It Begins: Ukraine Army Given Power To Use Weapons On Civilians - Live Feed

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Just as we warned earlier, the stealing of the weapons cache and labeling of the break-away region as having undertaken "terrorist acts" has led to the military getting involved:


Under the "anti-terrorist" operation, Ukraine is a close to civil war as it has been so far. As Martin Armstrong concludes: "there is no peaceful resolution" no matter how many sanctions and condemnations the West makes.


Live Feed:


Below is the Google-translated Government Statement which was posted on the Ministry of Defense website moments ago:

In connection with the decision to commence in Ukraine antiterrorist operation Ministry of Defense of Ukraine official statement:


According to Article 5 of the Law of Ukraine "On combating terrorism" Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, bodies of military management, formations and units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to protect against terrorist attacks facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, firearms, ammunition, explosives and poisonous substances that are in the army or stored in designated areas.


Under section 15 of the Act, in the area of ??counter-terrorist operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have the right to:


- use in accordance with the laws of Ukraine weapons and special means;

- apprehend and deliver to the internal affairs of persons who commit or committing an offense or other action;

- check of the citizens and officials of documents , identification, and in the absence of documents - to detain them for identification;

- to carry out in the area of counter-terrorism operation personal care nationals review things that are in them, vehicles and things that they carried;

- Provisionally restrict or prohibit the movement of vehicles and pedestrians on streets and roads.


Measures provided for in this Article shall comply with the applicable law and terminate immediately after the anti-terrorist operation.


Coordination of activities of entities involved in the fight against terrorism has antiterrorist center of the Security Service of Ukraine.Those involved in the fight against terrorism, are under state protection.


Disobedience or resistance to lawful demands of military officials who take part in anti-terrorist operations, incur liability as provided by law.


The main purpose of the anti-terrorist operation - stop extremism and illegal actions of radical groups that threaten the lives of millions of Ukrainian, to protect civilians, prevent civil war in Ukraine.

And as a reminder from Martin Armstrong - There Is No Peaceful Resolution

Russia wants to portray this as a coup organized by the USA, Europe wants to portray this as Ukraine wanted them, and the USA media spins this as US against RUSSIA.

This began as a movement against CORRUPTION and not a Europe v Russia confrontation. The more it has played out, then this has also developed into a fight for freedom. The Russian side of Ukraine is the East and south and they speak Russian. The West speak Ukrainian so there are even two languages spoken.

The Russian side has very strong RIGHT WING elements and they are anti-gay and want 7 years in prison for a girl who gets an abortion. So there is now a religious fever being thrown into the fire.

BY ABSOLUTELY NO MEANS did this begin merely over the refusal to join Europe. The corruption in Ukraine is massive. Much of the bureaucracy is buried still in communism with no rational explanation. Under communism, the state-owned everything. Therefore, your “papers” were a form of domestic passport not good for international travel. Inside that passport you had to have your PERMANENT address assigned to you by government since you were not allowed to move. To this day, although communism collapsed and you can move, your passport must still have your “official” address. If you want to move, it will take months to get a new passport and you have to pay a bribe to get it expedited that may still be 2 months. The law forced you to return to change any document. You cannot do anything on-line.

The bureaucracy has never been reformed. There is no law saying you need an address anymore, yet nobody can change anything because it is as if there is nobody really in charge. It is a chaotic mess. The police were extorting people like the Mafia, so this began as all other protests – against corruption. Simple as that. The mainstream media is playing to the propaganda on both sides.

It appears that civil war will erupt for the younger generation want their freedom. Russia will not allow that to happen for this is a strategic former possession that was once part of Russia and Kiev was the former capital of Russia  before Moscow. This is likely to fester and grow. There is no peaceful resolution.

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Shizzmoney's picture

Reasons to defend the right to bear arms #1456748999999

Headbanger's picture

Ugggghhh...  This is going to get really ugly fast. 

God help those people now!

And how many think this is Obama's doing as retaliation for Putin stopping him from attacking Syria?

Yep...  Sure looks that way.

But what's Putin going to do to us in return?

icanhasbailout's picture

now we see the violence inherent in the system!

Chuck Norris's picture

Hmm.  Which side do I cheer for?   The Obama/Soros funded protesters, or the Putin backed thugs?


Skateboarder's picture

You cheer for the continuity of life of Ukranian JoeAverage who is getting fucked by both sides.

The Juggernaut's picture

Does this mean the US gov't will send in Al-Qaeda to help the "rebels" now?

