The "Ukraine Situation" Explained In One Map

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Sadly, everything you need to know about the crisis in Ukraine in one worrisome map which summarizes all the relevant "red lines."



Given this - is there any doubt this will not end with peaceful resolution.

As Martin Armstrong warned this morning:

BOTH the USA and EU will now fund the rebels as Russia will fund Yanukovych. At the political level, Ukraine is the pawn on the chessboard. The propaganda war is East v West. However, those power plays are masking the core issue that began with the Orange Revolution – corruption. Yanukovych is a dictator who will NEVER leave office. It is simple as that. There will be no REAL elections again in Ukraine. This is starting to spiral down into a confrontation that the entire world cannot ignore.

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Sadly, indeed...

It’s time to change our Foreign Policy. Instead of drawing Red Lines, we need to start using other colors and different types of lines.

Blue Dashed Lines can be used for the Middle East, Yellow Dotted lines – for all Russia-related issues. Pink Dash-Dot lines – for all Oriental ramblings. And the most important Solid White Double-line should be reserved for the war-mongering Antarctica.  ;-)


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Is that a blockage in one of those arteries??

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Martin Armstrong?  he is the authority and the person to go about politics of Ukraine too???  yeah, well ... whatever ....

i guess if you dont watch ABC, CNBC here is your fringe version ...

another version of donkeys and elephants teams ...more circus for the masses ....

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What about his statements did you disagree?

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In the next few hours Yanukovych in Kiev will introduce a state of emergency

Reported by Ukraine National Headquarters Resistance: 

While the imposition of emergency will be completely turn off the Internet and mobile communications.

Staff encourages all protesters to enter the square. Ukrainian and foreign media are calling to extend Square group photo and videokorespondentiv.

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Money and energy tend to be at issue in this type of situation. However, for those of us in the USA the problems associated with ethnic groups and changing borders rarely are recognized. (since our own borders have been stable)The eastern part of Ukraine has lots Russian nationals, is tied tight to Russia economically and voted for Yanukovych. The western part of the country has been part of Poland for most of it's history, is tied to Europe, and wants to be again. Let's sit this one out and leave it to Ukraine, Europe and Russia to solve.

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Here is the table from the BP statistical review which shows how much oil flows between the various regions of the world.


Notice how the US is no longer that dependent on the Middle East?

Notice who is dependent on the Middle East? Remember the Arab Spring?

Notice who is dependent on Russia? Remember Syria and now Ukraine?


The CIA have been very busy haven't they.

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The map trivializes a complex situation.   The its-all-about-energy argument is hippy dippy propaganda carried over from Iraq.  The article is an insult to the brave people of the Ukraine.

Somebody is full of gas.    And sh!t.   But its not the Ukraine.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Let's see you hippy dippy your farm food to the grocery store shelves without oil.

fx's picture

You nailed it with all those lines. the black guy in the white house already selected antarctica as the major new enemy in  his "war on climatic change". Seems it's a change he doesn't want to believe in. Eh, you can keep your weather, if you liked it....

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Armstrong is starting to sound like Time Magazine with his talk of dictators and real elections. Compared to what/where?

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give me control of a nation's pilpelines, and I care not who makes its uprisings


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is this the same guy as the one ZH is quoting:


Martin A. Armstrong From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Martin A. Armstrong Born November 1, 1949
New Jersey Occupation former Chairman Employer Princeton Economics International Ltd Known for Creator of the Economic Confidence Model

Martin Arthur Armstrong (born November 1, 1949 in New Jersey) is the former chairman of Princeton Economics International Ltd. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

In September 1999, Armstrong faced prosecution by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for fraud. During the trial, Armstrong was imprisoned for over seven years for civil contempt of court, one of the longest-running cases of civil contempt in American legal history.[1] In August 2006, Armstrong pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit fraud, and began a five-year sentence.[2]

Tall Tom's picture

Yes. That is the same guy.


Seven Years for Contempt of Court??? Doesn't that sound POLITICAL? No. Not at all.


Of course the US Military allows at least 10 admitted pedophiles to walk free on your streets. (Hopefully they will get your daughter.)


It is not called the Criminal Justice System by accident as it is run by CRIMINALS.


But you'd have me believe that we do not have Political Prisoners in the United States.


You'd have me believe that the torture that took place at Guantanimo Bay just does not happen. 


And you'd have me believe that they hate us for our Freedoms. 


Rah! Rah! 'Murica. Home of the long as you buy into the Party Line that is.



