China Manufacturing PMI Misses, Tumbles To 7-Month Low

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If there was any doubt that it was also snowing in China this winter, the February Flash HSBC PMI, which tumbled from 49.5 where it was expected to print, to 48.3, a seven month low, just sealed all meteorological conundrums. And with every sub-index decreasing or deteriorating, it is no surprise that headline index tumbled.

At 48.3, this is the lowest since July of last year with the employment sub-index the lowest since Feb 2009.

The commentary from Hongbin Qu, Chief Economist, China & Co-Head of Asian Economic Research at HSBC, was about as dire as could be:

“February’s flash reading of the HSBC China Manufacturing PMI moderated further as new orders and production contracted, reflecting the renewed destocking activities. The building-up of disinflationary pressures implies that the underlying momentum for manufacturing growth could be weakening. We believe Beijing policy makers should and can fine-tune policy to keep growth at a steady pace in the coming year.”

Markets are not happy that the dream of a sustainable escape velocity growth miracle is not coming true and for now bad news is bad news (as The Fed's minutes suggested they will - just as Yellen stated and the market ignored - stay the course on the taper). USDJPY and the Nikkei 225 has erased all their post-BoJ gains on this news.



USDJPY and Nikkei 225 have erased all gains post BoJ


S&P futures are also fading fast as they recouple with USDJPY as it tests the critical 102 level... 27 points off today's highs

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Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?  Bad news is good news?

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Should be bullish for stocks. I just checked. Stocks are "a different shade of green". Bullish! 

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I always wondered How china with manufacturing PMI hovering around and below 50 level (simply shrinking). Regularly posts GDP growth of 7.5%... And they have nerve and are cocky enough to project 7.9% GDP growth for 2014. Just do not get it....  

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Because the whole banking sector is criminal.

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Yes I know but market choses to "buy" this lie and all this schmucks on TV with no conscience left in them tell us with stright faces that we are witnessing Economic renaissance worldwide... And stock market is just in first innings of multi year bull market...

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Let them buy their shit paper.

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what is a midget wizard fed chair to do?

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So naturally... PMs are spanked... because... just... because...

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Whoops! That reversed gear pretty quick!

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Reversed ???  You mean like the German producer price index or the French inflation figure (hint:Swark top right)  Now thats going to leave a skid mark of epic proportions


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Expectations must be









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We too soon Tes La Lo's

SDShack's picture

Sum Ting Wong

We Tu Lo

Ho Le Fuk

No Mak Shet

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You know that shit gets old after a while. Perhaps you can fire up some neurons and humor us with something a little more fucking original. Man you are sum dum ass......

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If you like your Sum Ting Wong,We Tu Lo,Ho Le Fuk..You can keep your Sum Ting Wong,We Tu Lo,Ho Le Fuk....see what i did there.....sorry

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it's the weather stupid!

i_call_you_my_base's picture

48 hours round trip. I was rooting for 24.

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ES will be green by morning... probably sooner.

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It's Wednesday.  That's Prince Spaghetti day here in the USSA.  Hey, even the algos have to eat.  We'll be green after the last cannoli has been consumed.

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Sure thing... Every morning I have question - based on f**g what? Just want to look in eyes of the f**ks buying up this market

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Fast growth tends to mask flaws and weakness within a system, and China has been growing like a weed for years. To make things worse many of the investment decisions were driven by politics. This has created massive overcapacity. Money has been poorly allocated and often shoveled into deep holes like ghost cities and bridges to nowhere. 

The 6.6 trillion dollar spending spree used as stimulus to combat global economic slowdown after 2008 is coming back to haunt China. This has greatly expanded credit and created huge overcapacity during the past five years. A massive debt crisis now looms in the offing. More on the tough spot China now faces in the post below.

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Mr. Yellen will print. The world will then finally realize QE/ZRIP failed and the dollar sells off to zero.

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Maybe your paper dollars will sell off to zero, but my silver ones won't.

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Didn’t Obama tell Reggie he is coming home for a fudge packing fitness ? PMI? We all need to break a new taxpayer condom wrap open. Celebrate the miserable communist dependent souls.  We know your running out of repeated ideas..


Carry on comrades.

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Heeeee.....Heeeeee....mighty futures down 8+ on the news. Keep pounding this QE pig, Bears.

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So the gang of ??? (can't remember how many princelings and pincelingesses there were) who stole and parked US$4 trillion in the Caymans knew what they were doing.

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Normalized adjusted harmonized sterilized securitized disinflationary pressures with risk to the upside due to weather as reported by the NAR

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Get over it, Chinese are becoming a consumer economy, don't need to produce so much anymore, they will buy Teslas and stuff now.

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watched Titanic for the 1st time last night. disaster porn almost as great as the above summary chart. can't decide which is more entertaining: watching 1/2 hour straight of a ship sliding into the Atlantic and people freaking the fuck out the whole time, or watching central banks try to shovel paper into every leak to keep the global titanic from its inevitable destination. good times, either way.

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Xi Jinping: "pour me another drink and go build another fucking skyscraper!"

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Hurry up with that war.

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Dayyyyyum, dat Polar Vortex done made it over to Chinatown.