European Union Commits To Sanctions Against Ukraine

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Following hours of talks between three European foreign ministers and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in Kiev, the EU has decided to go ahead with sanctions:


Having already proclaimed this move as "blackmail", we are sure the Russians will be utilizing this move to further their support for the catastrophically divided nation.

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Headline to follow; "Putin closes valve" and back the ruble with oil, gas, coil, and PMs.  Shortly after signing trade deal with China and Iran.  Fuck the E.Z.

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"we are sure the Russians will be utilizing this move to further their support for the catastrophically divided nation"

What a retarded nonsense! Pro-Putin Zero Hedge went full retard.

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What ZH thinks is irrelevant.  In the larger context, given the resources, physical assets, and cheap currency at Russia's disposal, what does the E.Z. have to offer the Russians?

This reminds me of the sheriff "hostage scene" in Blazing Saddles.

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Russia's oligarchy (that is, the control of the state and economy by a small group of well-placed, extremely wealthy insiders) is alive and well in Russia.

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its not really clear by the they mean sanctions on the Ukraine government or the citizens of Ukraine?

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Putin needs to keep selling his oil and gas in order to keep Russia solvent.

The customer is always right.

When will Zero Hedge realize that Putin is not the customer?

Putin is a toothless ex-KGB prick controlled by Russian oligarchy. Where do Russian oligarchs keep the majority of their funds? (Clue for the clueless, not in Russia)

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as long as he keeps tooling obamao and EU, he is OK in my book.

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....and lenny bruce is not afraid.....

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Sanctions threat against Ukraine looks like blackmail - Sergei Lavrov

How about future sanctions against Russian oligarchy Mr. Lavrov (if Russia violates the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances for Ukraine)?

No wonder his face in that picture looks like Lavrov (and his boss Putin) is shitting his pants.

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Wait. What?  Sanctions against Ukraine are sanctions against Ukraine...WTF does Russia have to do with it?

Wait, Russia has an interest in Ukraine?  I thought Ron Paul said NO EU/US or Russia in Ukraine?!


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Re: "If Russia violates the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances for Ukraine"

The United States of America, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, reaffirm their obligation to refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine, and that none of their weapons will ever be used against Ukraine except in self-defense or otherwise in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.

BTW, according to this document, Russia is even obligated "to refrain from economic coercion designed to subordinate to their own interest"

("economic coercion designed to subordinate" as for example cutting off gas supplies to Ukraine)

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Stop beating around the bush and start the bloody war already, we all know the MIC need the money.

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Russia is not the aggressor here...


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One of the heads of the Ukrainian opposition just said the world should see the riots for what they are: a proxy war by the Ukrainian people against the Russian Mafia. That would explain why there's so much support from predominantly Russian sections of Ukraine. 

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You don't understand international law do you? It's the protesters who are using "force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine"

The Memorandum on Security Assurances - can used as justification for Yanukovych inviting the Russians in so they can LIQUIDATE the protesters.

The with the EU slapping sanctions on the government (which has legal and outstanding obligations to the Russian government and gas company), the EU can be accused of economic coercion designed to subordinate Ukraine to its own interest.

The Barry & Barroso are playing checkers (and right into Putin's hand) and the PEOPLE of UKRAINE are going to be that much fucked for it for their miscalculation.

When did the EU start replacing diplomats with QUOTA MONKEYS? At least the old-school rich asswipes understood the way the world worked (even if they couldn't draw a decent line on a map to save their lives).

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And using mercenaries err contractors to train opposition protesters along with paying them isn't. Get real both sides are violating the spirit of the agreement without violating the letter of it.

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Only one EU customer matters and they are taken care of if the gas gets shut off.

The rest of Eastern Europe can eat Greek cake....

They will just use scorched earth monetary and otherwise policy like they did to Greece and Cyprus on each outlier if it comes down to it.



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If one government supporter died for each protester that died, the Ukraine would eventually become the best country on earth.

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Yes, but what is that "customer" offering in exchange?  You really think the Russian people would complain if he made energy inexpensive for them and their bussinesses?