Chaos_Theory's picture

Did you just wish for a child to be raped because of an opinion you don't like? 


disabledvet's picture

in 'merica "time the hooch-gau" (prison) usually connotes with "street cred."

i did see Bernie Madoff is back to suing JPM again...said "they knew all along the crimes he was committed." I find it interesting that he isn't suing the FBI though since they're the one that went after the whistleblower.

Why am I paying for that guy to be in prison again?
I do find the legal defense team strategy quite endearing of course.
"Failed oversight of my criminal activity"?

No wonder these people succeed so well.
According to Hank Paulson no less than the President himself screamed "A PHUCKING INSURANCE COMPANY?????"

I found it rather endearing that this fact was duly recorded by the Treasury Secretary as well and look forward to the President's memoirs of said "sordid affair."

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Red line: Ukrainians getting free bitcoins from

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It's common sense not rocket science Tyler Durden.

Why do you need Martin Armstrong's nonsense?

Oil and gas exports account for more than 50% of Russia’s budget revenue. Putin MUST keep oil/gas exports flowing. If oil/gas exports drop or oil prices drop just to $80, Russian government budget will lose its lifeline, and there won’t be enough money to fund all state programs.

If oil prices drop to $50-60, many Russians will not get their government checks, and whatever you see happening in Kiev today will happen in Moscow.

Then pro-Kremlin Tyler Durden from Zero Hedge, the flock of Putin's sheep, RIA Novosti (propaganda arm of ex-KGB/FSB), and Zhirinovsky (Eidelstein) nuts will start blaming McCain and CIA for riots in Moscow.

BTW, Contrary to clueless and delusional Armstrong "opinions", criminal Yanukovytch rats are jumping off the ship. Putin's puppet Yanukovytch is next to go (hopefully to jail).

"Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Pshonka & Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Vitaliy Zakharchenko flew out the country |PRNews"

Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko and Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka are covering for killers

Flakmeister's picture

And unlike many oil exporters, Russian oil is delivered via pipeline, which is not the same as tankers...

The term Captive Audience comes to mind...

Cult_of_Reason's picture

Yanukovytch rats departure panic at the VIP-terminal at Zhuliany is confirmed.

Ukraine president seen loosing grip on power

February 20 will go down in Ukrainian history as one of the bloodiest days it has endured. At least 75 people were killed after police were ordered to use live ammunition on unarmed protestors. However, it also looks to have broken the back of the regime, as deputies fled the country and the opposition took control of the Rada.

However, as the day ended it seemed that Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych had gone too far, with his support melting away...

Threatening to take the money of Yanukovych and his backers looks to have helped do the trick (freezing accounts in European banks, seizing luxury villas on the Cote d'Azure, and cancelling visas).

During these moments women with children and little dogs are departing from Zhuliany Airport. Tens of Mercedese Benzes and Lexuses. We saw with our own eyes collectors with Kalashnikovs and money. 3 planes have taken off within the last 10 minutes.

According to absolutely reliable information, a crowd of people is now departing from the old terminal D, through the VIP hall of the Zhuliany Airport. At the same time, an observer noted that a man arrived at an armored vehicle (VW Transporter with blue plates 17-09, 11th region (Kyiv), belonging to the Guarding Direction according to the inscription at the side) and carried in two very heavy (!) bags.

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Rothschild is a pip squeak compared to my dick, cheers!

TruthInSunshine's picture

I'll say it now and /end.

Putin holds every card in the deck, has the EU by the balls & any talk of "the west" arming "rebels," to confront Russian forces, whether openly or attempted in stealth, is pure fantasy.

It's a silly fantasy not even worthy of discussion because there's a better statistical chance I'll shit a 2.2 kilo 99.99% gold brick tomorrow morning, and each and every morning thereafter.

Flakmeister's picture

I agree that the West will not intervene... but Putin does not hold every card in the deck... Not even close...

If you cannot get your oil to market, you are fucked.... To first order Russian oil is landlocked and the vector of least resistance is pointed at Europe....

piliage's picture

Correlation? Heck, Armstrong's got nothing on the Bangladesh butter theory of market correlation.

I generally avoid time based cycle theories, and they are just that, theories. And further, as we all SHOULD know, Correlation is not causation.

Space Animatoltipap's picture

Martin Armstrong behaves like a dictator himself. Just read some his pieces. He is truly considering himself an absolute authority on all kinds of relativities like money, history, science, politics. He is a nice example of a person with a high IQ soaked in megalomania. 