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Russia and the US must be running out of places to sell arms these days. The civil war begins.

Cult_of_Reason's picture

Walk of shame for Police in Lutsk, Ukraine; as Police surrenders to Ukrainian People

Ukraine Berkuters (Special Assignment Units) in Ternopil, Ukraine surrendered to Ukrainian People and pledged their allegiance to the People of Ukraine (and not to Putin or Yanukovych)

No more Kremlin puppets. No more corrupt government criminals. Ukrainians are taking their government back!

kralizec's picture

The closing statement is more true than many are willing to admit.

It appears that civil war will erupt for the younger generation want their freedom. Russia will not allow that to happen for this is a strategic former possession that was once part of Russia and Kiev was the former capital of Russia before Moscow. This is likely to fester and grow. There is no peaceful resolution.

Why is Russia allowed a vote in Ukraine?  Why does ANY foreign power have any damned say whatsoever?!

Likely all of the mistakes made here will be replicated the world over.  First, the Ukrainians will pay for the sins of others, soon we will all be forced to pay!

skifff's picture

Who said that Russia is making any moves??? Every one else IS, Russia is NOT. Putin, keeps asking every one to stay the f... k away!!!

If any one has right to interfear, it's Russia but they don't, from the looks of it at least untill it's escalates to larger problem...

Volkodav's picture

Agree...but you are stating the obvious that so many will not accept...


mjcOH1's picture

"And how many think this is Obama's doing as retaliation for Putin stopping him from attacking Syria?

Yep...  Sure looks that way."


You're assuming the Kenyan plays chess, when he's turning tricks for jello-shots for the idle-entitled and anything that staggers across the Rio Grande and can be EBT'd into voting for the Party.

We have no foreign policy.   We have canned answers to be thrown at anyone who complains about that, while we carry on with delivering the best government that EBT votes can buy.

kralizec's picture

I was willing to along with this until I got to the "If anyone has a right to interfere (correct spelling!), it's Russia".

I cannot disagree more. 

How can you say Putin wants everyone to stay the frick away and then say they have a right to intervene?  You just blew your own BS right out the window!

Stay the frick out applies to ALL, not some!  And the closing part of your...statement, seems to indicate Putin may be waiting for a justification to your exception.

But continue the Ruissia worship, I think it will break just the way you want.

skifff's picture

You missing the point, Russia does not interfere right now at all... US, EU -does.

Question is for how long they will allow this to continue...

As far as right of Russia to do anything in Ukraine, don't forget that you're talking about permanent member of UN security council, nuclear superpower...

I'll give you few scenarios:

-Ukrane is member of CIS (peace keeping)

-Large Russian population (protecting Russian people = Soth Osetia in 080808)

-Largest business partner (protecting it's vital economic interests)

-Military concerns, base of Russia's Black Sea Fleet (direct military intervention)

-raise of fascism on it's borders (rings a bell?)

Elections of parliament and president don't tell you anything? How will MAJORITY of the population of Ukraine will take it if Russia does any thing? Why do you think all of this "euromaidans" are so afraid of one simple thing -referendum.

kralizec's picture

So the current regime just happens to be pro-Russia and there are no Russian agents in country?  Fascinating.

So, nuclear power and perm sec council member = you on my border, you my bitch.  Awesome, when does the US invade Mexico and Canada?

EU has nukes and a couple of those clowns are on perm sec council too and close enough to spit to Ukraine, so...they got a right too, eh?

Yes elections and your data indicates to me you are unaware of the pro-Russia support among Eastern Ukraine people and the pro-Europe Western Ukraine people.

If you were aware of this but neglected to mention it for fear of destroying your own bias, shame on you, if I let you get away with that...shame on me.

Now, if you want to discuss everybody actually staying the hell out or agreeing to a partition of Ukraine, fine, all other discussions are invalid and tainted with bias one way or the other.

skifff's picture

Sir, I don't know where you get your information but I can feel depth of coverage by NBC CNN etc in your brainwashed comments;-))) Sorry, just stating the obvious...

Some reality check for you: President of Ukraine, V Yanukovich is not pro-Russian and never been that. He and members of government constantly stated that he is PRO euro association.

Russia deals only with him (guess why?;-)) because he is DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE! He's party is majority party in the parliament of Ukraine. Yes, Russians respect their neighbors and works with them through legitimate sources, imaging that! Russia DOES NOT interacts, finances, trains, conducts diplomatic support or arms  opposition of any kind no matter who they are Ukrainian fascists or Al-Qaeda in Syria;-) Yeah, I know it's hard, so hard to believe, they are such idiots!

