Housing Starts Plunge Most In 3 Years; Permits Tumble - Miss By Most In 7 Months

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It seems once again that 'economists' and 'analysts' misunderstood the weather in winter is cold. Housing Starts dropped a stunning 16% MoM (from an upwardly revised December data) for the biggest miss since June 2013 (and 8 of last 10 months missed expectations). This is the biggest MoM drop in 3 years. Building Permits - more problematic for the weather blamers - also plunged (by 5.4%) missing expectations by the most since June. However, what is the biggest slap in the face for the 'weather-blamers' is the collapse in Permits for the West (-26%) while most other regions improved.

Permits missed by most since June back to mid-2013 levels...


Permits on a non-seasonally adjusted basis are cratering, and barely above January 2013 levels.


Starts plunged - missing 8 of the last 10 months..


Starts for single family houses: SA vs NSA - disaster.


Housing Starts dropped 16% MoM - the 3rd most in 20 years

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Can anyone tell me if the money in our FX accounts will be immune from the bank tax when it happens?  Or will the Government take surplus funds from any source?

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Of course its immune! Keep shoveling in MOAR and MOAR - the government will never touch it!

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A new car costs more than a house in many parts of the US.  Why anyone is building homes right now, unless they're extras for the uberwealthy, who really don't need any more, is beyond me.

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Foreclosures still very high in Miami, Tampa, Sacramento, and, well, here's the list:



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Vegas is sure taking a beating.



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....polar vortex,....er....global warming....

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". . . who really don't need any more . . ."


The leftist, collectivist dream is to determine "need" and keep everyone in it.

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I've BenYellen this for some time now.

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Can anyone tell me if the money in our FX accounts will be immune from the bank tax when it happens?  Or will the Government take surplus funds from any source?

Your funds can become fully safe, secure, sound and give you a nice dividend if you transfer quickly to a MyRA account.  GOOD AS GOLD!!  Backed by the full faith and credit of the USA!!!    



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too dry to get a permit?  there, its the weather's fault.

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...And the market's started going up...


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The question is, can it make it back up to the recent highs, and if so, can it break out with any carrythrough?  A peek at a six month SPY chart shows how awful volume has been on this latest run-up, and with the Fed tapering and an avalanche of bad fundamentals, I doubt it's going much further.

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Tapering...Tapering .......Yellen, growth is going downside

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We need MOAR good news before the market opens.

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you ain't seen nothin' yet

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Housing drop?


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I wondered why the futures bumped up.......Fuck the Ponzi....or ride it into the ground because it is the only game in town.


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Quick...Untaper..... UNTAPER DAMN IT!

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QE works great, Look at all the growth..?

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QE does work, look at the sales of Ferraris and Rolls Royce. Proof that QE has worked exactly as planned

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No permits is no housing starts is housing prices going down.

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is it still cold outside???

it appears the takedown in the only 2 forms of real money have shifted to the late Globex session where only the MoneyChangers r selling fake Gold and Silver...how can markets chart the same way, at the same time, on consecutive days - yeah, fraud....




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bullish, ES about to go GREEN yayz!

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Kiev clashes

List of latest Videos from Ukraine:


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the lack of new supply is also aiding the existing real estate bubble.  i guess we can only hope that by further restricting new supply will take the edge of the next real estate collapse (no zombie developments etc).  but then again, we'll probably get hyperinflation before that collapse...so the investors keep dumping money into hard assets. 

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    Don't worry the PPI numbers came in a little better. Must be all that demand for cold weather supplies and heaters.

   I'm absolutely certain it's got nothing to do with exploding energy costs. /s

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SPY plummeting ... down .22 at this writing ... 

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What, I thought the chineese were buying everything.

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One can only blame the Chai Knees and the Japuh Knees for so long. Dem chikins gonna come home to roost...well, they wood but chikin coop starts are way down and...

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Can we all agree:  (1)  It was really, really cold; and (2) We're all fucked and it has nothing to do with the cold weather?

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As ZH resident Economic Climate Change Scientist i look at how economic activity increases or decreases  CO2 emissions that cause climate.
I must admit i am stumped because this is totally unexpected. Usually i can look at foreclosures and predict how cold it will get using this data. More foreclosure usually means colder weather as empty houses do not generate any CO2 that increases temperatures.

Less building starts should indicate colder weather. hmm

I need to get back to you all on this one when i look more closely at the nubers.

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It is possible that the economic climate change data is being manipulated and corrupted.

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Got to have water to mix cement...

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Do these numbers count the "shipping container" housing starts?

I thought a news article a while ago led me to believe "this" was going to be the future of housing.

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Bad news always ='s good news for the S&P in the asylum.

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Don't know why people get bent out of shape over this.  Everyone knows the brutal winter weather has hammered construction and affected other sectors of the economy.  No new news here...just BTFD

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You can't start a house without a nail gun.

Suicidal bankers are buying all the nail guns.

They are suicidal because of the weather.

Therfore, housing starts are down because of the weather.

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As the economy tanks, people are moving in with others. See this 2013 census data (Table F1-All Races):
SIZE OF FAMILY (thousands)
Two members 37,104
Three members 18,010
Four members 15,196
Five members 6,802
Six members 2,431
Seven or more members 1,358

There is going to be a shift of this table to larger, more diverse families and renters, as families consolidate around remaining earners and combine lower (real) incomes to make ends meet. I am watching this trend, that started with older children staying with their families longer.  If there is a 2020 census, I expect that the persons per household will rocket from 2.61 to more than 3.

It also may be that we have reached "peak housing" sqft per person.  In 1950, it was less than 300.  In 2006, it was more than 900.  In 2020, it will be much less.