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Dear Prez and Lurch:



The US Taxpayers

spqrusa's picture

Ahhh. A pure product of the indoctrination state.

How about produce and buy local? Our thinking is permeated by centralized control in the form of Safeway and Whole Foods when we should think about home farms and supporting local farmers.

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I agree there is a mosaic of issues which are having an impact in Ukraine.

One subject is the fact that the average Ukrainian earns monthly income of 3,429 Hryvnia (UAH), equal to $384 USD. The average monthly wage in Germany is about $4,000 USD. Western Europe is currently experiencing a low fertility trend which is creating a population imbalance, leading to an aging population and labor force.  

Germany’s population has been in decline since 1974, while the United Kingdom (UK), Belgium, Luxembourg and Denmark have experienced zero growth since the beginning of the 1980s.  By assimilating Ukraine's populace into Europe, it assures a very cheap labor pool for the EU for decades to come.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Well they had better bust a move. Western europe's hedonistic live for the moment values have killed them and they don't even appear to know it yet. Individual Ukrainians should figure out how to save themselves and theirs from the values prevalent in EITHER suitor for their country. Both the EU zone and Russia are far into demographic power dives, with Russia already quite strictly terminal, by any historical reference of demographic collapse of an entire ethnicity and nation.

Paveway IV's picture

No one in Maidan gives a crap about EU, the US or Russia. They don't know how to save themselves and they don't give a crap. The only thing the Ukrainians have done is identified a common enemy: their worse-than-the-mafia corrupt-ass government.

And guess who just stepped in with their economic jackboots to stomp on the face of the Ukrainian people? The friendly banks. They closed and the ATMs are empty in most of the major cities. No reason given - they just did.

I hope they string every one of those f'king criminal bankers up by the balls in the Maiden when this is all over.

The Vineyard's picture

The Ukraine is screwed.  Putin's a bastard.  Bastard.

NZ Watcher's picture

Actually - the ATM next to our mama place in Kiev was ripped out of the wall last Tuesday night. Apparently there has been many cases of this in all regions of Kiev - maybe all Ukraine (apart from Crimea and East Ukraine most likely )

Banks stopped filling them because of this


Paveway IV's picture

People are reporting that *the ones still in the wall* have huge lines of pepole until they're emptied. The few banks that were open would only let people withdraw a small amount of cash. The ATM thing is serious because a lot of Ukrainians apparently get paid automatically on debt cards by employers. That and the hryvnia(?) is getting hammered against the Euro. 

mess nonster's picture

Peak oil bitchez. It's ALL about oil.

tarsubil's picture

Notice the third biggest exporter is West Africa. The CIA has taken a lot of interest in the Gulf of Guinea and so has China.

TBT or not TBT's picture

That's the CIA frakking in TX and the Dakotas? What is their ticker?

SmackDaddy's picture

great link, thanks.  sometmes its just nice to quantify these things.

yrbmegr's picture

2/3 of the population is Ukrainian, 1/3 Russian.

Stupid Donkey's picture

It's amazing how many 'experts' and their parrots have never been to Ukraine.

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

it's a solid point.

However, I'm confident that what the us government and MSM are representing the crisis to be is strictly propaganda.

I'd be interested to know more about how the Ukrainian media is representing it to the Ukrainians.  My understanding is a handful of oligarchs not only have substantial influence in the government, and in the opposition, but basically control the media.

If and to the extent true, are there are least the equivalent of Fox news and MSNBC giving them different species of horseshit?

I'd imagine there's roughly a west/ukrainian east/south/russian divide.

ebear's picture

"It's amazing how many 'experts' and their parrots have never been to Ukraine."

I met some nice Ukrainian women online.  Does that count?

Paveway IV's picture

Obama and the DHS Stazi are furiously scribbling notes for crowd control 'tips', i.e., use DHS snipers early and often; have fire extinguisher in MRAPs; don't let gas stations sell gasoline by the bottle... 

Things that go bump's picture

How are we supposed to fuel our lawnmowers and snowblowers? Besides, someone determined could always put the gas in their car, take it home and siphon it off. This will just annoy people and do nothing to prevent the big FU that is coming their way.

BolanosGhost's picture

Oh, yes, yes, everyone gather round! gather round! you may see a bright flash and a loud pop, but that is just the flashbulb! 

Arius's picture

i disagree with building up "names as authorities on everything" ... we got already plenty of established institutions.


WHY should Armstrong know anything about Ukraine (we dont already know) unless he is an insider, or worse, is broadcasting the views of an insider ... just saying'