Ukraine Slide Accelerates: AG Office Seized, Criminal Files Being Set On Fire; US To Hold Government Responsible

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It's getting form bad to worse in the Ukraine: either martial law will be announced any time soon or the proxy civil war becomes a real one. On the bright side, there is something to be said about having a nation's criminal cases all in paper format: once there is a revolution, everyone's slate gets wiped clean...

The US is, naturally, stoking the metaphorical, and literal, fire.

Why? Becase as a reminder, in Victoria Nuland's own words, the US is the grand puppetmaster behind everything.

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nuland is a hag.

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"US to hold government responsible."  In what alternate universe is this taking place?

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looking around at the headlines today, it appears that bombing Syria is back on the agenda.  Forward.

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US Ambassador to hold a foreign gov't responsible?  LMAO.  Kinda like the checks and balances Osama has over our own righteous gov't?  What a joke.

The old hag dressed like an airline stewardess should go to the Ukraine and fight in the streets, instead of via foreign espionage.


disabledvet's picture

more like "bombing everyone is on the Agenda."

you know....sometimes you have really bad fights with people and they become your best friend forever.

on the other hand...

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And I thought we were too busy fucking up Venezuela

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It would be nice if those around the world understood that the people of the US do not control the US Federal Government (and we sure as shit have no control over the Federal Reserve or any of its sister central banks around the world).  The US Federal Government was taken from the people long ago.


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I'm sorry, since when are we the fucking judge of the earth?

I am really starting to fucking hate this government.

Maybe we will teach them a lesson and drop some democracy on their ass?

Maybe some 3rd world banana republic should make a statement that they are holding the US government responsible for something.


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Using the "Hands Clean" metric I think it is painfully clear no goverment of the US -  dating back to pretty much the first congress - could legitimately stand in judgement of anybody anywhere anytime.....

Looking back over the decades it's now easy to see the wake of death and destruction left behind these psychopaths as they seek to free the world - of freedom as it turns out.

It blows my mind how these murderous bastards even got away with 911 - I mean fuck me how much evidence do people need that they are being led to slaughter and prompt them into action....... but then again Virgil sums up the american people so well - it never troubles the wolf how many the sheep may be .........

enjoy the ride you woolly fuckers.....


oh yeah and FUK THE EU TOO.......


EDIT -One of my other favorite quotes  "....... and while we're at it FUK Dr Phil too."........


Ident 7777 economy's picture

With the 'truther' schtick, you just lost all credibility ...

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LMAO. Maybe the US citizens can grow some and hold the US .gov responsible for something.

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Hey max, I don't know about that. Apparently we can walk and chew bubble gum at the same time...


A report in the Peruvian press based on a recent NBC interview with Senator McCain states that doddering Grandpa McCain is actually calling for an immediate deployment of troops and a naval fleet to Venezuela.

He wants to activate a "coalition" of allies from Colombia, Perú and Chile to "prevent President Maduro from destroying the rights and interests of the US in this hemispheric region".

"We need to be ready to go in with a military force and bring peace to Venezuela, and above all, guarantee and protect the oil flow to the United States, guarding those strategic resources, and enforcing our global interests".

Un-fucking believable!

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At least we know K Street's priorities.  Sleazy little place.  Always has been a hangout for street hookers.

Clycntct's picture

Currently wyping ass with Grandpa McCain, Hmmmm still feeling pretty shity.

pods's picture

Just cannot make shit up anymore. 

I would argue with McStain that the US has no "rights" but since he is a war mongering idiot I would not waste my breath.


TheReplacement's picture

If you have the chance you should.  You will never convince McCain but think of the audience.  They are many.  McCain is one and long in the tooth.  We need the many more than we need McCain.

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More pertinent is why Geoffrey Pyatt, the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine is directing traffic to independence square! 

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Just giving you some "tilde" coverage since you're all up on that crap like a geezer on a telegram.


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You know something strange is afoot when Eric Cantor (R-Tel Aviv) makes it onto CNN for an extensive interview with that dumb twat Erin Burnett

Berspankme's picture

(R-Tel Aviv)- hahahahaha! So true

Berspankme's picture

BTW- did that cunt Burnett ever grow any tits? Don't watch TV anymore but she flat as hell back when she was blowing Jim Cramer

skwid vacuous's picture

no, field hockey etc, but i would still bang the snot out of her if her mouth was duct taped

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I would give Erin a shot too.

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It looks like they should do the same thing for the US and peoples debt.

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In related news:  the Tonight Show was quizzing people about their reaction to the recent death of President Roosevelt.

   They didn't say whether it was Teddy or Franklin.

   Our fellow Americans.  Dumb as a bucket of hammers.

skwid vacuous's picture

Is she really married to that fat fukn hebe Kagan? despicable ...

logicalman's picture

Given people are dying, I can't really laugh, but that is funny.

Who holds the US government responsible for their actions???!!!

Hubris beyond belief!