Your "bitch" comment is pathetic! should I remind you Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya etc??? or you choose to be from the moon? If Russia will need to come and help nation (where more than half of population considers themselves Russian) been overrun by fascists, to stop bloodshed it will and opinion of the bla-bla-bla won't matter.

I'm well aware of differences between West and East, I actually lived in West Ukraine (long ago though), I'm simply stating the fact, majority of Ukraine citizens will vote for union with Russia, that's why no one wants referendum in Ukraine not Yanukovich not opposition, because they know the outcome of such vote...

But I could give you some run down... West of Ukraine as actually the rest of it is Ukraine only thanks to mostly Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev without those persons this would be Russia as it was for 1000 years before... There were never people who called themselves Ukrainians even 100 years ago (as Ukraine means "land on the side" in Russian) more then half of the population doesn't even speak Ukrainian language... Atomic physics or Rocket building documents in Ukrainian is wide area of jokes in Ukraine;-)))

The "stay the f..k away" part is not happening... this means we'll see more...

Flakmeister's picture

The Ukranian Fascists are out shilling tonight I see...

Yanukovych is demonstrably a crook.. Bought and paid for by Putin a long time ago...

skifff's picture

He is not a crook just a regular billionaire;-))), Putin paid him off??? you got the receipts, I assume, or it's your "educated opinion"

But to be exact Ukraine was "sucking on" reselling Russian gas sold to Ukraine at "brothers price" for years so he paid all of them off and yes Yanukovich is one of the suckers... no doubt! At this point it's him or paid by the Washington fascists...- or as they are known in US/EU peaceful protesters...;-)

kralizec's picture

By leading with a false accusation you reveal yourself to be unabashed druh matinky Rosiyi.  All those so-called news outlets you list (and hundreds more) have not contaminated my eyes for over 3 decades.  I seriously doubt you spent one kryvavyy khvylynu in Western Ukraine, or you would know the majority of people there want nothing to do with the rosiyskyy vedmid!  I guess in your biased mind the history of Russia in Ukraine has been nothing but one of myri khlib!  My source is a pilot and his wife who have lived in Western Ukraine their whole lives.  I trust them and their opinion sir, so please, pontificate upon chol Rosiyi elsewhere!

skifff's picture

Difference between truth and lies is very easy to prove in this case... Care to do that?;-)

I was fortunate enough not to visit, but live in places we discussing and close to 2 decades I watch lies from the sources you mentioned, but I'm not interested to change your views on it, existence of zerohedge and it participants will explain it far better.

Funny thing that, chances are that military pilot from western Ukraine you mentioned I most likely know personally and he knows me if he is from airbase in town of Kolomyya, Ivano-Frankivsk region...

123dobryden's picture

you so so so fucking computer pussy, my country has been ocupied by comunists 50 years, you want to tell me, they have the right to intervene, they have killed more people here, than now has been killed in kijev..


no one has right to intervene, fucktard, you are fucktard  and gay obviously, as your love for putin clearly shows,just cause he sheltered snowden, doesnt make him any better...assad putin merkel obama bush.....all criminals they deserve guantanamo till the rest of  they parasitic  pathetic and corrupt lives, why they didnt  choose  an honest job?


Nestor Machno,ukrainian  legend was the only one who brought ukrainian people freedom, although only for a short period, he deserved much much better fate then ended in paris in renault factory worker.


fuck you

skifff's picture

If you're so called "Ukr" then it's not your country fucktard, where is yours, I don't know and don't care... 

Those imbeciles teach children at schools that "protoukranians" lived 140000 years ago!;-))) and no it's not a joke! it's official view of local historians...;-)))

N Mahno was warlord of anarchist black army who was a political prostitute, fighted for, and against every one around him arrested everywhere he went and died like a dog, yeah some leader, sure...

fuck off

Pure Evil's picture

Its good to see that they're starting a civil war right on Putin's doorstep.

With a 5th column of Muslims nested within the heartland of Rus, how much longer before we see a civil war nestled in Vlad's bosom?

Maybe the Royal House of Saud gets its revenge over Syria.

Volkodav's picture

Lutsk is full of poles, not Ukrainian blood so much.

THX 1178's picture

After the shooting starts:

Nato Countries- "Someone must do something about this atrocity!"

