Sell-Side Penguin Of The Day Award Goes To...

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... Morgan Stanley's "research analyst" David Risinger, who today, February 18, 2014, a day after the WSJ broke the news yesterday around 10:30 pm that Forest Labs would be acquired by Actavis for $25 billion, decided to upgrade FRX from Equal-Weight to Overweight, and boosted his price target from "NA" to $86 or about where the stock was trading first thing this morning after the WSJ news. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is undisputed sell-side research value added.

And... Penguins.

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Dr. Engali's picture

Ooops. Looks like another banker needs to find a window.

James_Cole's picture

This is why MS makes the big bucks. 

Divided States of America's picture

His email is on the research report...lets bombard him with emails calling him a fuckin penguin....maybe he may jump off 1585 broadway Morgan Stanley building because he cant handle the heat.

Grinder74's picture

Let's treat him like that guy with the bowtie and goldfish in TWOWS.  


(Man, that was a lot of T&A...too bad there were other people in the theater.)

Unprepared's picture

he's just unlucky... the recommendation was due to be published last night, but he passed out due to heavy-drinking binge the day before.

AAA's picture

Hmmm... missing the Forest for the trees

aVileRat's picture


Remember all those "Bank of America #1 research firm" award commercials on bloomberg tv ?

Nobody reads BAML research.


Jumbotron's picture

Came up off the porn site JUST in the nick of time to be fashionably late.

skwid vacuous's picture

they should be the first to swing from lamp-posts, after the top brass of course, spineless sacks of shit, just pimping for the sell-side cocksuckers ...


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Man, what a job.

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I bet he can predict who won the Super Bowl, too.