While Browsing Zero Hedge From A Certain Government Agency...

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... one gets the following most recently added "blocked" page.


Thanks to NSA/CSS Policy 6-6, and NSA/CSS Directive 130-1, Paragraph 21-E, US public servants' minds will remain uncorrupted by the truth.

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Zerohedge mobile

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Ha, maybe the sheep is finally awakening? Yeah that guy who tried to browse ZH at a government job MAY accidentally not get home tonight.

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Sheep awakening????? BWAAAAAAAAA......to fkn funny

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Public servant = Zionist slave

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The infestation of crappy ads must be the cause of the firewall block... 

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The real crime here is the use of Internet Explorer.

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Exactly. The NSA wants you to use the services of their subsidiary Google so try using Chrome.

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Fuck you, Clapper. You are perjurious and an enemy to liberty! 

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meh, it was probably just the weather

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Don't ya know?

Only porn sites are allowed through the .gov firewalls.

That, and Communist Chinese hackers.

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Porn sites and the weather are all Bush's fault.

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so now we know that francis_sawyer was an NSA plant all along

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Sorry to threadjack here, but this is a great article, just wanted to share:



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Weimar all over again......  and we all know how THAT ended up....


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Yeah ~ it ended up with 'Cominterns' in Moscow, who sent Russian peasants off to die fighting the Nazis [who came about after Weimar]...

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i sure hope this guv guy who tried browsing ZH doesn't own a nailgun at home !!

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And, the obvious...if the NSA is monitoring gubmint goons, what's that mean for the rest of us civilian peons, eh?!

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what is the css? criminal state spy?

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plays right into the tin foil conspircy nut job story. for seeking knowledge we are the bad guys is a statist regime controlled by thought contol psycopaths. when to people start vanishing? far fetched? the trilum of understanding is their club...

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Clapper....oh you mean THAT America!

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Nor should he ever go above the first floor of any building he's in. At least jumping out of a first floor window shouldn't hurt too much.

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Lacking a nailgun, our erstwhile .gov employee could always take a caulking gun full of silicone, fill his mouth and nose with it, and wait for it to harden.

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I love the smell of Freedom in the morning....it smells like....Napalm!"

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Fire up the quantum computers..........


.......MOAR DATA



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It's fake.  They typed zerohedge url and did not press return so it looks like the offender

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Fail, the URL bar at the bottom says loading Zerohedge.

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During the 2008 election, Junior League Peggy let the little cavity do the thinking for the big cavity. She's to be ignored. 

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Ok you made me do it:



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Would you like a little whine with that?

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Sure how about a little manischewitz?

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ZH: Where NSA gets a dose of financial truth.

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For me, ZH is  misson essential.

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Agreed +1000...Bravo Tyler et al....

Maybe...just maybe...we were able to set Snowden free and they have come to the realization of the genesis of his emancipation

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I can't access www.zerohedge.com where I work either. 

But I go to this site and drag down the topic button for Independent News.  Then I click the ZH link and the story appears.  Slick!



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You realize, of course, this means they're afraid of us.

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Or maybe they just don't want their employees to know how the world really works.  Or perhaps have them find out who they really work for (ie: not the citizens of the United States).


All waves start with but a small ripple.

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The hundredth monkey tastes that ripple and, in a golden moment of clarity, exclaims, "This is rot-gut, I want to drink champagne like the dousches in the white coats!"

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Ehhh.......no big deal really. If they've installed a Barricuda firewall, only official .gov propaganda websites like MSNBC and CNN are allowed through.

Had the same problem at my last job. They had a Barricuda firewall and practically every website was blocked.

We wouldn't want to have a website posting material offensive to females in the workplace, like ads of half naked women in bikinis.

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openvpn FTW!

nobody blocks 443

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Nobody puts Tyler Baby in the corner.

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Bah, monitoring Zero Edge today likely yields nothing more than goldbugs and bit-tards. And "Top 10 signs *insert anything* is about to collapse"-articles.

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Couldn't be NSA.....he's only been a member for weeks now.

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Yes, WebSense and some squid implementations block "proxy avoidance sites" (on 443). Better to set up a server at your house and run SSHD on a high-numbered port. Then SSH into that from the site with the proxy.

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We want our women fully naked

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So it's the TSA.....it's all becoming clear now.