Russia (Putin)- "Finally we can agree on something"

*kick the treads and light the fires, Ivan!*

Dr. Destructo's picture

Option C? I like the way you think.

nightshiftsucks's picture

That's like choosing between having your hand or penis being cutoff.

Sgt_SOS's picture

Wait, can you choose which hand??

Wen_Dat's picture

How many hands do you have?

How many Penis?


Easy choice :)

Headbanger's picture

And not one teleprompter for these guys speaking there in the bitter cold

You'd never see Obama doing that!

Shizzmoney's picture


Which side do I cheer for?   The Obama/Soros funded protesters, or the Putin backed thugs?

Clinton's involvement is actually more intertwined that the other 2 (but same shit): Ukrainian oligarch Pinchuk + Clinton Foundation cesspool = missing money

boogerbently's picture

Remember "Occupy Wall St" ?

The US dealt with their "terrorists" much more effectively.

(Better use of media)

Cannon Fodder's picture

"help, I'm being repressed, I'm being repressed"

forwardho's picture

Some moistened bint, lobbing a scimitar at you is NO bacis of modern govt.

synergize's picture

US involved?? No way! We dont like to get involved in other people's business ... well at least thats what we were like 100 years ago.

Either way war should be good for the stock market! And if it isnt we can blame the next housing report miss on Ukrainian civil war which means more QE!!

Wooohooo! Cant lose!

Winston Churchill's picture

Bearing in mind that Putin is a chess player ,not
some Kenyan rube , look anywhere but the Ukraine for
his next move.I'm sure his the Ukraine already covered.
Oh, and Fuck the State dept.,

Flakmeister's picture

So throwing Assad under the bus in Syria was the equivalent of playing a Ruy Lopez?

Winston Churchill's picture

Assad's under the bus ?
Where is he buried exactly ?

You really are a know nothing asswipe Flak.

Flakmeister's picture

Psst... Where are his chemical weapons?


skifff's picture

psst... chem weapons or friend with largest arsenal of ANY weapons including those of mass distraction and means of it's delivery ;-)

your choice? ;-)

Flakmeister's picture

I swear the ones playing checkers are posters like you here at the Hedge...

Do you think that Putin would start lobbing nukes over Syria? He has an extremely well honed sense of self preservation. He and merry band of kleptocrats do not need Syria to continue lining their pockets with skimmed hydrocarbon revenue...

skifff's picture

Yeah, I also play chess;-)

Do I think that Putin would lobby... what? Why would he? Dude, I want some of what you're smoking!

"Self preservation" you puzzling me.... preservation from what o from whom???

"Lining his pockets"??? Please DO tell, this will be the most sensational revelation that will easily overshadow 10 Snowden stories. I've seen loads of crap about this but no substance though...

Flakmeister's picture

The train has already left the station...

Sorry but you missed it...

Shizzmoney's picture

Sadly, in the cases of both Venezuela and Ukraine, the opposition groups (who organically have pure grassroots reasons to be upset and want regime change, like students and workers) are being spearheaded by obvious CIA US involvement (who is trying to take advantage of the situation so that US corporations can scoop up the spoils after the rubble clears).


BandGap's picture

Ready made armies.

Same as it ever was.

What event started WW1 again?

Meat Hammer's picture

Hey, remember when Hugo Chavez was claiming that the CIA was scheming to create civil unrest in Venezuela so as to overthrow his regime?

And then he died.

TheReplacement's picture

If I'm a Ukranian protester and the CIA offers support, I take it.  The enemy is the government.  Have to beat them before any ties to the CIA become relevant.  Deal with the CIA later. 

The point?  Perhaps the protesters are genuine.  Perhaps we should support them in their struggle even if we don't like who is helping them.  Perhaps they will be united and strong enough to ditch the CIA once they win.  Perhaps not.  It is up to them. 

4r7lukm's picture

Lots of shills downvoting your comment, but the reality is ANY time there's major civil unrest in a country, the CIA and the banksters will try to get involved. It doesn't matter if the unrest started out of perfectly legitimate protests or if the whole thing was provoked by outsiders -- the manipulators will always try to get in on the situation. I'm not a fan of the EUSSR and I'm not a fan of putin's tyranny either. My hope is the ukrainian people will succeed in overthrowing this tyranny, and it'll be a great example to the rest of the world. Once independent, they should trade openly with everyone (including the eu), but be beholden to no one. 

skifff's picture

"If I'm a Ukranian protester and the CIA offers support, I take it"- in some parts of the world;-), maybe even in all of it, things like conspiracy to overthrow the government is punishable by death...