You are retarded.  In addition, there are other customers and perhaps China has some

If you think that "the customer is always right" walk into your favorite restaurant and urinate on the floor, then demand service.  Let us know how that work out for you.

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Only works if these other customers get preferential (crony) prices.  Same as it ever was...

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Re: You really think the Russian people would complain if he made energy inexpensive for them and their businesses?

Significant drop in oil/gas prices => Russian government bankruptcy

LawsofPhysics's picture

LMFAO!!!!!   By that logic Russia and America should have gone bankrupt several times over.

Please, there is plenty of demand for oil/gas retard. (inside and outside of Russia).

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Fact: Oil and gas exports account for 50% of Russia’s budget revenue. Putin MUST keep oil/gas exports flowing. If oil prices drop just to $80, Russian government budget will lose its lifeline, and there won’t be enough money to fund all state programs. If oil prices drop to $60, many Russian will not be happy with Putin when they don't get their government checks, and whatever you see in Kiev today will happen in Moscow (and pro-Kremlin Zero Hedge, the flock of Putin's sheep, and RIA Novosti will start blaming CIA for riots in Moscow).

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They got a vastly under served market to the East aka Occidental market. China is right next door for starters.... That haven't even begun to tap the full potential of the market let alone put in the infrastructure to wrest full control away from the US shipping LNG across the Pacific yet.

Chinese/Russian money/power paradigm can easily replace the US/ME money/power paradigm when it comes right down to it but not without an outright war which probably won't happen just yet.

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the EU can offer debt, cronyism and corruption.  worth dying for?

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You left out third world immigrants criminals and raping

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CoR, so what?

Their oil predates the oligarchy.  Oil doesn't care about politics.  Europe can talk brave in mid to late February.  Their natgas storage can get them to summer.  Were it September, they would be saying different things.

You need to stop thinking old normal thoughts and recognize that oil decides everything.

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Please explain how this is different in the USSA.

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"America's oligarchy (that is, the control of the state and economy by a small group of well-placed, extremely wealthy insiders) is alive and well in America."

Fixed that for ya.

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The same thing a Jewish Wife has to offer; Kvetching; and plenty of it.

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I will say it again....Fuck the EU

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Cult has Stockholm Syndrome for his cruel banker masters.

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...or maybe disengage the pressure regulators and have himself a little bar-b-q

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Headline to follow; "Putin closes valve" and back the ruble with oil, gas, coil, and PMs.  Shortly after signing trade deal with China and Iran.  Fuck the E.Z.

It's not that simple. Pipelines and pumping stations take years to build. The infrastructure is already in place to supply Europe. What Putin will not do is take his ball and go home.

The protestors are going to find out how difficult it is to belt out the Ukrainian national anthem with a gun in their mouths.

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Something like that. They're not Americans, you can't just bullshit them for five minutes and then go play golf; "some fatalities" are always necessary to convince anyone of anything around there.

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A Visa ban? boy, that'll teach 'em. no more visits to Europe, eh. that's going to just break their hearts.

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At the time we speak three European Football League matches are played in Ukraine. One of the Dynamo Kiew against Valencia take place without any hurts. No sanctions there, only the referees against the players. Strange world!!!

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Checkmate for Putin?

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A classical Act of War.
Wonder how Vladimir will see it.

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Vlad's been at war for a long time.

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He's seeing it through eyes that watched the Finns knock the Russian hockey team out ofthe medal round.

WTF sanctions are we talking about?

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If they're just talking about the unilateral EU sanctions on military and dual use technologies, then it's purely PR to make the do-gooders feel good themselves without actually doing anything (much less anything good). The standard EU "package" has more and wider loopholes than banking regulations crafted by Blankfein, Dimon & Buffet LLP.

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Oh no! Not sanctions,  like the ones that worked so well against Iran. These clowns just dont have any new tricks.

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Only took 26 years of sanctions to bring Rhodesia
to heel.

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30 seconds after this press release France was figuring out how much stuff they could sell to the Ukraine.

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Actually, he (Hollande) thought how much he can tax fleeing Ukrainian political elite.

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eventually giving the world its 1st 100 trillion dollar note.

boy those europeans are sure trendsetters, aren't they?