, Sanjay Wagle, helped raised millions for President Obama’s campaign in 2008 and even served as a “renewable energy grants adviser” at the DOE."

All one, big ass raping family.


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had forgotten ...... Stevie R...........remember the brilliantly induced bank run on Indy Mac by Chuckie Schumer?   of course not,,,,, the Candy Crowleys & Jon Stewarts (what is his real name again) of the world will never remind you

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So, 1.6 Bil loan guarantee coupled with a $600 MM usd investment tax credit (30% capital cost of project, estimated at 2.2 Bil). Pretty much covers the question of "why is this nightmare so expensive?" What happened to all of NRG's and Googles money?

It's a virtal lock for failure. We can address the particulars in about a year.

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Al Whore laughed all the way to the bank(sters).  I hope his private jet flies over an active volcano and makes a vertical landing.  The 'Green' revolution was nothing but green fiat padding the accounts of unconscionable assholse like Gore, 'climate apologists', -public-money-fed researchers, etc.

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I'd love to read that he buried his jet in the side of a mountain. A fucking State funeral would be held for which we could all enjoy a drinking game.

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"Al Whore laughed all the way to the bank(sters)."


People suck.  That does not remove the responsibility people have of using their minds.


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I'll add my favorite:


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So fun it makes me want to go out on the deck and shoot my shotgun.

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That was a classic Bidenism.

"Yes honey, go out on the balcony and fire both barrels into the sky (over the neighbors house) to scare the intruders off."

Now you have a simple club...Jill, good luck with the intruders breaking down our front door...I've got Secret Service protection and I'm in DC.

Fuckin Biden, I won't even go into not everyone has a balcony to shoot off of, that should speak for itself to his elitist mindset.

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Horseshit and dead bodies are always shovel ready.

Government is superlative at producing copious quantites of both.

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The problem was that the U.S. wasted resources on "shovel ready" when it could have been better served by a focus on the "noose ready" like Jamie Simon and Warren Buffet and Hank Paulson.  Much better economic growth if the crooks cannot steal from the taxpayers.