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The alternative universe where the government of Ukraine doesn't cancel diplomatic relations with the USA, revoke recognition of the USA and thereby withdrawal from all bilateral treaties with the USA, order the cancellation of all diplomatic and NGO immunities and visas for US personnel, and order their deportation within 72 hrs.

If my recollection serves the Ukrainians have a small footprint at the west end of Georgetown and could be clear in 36 hours.

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Mind your own f***ing business!!!

kaiserhoff's picture

US to "hold the government responsible?"  WTF does that mean?  Nothing or less than nothing?

Our foreign policy is as aggressively stupid as our domestic policy, if such a thing is possible.

Bastiat's picture

+1 for "aggressively stupid"

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Kinda reminds you of a squirrel running back & forth in traffic doesn't it? ;-)

Bastiat's picture

Good image but it reminds me more of the arena scene in Idiocracy.

Clycntct's picture

Yep wondering how it didn't get smashed the first dash only to get the answer on the 3rd.

And to dumb to know that the 2nd was the last chance.

nmewn's picture

I kinda like the analogy, it applies to everything these tards do.

Our country is, in fact, being run by squirrels.

Don't swerve into the other lane (you could kill someone or yourself) or the ditch and risk damaging your vehicle, if one is running back & forth in front of you and can't make up its mind which direction to go, drive over it ;-)


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Don't worry, the Ukraine govt, along with their puppet master Vlad the Imputin is on the USSA's double secret probation list. The ultimate trump card is about to be played by the USSA... a VERY sternly worded letter followed by an angry TOTUS speech.

disabledvet's picture

hmmm. "President 3 and 1"?

hard to tell with this guy. he's got a wild side too.

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A Russian intervention in Ukraine would be a disaster and involve some sort of pissing contest with the west that could spiral out of control.  Both sides should stay the hell out of it, but I think Putin will find the impulse to intervene to difficult to resist, his image as the dominate power in the region would be shattered...picking on small subjects like Georgia are one thing, intervening in Ukraine is sure to be a massive error in judgement.  The only one who can prevent this from escalating is Putin.  The situation will be bad or worse depending upon his actions.  I pray he stays out, but I fear I he will not.

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US (Despicable Me) 0 - 1 (Land of the Free) USA

I'll explain. Despicable Me = Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Brent Scowcroft, Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, that sort of "thing"... The chicken shits...

Land of the Free = well, it's you guys.. who have had enough of bullshit lying of your so-called administrators

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...and a zionist talmudic cunt. 


Fuck all these zionists. 


Oh, you didn't think that zionism is just about stealing land now did you?


It is a LOT more than that ... which would explain what the fuck is the agenda is of these Zionists: Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, Fischer, Nuland, and MORE!!!! 


Zionists... Turning more into moar and finally, into Maor one step at a time. 



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You know whats the best part of being an anti-Zionist?   You will be called anti-semitic!  And a racist.  And anti-Israel.  And if you are Jewish, you will be called a 'self-hating' Jew, even if you are quite free of hate for yourself.

But you won't be called anti-Zionist.  Oh yeah, one last thing, if you come up with an 'anti-establishment' salute, you will be labelled anti-semitic as well.  

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seems there is a down voting Zionist troll amonst us

The.Harmless.Who's picture




there are a few of these zionist plants here.  


The do their bit to inflitrate various sites (wikipedia being one of them).  They used a tool called MegaDeskTop etc in the past, but now are using more sophisticated techniques to flood sites with all sorts.


However - being awake, and seeking knowledge seems to be working against them!  Put it this way, they've picked the wrong site to try and flood it with pro-zionist bile. 


Long live Zero Hedge and its informed readership! 


Fuck Zionism - it is the enemy of mankind and true liberty from debt.  


People:  Zionism = forced promotion of debt slavery!  READ the Talmud!!!! 



The.Harmless.Who's picture



Oh I know this...


But see, to people who know me and care about me, I'm no racist or anti-semitic.  


This "anti-semetic" card is the greatest trick the devil ever pulled (after convincing people that Kaiser Sose didn't exist or something to that effect) 


My point is, these parasites aren't even semites!  John Hopkins University and other reputable places & people (yes, some of whom might be mislabelled as "self-loathers") before them proved that these zionist garbage came from east europe.  The real semites have been the victims of the zionists, but they'll never have their say.  


A real racist and anti-semite is an israeli loving zionist. These people created the concept of race, superior beings, and such like.  Talmud much?  Cunts the lot of them. 


Ironically, the first victims of the Talmudic Zionists are the Old Testement Jews - who are tainted with a "self-hating" brush.  Pathetic. 


These zionist scum have slowly made it a sign of respect to be called (albeit wrongly), an anti-semite. 


And, yes, I know about the salute.  It isn't anti-semetic, but it is anti-establishment and anti-zionist, and please God, give me the chance to ram my arm, shoulder deep into these fucking zionists that control the USA, the UK, and the Saudis (oh yes, the house of saud are a cancer),